Top 10 fun things to do in the Adirondack State Park, New York, USA

Top 10 fun things to do in the Adirondack State Park, New York, USA

Journey to the Adirondack National Park, New York, USA. Day 1 National Park Adirondack, NY, USA. Day #1.

The Adirondack is a state park that covers most of northeastern New York State. It is the largest park in the United States and the largest state-protected area in the contiguous United States. The park covers about 6 million acres, an area the size of Vermont and larger than the National Parks of Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Great Smoky Mountains combined. Adirondack Park is known worldwide as an international center for winter sports. Located in the picturesque mountain gorge of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid was the site of two Winter Olympics (1932 and 1980) as well as of the Fourth Goodwill Games in 1998. There are a lot of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests with very nice hiking trails, gorges with mountain rivers and of course the mountains where you can see amazing views after climbing the peaks. After all, not for nothing this place has another name “American Switzerland” Here’s where we decided to go and that place. We booked a place (camping site) in the tent town KOA. We took a day off work, made it to the holiday weekend, packed everything we needed and hit the road. This beauty is located about 600km from our home, so let’s just say it’s not a short trip. And yet on such a trip there are a few nuances and you have to be prepared for them.

The first is crossing the state border. Checking the documents, the car, the queue, and always the question “What’s that pile of junk in your car? (And when you explain that all this stuff is for camping and hiking, you never know what the officer’s reaction will be, it’s a matter of luck, but for the most part everything has gone without major problems so far. Second, and this is more significant, the ban on the importation of almost all berries and vegetables, products must be only those produced in North America and in their original packaging, and well, a million other requirements and restrictions. The only thing that can be almost 100% is canned food. So it is easier for us to go without food, and after crossing the border, we go to the super and buy everything we need, but it is unfortunate that we lose a lot of time. But what to do? For this reason, we started early in the morning at dawn so we could be there by the afternoon. The roads in upstate New York are good, but they are pretty narrow. There is very little population. Small towns and small villages, more like farms. Most of the countryside in this region is populated by Old Believers. And they, how can I put it right, are not very friendly with modern civilization, or rather they are not friendly with it at all. That is they don’t have cars, phones, TV sets, refrigerators, and many, many other things, but they have what we all dream about – absolutely healthy way of life, and from the means of transportation only horse-drawn carts. And you can’t go fast enough, because there’s all kinds of scary animals running around the road, coming out of every bush around every corner, and then there’s these guys with their horse-drawn speed. But all in all, it was an interesting ride. Beautiful forest, rivers, lakes, everything around is in bloom (it’s August). Over there, closer to the Vermont border, it was different, more mountainous terrain. Sometimes you go dozens of miles, through the woods, and not a single car to meet you, even a little creepy. The biggest problem in such places is road repairs or a closed bridge. And it’s a guaranteed detour of 30-40km. What looks like: go there do not know where, there on the left, then right and you’ll get stuck. Of course this trip took us a little longer than we had planned, but by 5 pm we were already in the tent city. I always prefer to go with a tent, if such a possibility exists, it is always more interesting and cheaper. The forest, birds, campfire, romance, I love it. We always stay in a tent camping town, and from there we either go out or go to the places we planned to visit and see. This time we stopped at Whiteface Mountain KOA near the town of Wilmington, NY, pitched a tent, made a fire, cooked dinner, for dinner, a few drops to restore the nervous system and to warm up, by the way half a day it was a nasty cold rain, and here in the foothills was still a little and cool. But in the evening it got better and we went to bed with a good mood and full of determination to fulfill our program of rest to the maximum. And we had big plans.

Bad Kissingen, Germany: the world spa treatment for water, culture and the surrounding nature

1. Little Peak Whiteface Mountain – take the cable car up 2. High Falls Gorge (Wilmington, New York) to see the stepped waterfall and gorge. Do a hike along a section of the Ausable River. 3 . Whiteface Mountain High Peak climb the highest peak. 4. Ausable Chasm (Keeseville, New York) is an amazing gorge with waterfalls, rapids and steep drop-offs up to 40-50m high.

There’s a little backtracking here, but we made our itinerary.

In the morning we woke up, we realized that our plans, the most impudent way, His Majesty Rain interfered. We had to pull the tarp over the tent, do water drainage, and hide firewood under the canopy. Who goes camping knows what I mean. Having finished with all of this we decided that we weren’t going to melt, and the rain doesn’t last forever. We got ready and drove off. As the popular wisdom says: “You come to the movies – watch the movies. I don’t have the movie, but I have the pictures. I decided to show the pictures in order of how they were made.

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