The World’s Most Dangerous Cities

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world

Even in countries with low crime rates there are places you shouldn’t go, especially for foreigners. If you are going to some distant country to admire its beauty you should remember that there are places where travellers are not at all welcome. Take for example South Africa, Mexico or Colombia – each of them has a lot of beauty and interesting places, but in one of them the drug cartels rampage, in the other no one is surprised by mass violence, in the third constantly overflowing political struggles and terrorists. And socio-economic problems exist in every country. Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world that you should not visit.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

In the northwest of the most dangerous country in the world, Honduras, lies its most dangerous city, San Pedro Sula. In 2014, for example, the murder rate per 100,000 people here reached 171 deaths. This terrifying figure is achieved in a city that is not in the middle of a theater of war or revolutionary situation. Every day about three people die violent deaths here. The city has a thriving drug trade, a thriving arms trade, endless bloody gang warfare and unceasing murders. And there is no one to take the necessary steps to curb the incessant wave of violence. Locals have long resigned themselves to the fact that the city is run by drug cartels who don’t care about the lives of any humans, and law enforcement here has failed utterly. The example of San Pedro Sula shows that poverty, corruption and instability are not the worst thing in life. Meanwhile, the city is a major industrial center of the country, although it is actually one of the drug capitals of the world, because here cocaine is refined, packaged and shipped north to its main consumers, the United States and Canada. Drug addiction, corruption, and the poverty of the local population have turned the city’s streets into a dangerous jungle not only for tourists, but also for the citizens themselves. As a result, the Peace Corps evacuated its people from here, and local thugs killed an Englishman trying to take away his camera.

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Most metropolitan areas, whether they are eastern exotics or urban western concrete jungles, are familiar with the phenomenon of precipitation. In inclement weather.

2. Acapulco, Mexico

Next up is the famous Mexican city of Acapulco, sung in songs and more than once became a film set. The beaches are gorgeous and white sandy but it’s deceptive and the city is dangerous. It increasingly features in the crime news, with gruesome details of dismembered or mutilated bodies found on beaches or city streets. When Beltran Leyva, head of the local drug cartel, died, a bloody war broke out over the drug routes to his neighbor to the north. If previously solid businessmen were engaged in the development of tourism, now they found themselves involved in the showdown of local gangs. There are 140 murders per 100,000 people annually in Acapulco.

3. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

This town is on the U.S. border, and in recent years it has become extremely dangerous to live in. The reason is still the same – a fierce war between drug cartels and gangs over the traffic of drugs to the north. This has caused many residents to flee the city in search of safer places. Out of 100,000 people, 130 are killed here every year. You can’t kick a local resident out of his house at night, though it’s not safe at all during the day either – you can be kidnapped or just get shot here at any time.

4. Baghdad, Iraq

The best days of Iraq are long gone. Since the U.S. occupation in 2003 to the present, Baghdad’s streets have become a battleground, where government forces are constantly gunning down insurgents, suicide bombers and cars packed with explosives are exploding. Added to this is the mortar and rocket fire into Baghdad’s residential neighborhoods. As a result, almost the entire city is littered with garbage and in disrepair, with electricity and water being supplied by the hour.

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5. Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Another town from small Honduras where bandits run things. They collect taxes from the inhabitants and set a curfew, after which you can live on the street for a very short time. If someone refuses to pay, then the best thing that threatens him is blackmail, but there can also be torture, however, most likely, the stubborn man will simply be killed. When the budget for prisons in the U.S. was significantly reduced, the MS-13 gang members were deported to their home countries, after which the crime rate in the city skyrocketed. To emphasize their status, the thugs returning from the states tend to commit more high-profile crimes, often senseless. All the police force has been thrown into solving the most serious crimes, while robberies and petty offenses are no longer paid attention to. Out of 100,000 city residents, 102 people die every year.

6. Maceio, Brazil

On the outside, this Brazilian city looks very attractive: palm trees, bright sun, snow-white beaches and blue water. But according to statistics, Maceió is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, because every year there are 135 murders per 100 thousand people. There is a huge difference between poor and rich people in the city. It is of little consolation to the local authorities that, for now, it is their own people who die here, not visiting tourists.

In any industrialized country, urban pollution is an inevitable concomitant problem. There are also many such dirty cities in Russia, Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Ivanov.

7. Mogadishu, Somalia

The capital of this African country has been in an endless civil war for over 20 years. Half of the population has already left the city. Almost daily gunfire and explosions can be heard there, people are kidnapped, the hospitals are full of wounded people who are given only first aid. Mogadishu is divided into two parts, with the southern part considered safer. In order to get from one part of the city to the other, it is necessary to cross the dividing zone, but only on foot and with a thorough search. There are hardly any whole houses left in the city, and people have to live in ruins or in refugee camps set up in ministry, university and school buildings. It is not even possible to know the exact number of victims here, but it is clear that there are many.

Hellfire Museum. Reykjavik, Iceland.

8. Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan’s capital has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world because of lawlessness, political instability and high crime rates. Any problems here are solved, if not with money, then with weapons. For not too much money, it’s easy to hire a mercenary to eliminate a rival, no matter if he is a businessman, a policeman or a politician. There are about 600 human traffickers running rampant in the city. Religious fanatics are not far behind, who can easily spray lead on passersby from a speeding car in the city. Gang-related shootouts, constant terrorist attacks in the middle of the day, religious clashes, and settling political differences by force made Karachi a city of terror. Armed robberies, carjackings, and arson have been especially common here in recent years.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Tourists from all over the world come to Cape Town to admire the nature reserves and the beautiful views. But this once-popular tourist area has also seen riots in the streets, poverty, and rampant crime. A night stroll through Cape Town can be compared to a game of Russian roulette. It is not safe to withdraw money from an ATM even in the daytime – the local thugs are not only ready to free a tourist from cash, but also to maim and even kill him. With an extremely high crime rate, it should be taken into account that there are almost 4 million people living in the city, which makes the picture even more terrible.

Environmental disasters have their own peculiarity – during them not a single person may die, but the damage will be very significant.

10. Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela’s capital has become the business center of Latin America, with many business centers, offices of large companies and universities. But the socio-economic stratification of the population here is enormous. Caracas’ wealthy families live magnificently, but there are hundreds of thousands of residents who barely make ends meet, and many don’t even have basic food to eat. To complicate matters, inflation is high. Violent gangs are active on the streets, but slum dwellers, who receive small handouts from them, worship them and are willing to turn a blind eye to their most heinous crimes. As a result, Caracas has become a very dangerous capital of the world. Every year 115 of the city’s 100,000 citizens are sent to the other side of the world, and in 2012, for example, 101 policemen died here in the line of duty.

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