Top 10 Italian cities worth visiting this winter

The 15 most beautiful winter towns in Italy

Snow-covered peaks, charming borghos, and lively Italian cities await visitors: Italy en Rusca presents a rating of the 15 most beautiful Italian cities which are pleasant to discover in winter.

The light smoke rising from fireplaces, the breeze that brings optimism and love of life, and the sky that “drops” shiny and soft snow under your feet. Or the sun, insanely bright, almost magical. this is the Italian winter, friends. Arm yourself with scarves, hats and gloves and hit the road, because cold weather can give your imagination unforgettable moments and truly unique landscapes. Especially if you’re heading to one of these 15 beautiful Italian cities that we’ve selected just for you. Come and see for yourself!


We start our tour with Sulmona (Abruzzo): Home of the famous Roman poet Ovid, Sulmona is a city you will fall in love with at first sight – just see the charming old center overflowing with historic buildings and beautiful churches. The winter atmosphere allows you to discover the little known “face” of the city of Giostra Cavalerizza and the “fleeing Madonna”: walk through the narrow streets or stroll through the snowy square sparkling like a jewel between the arches of an elegant medieval aqueduct, the splendor of which will warm your heart even in winter. Especially if you’re walking hand in hand with the person you love.

Sulmona, particolare della Cattedrale

Winter Sulmona, Abruzzo. Thinkstock photo


The town of Mole Antonelliana is beautiful at any time of year and allows the traveler to “enjoy life to the fullest” in rain and sun. Turin successfully combines history, culture, entertainment and authentic gastronomy. From Piazza Vittorio to Piazza San Carlo you can walk along wide avenues and narrow streets, through city parks and squares, to take a break and warm up in one of the fine restaurants, tasting the delicious gnocchi al castelmagno. In winter, don’t miss the Luci d’artista installation, an unforgettable spectacle that transforms pre-Christmas Turin into a magnificent fairy tale.

Torino, veduta della città

Winter Turin. Thinkstock photo

Madonna di Campiglio

Among the best winter destinations, we couldn’t help but mention Madonna di Campiglio, a well-known and very popular ski resort located between the Dolomiti Brenta mountain group and the Presenella glaciers. A paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, from dogback riding to mountain climbing, from skiing to ice climbing, this place will charm you with its warm welcome and the beauty of its natural scenery. In short, Madonna di Campiglio certainly deserves your visit, especially this season. Pack your suitcase, Trentino is waiting!

Madonna di Campiglio, rifugio in montagna

Madonna di Campiglio. Thinkstock photo


Imagine a winter that gently descends on the Rocca Albornos fortress or the dome of the beautiful Santa Maria Assunta cathedral. It really takes your breath away, because this season Spoleto takes on a special charm. Be sure to cool off at the most famous bar in town, the place where Don Matteo was filmed, then head to the Roman theater and the State Archaeological Museum to immerse yourself in the past. And if the cold makes you persistently hungry, indulge in “strangozzi alla spoletina” to experience local traditional cuisine and satisfy an empty stomach at the same time. You’re already considering a trip to Spoleto, aren’t you?

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Spoleto, momenti di vita quotidiana

Spoleto. Photo by Thinkstock

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Ascoli Piceno

Historic buildings, ancient churches and medieval towers, ornate squares and arcades: we’re in the Marche region! And we came here to admire the beautiful Ascoli Piceno, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy where (unfortunately or fortunately) there are no crowds of tourists. Piazza del Popolo is the “heart” of the city, Piazza Arringa, the Art Gallery and the shrines of Tempietti di San Emidio are precious gems of rare beauty that will enchant you with their architectural harmony. In winter, the sights of Ascoli Piceno become even more beautiful! Are you cold? A sip of Anisette Meletti will warm you up. You don’t know what we mean? Then all the more you should be here!

Ascoli Piceno, particolare di un edificio storico

Ascoli Piceno. Photo by Thinkstock


To visit Trento, you don’t have to wait for a particular season: the city is beautiful at any time of the year. However, if you want to experience its magnificence, sophistication and regal spirit to the fullest, if you want to see nature sparkling under a white-blue blanket of snow – go to Trento in winter.

Trento, the piazza.

Trento. Thinkstock photo

San Vigillo Basilica, Buonconsiglio Castle and the Praetorian Palace will tell you a lot about the city’s history. If you love art, don’t miss the Muse and Mart museums, beautiful spaces where you can get warm and see precious objects of art. If the weather is fine we suggest a visit to the Christmas markets with all sorts of gadgets and stuff, or head to the magical Lake Toblino!


If you’ve never been to Bologna during the cold season, you need to rectify this shortcoming as soon as possible. Let’s go to Bologna to enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered city. Let’s walk around Piazza Grande, admire the beauty of the Neptune Fountain, the Basilica of St. Petronius and the towers of the Asinelli Tower, so that after a busy day we can stop by one of Bologna’s osterias and fill our bellies with hot tortellini!

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Oh no, Bologna never disappoints the traveler!

Bologna, veduta della città

Bologna, view of the city. Thinkstock photo


A city immersed in unspoiled nature that characterizes all the settlements of Sardinia, Cagliari is also incredibly rich in artistic and historical heritage. Get lost in the Cittadella dei Musei, an exhibition space that brings together various museums to allow visitors to experience the history, culture and art of Sardinia. Then visit the beautiful historic districts of Marina and Villanova, ideal for walkers and foodies: there are plenty of restaurants that will offer you an array of excellent local dishes. Finally, enjoy the enchantment of the winter sea by strolling along the lush and deserted Poetto beach, which is a few kilometers away from the town. Unforgettable!

Cagliari, scorcio di città

Cagliari. Photo by Thinkstock


Porta Pretoria, the theater and Roman amphitheater, majestic and beautiful, which send the traveler back in time to the days of the Roman Empire; the Monastery Church of San Orso, the famous Romanesque monastery and the mountains with snow “hats” surrounding the city like a magic circle. We are talking about Aosta, a city of unforgettable, almost fabulous beauty that was born on the plain of Dora Baltea, a city that impresses visitors with its uniqueness and character. Yes, it is quite cold here in winter, you are right. However, these landscapes will give your soul an incomparable joy and satisfaction, and a hot cheese fondue will be a great “hot drink” after a walk in the city in freezing temperatures. Bon appetit!


Aosta. Thinkstock photo


Green climbing plants that completely cover the first floors of ancient houses clustered in narrow medieval streets, pastel-colored skies and snowflakes gently descending on the magical beauty of the Amphitheatre, the Etruscan Necropolis and the garden of the magnificent Villa Savorelli. Sutri, the “jewel” of Viterbo, presents itself in winter to travelers as a place of surreal beauty. Sutri, watching the Popes make history in Italy and the Christian world from the front row, is a great choice for a winter vacation. Don’t miss the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the beautiful Church of the Madonna del Parto, which was born on the Roman Mitreum.

Scorcio di Sutri.

Sutri. Thinkstock photo


The Langhe region and its landscapes are breathtaking at any time of the year: it seems as if these places have come off the canvas of a professional artist, so proportional and harmonious is their beauty. Alba is part of this picture. “The City of a Hundred Towers”, haughty and beautiful, but not arrogant like a gorgeous woman, is confident in its beauty. Admire the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, walk among the lights and the most important historic buildings of downtown Alba, stroll along Via Maestra or along Via Cavour. Then relax in one of the great local restaurants with a glass of Barolo in hand! What more does a traveler need to be completely happy?

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Alba, scorcio notturno

Alba. Photo by Thinkstock


We head to Pescostanzo, one of the most beautiful borgoes in Italy, the famous ski resort of Abruzzo, “clinging” to the mountain peaks at 1,400 meters above sea level. With its ancient artisan shops, the characteristic architecture of the houses, the Renaissance and Baroque palazzo in the center, Pescostanzo is a magical town that guards ancient traditions, a magical place where time seems frozen between the past and the future, between reality and fantasy. Life here flows slowly, and if, with luck, it snows during your visit to Borgo, Pescostanzo will become one of your “places of the heart”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Uno scorcio di Pescocostanzo

Pescostanzo. Thinkstock photo


Salsomaggiore is chosen by those who want to disconnect from the daily grind and restore body and soul. Nestled among the rolling hills of Parma, this resort will pamper you with a variety of treatments and, at the same time, pleasantly surprise you with the beauty of Art Nouveau architecture, lush and fascinating. Needless to say, the local food will not disappoint you either. Just a few kilometers from town, don’t miss Scipio’s Castle, a true “lost gem” that few people know about. All in all, a vacation in Salsomaggiore is a vacation for all five – or is it six? – senses.

Castello di Scipione

Salsomaggiore. Thinkstock photo

Limone sul Garda

In the province of Brescia, washed by the clear and calm waters of Lake Garda, lies the little Eden that will strike your heart and memory at first sight. The ornate staircases and small squares, the winding streets and alleys resemble the views from tourist postcards. The climate here is favorable and mild, which is evident in the lush vegetation that engulfs the terraces of the local houses. Beautiful contrasts, like the quietness of the lake, framed by flowers and greenery, and the panoramas of snow-capped peaks will charm you.

Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda. Thinkstock photo


Verona never ceases to amaze and amaze with its vast artistic and cultural heritage. How nice to enjoy the romance of the city of Romeo and Juliet, admire the beauty of Piazza delle Erbe, feel like a tiny dot in the middle of the giant Arena and enjoy the sunset on the Scaliger Bridge of Castelvecchio. The pleasant emotions don’t end there – we continue to be amazed as we taste the local cuisine and stroll among the shops of local artisans. Meanwhile, tiny snowflakes continue to swirl in the air, steeped in centuries-old history and the warmth of hearts in love.

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The 15 best places in Italy in winter

Italy is a country of extraordinary beauty, and anyone who visits it can find a place to their liking. It is both impressive landscape and unusual monuments – nothing will leave you indifferent in any season of visit, including winter.

The Dolomites

The Dolomite Alps are a mountain range that is located in Northern Italy. Especially popular with fans of winter sports. Also in any season there are incredible landscapes, pink and purple sunsets. The town of Trento is home to an amazing castle that is worth a visit.

Aosta Valley.

A miniature province and arguably one of the most beautiful places in Italy, which is located in the Alps. It is a popular ski resort, so most tourists come here during the peak winter season. The Aosta Valley has a rich history that begins with the era of ancient Rome.

Madonna di Campiglio

A very popular and famous ski resort is Madonna di Campiglio, which is located between the Dolomiti di Brenta mountain range and the Presenella glaciers. This place is a paradise for those who love winter sports. You can go dog-skiing, skiing, mountaineering and ice climbing. Insanely beautiful and warm place.


In winter, Spoleto takes on a special charm that takes your breath away. If it is very cold, you can visit the famous bar where the series “Don Matteo” was filmed. Afterwards, head to the Roman theater and the State Archaeological Museum. If hunger strikes, you can explore the local cuisine and try the stragozzi alla spoletina.


You don’t have to wait for a particular season to travel to Trento; this city is gorgeous at any time. If you want to experience its magnificence, sophistication and regal spirit, to enjoy the snow-white nature, it is better to visit Trento in winter time.


Bologna is a must-see place in winter to admire the splendor of the snow-covered city. It is worth a stroll through Piazza Grande, consider the Neptune Fountain, the Basilica of San Petronio and admire the Asinelli Towers. After a busy trip, there’s nothing better than indulging your stomach with hot tortellini.


One of the most attractive Borgos in Italy, home to the ski resort of Abruzzo at 1400 meters above sea level. Known for its artisan shops, interesting architecture, and Renaissance and Baroque palazzos.

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This is a magical town, preserving the ancient traditions. Here it seems that time has stopped between the past and the future, between the real world and fiction.


If you want to take a break from the daily grind for a while, relax and have a good rest, Salsomaggiore is the right place. It is surrounded by the sloping hills of Parma. This resort will delight every guest with a variety of treatments, as well as the beauty of the architecture. Will not leave indifferent and the local food.

Limone sul Garda

This place will please everyone who goes here. Small squares, quaint staircases, winding streets and alleys that resemble images from tourist postcards. The climate is mild and favorable, with lush vegetation, flowers and greenery, and enchanting snow-capped peaks.


Verona always amazes with its cultural and artistic component. It is wonderful to be in the place where Romeo and Juliet fell in love, enjoy the splendor of Piazza delle Erbe and watch the sunset on the Bridge of Scaligers.

The local food, the craft shops, and the snowflakes that swirl in the air and bring warmth and love will not leave you indifferent.


A must-see place in Italy. Winter is mild and warm here because Naples is a southern city. This is a real open-air museum with many monuments and historical buildings. The city of ancient castles, which to this day amaze all the tourists with its beauty and grandeur.

Not to see Rome is not to see Italy in general. Here are the most important historical monuments and achievements of local culture. Rome is called the “eternal city. This alone is the Colosseum, for the sake of which you can visit this place.

Cozy Val di Fassa region.

It is always sunny and the nature astonishes with its magnificence. The city is cozy and elegant. Snowboarders will really appreciate this place, especially when descending from the slopes.

The fabulous Val Gardena

A vibrant ski resort, designed in particular for young people who like to have a good time. There are bars, discos and nightclubs. The lovers of winter sports will also appreciate this place and find a track to their liking.

The heart of the Alps – Bormio

Another ski resort filled with history. On its territory there are many old buildings, a long central street Via Roma, equipped with fashionable boutiques. Tourists will love the Ice Palace, which is worth a visit in the winter. The resort has colorful slopes going through the woods.

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