Tobago, an island in the Caribbean Sea

The island of Tobago

The island of Tobago is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is a part of republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Both islands were discovered during the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Tobago is 41 meters long and 14 meters wide. Through the whole island stretches a mountain range, the height of which reaches 600 meters above sea level. Low mountains cut through narrow river valleys.

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The unique nature of the island of Tobago and especially its evergreen rainforests are subject to careful protection. Several reserves have been created in a relatively small area. The Buccoo Reef Marine Reserve and the large Tobago Forest Reserve are particularly popular with tourists.

Unlike other islands of the Caribbean region, Tobago has long been a non-colonized island, although in the XVII century it was claimed by England, France, Holland, and even a small Duchy of Kurland. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the island territory was declared neutral. However, it began to be used by pirates, so in 1763 Britain established its own administration here.

Travellers have discovered the Tobago Island relatively recently. Today, tours here are in demand among fans of tropical nature and beach recreation, so the island began to turn into one of the fastest growing beach resorts on the planet.

The underwater world of the coast attracts many divers to the island of Tobago. To the north of the city of Charlottesville is one of the most popular dive areas, Piraeus Bay. It lacks strong currents, so both experienced and beginner divers can dive in the bay. While diving, they can admire the rich underwater world – schools of swift tropical fish and colorful corals.

The island’s capital

The main city of the island of Tobago is Scarborough, which is home to 17,000 people. The city is small in size and not hard to get around on foot. Here you can find historical monuments, pleasant restaurants, and souvenir shops.

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From anywhere in Scarborough you can see the old Fort King George, which rises to a height of 47m. It was built in 1779 by British colonists and long served as Tobago’s main defensive structure. The fort is well preserved and today the historic buildings house a variety of tourist facilities.

At the Crafts Center, housed in the old hospital, travelers can learn about the crafts and traditions of the islanders. The doors of the Craft Center are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

At the nearby Tobago Museum, you can learn about the history of the island’s colonization and see ancient artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations. Not far from the museum are a beautifully landscaped garden and the red-brick Wim Manor building, which is a reminder of the extensive plantations that used to be here.

There are other attractions in Scarborough. One of the inns is set up in the old mill building. Large mill wheels from the mid-nineteenth century have been preserved here. When tourists come to Scarborough, they also try to visit the Botanical Gardens and the Orchid House.

Attractions in Tobago

Charlottville, a small town in the northeast corner of the island of Tobago, is the “fishing capital. It’s a place to experience the local culture and beautiful coastal scenery. Nearby Charlottesville is the island’s highest point, Pigeon Pike, beautiful vantage point Flagstaff Hill, and Manowar Bay, with its dark, volcanic sandy beaches. Every year in mid-summer, Tobago Bay hosts the Tobago Fishing Tournament, which draws many tourists.

Travelers interested in Tobago’s history should not miss Plymouth, home to the ancient Fort James, built in the early 19th century. Remarkably, it was built of durable coral limestone, so it’s perfectly preserved to this day.

Lovers of sea fishing and recreation on secluded beaches should pay attention to the town of Kastaru. The coast has not yet developed infrastructure, so those who want to spend time on the wild, deserted beach can rest at their own pleasure.

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Natural attractions on Tobago Island include waterfalls, picturesque King’s Bay, Bon Accord Lagoon, and Little Tobago Islands, home to nesting seabirds.

Where to stay

There are not many hotels on Tobago, but the ones that do exist try to keep up the mark and cater to a wide variety of guest needs. Travelers to the island can find both budget apartments and luxury five-star hotels. Some are built right in the cities, such as the upscale Hotel Bacolet in Scarborough. Others, like the Turtle, offer secluded vacations on the coast.

There are also good eco-hotels on Tobago built near natural attractions. One of them, Acajoi, is located in one of the island’s most picturesque bays, Grand Riviere. Eco-hotels offer accommodation in wooden cottages built from natural materials.

How to get there

The island of Tobago is located 30 km northeast of the larger island of Trinidad. Ferries run to Tobago from Port of Spain, the island’s capital. There are no direct flights from Russia to Port of Spain. It takes approximately 17 hours to reach the capital of Trinidad and Tobago by connecting in London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.

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