Top 10 best waterfalls in Australia

Australia’s top 10 best waterfalls and how to visit them

In our list of Australia’s top 10 waterfalls, we feature our favorite waterfalls we’ve visited and written about (to show you how to visit them) in the “country below.” And even with those restrictions, we still had a hard time compiling a list like this.

After all, such lists are usually criticized for being subjective. Even the same waterfall can cause different impressions for different people, which further increases the variability of such a list.

We found it particularly difficult to limit our extensive review of Australian waterfalls to just ten. To give you an idea of how extensive our research was, you can see a map of the waterfalls or the full list on our page on all the Australian waterfalls we’ve visited and written about.

Indeed, there are too many beautiful waterfalls in Oz. So inevitably we had to make a very difficult choice and sift out a few very worthy ones.

So, without further ado, here they are, in reverse order.

#10 Montesum Falls West Coast Council / near Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia

This waterfall could very well claim to be the highest permanent waterfall in Tasmania.

We definitely had to earn our visit with the three-hour round trip walk. Although this road once served as a ropeway to transport miners’ supplies, we saw that the forest has recovered nicely since the place was repurposed for hiking.

And thanks to its fairly close proximity to some of Tassie’s wildest places (including Cradle Mountain), this waterfall caught our attention during a trip negatively impacted by the drought (during our first visit).

Complementing the atmosphere of this waterfall, we were even able to see it from a scary swinging suspension bridge!

#9 TIA FALLS Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Of all the waterfalls we visited in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, only this one had a healthy and voluminous flow. Indeed, many of the other waterfalls seemed to be flowing with difficulty or had stopped flowing altogether.

Either through circumstance or good land management, the falls ended up in very good drainage, where much of its watershed remained untouched and untouched. And we had a quality experience, as you can see in this photo.

By the way, the falls also demonstrated the power, height and precipitous scenery of the gorge to earn a place on this list of Australia’s best waterfalls.

#8 RASSEL FALLS Mount Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia

This tiered, curtain-like waterfall can claim to be the most popular in the state of Tasmania.

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It definitely caught the attention of early visitors, as it was the centerpiece of the island state’s first national park.

Walking among the giant eucalyptus trees and watching wildlife, we enjoyed nature. We also rounded out our experience with another waterfall upstream, Horseshoe Falls.

Indeed, we spent a lot of time here, which allowed us to see the waterfall in the best light. So we were able to take some great pictures!

With all this in mind, we just had to give it a spot on our regional list of the top 10 waterfalls in Australia.

#7 MACKENZIE FALLS Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia

This resilient waterfall, over 30 meters high, has withstood some of the harshest drought conditions in the country.

During our visit to southeastern Australia in 2006, we had little reason to be optimistic. Given the fires in Grampians National Park, we saw plenty of evidence of recent fires, as well as kangaroo tails sprouting from the fires.

Nevertheless, the falls were still flowing powerfully!

Indeed, despite all the water problems here, we were oblivious to what this waterfall has overcome to put on a wonderful show.

So for its resilience and obvious beauty under such challenging conditions, we have emphatically included this waterfall in our list of Australia’s top 10 waterfalls.

#6 BLENKO WATERFALLS Girringun National Park (Lumholz), Queensland, Australia

Located in the Herbert River Gorge, deep in Queensland, this very remote waterfall was featured on the reality show Survivor.

And in keeping with its fame, we had to earn the opportunity to see this waterfall by risking damage to our rental car on some pretty rugged, high-traffic roads.

But once we got to this unique and remote waterfall, we enjoyed its 90-meter drop, followed by a 230-meter cascade. Indeed, all these challenges made us realize that the adventure was an unforgettable experience.

So, all things considered, this waterfall in Survivor’s Land ranks among the best waterfalls in Australia.

#5 FITZROY FALLS Morton National Park, New South Wales, Australia

This spectacular 120-meter waterfall descending from an escarpment in Morton National Park in New South Wales was a popular attraction.

Even the rain didn’t stop us from sharing the sight with dozens of other tourists!

Because of its picturesque location framed by a deep and lush valley when viewed from its summit, we understood why it deserved to be so popular.

We also appreciated its towering size when we looked directly from one of the more distant lookouts downstream.

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And after just a few minutes of walking, we encountered another waterfall called Twin Falls, which added to our experience.

Considering all the merits of this waterfall, it just has to make our list of top 10 Australian waterfalls.

#4 ELLENBORO FALLS Greater Taree, New South Wales, Australia

To see this waterfall, we went on an unexpected adventure. But we ended up witnessing the towering 200-meter waterfall that graces the Ellenborough Gorge.

This waterfall is considered one of the highest waterfalls in Australia. It also has a picturesque vertical backdrop.

The visitor-friendly walk had interpretive signage, and several observation decks allowed us to see the falls from different angles. We even felt the mist at its base.

Thus, this excursion gave us one of the most enjoyable experiences in the country, and so it clearly made it into our regional top 10 best waterfalls in Australia.

#3 MITCHELL WATERFALL The Kimberley Region, Western Australia, Australia

Deep in the remote red cliffs of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, this multi-level waterfall easily made our top 10 list.

The deep red cliffs framing and contrasting with the whiteness of the descending Mitchell River complete the magnificent picture.

In addition, the fact that nature dominates this remote corner of the outback further convinced us that such beautiful places really do exist!

However, a visit to this place had to be earned. Indeed, you either had to go on an arduous two-day off-road adventure. Or you had to volunteer to make a hole in your pockets to take a one-day flight/hike to this waterfall.

Luckily, we had the second option, and this adventure generously rewarded us with an unforgettable experience amidst unforgettable scenery.

#2 WALLAMAN FALL, Girringun National Park (Lumholtz), Queensland, Australia

Located deep in the humid tropics of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this waterfall is considered Australia’s highest permanent waterfall with a single drop of water 268 meters high.

From the top of the gorge and its misty base (after walking through the world’s oldest rainforests), it can be seen from many points, so it was pretty easy for us to enjoy the waterfall and catch a rainbow or two.

Add to that the lush and precipitous scenery of the surrounding gorges, and we had an unforgettable experience visiting one of the country’s must-see attractions.

We weren’t lucky enough to see the endangered cassowaries, water dragons and platypuses here, but the waterfall alone was worth the detour to get here!

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#1 JIM JIM FALL, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

This waterfall, which falls from an escarpment in the hot and humid wilderness of UNESCO-listed Kakadu National Park, just passed Wallaman Falls for first place.

The 200-meter-high waterfall among multicolored cliffs is truly an awe-inspiring sight.

Even though we needed to time our visit to either the rainy season or the beginning of the Australian winter (dry season in Top End), it was the perfect excuse to see the Aboriginal history, scenery, wildlife and, of course, the character of this waterfall.

Indeed, we couldn’t help but consider this waterfall our favorite Australian waterfall.

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Australia’s 10 Best Waterfalls

Australia is one of the most amazing places on earth. The huge island offers incredible opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Consistently good weather, an abundance of natural attractions, the beauty of the surrounding world – all this allows you to relax your body and soul.


Life is concentrated here on a narrow strip of ocean coast – in the most favorable climatic conditions. But there are also many places of interest to see in the arid part. Australia’s protected areas are found in some of the most beautiful parts of the mainland. Not only can you see unusual flora and fauna, but also enjoy breath-taking, spectacular scenery, with your heart pounding like crazy.

Waterfalls are an integral part of this miracle. You can admire them for hours, forgetting about time. Only cautious call of the guide makes with regret escape from the amazing pictures, painted by nature itself.

Waterfalls of Australia – PHOTO

Tia Falls

Tia Falls is located in Oxley National Park, also known as Wild River Park. It is an unusual place in New South Wales, famous for its fabulous scenery. Jets of water, falling from a very impressive height, look majestic and fascinating, giving the impression of some primordial power and wildness. It seems that these places were created quite recently and the echoes of the divine powers are still felt.


Ebor Falls

Ebor Falls are also located in New South Wales and are divided into upper and lower falls. The upper one is a two-stage cascade. Not too high, but wide, flowing with frothy lace ribbons. The lower one is more solid, rapidly falling into the water bowl from a great height. They stand surrounded by wonderful nature and look like exquisite jewels in an openwork setting. The sight is unforgettable and magical.

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Russell Falls

Russell Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Tasmania. Located in Mount Field National Park, it’s only a leisurely stroll from the main entrance. Russell’s total height ranges from 50 to 58 meters, according to various estimates. Its beauty is captured on postage stamps, postcards and paintings. Water flows down peculiar steps. It is not a rushing torrent that crushes all life in its path, but an elegant kissey of thin streams that allows you to admire it to the fullest.


MacKenzie Falls

MacKenzie Falls in Victoria are on the river of the same name that runs through Grampians National Park. It’s the park’s most famous waterfall, the images of which are very widely circulated – and deservedly so. McKenzie is located in a wonderfully scenic area that makes you constantly turn your head to the side and snap your camera. Water rushes off in swift, lacy splashes, creating a rainbow at the foot. The sight is mesmerizing!


Blencoe Falls

Blencoe Falls is located in Queensland in Girringun National Park. Access to the falls is not that easy and only four-wheel-drive vehicles are free to drive. It is worth saying that despite the difficulty of access, travelers have never once regretted the effort. Blenko falls from a height of 90 meters, and downstream the river is again scattered, but already into low cascades. Because of its location in a deep gorge, it creates a sharp contrast and emphasizes the spectacularness of the waterfall.


Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls is located on the North Coast of New South Wales, near the Manning River. Nearby is the town of Greater Taree and the Falls falls into a conservation area. Its surroundings are a favorite spot for picnics and walks, and it must be said, for good reason. Ellenborough is in a stunningly beautiful area that has earned the attention of artists, photographers, and filmmakers. The water rushes down from a height of 160 meters, the resulting picture is so impressive that even the skeptics are satisfied.


Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls is located in the Morton National Park in South Wales near the town of the same name. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also an accessible place. It’s easy to get to, and the viewing sites are set up nicely. The nature around is so good that these places are very popular with tourists. The water plummets from a height of 80 meters and it looks incredibly majestic.

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Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls flows in the National Park of the same name, deep in Kimberly County. It is a plateau in an arid region and the more striking is the contrast of the oasis with the surrounding countryside. Mitchell is a 4-level waterfall with a combined height of about 80 meters. The river flows into a water bowl from which it gently flows into the next one. The sight is so unusual that it begins to seem – here has worked the landscape designer of the highest class, having an unlimited budget. The grandeur of Nature is understood here like nowhere else.


Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls is the highest waterfall in Australia. Its total height is 340 meters and the height of continuous falling is 305 meters. It is located in North Queensland, on the Stony Creek. It is a humid tropical area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Camping near the falls is available, so your stay will be quite comfortable. If you wish, you can admire not only the top, but also go down to the bottom.


Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is located in the famous Kakadu National Park and is considered its main attraction. It is called one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia. Jim Jim is about 200 meters high and falls into a deep canyon, forming tiny drops of water dancing in the wind. The sight is bright and spectacular. No less spectacular is the landscape surrounding the famous waterfall.


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