Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World


According to sociological surveys in Denmark 82% of the population feel completely satisfied and happy, only 17% have problems and only 1% suffer and are dissatisfied with their lives. And there is an explanation for this: Danes receive medical care free of charge, gender equality flourishes, and the state helps parents by extending paid parental leave. Plus it is a favorable economic situation, low level of corruption and absence of natural disasters. Also, the Danish secret of happiness lies in small demands: the population of this country is mostly satisfied with what it has.



In another northern European country, almost 95% of the population claims to be happy. And why shouldn’t they be? Norway has one of the highest GDP per capita per year. In addition, 74% of Norwegians trust other people and have no worries.

The inflation rate and unemployment in the country is very low, well, the level of wages is one of the highest in the world – for example, the average monthly salary – 3950 euros. Norway is safe: it is safe to walk the streets at night and the back alleys by day. The local population breathes clean air and drinks tap water, does sports and travels on quality roads. Isn’t it heaven?

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Endless beaches, pink sunsets, rainforests and gentle weather – that’s Costa Rica. Pura vida (life is beautiful) like the locals like to say. You bet – here everyone feels at one with nature, and the local scenery is so beautiful that it is simply impossible to be angry, sad or worried. Perhaps that’s why the average life expectancy in Costa Rica is 79.3 years.

And there are no armies and polluted megacities, but there are many nature reserves and national parks, cozy villages and eco-farms. It’s a blessing in disguise.



Among Asian countries the highest index of happiness (Happy Planet Index) is registered in Vietnam. Over the past decades, the country made a huge leap in development and became one of the most popular among tourists from all over the world.

Locals are quite happy with their lives, so the overall level of satisfaction is very high. And it is not hard to notice: the Vietnamese are friendly and open, they just don’t know how to be angry!

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The Netherlands


Holland has a reputation as a country of legal drugs, prostitutes and tulips. And the Dutch do not mind this image: the flow of adventurers increases, and therefore the flow of money into the country. It is very clean here, and the local population will handicap the Germans in pedantry and neatness. The civic consciousness is high, everyone is responsible not only for himself, but also for his house, street and country.

The high level of wages and excellent employment conditions, however, do not make the Dutch workaholics. They know how to find a balance between work and leisure, which is why the life satisfaction index here is 9 out of 10 according to



Canada is one of the happiest big countries. People here are realists, so they rarely complain about life. You bet: income is stable and high, the social component is reliable, life expectancy is high, and the environment is good.

The degree of satisfaction increases with distance from major cities: for example, in Toronto only a third of the population rated their level of happiness at 9-10 points, but in Sudbury (a small town in Ontario) it is already 45% of the population.



The only thing we know about this country is that it has great coffee. But there are other things to be happy about: the warm climate, the diverse nature, the colorful national holidays. Although the local population is not wealthy, but still a sense of happiness is experienced by about 85% of respondents. Colombians are fatalists and love their country.

Not long ago Colombia was considered not the quietest place in the world, but lately it has become quieter and calmer. Tourism is growing, social life is improving, and the government is cracking down on crime. Perhaps Colombia will make the list of the happiest countries in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand

The beautiful landscapes of New Zealand attract not only Hollywood directors. They also come here for their happy lives – not without reason in 2016, this country surpassed its neighbor Australia in terms of happiness.

New Zealanders feel safe and secure, and the government provides extensive social support. In addition, the local population is accustomed since childhood to an active lifestyle and sports, and therefore the average life expectancy is 83 years. One more thing – people of New Zealand are easy-going and friendly to each other.

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And again the European North. This country is famous for one of the best educational systems in the world. Teachers here are required to have a master’s degree, and the schools pay attention not so much theory as practice. Not surprisingly, professionals here have a high level of knowledge and an equally high salary.

Another feature of Finland is a slight difference in living standards of the inhabitants; here everyone is equal. The low level of corruption in Finland, quality health care, love of art – all conditions for a happy life.



Sweden is at the bottom of the ten happiest countries. 88% of local residents can confidently talk about their happiness.

It is a business heaven. There are many chances and conditions for entrepreneurs, so the number of start-ups and start-ups is very high. Prosperous and stable Swedish economy minimizes the risks of long-term investments. Also in Sweden, a high level of education and social security, excellent environment and low levels of corruption.

That’s what the top ten happiest countries in the world look like. And if you’re still looking for a place to live, you can visit the places on the list and see what’s what. But really, happiness doesn’t depend on geography. Be free, be active, enjoy life, and happiness will be with you anywhere in the world!

The happiest countries of the world in 2021-2022

The criteria of the rating, which determine the happy countries of the world, are different in each of them. Thus, in Russia, the level of happiness of the nation was proposed to determine on the basis of economic indicators and the level of satisfaction of the population with government decisions or adopted laws.

To date, data on the coefficient of happiness in Russia are not published. But presumably one can understand what it is by analyzing the rating of countries, compiled by independent international organizations and universities.

According to Columbia University

Happy and unhappy countries of the world according to Columbia University

Since 2012, the research organization Earth Institute at Columbia University has been conducting a study on the level of happiness of people in countries around the world. Based on the results, the center’s staff compiles a ranking of the happiest countries in the world.

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Experts derive the coefficient of happiness of the nation on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The annual volume of gross domestic product. .
  • The unemployment rate of the population. .
  • The number of friends.
  • . Freedom of choice.

In addition, countries conduct a sociological survey of the population regarding the economic situation, the political system, and satisfaction with the standard of living in general. Obligatory questions to the population are also related to participation in charity actions, relations within the family and with the opposite sex.

Place of countries in the happiness index

In addition to answering the questions, people are offered to take a test. Its essence is for a person to mark on a sheet of paper with 10 steps drawn, which of them he is on, taking into account moral satisfaction and happiness.

The last rating of the research organization was made in 2018. According to the results, the Russian Federation ranked 68th. First place went to Finland, second place went to Denmark, and third place went to Norway.

Happy person according to Columbia University

According to the Earth Institute of Columbia University, a person who meets these criteria can be considered happy:

  • Life expectancy – at least 79 years.
  • Satisfaction with the government of the country.
  • Absence of a feeling of loneliness.
  • Taking part in charity.
  • The presence of a goal in life.

According to the version of British scientists.

British scientists also conduct a study of the level of happiness of the population of different countries. But unlike their Colombian colleagues, they do not take economic indicators as the basis. According to their version, the economic situation in the country in no way affects the happiness of the nation.

Happy person according to the New Economy Foundation

The research center “New Economy Foundation” in 2016 made a rating of the happiest countries in the world. According to its version, a person who lives at least 79 years and is satisfied with their living conditions and relationships in society can be considered happy.

First place on the list went to Costa Rica. The second place in the ranking went to Mexico, while the third went to Colombia. The Russian Federation is ranked 116th.

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Happiness index on the world map

Map of the world, reflecting the indicator of the international index of happiness. The “happiest” are marked in light green, the countries that ranked in the middle of the list of 140 states are marked in yellow and orange, the least “happy” are marked in brown. 2016 data

The rankings were based on three criteria:

  1. Average life expectancy of the population.
  2. Life satisfaction.
  3. Human impact on the country’s environmental situation.

If we compare the results of studies of Costa Rica and Russia, we can conclude that a resident of a Central American state will live about 10 years longer than a Russian. Costa Ricans are more satisfied with their lives and do less harm to the environment.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

This international organization focuses mainly on well-being and economic development indicators.

Only 36 countries in the world are rated based on such criteria:

  • Family income level.
  • Availability of financial assets.
  • Living conditions.
  • Employment and unemployment rate in the country.
  • Presence of close people or relatives.
  • Indicator of the educational system.
  • Quality of drinking water and air.
  • Citizen activism. This indicator refers to the implementation of laws, participation in local and state elections, and the creation of rules and legislation.
  • The health coefficient of the nation.
  • The level of security in the country.
  • Satisfaction with their own lives.
  • Employment and personal life occupation.

OECD member states

Dark purple – OECD member states.

According to the rating, the happiest people live in Norway. The second place in the list is given to Australia, the third line of the rating is Iceland. The Russian Federation is in 33rd place.

Happy man according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

According to this rating, the following people can be considered happy:

  • Life expectancy – 82 years.
  • Have comfortable living conditions.
  • Have friends, relatives or close people.
  • Are well educated.

The happiness index also depends on the involvement of citizens in social work and the quality of their leisure time.

What Russians think about happiness

People who consider themselves happy in Russia

According to a poll by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion, 86% of Russians, when asked if they are happy, answered positively.

Citizens of the Russian Federation single out several criteria for happiness:

  • Health status.
  • Financial well-being.
  • Economic development of the country.

10 happiest countries in the world in 2022

The happiest countries in the world in 2022 are as follows:

  1. Finland. Topping the ranking of countries in terms of happiness is the possibility of free communication with nature, Finland’s low unemployment rate and high safety record. Finns can receive quality free education, have sufficient child care, access to quality health care.
  2. Denmark. Is one of the happiest countries in the world due to low crime rates (one of the safest in the world). The state is very loyal to the employees. Citizens have the opportunity to work, which does not prevent a lot of time to spend with his family.
  3. Norway. The state has an excellent medical industry, free education system in Norway. Citizens have the same social equality, regardless of status. Many Norwegians assure that they feel protected in the country and that is why they are happy.

GDP per capita and the happiness index in different countries of the world

Country GDP per capita (in US dollars) Index
Finland 45 703,33 7,769
Denmark 56 307,51 7,600
Norway 75 504,57 7,554
Iceland 70 056,87 7,494
The Netherlands 48 223,16 7,488
Switzerland 80 189,70 7,480
Sweden 53 442,01 7,343
New Zealand 42 940,58 7,307
Canada 45 032,12 7,278
Austria 47 290,91 7,246

GDP per capita world countries 2020

Former Soviet Union countries in the ranking

The countries of the former Soviet Union have the following ranks in the list of the happiest countries in the world

  • Russian Federation – 68.
  • Ukraine – 133.
  • Belarus – 81.
  • Kazakhstan – 60.
  • Uzbekistan – 41.
  • Tajikistan – 74.
  • Armenia – 116.
  • Georgia – 119.
  • Azerbaijan – 90.
  • Kyrgyzstan – 86.
  • Lithuania – 42.
  • Latvia – 53.
  • Estonia – 55.
  • Moldova – 71.
  • Turkmenistan – 87.

Countries of the former USSR in the world happiness index

Countries of the former Soviet Union in the World Happiness Index (2018)


In what country do the happiest people live? Finland. Citizens of this state live in a good ecological environment, receive decent wages, have social support in the form of various benefits.

The country has a low unemployment rate, Finns can get a decent education and later settle their lives in the best way.

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