The Wailing Wall and the Dead Sea in Israel

Wailing Wall (Israel, Jerusalem) – reviews

Review of the Wailing Wall (Israel, Jerusalem)

If you want to fly to Israel, the first place to go to the Wailing Wall. You can learn the story of the origin of Israel or the fortress, or make a wish that will soon come true (you can on any

A magical experience.

The Western Wall or Wailing Wall. Holidays in January in Egypt and decided at the same time to visit Israel and, of course, the famous Wailing Wall. The tour program also included a bathing in the dead sea, visiting souvenir stores and.

A unique shrine.

I have always dreamed at least once in my life to visit Jerusalem, to see its holy places, and of course, to visit one of the most revered places of pilgrimage, the Wailing Wall. It all happened very unexpectedly for me. I was lucky enough to visit.

I will not judge objectively!

I will tell you, my inquisitive readers, about the Wailing Wall, which is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The direct purpose of seeing this landmark of Israel was not, but since we brought tourists on the way we will look around. And so, the Wall.

I left a note there, and my wish came true!

On the women’s side, there was no space, and on the men’s side, on the contrary, there was nowhere to put the note with the wish.

A visit to the Wailing Wall was part of the bus tour Egypt-Jerusalem-Bethlehem-the Dead Sea. And it was one of the memorable events. The Wailing Wall is visited by a large number of people, it is a symbol of faith and hope among Jews, they often come here to.

Have you already left a note of your wish there?

When you’re in Yerusalim, you always want to go to the Wailing Wall. No matter that it’s the Jewish people’s favorite place to pray, as a Christian, I want to go to that wall and leave a note of my desire there.

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The atmosphere is breathtaking.

Hello, everyone. I want to tell you about the Great Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, a place of unreal energy. It’s a place where you can meet people of all nationalities and all faiths. It looks quite normal, like this. By the way in the photo.

When you touch your own soul, you become as simple as a child

The visit to the Wailing Wall was part of the tour from Sharm el-Sheikh to Israel. Let me immediately say that I was not very pious, and after visiting it, I was not, but the impression is still enormous.

Impressive place! Meeting the famous and previously unknown Wailing Wall

In 2013 I was lucky enough to visit Israel for a day, and the final destination for our excursion was the Wailing Wall! I had not heard about this place before and was a little shocked by what I saw! After incredible tours to the Church of the Nativity and.

A place where our prayers will be answered.

We chose a vacation at the Radisson SAS Taba Hotel 5* in Egypt with Israel in mind. Completely pilgrimage trip was not interesting to some members of our large company, so we chose the option of combining the beach.

An unforgettable experience of the holy places.

On a trip to Israel, one of the most interesting excursions was a visit to the Wailing Wall. The Wailing Wall is the holiest place of the Jewish people. The Wailing Wall is the western part of the Temple, which was built under King Solomon. It was believed that this.

A general impression of the spirituality of Israel.

Good day to you all! I want to write about the excursion to the holy places of Israel, where we went from Egypt – to be exact, Sharm El Sheikh. Just want to clarify that it was the most expensive of all excursions. At that time (2011.

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I had heard about the Wailing Wall many times, read history and heard how much it meant to the Jewish people. What struck me even more was that there are people who don’t relate to Judaism at all, but sincerely.

Something everyone should see!

Going on a vacation or excursion to Israel, one must visit the “Wailing Wall” as it were. This is the most ancient, religious and holy place on earth. Every day thousands of tourists and locals come there and ask.

You have to visit it to feel it!

Good afternoon, I was in Turkey in June 2017 and decided to go on an excursion to Jerusalem! It took 1.5 hours on the plane to Tel Aviv. Then they took us on a tour bus to Jerusalem. About the very thing.

“Whoever was at the Wailing Wall, God saw him.”

I did not put this sentence in the title for nothing, believers say so and they are absolutely right. Probably the most sacred place for Jews and Orthodox, which has been under Arab control for years. It is always crowded.

The Holy Place

This holy place we visited in 2009 in October, when we went to Israel on a tour. We loved it there, in one day we visited Jerusalem, Bethlehem, this is Palestine the Dead Sea. To the Wailing Wall.

All our wishes came true!

The Wailing Wall is a very interesting and controversial place for an Orthodox person. As far as I know the remains of the western part of the wall around the ancient Jewish temple, which was destroyed in the first century AD. Back when we were just about to take a tour.


The trip to Israel was long and excruciating (tour from Egypt) but it was worth it. Always wanted to visit this holy land. The Wailing Wall is truly healing when I went up to it to beg and plead my case.

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Again, informative.

My boss once told me that the Wailing Wall is when you walk up to it and the tears themselves start rolling in straight hail! I don’t know. Maybe because I am not baptized and have no religious background.

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