Top 10 Beaches in Tennessee, USA

Top 20 America’s must-see beaches

The vacation season is in full swing, and if you want to finally escape the heat, we have the solution! Portal “ZagraNica” has collected for you a list of the best beaches in the United States. You just need to choose what you want to do: just lie on the sand, surf or dive with dolphins. Read more in the story below

Siesta Beach, Florida

The sand is made almost entirely of quartz, making it one of the whitest beaches in the world. The shoreline is gentle and the sea is shallow. And the purity of the water is certified by Blue Wave.

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Clearwater Beach, Florida

The beach is on the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s washed by a warm current. And the city of Clearwater itself attracts tourists: it has an oceanarium, many restaurants and a place for outdoor activities with children.


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This is a wonderful place to relax. The beach is clean and very pleasant. The waves are as beautiful as in my homeland in the Crimea, in Kerch, on the Black Sea, but with one major plus – there is no nasty algae here. The water is warm. There is a toilet to change if you need to. And you can wash yourself with fresh water right outside. On weekdays you can find parking until 9:30-10:00 am, but if you arrive later, unfortunately, there will be a big problem with that. On weekends, parking spaces run out by 8:00 am. So be prepared to arrive at the beach early in the morning. Parking costs $3 an hour.

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

This beach is part of the namesake nature reserve on the island of Oahu, which is densely surrounded by extinct volcanoes. The nature here has remained almost intact, and tourists are allowed to swim with the underwater inhabitants.

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It’s a very beautiful place. Admission is paid, adults and children (under 12 years old). They let through with colored tickets in small groups. First they show a movie: the history of the bay, its inhabitants and the rules of conduct in it. Then you can go down to the water, on foot or by car for $1 one way. We went down on our own, taking pictures on the way. There are masks and flippers for rent, there are changing rooms and toilets, there are shower racks with fresh water. The water is very warm and clean, but at the very end of the beach is a bit muddy. There are benches in the shade and clearing. The beach is clean, not too many people.

Coronado Municipal Beach, California

Coronado Municipal Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the U.S. precisely because of its calm, warm waters and soft, shiny sand. The beach is also great for hiking and is wide and flat. For visitors with dogs, there’s a special area on the north end.

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Wai’anapanapa Park Beach, Hawaii

This exotic beach is known for its black sand. Complete with lush palm trees and turquoise water, it claims to be a paradise. There are also many underwater caves to explore.


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There are not many people, there is a place to walk, lie down, swim. Basically occupy the first 10 m near the shore. Few people swim far. You can rent a mask, a board with a paddle or a kayak. There are no fish, only a few crabs. You need to swim out to the sides or quite far from the shore to find beautiful seascapes

Pensacola Beach, Florida

The sand here is like white sugar and the water is almost emerald in color. There are restaurants near the local pier that serve the freshest fish and seafood.

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La Jolla near San Diego, California

The waves here are the gentlest on the San Diego coast, so it’s safe to go here with kids. You can also take some scuba diving lessons and dive under the protection of the onshore lifeguards.

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Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, Mass.

A wide beach with dunes, marshy islets, and mesmerizing views. The waves here are pretty high, so feel free to go surfing here.

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Ogunquit Beach, Maine.

Three and a half miles of sandy shore and grass-covered dunes. Sun loungers can be rented here for those who like to get active, and surfboards are rented for those who like to get active.

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Main Beach in East Hampton, New York.

One of New York City’s deserted and almost pristine beaches. Perfect for those who don’t like crowds and want to relax in peace and quiet.

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Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

An almost wild and sparsely landscaped beach that is sure to hook you with something. There’s dense vegetation, small salt lakes, gorgeous waves, and even a lighthouse.

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The beach in Ocean City, Maryland

It’s almost crowded during the summer season, but it’s worth it. Surfing and fishing will keep you busy in the summer, and in the winter you can go horseback riding along the shore. If you get tired of the water and sand, hit the seafront for a bike ride and a quick run down the local stores.

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Hulopoe Bay, Hawaii.

There are so many rare marine animals here, it will take your breath away! So we suggest bringing a mask and trying to get up close and personal with the local fish, turtles, crabs and dolphins.

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Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai, which translates to “sea of paradise,” is located on the island of Oahu. You will be won over by its turquoise waves and soft sand. It’s a great place for those who just want to lie on the beach and bask in the clear water.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A wide swath of beach presents opportunities for a variety of activities, from regular swimming and fishing to surfing and sailing.

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St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Yes, yes, it has its own St. Petersburg, which the locals call St. Pete. The town is located on an island with almost pristine beaches. The resort is suitable for lovers of a quiet vacation on the sandy shore.


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Nice local beach, one of many. The water is ungodly warm, like a bathtub – like everywhere else here in June. No lifeguards. A wide strip of white sand. At the time of our visit, local birds were raising their chicks here – black skimmers. Their favorite area was fenced off, and there were volunteers nearby with a sign Ask us about birds – they willingly told us about the birds. The skimmers sat amusingly in a tight group, beaks facing the wind. Some were still incubating their eggs, while others had fledglings. Parents from time to time flew in and fed their offspring. It was interesting to watch. St. Pete beach is now associated with these birds

Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

This beach on Maui became famous because the local royal family made it famous a long time ago. Nowadays there are many modern resorts and an ancient cliff diving ceremony is held here.

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Kapalua Bay Beach, Hawaii

Palm trees, golden sand, quiet gentle waves. The harbor is protected from volcanoes and lava, so it’s safe to dive here.

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Beach on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

On this island, it’s as if you’re transported back in time. There are cozy white cabins and cobblestone streets. You can picnic on the beach, fly kites, and just enjoy the views.

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Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

The warm water and sickle-shaped beach make it a great place to swim and dive. Marine animals are plentiful here, so close interaction with the local fauna is assured.

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