Top 10 budget countries for recreation

10 countries for the cheapest holidays abroad at sea

Holidays abroad at sea attracts all tourists. Warm sun, clean sea, soft sand are associated with paradise pleasure, and when there is a question: “Where should I go on vacation? “most people prefer the sea vacation.

But people, as a rule, react in a hurry to tempting offers and, responding to them, buy tickets on which they could save money. However, in order not to overpay – you need to be at least a little bit guided when choosing tickets.

If you don’t have a strong desire to go to a certain country, but the most important thing for you is to rest at sea, then you can choose an inexpensive resort from the list.

Look and choose. We present you 10 countries with a developed beach infrastructure, which offer tourists the cheapest vacation abroad at sea.

10. India

Goa is a small and Europeanized state of India. Tourists come here from all over the world, as for a high-quality and memorable vacation with just $ 100 (6000 rupees), but only we are talking about North Goa .

If you try, the trip will cost quite inexpensive. The cost of recreation in Goa is quite low, especially away from big cities.

For information: an independent trip (ie without the tour package) will allow you to save up to 30% of your money. You can stay in an inexpensive gesthouse (guesthouse) and save money on that.

North Goa is different from South Goa – in South Goa you can relax on the beach, swim in clear water and enjoy the view of the mountains. There are fewer people and prices are more expensive. The North has a more developed infrastructure, boiling noisy parties, mostly people come here for entertainment.

9. Greece

Greece is popular with tourists for its resorts – they are suitable for everyone: the elderly, singles or families with children.

There are different resorts to choose from: Crete, the biggest island in Greece, is suitable for couples, families with children and youth groups. It has mountainous landscapes, sandy beaches and villages that are a pleasure to stay in.

The chosen places for seaside vacations are Rethymnon, Horsonissos, Elounda and many others. Crete has a great beach, medieval monuments and well-developed infrastructure.

Hungary: Pannonhalma Abbey

Halkidiki is a pearl of the Aegean Sea, Athens is the capital of the country, as well as many other islands and resorts attract travelers. On average, a vacation in Greece will cost $300 (approximate cost per week).

8. Cambodia

Beach holidays in Cambodia are not so popular among tourists, but here you can find a room for $1.5 per night, and delicious food is so cheap that it can cause bewilderment. In June, the heat decreases, and in July the rainy season begins, which lasts until early November.

For information: in Cambodia in the first months of autumn there are floods, so hotels at this time are half-empty. For recreation at sea in this country usually choose the town of Sihanoukville – a popular seaside resort, it has a developed tourist infrastructure. The town has a few good sandy beaches, so for those who go for a swim and a rest – Sihanoukville is just for this perfectly suited.

7. Bulgaria

The sandy beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have long been popular among tourists. Visitors appreciate the friendly people, good food, low prices.

The beaches of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are famous since ancient times. It is the busiest resorts in Bulgaria, here everyone finds something for himself – there are restaurants, cafes, hotels, and even sporting opportunities.

The widest beaches with white sand are located in the young resort with developed infrastructure Albena. Here vacationers can play hockey, ride horses and play beach soccer.

6. Abkhazia .

Many people choose Abkhazia as a low cost holiday on the Black Sea. Tourists are attracted by rest in a small country – Abkhazia, by the fact that you do not need to spend your time on getting a visa and passport, because it is not necessary, and the road takes very little time.

If you want to cut costs, you can choose to stay in private sectors, which are located in the resort settlements. A day’s accommodation will not cost more than 350 rubles. For more comfortable conditions in the sectors the price goes up to 500 rubles.

Unforgettable swimming season in Abkhazia lasts until October. You can easily find a secluded place on the beach, a measured and relaxing holiday, enjoying the magnificent views.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London, United Kingdom

5. UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a fabulous country, which is perfect for those who love swimming in the warm sea, shopping, those who prefer excellent hotel services.

When choosing a tour in the UAE, mainly tourists choose Dubai and Sharjah. Dubai is popular among Russian tourists, but prices for hotels there are higher than in other emirates.

Budget accommodation can be found only if you do not mind living away from the sea. For vacationers UAE offers luxury amusement parks, modern skyscrapers, which takes your breath away, beautiful promenades, where you can stroll and take memorable pictures of his vacation.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing place where you can find untouched natural corners of man.

One person for a day of hotel accommodation and food is enough for 10 dollars, and 20 dollars will provide tourists with an unforgettable vacation in which they can not deny themselves anything. 500 dollars will be enough for a month’s vacation.

The best resort in Vietnam, according to Russian tourists – is Nha Trang. It has well-groomed beaches, although they are far from paradise – the sand is coarse and yellow, and the bottom is uneven.

Vacationers prefer to go where the white sand and beautiful beaches – Zoklet (the best beach in Nha Trang), Paragon (located in An Vien village) and others.


Thailand is as popular with Russian tourists as Egypt and Turkey. For quality 10-day vacation will have to prepare not less than $ 800, but an independent journey can cost only $ 400 for a month.

But if you have enough for one room, you can find quite a budget accommodation for $ 90. Groceries are inexpensive in Thailand, so $100 a month is enough for them.

If your goal is to swim and sunbathe in peace, then do not hesitate to go to Ko Samet – it is a small island with clean, gorgeous beaches. Here you can swim in silence and enjoy beautiful sunsets.

2. Egypt

Vacation at sea in Egypt is considered traditional among Russian tourists. Here you can enjoy the warm climate, good service in the hotels, a lot of inexpensive entertainment ($250 will be enough to qualitatively rest for 7 days).

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Most of the guests from other countries are attracted by resorts – Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada. Many travelers also choose Nuweiba, Taba and Marsa Alam .

Usually a sightseeing tour upon arrival in Egypt begins with a visit to the ancient pyramids of Giza (the most famous of them is the pyramid of Cheops). Tourists do not miss the opportunity to visit Cairo and the “Valley of the Pharaohs.


The most inexpensive vacation in Turkey by the sea has long been fond of Russian tourists, and when they have to choose a country for travel and beach entertainment – without hesitation, give their preference to Turkey.

But you should know – the beach is better to come before 11 am or after 16 am, otherwise there is a risk of getting burnt, because during the day in Turkey the air reaches in July and August +40 ° C.

In most cases as a resort holidaymakers choose Kemer – it attracts tourists with its pebble beaches, green mountains, clear azure water. For those who want to relax in peace and quiet – it is better to choose a small apartment hotels away from the center near the woods, because in the evenings in large hotels rumbling music and there is a loud animation. A holiday tour to Kemer will cost $250, to Istanbul – $350, and to Antalya – about $200.

Top 10 budget countries for recreation

Many people think that trips to different countries of the world make only wealthy rich people, but this is not true at all.

If you direct your thoughts in the other direction, you will realize that each of your dreams or goal is sure to be achieved, if, of course, you want to! Today in my article I will tell you about the countries that you can visit at the lowest cost to your budget.


Top 10 Budgetary Countries for Recreation - Photo 2


Tanzania is famous for its rich natural landscapes. It is not a very expensive country, but if you want to try everything this country has to offer, then of course your budget will be a big bust. Highlights include the paradise islands of Zanzibar and the famous Mount Kilimanjaro . For your African wildlife experience, for example, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park are two of the most common destinations that you can visit without spending too much money.

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Top 10 Budget Wise Countries for vacations - Picture 3


Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful places in Central America and sparsely populated. It sits on the Pacific coast, with long beautiful Caribbean beaches, and has beautiful freshwater lakes along the rolling hills. Tourists flock here to discover ancient cities , vast rainforests , pristine rivers and lakes .

Nicaragua has become an alternative for people formerly living in Panama Peninsula and Costa Rica . Surfing, hiking along the coast of the Pacific Ocean is great and all of this is economically affordable, everyone should come to this wonderful country or else life is a waste of time.


Top 10 Budget Best Countries for Leisure - Picture 4


Belize – the cost of living in this country varies depending on where and how you want to vacation. A lesser-known place for a beach vacation is Corsal, Punta Gorda or San Ignacio . Here grow exotic fruits such as mangoes, papayas, pineapples, ripe watermelons and many others. You can also taste the delicious fresh fish, catching it yourself, isn’t this a blessing? If you truly love nature, Belize is well suited to your interests and you should definitely visit. The slow pace of life in the sun with kind neighbors and amazing hospitality makes a great impression on tourists.


Top 10 Budget Wise Countries for Recreation - Picture 5


Fiji – In the heart of the South Pacific is Fiji , a tropical island home to some of the happiest people on the planet. This private island is all-inclusive, a vacation with different culinary specialties and the best resorts on the island, it’s intriguingly beautiful nature, white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean , the most ideal place for honeymooners, travelers who want to save on their vacation and large families.


Top 10 Budgetary Countries for Recreation - Picture 6


Laos is a land of relaxation. Along with the relaxing atmosphere in South Laos is an area called the 4,000 Islands , referring to the small islets scattered along the Mekong River . There are quite a lot of shopping options at affordable prices , in the same food , accommodation , transportation and it is quite convenient .


Top 10 Budgetary Countries for Recreation - Picture 7


Honduras is a country of beautiful and unique nature, there are more than 700 species of birds, you can see whale sharks and enormous sea turtles in the ocean. Also, there are different kinds of monkeys in the jungle reserves along the Caribbean coast. It is the least visited country in Central America, because many people just pass through Honduras, but it is still worth the trip!

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Top 10 Budgetary Countries for Recreation - Picture 8


Cambodia – If you don’t have much money to travel to any country, then Cambodia is great for your vacation, it is in Southeast Asia and is the most budget-friendly vacation for you. Here is a historical temple called Angkor Wat, to explore its beautiful architecture and nearby beaches you just have to visit this beautiful place and see everything with your own eyes.

In this country there is a feature as soon as the sun rises, it immediately reflected from the stone complex of the temple and the surrounding green jungle, creating a luminous blue and purple hues, which to viewers seem quite mystical. Angkor Wat attracts over two million visitors a year and this ancient temple is not the only one really worth visiting.


Top 10 Budgetary Recreation Countries - Picture 9


Ecuador . Ecuador is located in the northwest of South America . It shares borders with Colombia and Peru and even though Ecuador is a small country, it has a great variety of wildlife. There are mountains, vast tropical forests, beaches with natural beauty, amazing culture and climatic conditions. You should visit Ecuador, because it is well worth it!


Top 10 Budgetary Countries for Recreation - Photo 10


Vietnam should be at the top of the list of countries you must visit. This country of remarkable natural beauty, it is full of energy and beauty! Vietnam is a culturally and historically rich country, a mixture of tranquility, relaxation and, at the same time, thrill. It is a popular destination for travelers on a tight budget.


Top 10 Budget Recreation Countries - Picture 11


Panama has its own International Film Festival and also a jazz festival. It is in Panama that some of the world’s largest international summits are held at convention centers. Apart from the Panama summits, tourists come here to play golf or tennis, go sailing, fish, and see interesting species of birds and animals. Unlimited and unbridled fun is waiting for you in this country.

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