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Types of ghosts that can haunt you

Not all paranormal phenomena are the same. There are a huge number of different types of ghosts. You should learn about each of them so that you understand what to expect if you come into contact with one of them or one of them begins to haunt you.



Poltergeists are noisy ghosts. They have the ability to control the physical environment and can open windows and drawers. They can move chairs and throw books off shelves, turn on the water in the bathroom and turn off lights. They can slam doors and even light fires! Poltergeist activity usually begins softly, and as a result, they can enter a house without the occupants even noticing anything. Esotericists say that people usually think these are simple coincidences. Over time, however, this activity will become stronger and more frequent. Sometimes the poltergeist goes away on its own, but sometimes its presence ends up having deadly consequences.

Specific Personality.

These are the most common ghosts. Most often they are loved ones who come back to comfort or reassure you, to pass on important information they think you should know. You may feel that this ghost smells – perfume or cigarette smoke. This is how they let you know that they are there for you. Such ghosts can also make sounds and even talk to you! Representatives of this type retain the personality they had when they were alive, and oddly enough, they can still feel emotions. These ghosts are friendly and do not come back to scare you or hurt you. They know: you have to see them again, you need their help.



Spheres are the most common type of photographic evidence of ghosts. They are either blue or white translucent orbs of light that hover above the ground in pictures. Esotericists claim that the orbs are actually the souls of a person or animal that travel from one place to another. They appear in the form of circles for a quite simple reason: the fact is that it is much easier for the soul to take this form than to try to incarnate in the form of any body. Nevertheless, the longer the spheres are in our world, the easier it is for them to transform into a ghost with a full body.

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Crow ghost

Most often, paranormal experts say, such ghosts are people who love their home and want to return to it. They most often appear in old historic buildings or in private homes where they once lived. Ghost ghosts cause so-called cold spots (a place can appear in a room where it’s really cold, even if it’s quite warm in a step away. You can see such a ghost: it looks like a swirling funnel. By the way, if you manage to photograph a ghost of this type, you will see a spiral of light in the photo.


These ghosts appear a meter or more above the ground. They take different shapes, swirling the mists, turning them white, gray, or black. They can move quickly, but they can also remain in place motionless. Such ghosts appear in the open air, in cemeteries, battlefields, and historic sites.

Demon possessed person.


When an evil spirit infiltrates a living person, it controls their conscious energy. Because these ghosts “inhabit” the physical body, they possess incredible powers that others cannot boast. They can move objects, hurt people, and kill – in short, do whatever they want. They’re as dangerous as demons can be.


Demons are powerful supernatural creatures. They can invade homes, bind themselves to objects, and inflict mental and physical torture. These ghosts can transform into almost any form. However, they most often appear as black figures standing in doorways. Often several demons exist in the same place because of the energies that protect them from crossing over. And worst of all, demons are capable of killing!

Shadow people


You may notice these ghosts out of the corner of your eye, but as soon as you turn to look at them, they tend to disappear. If you happen to see them face to face, all you will notice is a dark void. Something resembling a human silhouette. They may be wearing a hood or cloak. Soon after you notice them, they may retreat-into corners, through walls, into closets, and into TV sets. They can disappear into the darkness of night.

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Crowd Demon.

These ghosts are attracted exclusively to crowds of people. They only appear in places that are occupied by large groups of people. When they are photographed, they take on various distorted forms.

Animal ghosts.

Although they may look like they did when they were alive, animal ghosts are usually audible rather than visible. They may scratch doors or walls, scrape claws on the floor, whine, or bark.

Inanimate Ghosts

These ghosts are embodied objects, not people. They may take the form of ships, cars, trains, or even a lamp. These objects usually appear when the ghosts become weak, or practically disappear. That is, the probability of interaction between a person and such an entity is negligible. In this case, what you see is only a replay of events that have already happened. The event is imprinted there because of its significance. You are in no danger because you are not actually observing the ghost, you are only observing the remaining energy.



These ghosts can manifest in several places at once, so there are several creatures that look exactly the same. They can even mimic the appearance of someone who is alive, so you can swear you saw a certain person when they were actually in a completely different place.


This is the name given to particularly evil ghosts who can wander everywhere. They are associated with darkness, doom, and misfortune. The reason they are so evil is because they had a short life and did not have a proper burial. And most likely the loved ones who mourned them weren’t there either.

Artificial ghosts.

These ghosts appear because of the storytellers. When a group of people get together and give a name to a spirit, their energy can manifest that spirit in real life. This is the rarest type of ghost.

How do you know if a ghost is living in your home?

Have you ever experienced strange emotions and sensations in your home? Maybe you’ve seen unusual things, felt someone’s presence, or heard strange noises? Most likely, you’ve asked yourself: isn’t your house haunted by ghosts, by the souls of dead people? The first thing you should do is stop doubting whether or not your home is haunted by some entity. Most likely, you feel someone’s presence for a reason. To begin with, you need to determine what kinds of otherworldly haunting you are experiencing, and then you can decide what to do about it.

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This article describes the signs of each type of haunting and then tells you what you can do about it. A good rule of thumb is to keep notes and notes like “yes” or “no” to each trait. This will help you figure out exactly what kind of entity has attached itself to your home (peaceful or dangerous), and how to get rid of it (-

Signs that you are being haunted by an otherworldly force

You may think that a ghost periodically appears in your home. Ghosts are spirits of dead people who are trapped between this world and the next or who have returned to earth for a specific reason (although the first explanation is the most common). Ghosts trapped on the earth plane tend to be sadder, angrier, or more vengeful entities. At the same time, ghosts who visit earth for a purpose usually bring a warning, a message of peace or hope to the one they love.

Here are some signs that your home is haunted by a ghost:

1. Strange sounds during the night hours: footsteps, knocking of doors or drawers, tapping on walls, quiet voices, short laughter.

2. Incomprehensible smells that appear for a brief moment and also disappear quickly, such as the favorite perfume of a loved one who has already died, cigar smoke, the scent of roses or other flowers, smells of cooking food that is not in the house, and other fragrances.

dusty cellar entrance

A haunted house.

Barely perceptible translucent images, movements barely perceptible by the corner of your eye, shadows flashed quickly, strange reflections in mirrored surfaces, which should not be there.

Tactile sensations: feeling that you are not alone when no one is around; feeling that someone is touching your shoulder, head, back, or arm, etc.; getting goosebumps for no particular reason.

Other signs may be noticed by pets. Often dogs and cats (and other animals) can see spirits and sense things when we can’t. You may notice your pets looking or barking/meowing at someone unseen, most often in a corner of the room. You may notice that your pet is frightened, hiding or growling and bristling for no reason.

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Reasons why a ghost may haunt your home

An unknown entity may haunt your home (apartment) if:

  • Your home is old (usually 40 years or older)
  • Someone died the day before in your home
  • You live near a cemetery or grave
  • There was once a tragedy in or near your home: murder, suicide, fire, nearby battlefield, hunting accidents, drowning, etc.
  • A person who used to live in your home, even before you, was into the occult or magic
  • A loved one has recently died and may “visit” in this way

What to do with the otherworldly entity

If you answered in the affirmative for several of the above signs and reasons, then most likely yes – there is a ghost living in your house. Some people have a hard time distinguishing between demons and ghosts, as discussed in this article. If you are certain that a spirit is living in your home, here are a few things you can do:

If it is a relatively peaceful ghost, live peacefully near it (especially if it was in the house before you moved in). It won’t hurt you.

If the spirit becomes annoying or ominous, frightening, perform a spiritual cleansing and blessing of your home with prayer and holy water. You can even invite a local priest to perform the ritual.

Look for evidence that the ghost may be “attached” to a particular object in your home, and remove it from your home. This can be an antique item, ornate furniture, a box with a secret, an antique gramophone, a baby cradle, a mirror in a carved wooden frame or other family heirlooms stored in the attic, basement, etc.

necromancer's workplace

Candles, skulls. Anything that otherworldly guests love.

If these tips don’t work, you may be dealing with something more sinister and will need to take additional steps to remove the evil entity from your home and life. Read the next section on demons.

Signs that there is a demon in the house

If you answered yes to many of the above signs in the section on ghosts, but you are having problems of a more aggressive or violent nature, you may be dealing with a demon. A demon is a spirit that never incarnates in human form. Researchers have put forward theories about the origins of demons. They are most often fallen angels who work for Satan, ancient deities who have been consigned to oblivion, guardians of the earth, thought-forms, and more. But regardless of origin, when demons decide to join a family or a person, they can be downright terrifying and destroy lives in their path.

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Let’s list the signs that you are dealing with the presence of a demon and not just a regular ghost:

  • Stranger things begin to happen spontaneously in a house where you have been living for some time.
  • Trouble and frightening things or events are centered around one particular person in your family (often a teenager or even a young child).
  • The person around whom the otherworldly activity is centered has become detached and detached from what is going on, and he or she behaves unusually, not as he or she used to.
  • If a child is exposed to the demon, he or she may fantasize about having an imaginary friend; but this imaginary friend encourages the child to do bad things.

Sometimes shadows may appear in the peripheral vision, moving swiftly from room to room and quickly disappearing from view.

Halloween pumpkin

Are you ready for Halloween?

At night you may hear voices that sound angry, whisper horrible things, swear, scream, or cry. Sometimes these voices mimic the voice of a child.

Things move without your intervention, furniture may bounce around, glassware may shatter in cabinets.

Family heirlooms, antique picture frames, inherited jewelry and personal items disappear or are suddenly deformed.

Nightmares, sleep paralysis (awakening and inability to move), which continue regularly and appear for no reason, are not uncommon.

There are strange, unpleasant smells in the house regularly, here and there: sulfur, smoke, rotten meat, etc.

Manifestation of invisible power in your house: slamming doors, violent knocking on walls as if with your feet, feeling of suffocation, shocks.

In few cases – unexplained bruises, cuts, traces on your body after waking up in the morning.

Continue with the article “How do you know if a ghost is living in your house?” at this link.

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