The world of relics of the resort island of Crete, Greece

VI The Secret Treasure of Crete

In the Greek myths there is mention of certain things which in a strange way fit into some scheme far from mere veneration and which form a mystery of mystery significance. We have already named some of these objects, in particular: the dog of Zeus, the casket of Rhea, Ariadne, the scepter of Zeus, the ring of Minos, the Golden Fleece, Pelops, the Trojan palladium and some others.

In our opinion, many of the above relics are associated with Atlantis and their last refuge, Crete. Most of these treasures belonged to the descendants of Tantalus and Pelops; these descendants had all the attributes of not only royal but also magical power. The Tantalids and Pelopids had a distinctive mark on their bodies which indicated their “maritime origin”.

Let us try to relate the genealogy of the gods and heroes to fetishes – relics and to ancient topography. We are primarily interested in the genealogy of Tantalus and his son Pelops. What is the cause of the rise of this family, whether only in the gold placers of Mount Sipil in Asia Minor? Does not something else lie here, hidden from us by oblivion and the veil of time. Let us remember that Tantalus was sentenced to eternal torment not only for harboring a stolen golden dog. King Sipilas’ main fault was that he divulged among the people the secrets of the Olympians he had heard and gave away to his relatives the nectar and ambrosia stolen at the feast from the gods.

There is no doubt that the secrets of the Olympians are secret knowledge transmitted by the gods to the people. The intermediaries in this transmission were the earthly kings and priests, endowed with the appropriate attributes of royal and magical power. It is these people were from age to age to preserve the hermetic wisdom of arcane knowledge, and only in extreme need to open them to people. This is evidenced by extensive esoteric tradition, which saw the mythological characters are not specific individuals (for example, there were 3 Zeus, 5 Hermes, 49 Manu), but a common title of many Adepts and Dedicated. Before becoming gods and creatures, they all passed through the human stage. Anyone could have been a Dhian-Cogan, a God, a Spirit. According to Blavatsky, Spirit is a disembodied or future human being.

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Much now becomes clear. The Tantalid-Pelopid clan possessed secret knowledge, kept secret. But what kind of knowledge? The knowledge of the treasures and sacred relics of Atlantis!

Is it possible to find a historical rational grain in these myths? Where is the truth and where is the fiction? The historian Pausanias, known for his conscientiousness, saw in his time (2nd century A.D.) the tomb of Tantalus near Sipilus. At Olympia, Greece, the tomb of Pelops was shown near the temple. In the same temple, in the treasury of the Sikionians, was the golden sword of Pelops and the horn of Amalthea the goat.

The same Pausanias explicitly writes how Zeus gave his royal scepter 24 measures long to Pelops to rule over men and vast lands. It then passed from Pelops to his son Atreus, then to his grandsons Agamemnon and Menelaus. Both were kings of Mycenae. It was not without reason that the oracle of Mycenae informed the inhabitants that they should elect only a descendant of Pelops as king! But the myths again present us with surprises. The riddle of the Golden Fleece has not given many researchers a moment’s peace. According to the myth, Hermes gave Pelops the Golden Fleece! The same Hermes gave the same Golden Fleece, much more famous, to Phrixus of Boeotia – his Fleece went to Colchis. So there were two Runes, two symbols of royal power? But is it so, maybe we are talking about one and the same sacred object?

Despite the diversity of opinion of the ancient authors, the relics themselves remained in Crete. Later they were hidden in a more secure place. In confirmation of this is the amazing story of the noble family of Mikhailov, involved in the mystery of the mysterious treasures of the lost civilization.

The name of Mikhail Apollinarievich Mikhailov has already been mentioned here[22]. I met this remarkable man in 1988. A maritime writer, author of several books on ship modeling and shipbuilding, an excellent connoisseur of ancient myths, he told me about his family legend.

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His father, Apollinariy Ivanovich Mikhailov, sailed for a long time on the merchant ships Ruslan, Ryleev, and Kamenets-Podolsk in the Black and Mediterranean seas. In 1906 he was second mate of the captain on the steamship “Ruslan”, and in 1924-1925 he was the captain of the steamship “Ryleev”. During one of these sea passages, in the Greek port of Piraeus, Apollinariy Ivanovich met an experienced pilot, who often visited Crete and knew well the many convenient bays of the northern coast of the island. According to the pilot, he had heard a strange legend from the locals about “the greatest treasures of antiquity,” as if hidden in one of the northern capes of Crete. Michael Apollinarievich pointed out to the author that his father repeated several times the authentic words of the pilot: “the greatest treasures of antiquity” or “the secret treasure of Crete.

This legend was most thoroughly recorded by Apollinariy Ivanovich in his diary. He died tragically in one of the campaigns. Mikhail Apollinarievich recalled that after his father’s death he saw some notebook in a leather cover – his diary. The fate of this notebook remains a mystery. This historical and folkloric account speaks only about the greatest treasures of antiquity, hidden on the island of Crete, but does not connect the Mikhailovs with Atlantis or other pra-civilizations. This connection with Atlantis or the unknown maritime civilization was established by the author as a result of lengthy historical, mythological and genealogical searches. However, in Mikhail Apollinarievich’s library there was one noteworthy manuscript entitled “The Tree of Atlantis”, as if not related to the above-mentioned “greatest treasures”. The text of the manuscript itself was published in the author’s book The Maritime Colonies of Atlantis.

How to connect the manuscript “The Tree of Atlantis” with the treasures on Crete and did this connection really exist? In fact, Mikhail Apollinarievich was a somewhat secretive man. He told no one details and was content to retell only what he had heard from his father. It was as if Mikhail Apollinarievich was conveying a ready-made semantic formula-message. Nor did Mikhail Apollinarievich give any details about the manuscript, and considered it only a beautiful legend.

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Such reports are not uncommon and are found on all continents. Even before he met Michael Apollinarievich in the mid-1970s, the author was familiar with the legend of the countless treasures allegedly hidden at Cape Spad (northwest Crete). It was later found that the sandy beaches of one of the cities of Crete still bear the equally mysterious and enigmatic geographical name of “The Secret Treasure of Crete”! Is not this the oldest memory of those sacred areas of our Earth, where the greatest treasures and relics of unknown pracivilizations are preserved until time?

Of Apollinariy Ivanovich’s rich library, only one book has survived. It is English-Russian dictionary of 1933, on the blindfold in his hand written in English: “Captain Mikhailov, Kamenetz-Podolsk, March 1935, London. “Kamenetz-Podolsk.” – the name of the steamer. On the last page several English words are neatly written out in pencil. One of them means “column of northern lights”. What did Apollinariy Ivanovich or whoever wrote this enigmatic phrase mean by it?

And yet the feeling of mystery remains. By circumstantial evidence we can solve part of the ancient puzzle.

This text is an introductory fragment.

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