The World’s Most Extraordinary Hotels

The world’s most unusual hotels

Travel is a lot of emotions. Any of these hotels is a good contribution to your travel fund. The very stay in their rooms can be counted as a separate full-fledged impression of the trip.

Every year new players emerge in the hospitality industry that revolutionize the idea of a hotel as just a place to stay. Everything can be remarkable: from the design of the hotel and its location to the services and facilities provided. Today we will tell you about some of the most unusual hotels in the world.

1. The most original accommodation – “Jumbo Stay”.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden. The cost of accommodation per day from: 9 200 rub.*.

This hotel is located in the former airliner – Boeing-747-200. On board there are several rooms with TV panels and soft beds. There is a bar to serve guests. The most popular among the guests is the room located in the former cockpit, because of the panoramic view of the airport and the planes: “Jumbo Stay” is located near the air station “Arlanda”.

* Check the actual prices on the day of booking.

Jumbo Stay

2. The most recognizable author’s solution – “Rogner Bad Blumau”.

Location: Blumau in Steiermark, Austria. The cost of accommodation per day from: 13.700 rub.

The architecture of the spa-hotel Rogner Bad Blumau was made by no less than Austrian genius architect Hundertwasser himself. The recognizable style of the master is equally beautiful in the center of Vienna and in the center of Styria, where the hotel is located. Windows of the most bizarre shapes, asymmetrical, as if flowing buildings, roofs of structures on which you can walk – all this is the fruit of the work of a genius of thought, who all his life wore different socks on his feet, stubbornly asking others: “And why do you wear the same?”

Rogner Bad Blumau

3. The swankiest pool is MarinaBaySands.

Location: Singapore, Singapore. The cost of accommodation per day from: 27.100 rubles.

No rating is complete without this Singapore hotel, because no other hotel outshines the hotel in its main feature: a panoramic swimming pool on the roof, which can be considered one of the best viewing platforms on the planet. In addition to the pool at an unreachable height there is a sky park with landscaped gardens and a restaurant. The hotel room inventory: 2500+ rooms.

Marina Bay Sands

4. The most northern lights over the roof – “Kakslauttanen Igloo West Village.

Location: Saariselkä, Finland. Price per night from: 42.700 rubles.

Remoteness from civilization plays into the hands of this hotel. Here no one will disturb the peace of tourists and they can fully merge with nature. For better contact the hotel offers the guests the accommodation in igloos with panoramic windows. The igloos are at a respectful distance from each other, and almost the entire space of the room is occupied by a king-sized bed. In season, guests often see the northern lights while lying in bed, right above their heads.

The sights of Ethiopia

Kakslauttanen Igloo West Village

5. The most photographed is Atlantis The Palm.

Location: Dubai, UAE. The cost of accommodation per day from: 31.200 rubles.

This 5* hotel is in all seriousness striving to claim a 6* or 7* level, insisting on high quality service and facilities. Undoubtedly, Atlantis The Palm is one of the best representatives of the hospitality industry and is one of the three most photographed hotels in the world. And there is a lot to “click” with its own private sandstone beach and spectacular view of the Persian Gulf. No need to speak about the underwater aquarium, dolphinarium, water park.

Atlantis The Palm

6. The best “house in a tree” – “Treehotel”.

Location: Harads, Sweden. The cost of accommodation per day from: 41.500 rubles.

If as a child you used to build shelters in the trees and did not get down from branches for hours on end, now it’s time to go to the next level. All rooms of the Treehotel hotel are located on… trees. Here, perhaps, their similarity ends. Each room is equipped in its own unique style. There is absolutely a “Mirror Cube”, “Bird’s Nest”, which really does not differ in decor from the work of birds, “UFO” with otherworldly lights and futuristic forms, and others. Incredibly, the plumbing – toilet and washbasin are in every room. The showers are separate. There you can also relax in the sauna or soak in the Jacuzzi.


7. Elephant Safari Park Lodge is the elephantiest.

Location: Tegallalang, Bali, Indonesia. Price from: 26.100 Rubles per night.

Dumbo lovers please note. For the hotels which prohibit the guests to stay with their animals “Elephant Safari Park Lodge” smiles in the face and shows its permanent residents, in comparison with which the Bugs and Murkies seem to be a trifle in all senses. The guest house offers its guests to live on the territory of the elephant nursery. Eared giants strolling among holidaymakers are commonplace. Guests are immediately prepared for the fact that everywhere they can be waiting for a persistent elephant trunk, demanding affection, well, or food.

Elephant Safari Park Lodge

8. The most Instagram-centric is 1888.

Location: Sydney, Australia. Price per night from: 11.600 rubles.

The Kingdom of Bhutan - a country untouched by civilization

Everything in this Australian hotel is focused on users of the popular network Instagram. Post a photo from the room with a special hashtag? It immediately appears on a giant screen in the hotel lobby. Want to make some check-ins but your phone is out of juice? You’ll have no problem lending you your iPad for the duration of your stay. Have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram? Great news – you can stay at the hotel for free. Even the hotel’s name “1888” is tied to a photograph – that’s the year Kodak released the first camera with a hundred-frame film.


9. The most museum-like is the Museum Hotel.

Location: Uchisar, Turkey Price per night from: 26 800 rub.

Of the living now to spend an unforgettable night in the museum could probably only Ben Stiller. Turkish hotel “Museum Hotel” corrects this misunderstanding. Hotel rooms are decorated with priceless works of art, exhibits, which have unquestionable historical significance. Paintings, carpets, vases and other decorative elements leave a lasting impression in the soul of an art connoisseur. Guests’ stomachs are enchanted by the classic Cappadocian cuisine, which nowadays can be tasted in just a few places.

Museum Hotel

10. The most car-loving is V8 Hotel Motorworld Region Stuttgart.

Location: Böblingen, Germany Cost per day from: 13.800 rubles.

V8 – the designation of the powerful engine in the hotel’s name speaks for itself. It may be the coziest garage you know. The architecture and design of the hotel will appeal to car enthusiasts. The walls of the rooms feature pictures of all kinds of races and rallies; beds are a mix of beds and cars; the decor includes tires, jacks, wrenches and other tools. “You can refuel at the chic restaurant at the hotel.

V8 Hotel Motorworld Region Stuttgart

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10 the most unusual hotels in the world

A night in a hotel can become an adventure in itself. How not to be impressed if you wake up in a glass capsule on a steep cliff or admire the Northern Lights through the transparent ceiling of a cozy igloo. We chose ten of the most unusual accommodations for those who are tired of the standard Bed & Breakfast.

Boutique hotel made of shipping containers

Upper Gudauri, Georgia


Not so long ago in the mountains of Georgia, at an altitude of over 2 thousand meters, a boutique hotel was built out of shipping containers. It is located in Upper Gudauri, about 120 kilometers from Tbilisi. Just two hours by car, and you are in the most luxurious shipping container in the world.

Getting around Perugia, Italy

Architects Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi did their best to make sure the Quadrum Hotel was built without damaging the environment. That is why the hotel follows the local landscape, cascading down the mountain slope. From the hotel terraces you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Caucasus mountains.

Quadrum has standard single and double rooms, suites, as well as, designed for a large company, adjoining rooms. Elevator is a five-minute walk from the hotel.

Finland, Saariselkä


We think it’s hard to find a better accommodation for admiring the northern lights. The modern igloos on the grounds are made of durable thermal glass through which you can see everything around you. Each hut has a double bed and a bathroom.

In warm igloos can spend the night throughout the season of northern lights, that is, from about August 20 until the end of April. Overnight stays under the glass dome will cost € 400 per night.

Hotel on the border of Israel and Palestine, opened by Banksy



Banksy is known to do nothing for nothing. And the opening of a hotel on the border between Israel and Palestine is yet another social statement by the artist. The aim of the message is to destroy the stereotypes formed in the Israeli society towards Palestinians.

The building is located in Bethlehem, next to the concrete wall that was erected on the border. The hotel is called the Walled-off Hotel. It has 10 rooms and the windows face the concrete wall. Each room gets no more than 25 minutes of sunlight a day. The walls of some rooms are decorated with Banksy graffiti. There is also a small museum in the building dedicated to the wall that divides Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Hotel in a truck crane

Copenhagen, Denmark


The sea beckons, but the waves make you queasy? The Krane is a popular alternative to an overnight boat trip. It is located in the port in the north of Copenhagen. The hotel is quite stylish, cozy and very expensive – the cost of one night in a crane is € 2,500 per night.

The accommodation facility was converted from a very real old freight crane that was built in 1944. The tower crane cabin is located at a height of 15 meters. It has a separate bedroom for two, a spa area with jacuzzi, sauna, meeting room and several terraces – in general, everything for a comfortable stay.

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Hotel in the former prison

Ruhrmond, The Netherlands


In the Netherlands during the last ten years the number of criminals in the country went down to the lowest level in Europe – 57 prisoners per 100 thousand people. So they decided to be creative and convert some of the empty prisons into hotels.

That’s how the House Arrest Inn in Ruhrmond came to be. It’s a former prison from 1863, whose cells have been turned into chic suites. You can even rent an entire section here to hold a party for up to 200 people. The hotel offers The Jailer, The Lawyer, The Director and The Judge suites. Of course, there’s Wi-Fi access, TVs, a gourmet restaurant, a fitness center and a sauna. Room rates start at €112 a night.

Hotel in a glass capsule on a cliff



If you’re afraid that your heart will go to your heels and never come back, a friendly piece of advice – you’d better not venture here. The hotel, consisting of transparent capsules, is 122 meters above the ground. There are two ways to get there: climb up the steep mountainside or take a zipline. A solo ascent takes about an hour and a half.

The hotel consists of only four pods. One of them is a public space where the lounge and dining room are located. Another three pods are rooms, each equipped with a miniature toilet. Each of these rooms has a spectacular view of the Peruvian Andes. The hotel has no shower, so visitors are advised to bring at least one liter of water and wet wipes. But the hotel owners assure that these are trifles compared to the possibility of sleeping right on the slope of the Peruvian mountains.

To “hang” in such a capsule will cost about €430 per night. Everything you might need is included.

Bordeaux region, France


Not exactly a hotel, but a highly original accommodation facility, located in the Bordeaux region of southwestern France. Here you can spend the night in charming wooden houses in the form of forest owls. And most importantly – for free.

These houses were built to encourage people to get out of stuffy cities and be in nature. Les Guetteurs (“the observers”) houses were designed and produced by the contemporary art studio Zébra3 as part of the “Sanctuaries” campaign. The plywood structures have three floors each. Inside, round white beds are placed, and from the windows you can admire picturesque views of the nearby wetlands. You can only stay here during the warm season.

Benaulim, India - a quiet place for a winter vacation


In the heart of Ireland’s lakeside forest, Finn Lough Manor offers a stay in a real transparent bubble. Inside each bubble-house you can see 180 degrees of the surrounding nature. During the day you can enjoy the beauty of the forest, and at night you can watch the starry sky.

Seven bubble-houses offer comfort and luxury accommodation. The rooms are unusual and have designer furniture, and some even have a bathroom and a coffee machine. The price for a night in a transparent room starts at € 230.

The Mirror Cube on a Tree

Sweden, Harads.


Another hotel for outdoor retreats is located in Sweden. Travelers are offered accommodation in a mirrored cube, which is magically held on a tree. The cube reflects everything around it: the forest, the meadow and the sky. That is why you may not even notice the construction with the size 4x4x4 m. And to prevent birds from crashing into the unusual house, the cube is covered with infrared film. Birds, unlike people, can see it.

The whole interior of such a room is made of birch plywood. In addition to the bedroom for two, there is a living room, a bathroom and even a roof terrace inside. On one of the trees there is a separate sauna for eight people. A Mirror Cube awaits travelers willing to shell out €500 per night (breakfast included).

Individual transient hotel Blink



The British company Black Tomato invented and launched a unique service called Blink for those who want comfort even in the desert. Travellers can stay overnight anywhere in the world (within the limits of the law of course) in a specially erected individual temporary hotel. The hotel is designed based on the wishes and tastes of the client. The Black Tomato promises that the luxurious five-star hotel tent will be installed anywhere and will last as long as necessary. Type of accommodation travelers choose for themselves. It can be a tent, dome, sphere, yurt, tropical villa or lodge.

Prices for such a holiday, to put it mildly, are decent. They vary depending on the location and the duration of stay at the hotel. For example, for three nights in Morocco will pay about $ 10 thousand, and for a four-day trip to Bolivia will have to pay $ 29 thousand per person.

The service should be ordered 3-5 months before the proposed date of rest, so the experts had time to develop and build an exclusive dream hotel.

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