Top 10 beaches in Lazio, Italy

Vacation on the beaches of Lazio – the best coves, beaches and recreation areas

Civita di Bagnoregio

In terms of beach vacations, the Lazio region is simply impeccable, there are sea, lake and even upscale river beaches. Each resort region has a number of unique characteristics, traditionally popular resort areas are grouped into rivieras. One of the most picturesque resort areas is the Riviera degli Etruschi, which begins in the area of Montalto di Castro and continues to the area of Marina di San Nicola. The Riviera degli Etruschi runs from Montalto di Castro and stretches all the way to Marina di San Nicola. Among the most attractive beaches in the region is Marina di Tarquinia.

Lazio is considered the most famous region of Italy, and on its territory there are many popular resort towns, which are visited every year by tourists from all over the world. Each city … Discover

The beaches of Ladispoli deserve a special attention and are sought after by tourists with children and health tourism supporters. The coastal area is covered with dark sand, so that the shallow beaches are well heated and become comfortable for holidays with children. Rest on the beaches of Ladispoli has on the body the most beneficial therapeutic effect, a nice addition to rest will be the excellent equipment of the coastal zone.

The resort towns of Fregene and Makaridze, which coastal territory is considered as a whole, are not neglected by travelers. On the local beaches like to relax the natives, many of them stay here for the weekend. The resorts are sure to please those who are used to vacationing at the highest level and do not want to change their habits. Local beaches are famous for their upscale hotel complexes, health centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Copyright

The Italian region of Lazio, home to the nation’s capital, Rome, is a great place to spend a family vacation. It is home not only to historic monuments … Discover

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Many travelers are attracted exactly to the Riviera of Rome and the choice of attractive resort areas is very large. One of the most perfect in terms of infrastructure is Ostia, which was just a tiny neighborhood in Rome. Today it is a lively resort in its own right with tens of thousands of tourists visiting every year. The most famous beach in Ostia is Battistini, which has a history of more than a hundred years.

Fontana di Trevi

The resort town of Torvaianica is often called “Little Ostia”. Torvaianica is also known as the “little Ostia”, but it offers plenty of entertainment and beautiful beaches, but it is much cheaper than the upscale Ostia. Nature lovers will love the picturesque Lido dei Pini. In addition to relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches its guests have a great opportunity every day to stroll through the extensive pine forests, the resort is simply ideal for family holidays. The mineral water spring, 30 meters from the shore, is the main feature of Lido dei Pini Resort, as it springs up straight from the sea bottom. It attracts many tourists wishing to spend a vacation with health benefits.

Lazio is the most famous and visited region of Italy, and culinary traditions of this region are incredibly interesting. Travelers who expect to see national restaurants in … Discover

The southernmost seaside resort on the Roman Riviera is Nettuno, and there are many beautiful legends along the way. Its atmosphere is full of romance and loving couples and creative people will love it. The total length of the coastline of Nettuno is about 10 kilometers, many parts of the coast managed to maintain their pristine beauty.

Vacanze Romane (Roman Holiday) Also worthy of tourists and riviera Ulisse (Riva di Ulisse), which many travelers known by the unofficial name of the “coast of Odysseus. These beaches are considered the best not only in the region, but also in the country, the main feature of the riviera is the variety of beaches. There are sandy and rocky, and truly exotic beaches covered with volcanic rock.

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Fascinating places to visit in Lazio

Cestia Pyramid

View on map: Distance from the center of Lazio – 48.8 km.

In addition to the half-destroyed chamber they discovered several memorial inscriptions announcing the great deeds of the judge, the discoverers themselves also left a memorial inscription on one of the walls of the chamber. More than one and a half thousand years people did not manage to find an entrance in the pyramid which was carefully disguised. Impossibility to look inside the construction gave rise to a lot of interesting legends; some inhabitants of Rome even now believe that in the walls of the pyramid there is the hidden tomb of Remus – the founder of the city. … Read full story

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

View on map: distance from center of Lazio – 49 km

The Cathedral has wonderful murals, colored marble floors, golden elements of decoration and antique sculptures – you can admire the impeccable decoration of the Cathedral indefinitely. In 1955 a new organ appeared in the cathedral, and the previous one, built in 1716, was moved to the parish church of Aliforni. Now the Baroque church with its precious decoration receives pilgrims from all over the world, and ordinary tourists are attracted here by the precious elements of decoration. Every element of the basilica’s decoration is a unique artistic exhibit. … Read more

National Pasta Museum

View on map: distance from center of Lazio – 49 km

One of the main ideas of the Roman Museum is to shed light on the true history of the appearance of a popular product. For more than a hundred years a unique collection of ancient manuscripts has been collected in the museum, from which you can learn that the first people on the planet to cook pasta were not Italians, but the ancient Greeks. In fact Italians made one more culinary breakthrough: they learned how to dry pasta and make it ready to eat. … Read full story

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