Top 10 Biggest Cities in the World

Top 10 Biggest Cities in the World

Top 10 biggest cities in the world


Today’s megacities are amazing in their size, and the area or population of a single megacity can be larger than entire central European countries. We are so impressed by the scale that we want to share some interesting information. So we gathered for you the top 10 biggest cities in the world!

10. Wuhan, China

Area: 8,494 km2. Population: 11.08 million.

The unique location of Wuhan caused the unusual layout of the city. Technically, it consists of three parts, which are located on opposite sides of the confluence of two rivers. Between districts are connected by bridges.

9. Kinshasa, DR Congo.

Area: 9 965 km2. Population: 11.86 million.

The unique specialization of the modern megalopolis in the Congo is the diamond trade, so the business center is built in a big way. The old quarters are green and cozy, but the low-rise suburbs are no longer too attractive, although they are what give such a colossal area.

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8. Melbourne, Australia

Area: 9 900 km2. Population: 4.936 million.

Isolated Australia has a very special atmosphere. Nearly 90% of the population lives in cities, so cities of equal size. Melbourne’s a big business heart with an excellent infrastructure, and it’s the cultural and sporting capital of the mainland.

7. Tianjin, China

Area: 11 943 sq. km. Population: 15.47 million.

Tianjin is the economic and maritime gateway for the Chinese capital. The huge city is filled with skyscrapers, enormous enterprises and companies of the local “silicon valley”. There are the best museums, the highest Ferris wheel, the impeccable lakes and the Water Park.

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6. Sydney, Australia

Area: 12 144 km2. Population: 5.23 million.

The metropolis on the coast of the Tasman Sea stretches far into the interior of the continent. Sydney offers a non-trivial attraction with its multifaceted, eclectic culture. It was once the first city with a European population in Australia.

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5. Chengdu, China

Area: 14,312 km2. Population: 16.33 million.

The large administrative center of Sichuan province is a huge commercial and financial center of China. Founded three centuries B.C., it has become the heart of Chinese urbanization in recent years. Chengdu is world famous for its culinary school and unique brocade.

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4. Brisbane, Australia

Area: 15,800 km2. Population: 2.28 million.

The eastern city on the coast of the river of the same name overlooks the Pacific Morton Bay. It’s one of Australia’s best cities to live in and a true tourist gem. Brisbane easily matches New York City for the number of high-rise skyscrapers.

3. Beijing, China

Area: 16,808 km2. Population: 21.54 million.

The Chinese capital has changed its name many times, but it still remains a gigantic and majestic city. Tourists are attracted by the largest palace complex in the world – the “Purple Forbidden City” with an area of 720,000 m2. Beijing is the political, transport and educational center of China.

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2. Hangzhou, China

Area: 16,847 sq km. Population: 10.36 million.

For a long time, Hangzhou was the most populous city in the world. Now, thanks to the unique nature and ancient sites of the Song dynasty, tourism is flourishing here. Hangzhou regularly hosts industrial exhibitions, global corporations have established themselves, and the best tea plantations are thriving.

1. Chongqing, China

Area: 82,500 sq. km Population: 30.48 million.

The size of just one Chinese city rivals that of Austria. Thousands of years of history are intertwined with the boisterous life of a futuristic industrial metropolis. Chongqing has a crazy number of bridges and gigantic overpasses, China’s largest car production and thriving steel factories.

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