Top 10 best places in the Bahamas

Bahamas: sights, best beaches and festivals

The official name of the state is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is located on an archipelago north of the Caribbean Sea, which includes about 700 islands and 2,000 coral reefs. Most of the archipelago is uninhabited, with only 30 islands inhabited permanently.



The Bahamas is the perfect place for recreation. A huge number of picturesque beaches, exotic nature, developed infrastructure and rich history of the archipelago will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Attractions of the Bahamas

The hot climate and hospitable waters of the islands’ numerous bays beckon anyone who visits here. But don’t forget that the Bahamas have a fascinating history, which makes it home to several attractions that we recommend you visit.

The Old Jail

At this point, only one floor and the basement remain of the entire building. About 80 years ago, there was a very strong hurricane in the Bahamas, which destroyed part of the prison. Authorities have not started to restore the monument, believing that it is of no interest to anyone. But, as it turned out later, the pink building of the old prison became a real magnet for fans of colonial history.

National Gallery

The exhibit is located in a villa built in the late 19th century. The gallery contains works by contemporary artists from the Bahamas, as well as masters who created under the impression of the local amazing landscapes.

National Gallery

Here you can see a variety of paintings, a photography exhibit, and sculptures.

Heritage Museum

The exhibit is a collection of artifacts that were formerly privately owned by Englishman Hamilton White. It contains artifacts from different eras of the islands. You’ll see pirate weapons and clothing, remnants of ancient tools, documents, and more.

Heritage Museum

Viney Malone Museum

The idea for this museum dates back to the 1970s. Most of the exposition was donated to the museum by local residents. The museum recreates the interiors and life of homes from different eras, also presents a collection of clothing, jewelry, photographs and other things.

Dolphin House

A unique building made of seashells and sea glass and stones was built by a local resident. In the same, he placed interesting exhibits dedicated to these amazing animals. Those who wish can rent one of the rooms for a while.

Dolphin House

Calvary Temple

This temple is located in Freeport and is famous for its festive services. The building is not architecturally valuable and does not have a rich history, but it is steeped in the spirit of Christianity.

Calvary Temple

The pastor of the church believes that parishioners and ordinary people should come together as often as possible to celebrate religious holidays and just pray.

A House with a Balcony

This is a striking example of late-18th century colonial architecture. The Balcony House is considered one of the oldest wooden structures on the islands. For a long time it was used for its intended purpose and 25 years ago it was opened as a museum. The house stands out from the landscape with its red color and long balcony.

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Fort Charlotte

The fortification is located near the capital’s harbor. It was built at the end of the XVIII century. The fort was quite heavily fortified by a moat, thick walls with artillery on top. Shooters’ quarters were also protected by stone fortifications. The authorities spent a huge amount on its construction and maintenance of the garrison, but the fort was never in demand militarily. Now the moat has been dried up and the building is used as a museum.

Fort Charlotte

Pigeon Creek

This cove is known primarily not for its picturesque beaches, but for its archaeological sites. It was here that the first evidence of pre-Columbian human presence in the Bahamas was found.

Pigeon Creek

Royal Staircase

The calling card of the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, and one of the most frequently visited attractions. The structure consists of 65 steps with a total length of about 31 meters. The number of steps symbolizes the years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

But the staircase also had a practical meaning: it connected two parts of the city – the areas of Fincastle Fort and Margaret Hospital.

Grand Staircase

Climbing up the staircase, you can see the picturesque scenery of the islands, their architecture and the beautiful water area. There is also a small waterfall not far from the stairs.

Beaches of the Bahamas

Most tourists appreciate the Bahamas not for the large amount of cultural heritage or the people’s struggle for independence, but precisely for the unique beaches. As soon as you say the name of the islands, an image of a tropical beach, sun loungers, small palm leaf bungalows, and a little ripple on the calm blue waters of the lagoon immediately comes to mind.

The Bahamas

Paradise Cove

Its name in English sounds like “Paradise Cove.” The cove is about a half-hour drive from Freeport, but it’s definitely worth the trip. The cove is known worldwide for its white sand beach. In addition, there is a coral reef nearby that can be reached by boat. On the beach are several rentals of boats and various sports equipment. Paradise Cove attracts hundreds of surfers as well as scuba divers every year.

Junkanoo Beach

The location of this beach makes it one of the most popular beaches in the entire archipelago. It is only a couple of kilometers from the Capital Cruise Bay, so it can be reached on foot. There are several stores near the beach where you can buy beach supplies, souvenirs, food and drinks.

Library of Congress. Is it worth a visit?

In addition, on the beach itself there are bars. Right on the beach you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers for relaxation, boats and various equipment for water rides, as well as equipment for underwater observation of rare tropical fish.

Holidays in the Bahamas

Lighthouse Beach

In English its name sounds like “Lighthouse”. The beach is located on Eluter Island, at its southern end. As the name implies, it is near the lighthouse, which can be reached by climbing up the cliff. Another attractive feature for tourists is the pink sand that covers the beach. Eluter is a real paradise for divers, as there are many quiet coves, ideal for snorkeling.

The beach with pink sand

The more common name of the beach is Poponi Beach. This is the name by which it is known, both locals and tourists from around the world. Like the Lighthouse Beach, this one is covered with pink sand, which allows you to take unique photos. The shoreline and the bottom are covered with sand, but the beach itself is surrounded by rocks, in addition, there are many trees on it, so you can not rent umbrellas here.

Pink Sand Beach

Tahiti Beach

One of the most popular, but undeveloped beaches. It is located on the so-called Kie Elbow, that is, a long narrow island. An exotic place, lost among the palm groves. Throughout the beach scattered sea shells and stars. It is recommended to swim in special shoes that will protect your feet from sea urchins, which live here in whole colonies.

Events in the Bahamas 2019

The Bahamas live very open and hospitable people, so the official holidays and festivals here is just a huge number. It is common on the islands to celebrate Easter, the Coconut Festival and the Junkanoo Carnival in a lavish way.

Wahoo fishing competitions are also held here every year, but all these events are held during peak season – winter and early spring. But you can catch a few other equally colorful events in The Bahamas 2019.

For example, at the end of May, there’s a unique cigar festival that brings together fans of the smoking culture from around the world. Here you can see and taste the products of the best cigar makers from all over the Caribbean.


Every year, on July 10, the population, as well as visitors to the islands, celebrate the Independence Day of the archipelago. During the celebration, towns and villages are lushly decorated. Festive processions and concerts take place on all the islands, and a grand fireworks display completes the celebration.

Three weeks after this festival, the Cha-cha festival begins. The celebration is traditionally held in the town of Freetown. The first Monday in August is one of the most important holidays in Bahamian culture. On this day the abolition of slavery is celebrated.

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Very often the holiday coincides with the traditional Caribbean carnival, so there is a high spirits. Locals prepare a variety of dishes of national cuisine for tourists, as well as perform traditional songs and dances.


In early fall, the archipelago holds a very popular billiards championship. It is considered one of the most massive events. In September, there is also a festival of food and wine. Also in the fall you can get to the New World Discovery Festival, a festival of blues and jazz music. In late November, the Bahamas hosts an international triathlon competition. You can also visit the Heritage Festival, held annually in Nassau, the capital of the Commonwealth, in late fall.

The top 12 attractions in the Bahamas

Warm weather year-round, natural beauty, thrills and the comfort of all-inclusive resorts are what the Bahamas offers guests. The country occupies more than 700 islands, but tourists mostly stay in Nassau or head northwest. There are clean beaches, a decent level of service, many sports bases and attractions.

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Who goes to the Bahamas and why

Nature lovers can explore the beautiful reefs and wildlife sanctuaries here. The best place to see wildlife is Inagua National Park, home to the world’s largest flock of flamingos.

Active vacationers can enjoy golf, swimming with sharks and dolphins, and relaxing in a water park. On the island of Bimini, you can go fishing, visit the speleologists Lucayan in Grand Bahama, go snorkeling or diving and explore the impressive coral reefs.

The islands have an active nightlife – clubs, casinos and numerous bars are open until morning.

Natural attractions

Karst sinkhole

karstova voronka

Locals call it Deana’s Blue Hole. It is located near the coast of Long Island. From a bird’s eye view, you can see how it stands out against the blue ocean water with its blue. This sinkhole is thought to be the deepest of its kind in the world, dropping to 663 meters and measuring 35 meters in diameter.

Divers and deep-sea divers come here not just to admire the life of ocean creatures, but also to get into the underwater cave, which is more than 100 meters wide.

Boiling Lake

kipiachee osero

The elongated Cat Island is unique not only for its pristine natural beauty, but also for its lack of tourist crowds. And this despite the fact that there are many interesting things to do here.

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In the depths of the island is a lake with clear waters and an unusual “character”. At high and low tides, it from quiet turns into a spontaneous: boiling, clinking – really like a boiling and steaming boiler. So far, no one has been able to explain this natural phenomenon, but the locals believe that an unclean force lives in the lake.

Long Island

long ailend

The name of the island speaks for itself – it’s a very long, stretching for 100 kilometers piece of land. The appeal of Long Island, as well as other local islands, is its pristine nature. Many people come here just for peace and relaxation from the bustle of the city.

The nature on Long Island is diverse: there are sandy beaches and hills with caves and eroded rock formations along the shores. In addition to seeking solitude, tourists go here for adventure – many engage in diving and extreme sports here.

Lucayan National Park

nac park lukoyan

One of the islands – Grand Bahama and its city Freeport boasts a picturesque nature park spread over 16 hectares. The forest is represented mainly by exotic for these places Cuban pine. And it is inhabited by wild mammals and birds with colorful colors.

On the coast, tourists explore the caves, which are considered among the smallest in the world. Near Freeport, scattered here and there are dilapidated villages where pirates once hid from persecution.

Paradise Island

ostrov paradais

This place’s name speaks for itself. For many with a taste for the finer things in life, Paradise Island is a sanctuary. Two bridges lead from Nassau, and luxury liners and yachts cruise the island. The area is famous for being the backdrop to a number of Hollywood movies.

People come here not only to enjoy the clear waters of the ocean and picturesque scenery, but also to visit the amusement park Atlantis, which has absolutely everything – from swimming pools, casinos and water slides, to the Mayan pyramids and artificial rivers.

Pink Beach on Harbor Island

rosovi pliag

Harbor Island is an island that has long been beloved not only by ordinary tourists, but also by celebrities. However, it is best known for its pink beach. The combination of coral colored sand and turquoise waters of the Atlantic creates an incredible, spectacular picture.

The microorganisms that live only on Harbor Island give this unusual color to the sand. Coral reefs act as a watershed, so there are no big waves on the beach and it’s safe to swim here.

City attractions

Royal Staircase

korolevska lestnica

This is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Nassau. In the mid-18th century, slaves began carving a staircase right into the hill in honor of Queen Victoria, then seated on the throne of Great Britain.

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Sixty-five steps were carved, according to the number of years of her reign. The staircase was supposed to connect the hospital with one of the city’s forts. Construction was completed in 1834 – when the law on the abolition of slavery was passed. To this day, the staircase has survived in almost pristine condition.



Nassau was originally the name of a fort that existed here long before the city was built in 1650. To this day, the capital of the Bahamas still boasts centuries-old structures. Most of them are concentrated on the main square, Rawson.

Here tourists have taken a fancy to the Parliament building, the House of Assembly and the Supreme Court, as well as the Churchill House. The square is always lively. And this is not surprising, given that the locals like to hold various entertainment events here – for example, Christmas carnivals.

Ocean Atlant.

okeanski atlant

That’s what locals and tourists call the 60-ton structure, which is installed off the coast of the main island of the Bahamas. The sculptors depicted the Greek goddess in a modern incarnation.

It is made of environmentally friendly materials, which will contribute to the multiplication of animals and coral reefs. So the authors wanted to divert the attention of divers from the ocean ecosystem to allow it to recover faster.

Garden of the Groves Park.

park garden of se

In honor of Freeport’s founding couple, the park was built in 1973 and is home to amazing plants and animals of all sorts of colors.

Exotic birds and butterflies nest in its trees, and fish, reptiles, and amphibians are quite at home in its bodies of water (waterfalls and fountains). You can wander along well-maintained trails to restaurants and cafes serving local cuisine.

Fort Charlotte.

fort sharlotta

This structure was one of the most powerful of all the forts that once protected Nassau from pirates. Built in the late 18th century, the fort was considered impregnable at the time, as it was so difficult to breach its walls. In addition, along the perimeter of the fortress were placed cannons, many of which are now exhibits in the local museum.

The Hermitage on Mount Alvernia

ermitag na gore

The structure was built in a Celtic-Mediterranean style, designed by Father Jerome. He created several churches and monasteries in the Bahamas in 1939. The Hermitage stands on the highest point of the island, Mount Alvernia.

Due to the unusual architecture and good location, tourists visit this place every year to admire the views of natural beauty from above.

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