Top 10 best tourist attractions in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Top 10 best tourist attractions in Detroit, Michigan, USA

The Henry Ford Museum is without exaggeration the treasure of Detroit. Tens of thousands of exhibits related to the famous American inventor are presented on an area of about five hectares. The bulk of the museum occupy, of course, machines.

Zoo in Detroit

After a marathon tour of Detroit’s historic sights you can unwind beautifully with a visit to the local zoo. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with children or just a group of adults. The inhabitants of the Detroit Zoo win the hearts of all visitors.

Art Institute of Detroit

Going to Detroit and not visiting the Art Institute is like coming to Moscow and not seeing the Tretyakov Gallery. This is one of the largest museums not only in the state of Michigan, but in all of America. The Art Institute of Detroit includes more than a hundred galleries.

Ambassador Bridge

The Ambassador Bridge in Detroit is like the Tower Bridge in London. It is the symbol and pride of Michigan’s motor city. The Ambassador Bridge traces its history back to 1929. For a long time it was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world (today this status is held by the Japanese Akashi Kaike suspension giant).

Museum of African History in Detroit

The Charles Wright Museum of African History in Detroit is the largest museum in the world devoted to the history of African American people. It takes its name from its founder, physician Charles Wright. In 1965, the doctor, along with like-minded people, marked off the exhibition in a simple trailer.

Belle Isle Island in Detroit

Belle Isle is a veritable realm of nature in the heart of industrial Detroit. It’s hard to believe, but the picturesque island has existed beautifully in the neighborhood of car corporations and factories for decades.

Fox Theatre in Detroit

The Fox Theatre is Detroit’s calling card. The high-rise multi-story building at first glance looks more like a hotel or business center than a classic theater, but look inside and believe me, the emotions won’t keep you waiting! The interior of the Fox Theatre is something out of this world.

Seychelles: Praslin Island

At one time Detroit proudly wore the status of the automobile capital of the world. The best models of Ford, Chrysler and Dodge concerns were born here. Then bad times came for the city in Michigan. The financial crisis hit, and the motor city practically died out. But today, many people who happen to be in the United States want to come here. So if fate takes you across the ocean, feel free to plan a trip to this American city. Despite its industrial past, Detroit boasts many cultural attractions you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

The number one tourist attraction and symbol of Detroit is the picturesque Belle Isle, a huge area of unspoiled nature where you can go fishing, hunting, or just lounging in a hammock on the beach.

It is, for example, one of the largest art institutes in the States or the largest Museum of African History in the world. Of course, you can not go past the museums devoted to cars. Here too, tourists can go straight to the Henry Ford Museum. The symbol of Detroit and the number one tourist attraction is the picturesque Belle Isle – a huge area of unspoiled nature where, by the way, you can go fishing, hunting, or just lying in a hammock on the beach.

In Detroit, besides historical and architectural attractions, you can also visit the beautiful zoo, take pictures of the animals and feed the cute giraffes.

The main transportation attraction in Detroit is the Ambassador Bridge, which takes you to the Canadian city of Winsor.

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