Top 10 Diving and Snorkeling Sites in Malta

Popular diving spots

To date, almost all seaside resorts offer tourists a variety of water activities, including snorkeling and diving. However, according to professionals, there are not so many places in the world for real diving. Here are the best of them.

diving in the galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are a special place . There are rocks of volcanic granite, which are overgrown with giant bushes of black coral. Great luck to see underwater iguanas or the rarest starfish. But it’s worth noting that diving in the Galapagos Islands is fun for fairly experienced divers who know how to navigate well and know many other tricks. A great place to dive here is Darwin and Wolf, an unusually beautiful islands with a lot of marine life.

Diving on Borneo's Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island, located off the coast of Borneo, is covered with dense tropical vegetation and has several white sand beaches. The trip to this small island, an area of only 12 hectares, is not for everyone. Among divers Sipadan famous for the fact that 8 meters from the shore is a reef wall, which goes down to 700 meters. It is home to large flocks of barracuda, giant clams, parrot fish, dozens of turtles. In addition, fishing on the reef is prohibited.

Diving in Malta

Malta is an island full of famous and reputable diving centers. Especially attractive small islands Gozo and Comino with grottoes, coastal limestone cliffs, rifts and caves. An interesting place is the Azure Window, which is a large stone arch through which you can see the waves. But the most beautiful thing is hidden underwater, in the famous place for diving called the Blue Hole: after a long descent down you find yourself at the bottom of a well depth of 18 meters. On one side is a stone arch and on the other side is a large grotto. Diving into the arch, through a tunnel you enter the warm Inland Sea. However, there is less wildlife here than, for example, in the Maldives.

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In the Maldives, there are huge dive centers, the main priority of which is safety. There are strict rules for divers – a beginner will be allowed to dive no more than 20 meters. Particularly popular in the Maldives diving after sunset – the reef becomes just extraordinary. The fish change color, and the starfish bloom like flowers. During the day, you can take part in a dive safari on a comfortable boat, which lasts several days. There are several dives a day and the rest of the time you can spend on deck sipping cocktails. In the evening you can have a barbecue on the uninhabited island. By the way, during the breaks you can go snorkeling.

Diving in Egypt

Diving in Egypt – an excellent opportunity to admire all the sea fauna, having at the same time a small budget. Hurghada – the largest resort on the Red Sea coast, this is the best place for your first dive into the sea. The main thing is to try to get into the sea as early as possible, as by noon there are already a lot of divers, despite the fact that in Hurghada there are at least forty dive sites.

Another Egyptian resort – Sharm el-Sheikh – has a smaller number of diving centers, and the cost of such entertainment there is higher. Not far from the resort is Ras Mohammed Reserve, which is considered Egypt’s first marine national park. Along the coast of the park there are wonderful places for diving. For example, near the Shark reef lies a Cypriot shipwrecked in 1980, in the cargo bays of which are stored never sold plumbing fixtures and BMW-320. There is also another ship found by Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the mid-1950s. The ship can be called a real underwater museum: there you will find guns, small arms, motorcycles, steam engine and airplanes.

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