Things to do when travelling around Azerbaijan

Things to do when travelling around Azerbaijan

It seems that the history of Icherishehere itself tells its secrets to tourists.

Old (Inner) City is a labyrinth of narrow streets with old limestone buildings located right in the center of Baku. The most important sights are the Shirvanshahs Palace and Maiden Tower. They are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Shirvanshahs Palace is the pearl of Azerbaijan as it took centuries to build. Maiden Tower is a cylindrical construction; historians have been puzzling over it since neither its purpose, nor the date of its construction are still known. Despite this, the tower is one of the most important structures of the city.

It hosts the International Festival of Arts, while artists regularly exhibit their masterpieces against its enigmatic silhouette.

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Solve the mysteries of Icherisheher

Going for a spa treatment

Getting “dirty” can be very useful sometimes!

Dedicate a day to a health treatment by immersing yourself in an oil bath. Yes, that’s right, with oil. This is an excellent remedy for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, and many other diseases.

We recommend such places as Chinar Hotel & Spa Naftalan. Treatments for you will be doubly enjoyable, because your eyes will be directed to the beautiful nature around. If you’re short of time but still crave a taste of the healing powers, head to the Naftalan Health Centre in the capital.

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Going for a spa treatment

Touch the incredible beauty of the palace of Shebeke Khans

Shebeke is an unearthly creation of professionals in Azerbaijan. It is a mosaic that is installed in a wooden lattice and no nails or glue are used. Shebeke consists of 5 thousand wooden and glass elements, which serves as a magnet for our eyes.

To finish acquaintance with the palace is worth in the refectory. There you will be offered a delicacy piti – lamb stew (cooked at home).

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The evening would not be complete without tasting the real crispy baklava. Remember – only a few can stop after sampling this amazing, sugar-syrup-soaked pastry.

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Touch the incredible beauty of the palace of Shebeke Khans

Stroll through a Venetian gondola

Be sure to stroll along the Seaside Boulevard . We are sure that a walk will bring you relaxation and fill your lungs with the fresh salty air of the Caspian Sea. In front of your eyes will be a small Venetian fairy tale with many islands, gondolas and restaurants.

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Stroll through a Venetian gondola

Oriental Treasure Hunt

There is a legend that the city of Ganja was founded on the very spot where a treasure hoard was found by one traveler. Till now some travelers can find treasures here. And it is true! So be sure to go to Azerbaijan.

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