Top 10 most amazing living history museums in the U.S.

List of open-air and living history museums in the United States – List of open-air and living history museums in the United States

This is a list of open-air and living history museums in the United States .


Environmental and ecological living museums

Farm museums

  • Landmark Park, Dothan
  • Vintage Gas and Steam Engine Museum , Vista , San Diego
  • California Citrus State Historical Park , Riverside
  • Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center , Los Angeles
  • Riley’s Farm, Oak Glen, 17th and 18th centuries. Living history, revolutionary war, civil war and gold rush
  • Stein Family Farm / National City Living History Preserve, San Diego
  • San Luis de Apalachee Mission , Tallahassee
  • Morningside Nature Center, Gainesville
  • Panhandle Pioneer Settlement Living History Museum, Blountstown
  • Agrirama, Tifton
  • Historic Westville , Columbus
  • Blackberry Farm, Aurora
  • Corron Farm, Campton Hills.
  • Garfield Farm & Inn Museum, Campton Hills
  • Cline Creek Farm, West Chicago
  • Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site , Charleston
  • New Salem Lincoln State Historic Site , Springfield
  • Naper Settlement , Naperville
  • Peck Farm Park , Geneva
  • Primrose Farm, St. Charles Township
  • Volkening Heritage Farm, Schaumburg
  • Wagner Farm , Glenview, Cook County
  • Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage Resort , Nappanee
  • Buckley Homestead Living History Farm , Lowell
  • Conner Prairie , Fishermen’s
  • Historic Tunnel Mill , Charlestown
  • Lincoln National Teen Memorial , Lincoln City
  • Prospectstown State Park , Battlefield
  • Living History Farms , Urbandale
  • Ushers Ferry Historical Village , Cedar Rapids
  • Mountain Homeplace , Staffordsville
  • Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill , Mercer County
  • Carroll County Home and Farm, Westminster
  • National Colonial Farm, Accokeek
  • Oxon Cove Park and FarmOxon Hill , Oxon Hill


  • Old VillageSturbridge , Sturbridge
  • Pioneer Village , Salem
  • Plimoth Plantation , Plymouth
  • Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm , Newbury
  • Waters Farm , Sutton
  • Hancock Shaker Village , Pittsfield
  • Colonial Michilimackinac , Mackinaw City , Michigan
  • Greenfield Village , Dearborn
  • White Pine Village , Ludington , Michigan
  • Hemann Gibbs Farm , Falcon Heights
  • Landing , Shakopee
  • Oliver H. Kelly Homestead , Elk River
  • Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer , Grand Island
  • Wessels Living History Farm, York
  • New Hampshire Farm Museum , Milton
  • Strawbery Banke , Portsmouth
  • Cold Spring Historic Village , Cape May
  • Howell’s Living History Farm. , Titusville
  • Old Barracks MuseumTrenton, New Jersey
  • New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum , Las Cruces
  • El Rancho de las Golondrinas , Santa Fe County
  • Erie Canal Village , Rome
  • Cooperstown Farm Museum , Cooperstown
  • Genesee Village and Museum , Mumford
  • Mabie Farm Historic Site , Rotterdam Crossroads
  • Muscoot Farm , Somers
  • Museum Village , Monroe
  • Old Bethpage Village Restoration , Old Bethpage, Long Island
  • Queens County Farm Museum , Glen Oaks, Queens
  • Storm King Art Center , Mountainville
  • Tillie Foster Farm Museum , Brewster
Amazing facts about England and its people

North Carolina

  • Carl Sandberg House, National Historic Landmark , Flat Rock
  • Clemmons Educational State Forest , Clayton
  • Cradle of forestry in America , Brevard
  • Bethabara Historic District , Winston-Salem
  • Holmes State Forest Preserve , Hendersonville
  • Horn Creek Living History Farm , Pinnacle
  • Jordan Lake Educational State Forest , Apex
  • Latta Plantation , Huntersville
  • Long Valley Farm in Carver’s Creek State Park , Spring Lake
  • Rendezvous Mountain Educational State Forest , Purlear
  • Turnbull Creek Educational State Forest , Elizabethtown
  • Tuttle Education State Forest , Lenoir

North Dakota

  • Gorman Farm , Evendale
  • Hale Farm and Village , Bath Township , Summit County
  • Historic Village Museum , Sharonville
  • Malabar Farm State Park , Richland County
  • Sauder Village , Archbold
  • Robbins Crossing Historic Village , Nelsonville, Ohio
  • B Street Permaculture Museum , University of the Pacific
  • Dorris Ranch Living History Farm [ ceb ] , Springfield
  • Dufur Historical Society Living History Museum , Dufur
  • High Desert Museum, Bend
  • Philip Foster Farm on Oregon Trail Eagle Creek
  • Schreiber Log Cabin, Dufur
  • Sherwood Heritage Center , Sherwood


  • Colonial Plantation of Pennsylvania, Edgemont Township, Delaware County
  • Casey Farm , Sonderstown
  • Coggeshall Farm Museum , Bristol
  • Watson Farm , Jamestown

South Carolina

  • Place of exchange – Gaines Preston Farm , Kingsport
  • Home , land between the lakes
  • Appalachian Museum , Norris
  • Barrington Living History Farm , Washington-on-the-Brazos
  • Heritage Park This Place , Salt Lake City
  • Western American Heritage Center , Wellsville
  • Wheeler Historic Farm , Murray
  • Chippokes Plantation State Park , Sarri
  • Claude Moore Colonial Farm , McLean
  • Colonial Williamsburg , Williamsburg
  • Virginia Frontier Museum , Staunton
  • Matthews Living History Farm Museum , Independence

West Virginia

  • Historic Farm Museum and Village , Huntington
  • Watters Smith State Memorial Park , Harrison County
  • Old World Wisconsin , Eagle
  • Stonefield (Wisconsin) , Cassville, Wisconsin

Living Transportation Museums

Military forts and posts

The list of forts includes historic, surviving, and active military posts. Not all are open to the public. Some that are open to the public will have living history guides .

Gunnison’s Battery , a U.S. Army coastal artillery battery at Fort Hancock, N.J. , is being restored to its 1943 configuration by the U.S. Army Army Association, a nonprofit living history organization, and is open for tours throughout the year.

Andalusia Beaches

America’s 11 Most Extraordinary Museums

America is the land of the free and the land of the brave. It’s also a country where everyone can find something for themselves. Well, let’s search…in museums. As it turns out, the entire territory of the United States is literally dotted with museums – large and small, interesting and not so interesting. And some of them are devoted to really strange things.

Photo: 11 of America's most unusual museums No. 1 -

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #2 -

If you have a wild desire to eat more Pez candy in one sitting than your body can handle, make sure you come to the right place, namely the Pez Museum in Burlingame, California.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #3 -

The glorious city of Houston, Texas, has one of the darkest museums on this list, the National Museum of Funeral History. And while much of the exhibit is rather dreary, there are some really interesting exhibits. For example, an exhibit of items from the funerals of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #4 -

Retired hairdresser Leila Coghun has tirelessly assembled her collection of 2,000 human hair samples. Some of the local exhibits come from the 18th century (creepy).

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #5 -

The museum boasts a collection of 750 puppets from 20 different countries. If you are afraid of ventriloquist puppets (and they are really creepy), it is probably best to refrain from visiting this museum. The movie “Saw” comes immediately to mind.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #6 -

Here you can admire a huge collection of 22,000 salt and pepper shakers of all shapes and colors. It’s all part of a personal collection. Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #7 -

More specifically, the Cockroach Hall of Fame. What started out as a self-promotional for an exterminator in Plano, Texas, has turned into a real museum. Here you’ll see a wide variety of cockroaches ready for your scrutiny. Don’t worry, all the exhibits are dead.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #8 -

This strange museum is just a house in Pasadena, California. Inside you’ll find 23,000 toy bunnies and rabbits made from a variety of materials. The family, the owners of the museum, have been collecting these critters for 15 years, and they bury the broken toys in the backyard.

Chiang Mai: Ancient city in the mountains of Thailand

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #9 -

This unusual museum in Los Angeles has more than 1,000 pieces, beautiful examples of velvet kitsch.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #10 -

The city of Eden, New York, has its own landmark, the Cazoo Museum. Actually, it was founded by a kazoo company that has been making them since 1916. You can even make your own version of this musical instrument at the museum.

Photo: 11 of the most unusual museums in America #11 -

Barney Smith was once a plumber and is now an artist and curator of his own museum. The Museum of Paintings on Toilet Covers is exactly what you thought it would be – a garage stuffed to the top with seats with all sorts of drawings.

Photo: 11 of America's Most Extraordinary Museums #12 -

Visitors to this museum in Columbus, Georgia, can recall their childhoods surrounded by school lunch boxes. There are as many as 1,500 of them.

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