Three points of interest in the Kingdom of Denmark

Denmark’s main sights

Denmark is a north-European country with several hundred islands in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. There are many resorts, where tourists from Europe and all over the world, as well as unique natural, cultural, architectural and historical monuments and sights.

There is a mild maritime climate, comparable with St. Petersburg weather in summer, and in winter the temperature is around zero Celsius. The country has friendly population, developed tourism infrastructure and many wonderful resorts. Tourists come here with pleasure, though it is not affordable for everyone.

Top 10 attractions in Denmark

Sights of the Kingdom of Denmark are medieval palaces, castles and fortresses, rich art galleries and museums. It was here that Andersen lived, and the heroes of his fairy tales are everywhere monuments. So, what to see in Denmark? We offer attractions of the country with photos, names and brief descriptions.


Nyhavn - the main attraction in Denmark

This is one of the most interesting sights in Denmark and its capital Copenhagen. Translated from Danish, Nyhavn is the New Harbor. Nyhavn is a canal, about a kilometer long, dug by Swedish prisoners of war in the second half of the 17th century.

The canal connects the city to the Royal Square in front of Charlottenborg Palace, where the royal family still lives today. The canal was once considered a place of “red lights”, but in the eighties of last century it was renovated and turned into one of the main attractions of the capital.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

Along the canal are lined houses, painted in different colors, In most of them lived the storyteller H-H Anderson. Today there are many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques and souvenir shops along the Nyhavn. Tourists love this place. Here you can taste the local cuisine, see the panorama of Copenhagen and take a boat ride on the canal.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle - Denmark's main tourist attraction

This castle was built in the early 17th century on the orders of King Christian IV and was once the summer residence of the Danish kings. It was built in the Renaissance style and is distinguished by refined splendor. The large hall, where balls and feasts were held, the king accepted distinguished guests from different countries, is especially beautiful.

Rosenborg Castle and park in Denmark

Around the castle – a magnificent garden, which is visited by at least 2.5 million people every year. It is very popular among Copenhagen residents and tourists. In the early 18th century the royal family left the castle and in the first half of the 19th century it was open to the public.

Photos and description of places of interest in Denmark - Rosenborg Castle

Today there are historical and cultural exhibits, regalia of the Danish kings, telling a lot about the kingdom. Also in the Royal Garden you can visit the cafe, the local puppet theater and see the statue of the symbol and the calling card of the whole country – H. Andersen.

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Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Another attraction in Denmark and its capital is the Protestant Church of the Redeemer. It was built by order of King Christian V in the Baroque style in the 17th century. However, its bell tower with an external spiral staircase was built later, in the mid-18th century. Today the church has 48 bells.

The interior is a combination of marble and precious woods, giving it a special grandeur. Certainly there is an organ, its pipes mounted on statues of marble elephants. And the shape of the foundation of the church corresponds to the shape of the Protestant cross.

Denmark - Church of the Redeemer in Copenhagen

The Church of the Redeemer is a functioning church; it holds daily services of extraordinary beauty, accompanied by organ and bell music. Every day at 08:00 a.m. the bells play magnificent church music. The beauty of the church is emphasized by the lighting from the high arched windows by day and the gilded chandeliers in the evening.

Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park - Danish attraction for kids

This amusement park was first built in Europe in the mid-19th century and to this day is a mix of Halloween and Christmas with gorgeous illumination. It is one of the most interesting places in Denmark, where you can come with children for a whole day to see shows, exhibitions and contests.

Tivoli Park in Denmark

The Danes are convinced that Walt Disney created their parks in the image of Tivoli. Here you can ride the roller coaster, built a century ago and still in operation. And the Ferris wheel, visited by a million people each year, is exactly the same as it was in the mid-19th century.

Tivoli Park - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Tivoli Park novelties are the highest merry-go-rounds and swings in the world. Do not lose their popularity and “Land of fairy tales Anderson”, a monument to the storyteller installed nearby. There is a pantomime theater, made in the Chinese style, a music venue where you can hear opera, jazz and ethno, and perform world-class stars.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Aarhus

Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus - Denmark

This contemporary art museum is relatively new, it has been around since 2004 and is distinguished by the fact that it offers its visitors an unusual impact on their emotions and thinking. Due to its unconventionality, it has gained enormous popularity among Danes and tourists from all over the world.

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Worth seeing exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus - Denmark

The exposition is based on the ideas of Dante’s Divine Comedy, where the hero must go through all the circles of hell, to purgatory and heaven. You can also see exhibitions that surprise, amaze and delight the public. The museum’s calling card is a five-meter high boy made of silicone, like from Stanislav Lem’s “Solaris”.

Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus - interesting place of interest in Denmark

Here you can see an exhibition of art from this country belonging to its “golden age,” modernism and postmodernism. There are also excellent collections of modern Danish paintings and sculptures. Pop art, video installations and other creative experiments by artists of our time are periodically exhibited.

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

Denmark is closely connected with the Vikings and this museum is dedicated to them. In 1962 in the North Sea found five ships that are at least a thousand years old. Later they were restored and put on public display. Thanks to this discovery, and a museum dedicated to the ancient and medieval shipbuilding and navigation.

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

Later, the Museum of Viking Ships in Roskilde has displayed artifacts discovered by underwater archaeologists: ships, maps, and paintings closely related to Odin, the Scandinavian god of war and victory. Danish craftsmen used ancient technology to create ships, indistinguishable from those on which the Vikings made their voyages and battles.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle - attraction of Kingdom of Denmark

This castle is located near the town of Helsingør on the island of Zealand and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle was built in the 16th century at the behest of King Frederick II of Denmark. He made it one of the great Renaissance castles. A century after it was built, it burned down, but was later rebuilt.

Kronborg Castle - Denmark

This attraction in Denmark is interesting for tourists because Shakespeare unfolded the action of his immortal tragedy “Hamlet” here. It was first staged in Kronborg, two hundred years after the death of the great playwright. Also in the castle legend slumbers spirit of Prince Holger of Denmark, which will wake up if necessary to defend the homeland.

The Little Mermaid Statue

Little Mermaid statue - one of the main sights in Denmark

This is perhaps Denmark’s main attraction and its fairy tale symbol, depicting the heroine of the world famous fairy tale by G. H. Anderson. It was made by a local sculptor and installed in the port of Copenhagen in 1913. Interestingly, the model was the sculptor’s wife.

Little Mermaid Statue - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Today it is the most visited tourist spot in Copenhagen. And in the cities of Europe, Russia, China, Japan and Australia are installed its copies. Vandals have damaged the Little Mermaid several times (sawed off her head and hands, sprayed with paint, blown up), but each time she was restored again.

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Island Bornholm

Natural attraction of Denmark - Bornholm Island

This is a unique natural landmark of Denmark and a pearl of the Baltic Sea. In the tales of ancient Russia, Bornhold is called Bujan Island. And for the Vikings, it was a stronghold. Later the island passed from hand to hand in Sweden, Lubeck, Germany, and eventually was liberated by Soviet troops and given to Denmark.

Bornholm Island - Denmark

Today it is a wonderful place for recreation and tourism with a mild sea climate, excellent tourism infrastructure, excellent beaches, many hotels for all tastes and pockets, a large number of attractions: round churches, the remains of the Viking castle, golden human figures, old windmills, and so on.

Amalienborg Royal Palace

Copenhagen - Palace Amalienborg

Winter residence of kings of Denmark is located in Copenhagen. Its construction began in 1673, but after it was destroyed several times. The present appearance of the palace ensemble was laid in 1750. Amalienborg is an octagon, in the center of which there is a statue of Frederick, the most famous king of the country.

Sites of interest in Denmark - Palace Amalienborg

Today there are several museums and the royal library. Tourists especially like to gather around the palace at 12 noon, when there is a ceremonial changing of the guard.

Video overview of attractions in Denmark

It is important to remember that Denmark has another amazing country – it is the Free or Free City of Christiania. This is a country of hippies, which emerged in 1971 and proclaimed, in fact, communist slogans. It is perhaps the most interesting attraction in Copenhagen and all of Denmark.


A small state dating back to the time of the Scandinavians, Denmark occupies the Jutland Peninsula and the islands scattered around. With a rich history, the country is famous for ancient sights, medieval castles and Gothic temples, densely intertwined with natural beauties, luxurious amusement parks and museums.

Denmark, being a treasure trove of various attractions, will be of interest to absolutely any tourist, able to offer something for everyone.


Nyhavn Canal Copenhagen in Denmark

The New Harbor in Copenhagen is an eighteenth-century port that includes a long canal, unloading boxes and a promenade area. Along the canal are many historic buildings dating from the seventeenth to eighteenth century, cozy restaurants and alleys.

Denmark-Nuhavn Canal Copenhagen in Denmark

Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen

Located on the very outskirts of Copenhagen. the castle, built in the seventeenth century, is an example of Baroque architecture. Once the official residence of the Danish royal family, the castle is now a vast museum complex that opens its doors to all tourists.

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Denmark-Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen

Cape Grønen Denmark

Located near the town of Skagen, Cape Greinen stands out not only for its location, being the westernmost part of the country, but also for its unusual shape. It is also the boundary of the two straits and the location of two museums.

Denmark- Cape Grønen Denmark

The Øresund Bridge

Combining both highway and railroad, one of the most famous tunnel bridge, which is the longest in Europe, connects Copenhagen and Swedish Malmö. Its length is about eight thousand meters.

Denmark-Eresun Bridge

Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen

Standing out with its tall tower ninety meters above the city the church is a fine example of baroque architecture. Its main feature is a spiral staircase in the tower from which anyone can ascend to the top, from where a wonderful view of the city opens up.

Denmark- Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen

Tivoli Park Copenhagen

As one of the oldest amusement parks, Tivoli is located in the heart of the Danish capital. Covering an area of eighty thousand square meters, the park is known for a number of attractions and cozy shady alleys, where it is pleasant just to stroll. It is noteworthy that the park also has its own theater and boutique hotel.

Denmark-Tivoli Park Copenhagen

Aarhus Museum of Contemporary Art (ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum) Denmark

In the heart of Aarhus, the Aarhus Museum of Contemporary Art is a treasure trove of unique exhibits. Within its walls are several collections and weekly public exhibitions, which are open to any tourist.

Denmark-Museum of Contemporary Art Aarhus (ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum) Denmark

Roskilde Cathedral Denmark

The famous tomb of the Danish royal family, the cathedral is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. Built of red brick, it has several valuable historical frescoes and a colorful altar inside.

Denmark-Roskille Cathedral Denmark

The New Glyptothek of Karlsberg Copenhagen

Located in the capital city of Copenhagen, the New Glyptotheque is an art museum established in the nineteenth century. Within its walls are historical exhibits, a collection of antique statues and works of art linked from around the world.

Denmark-New Glyptothek of Karlsberg Copenhagen

LegoLand Copenhagen

An extensive amusement park, near which there is even a hotel of the same name, was founded in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight. On its territory has a number of themed rides and museums, which will be interesting not only to fans of the designer.

Denmark-Legoland Copenhagen

Frederiksborg Castle Denmark

Located in the town of Hillerød, the castle complex, which includes both the building itself and the park, is a national historical museum, open to anyone who wants to visit. Built in the sixteenth century, it is a mixture of several architectural styles.

Denmark-Frederiksborg Castle Denmark

Rune Stones in Yelling

Unusual stone boulders, located in the town of the same name, are known for their strange inscriptions carved directly into the stone. Dating back to about the tenth century, they are one of the main historical attractions. And one of the stones even has an inscription of one of the Danish kings.

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Denmark-Roundstones of Jelling

Kronborg Castle Denmark

The prototype of the famous castle from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the sixteenth-century castle is located near the town of Helsingør. A true medieval fortress perched on a riverside, the castle is strikingly monolithic and is now a historical museum complex.

Denmark-Castle Kronborg Denmark

Direhavsbakken amusement park Copenhagen

Founded at the end of the sixteenth century, Denmark’s oldest park amazes with its variety of rides. What began as a mere marketplace for free craftsmen opened at the Royal Deer Park is now a lively place near Klampenborg.

Denmark-Durhavsbakken Amusement Park Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen

The world-famous bronze statue of The Little Mermaid, the main character from Andersen’s work of the same name, was first erected in the port of Copenhagen in 1913. It is about 1.25 meters high and weighs more than one hundred and seventy kilograms.

Denmark-Statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

State Art Museum Copenhagen

Located in the capital, the museum, built in the middle of the nineteenth century, is located near a picturesque nature park. Its main facade overlooks the pond, and the museum itself holds a rare collection of works of art.

Denmark - State Art Museum Copenhagen

Bornholm Island Denmark

A small island with an area not exceeding 600 square kilometers, it is a favorite tourist destination because of its picturesque nature, authentic settlements with old houses and a number of historical sites. On its territory there are several fortresses.

Denmark-Bornholm Island Denmark

The chalk cliffs of Myeong Island

Rising above the sea for one hundred twenty meters, the stretch of snow-white cliffs stretches along the coast for six kilometers. Remarkable for their perfect white color, the chalk cliffs are a great walking area, where there are several convenient hiking trails.

Denmark-Mönn Island Chalk Cliffs

Old Town in Aarhus (Den Hamle Bü)

The Old Town in Aarhus is an authentic historic quarter in the town of Den Hamle-Byu, where traditional architecture, cobblestones and a number of historical sites have been preserved. More like a veritable open-air museum, the Old Town area allows you to fully take in the atmosphere of ancient Denmark of past centuries.

Denmark-the Old City of Aarhus (Den Haemle-By)

Faroe Islands

Part of the archipelago of Denmark, the Faroe Islands consist of eighteen islands of volcanic origin. A true natural paradise, they are known not only for their beautiful landscapes and beautiful scenery, but also for their diverse flora and fauna.

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