The Tyrol, Austria – a sports paradise in the shadow of the Alpine giants

Resorts in Tirol

Resorts of Tirol

The resorts of Tyrol (Austria) are very numerous and diverse. There are more than a hundred ski resorts alone. In this post, we decided to draw your attention to the most popular Tyrolean resorts, so that you look closely and choose.

Below is a ranking of the best ski resorts in Tyrol. According to this list at the very beginning are placed super-modern and super-popular, equipped with the latest innovative technology.

Ski resorts in Tyrol


Ski resorts in Tirol, Sölden

Sölden ski area (German: Sölden), slope heights from 1350 to 3340 m

  • blue – 69,5 km
  • red – 44,9 km
  • black – 29,2 km
  • ski trails – 1,9 km
  • total length – 145,5 km

Season: 3.10.2018 – 05.05.2019, opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00.

The “highlights” of this representative of Tyrol resorts are the ultramodern cable elevators; due to the enormous altitude, the resort almost always has natural snow.

In 2018, the resort created an entertaining cinematic installation dedicated to the filming of the James Bond movie – “Spectre”. Another new feature is a single ski pass for the entire Otzal Valley if you buy a ticket for three days.

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Ski resorts in Tirol: Ischgl

Ski resorts Tyrol, Ischgl

Ischgl ski slopes: ski heights from 1377 m to 2870 m

  • blue – 39 km
  • red -150 km
  • black – 34 km
  • ski trails – 15 km
  • total length – 238 km

Season: 22.11.2018 – 01.05.2019, opening hours: 8:30 – 16:00.

Ischgl is considered a ski mecca among the resorts of Tyrol: it has everything – from Michelin restaurants and fine après-ski to pop stars’ performances at evening concerts under the moon and world kite skiing championships.

New features in 2018: The new 6-seat chairlift Gampen E4 is up and running; in addition to that, a new self-service restaurant was built on the first chairlift stop; another ski slope with an altitude difference of 250 m was opened

3. hintertux

Ski resorts Tyrol, Hintertux Glacier

Hintertux ski area: ski slopes from 1,500 m to 3,250 m high.

  • blue – 14 km
  • red – 35 km
  • black – 11 km
  • total length – 60 km

Season: from 13.10.2018 and all year round, opening hours: 8:15 – 16:30. “Highlight” Hinterux: it is the only year-round ski resort not only in Tyrol, but also in the whole of Austria thanks to the snow lying on the Hinterux glacier.

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New features in 2018: the opening of the Kiddsloppe children’s ski trail, the newest attraction – a huge ski area in the Zillertal Valley – Ski & Glacier World Zillertal 3000, in the heart of the ski resort Rastkogel (Rastkogel), at an altitude of almost 3000 m.

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Stubai Valley, Tirol Resorts

Stubai skiing tracks: Slopes are 1,750 m – 3,210 m high.

  • blue – 21 km
  • red – 14 km
  • black – 5 km
  • ski trails – 19 km
  • total length – 59 km

Season: 06.10.2018 – 10.06.2019, opening hours – 8:30 – 16:30.

“Highlights” of the Stubai resort in Tyrol – long skiing season thanks to the glacier, free skiing for children under 10 years accompanied by parents.

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Obergurgl – Hochgurgl

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Tirol Resorts

Obergurgl – Hochgurgl skiing tracks: Slope heights from 1800 m to 3080 m

  • blue – 35 km
  • red – 55 km
  • black – 20 km
  • ski trails – 10 km
  • total length – 120 km

Season: 15.11.2018 – 28.04.2019, opening hours: 9:00 – 16:00.

The “highlight” of Obergurgl, one of Tyrol’s most popular resorts, is the best panoramic views of the Alps, including the Dolomites, and the recent opening of the snow park.

New features in 2018: the second part of the Kirchenkarbahn elevator was put into operation, the Öztal super ski pass was launched – with the purchase of a ticket for 3 days of skiing, skiers can access the entire Öztal ski valley: 356 km of ski slopes, 89 ski elevators.

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Ski resorts in Tyrol, ski resort Serfaus

Trails in the Serfaus ski area (German: Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis): the height of the slopes – 1200 to 2850 m

  • blue – 47 km
  • red – 121 km
  • black – 28 km
  • ski trails – 16 km
  • total length – 212 km

Season: 7.12.2018 – 27.04.2019, opening hours: 9:00 – 16:00.

“The highlight” of the Tyrolean ski resort Serfaus is the best selection of activities for children among all the alpine resorts. The skiing region in Serfaus is the best among the resorts of Austria for children’s holidays – there is a huge range of children’s activities, from “Berta’s Children’s Paradise” in Fissa, continuing with the huge “Children’s Snow Alps Park” and ending with “Murmli Park” in the center of Serfaus.

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Ski resorts in Tyrol, Mayrhofen

The ski slopes in the ski center of Mayrhofen are: 630 m – 2500 m high

  • blue – 40 km
  • red – 66 km
  • black – 11 km
  • ski trails – 18 km
  • total length – 135 km

Season – 1.12.2018 – 22.04.2019, opening hours 8:30 – 17:00.

Ski resorts in Tyrol on the list has a great specimen – Mayrhofen, which merits – some of the most famous: the best snow park in Europe, the best children’s park, huge opportunities for fans of freestyle, freeride and romantic adventures.

New for 2018: Starting in December, Penken Mountain, which already has the Bergbahnen elevator, will offer skiers another attraction – the new Mölbahn elevator. The new gondola will connect the ski area, which is located between the village of Mösl on Hochschwendberg and Horbergbahn.

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St. Anton

St. Anton, Ski resorts in Tirol

St. Anton am Arlberg skiing tracks: heights of 1,300 m to 2,800 m

  • blue – 143 km
  • red – 142 km
  • black – 55 km
  • ski trails – 200 km
  • total length – 340 km

Season: 30.11.2018 – 28.04.2019, opening hours: 8:45 – 16:15.

The advantages of the ski resort of Tyrol St. Anton am Arlberg – snow park, entertainment for children, unlimited opportunities for recreation in the mountains.

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Kitzbühel, ski resorts in Tirol

Kitzbühel ski area: ski slopes from 800 to 2,000 m high

  • blue – 91 km
  • red – 55 km
  • black – 24 km
  • total length – 170 km

Season: 13.10.2018 – 1.05.2019, opening hours: 8:30 – 17:00.

The resorts of Tyrol are famous snow riches, but Kitzbühel – usually has double portions of natural snow, perfect ski slopes, the best après-ski and star guests – selebrities skiing near you.

New for 2018: Kitzbühel Alps got two new elevators: now there are even more ski areas, but, to the delight of skiers, there will be no queues at all, as the resort follows the motto: better, but not more. Also in Kitzbühel Horn opened Snow & Funpark for young skiers dreaming of ski flights.

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Ski resorts in Tirol for New Year

Pitztaler valley pistes: slope heights of 1640-3440 m

  • blue – 13,2 km
  • red – 20,7 km
  • black – 6,7 km
  • total length – 40,6 km

Season: 15.09.2018 – 05.05.2019, opening hours: 8:30 – 16:00.

Pitzal, a highlight of the Tyrol: the highest cable car in Austria (lifts 3,440 m) with a cozy café at the end stop; the Pitzal valley glacier provides untouched skiing from September to May.

New for 2018: the new Wildspitzbahn elevator and the café open at 3,440 m on the Pitzal Glacier.

Austria, Tyrol – review

Austria, Tyrol: my earthly paradise or the most beautiful places of the western Austrian Alps. Lots of raves and pictures

What does Tyrol mean to me? It’s majestic mountains and thick pine forests, the clean air of which makes you want to drink. It is meadows full of herbs, where well-fed and satisfied with life red cows graze. Transparent lakes, where waters of rich azure color may be ashamed of the sea.

But enough of the lyrics. About the beauty of the Austrian Alps can talk for hours. So, not to bore you with numerous oohs and ahhs, I will simply describe the most charming (in my opinion) places in Tyrol and its surroundings.


Since our hotel was located only 8.6 km from Kitzbühel, we were guests of this lovely town quite often. By the way, in the Internet its name is most often mentioned in connection with the neighboring ski slopes. Sure, since the first ski elevator opened here in 1928, Kitzbühel has become famous as one of the most famous ski centers in the Alps.

However, even in the warmer months Kitzbühel has something to please tourists. Its charm – in a unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages, which creates colorful, as if descended from the pages of Austrian fairy tales houses with wooden shutters and decorated the walls with paintings.

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Here and there one can find bronze figures or images of little chamois. And this is no coincidence. A local legend has it that

The first Bavarian settlers saw the chamois grazing with their cubs (Kitzen) on a hill (Büchel). They called this place “Kitzbühel” (Kitzbühel).

Every self-respecting Tyrolean village has its own temple. In Kitzbühel there are three. We visited only one – the parish church of St. Andrew (Die Pfarrkirche St. Andreas), built in the XIV century. Since the church was constantly rebuilt over the centuries, today its architecture is an interesting mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque styles.

Wildpark Aurach

Not far from Kitzbühel, 3 km from the village of Aurach, is the Wildpark Aurach. As a lover of all four-legged and winged animals, I could not avoid it.

This private zoo, perched at 1,080 meters above sea level, is home to 200 animals, both wild and domestic. Opposite the park entrance is a house built in the traditional Austrian style. Snow-white plaster, colorful shutters and wooden balconies generously decorated with garlands of dangling petunias. Isn’t it a miracle! In the lodge is a cozy restaurant, whose menu consists entirely of Tyrolean dishes.

The ticket to the zoo costs 9 euros. What did we get for that price? You know, quite a lot. First, the magnificent natural beauty, which you can contemplate for hours.

Secondly, a meeting with the world of fauna. Some of its representatives (kangaroos, mouflons, wild boars, yaks, lynxes, wild cats and owls) live in cages, others – deer and fallow deer – graze freely on green meadows, sometimes coming to people at arm’s length.

There are poultry and animals – chickens, ducks, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats. The latter graciously allow themselves to be petted and brazenly begging for goodies.

The route through the territory passes along a circular path. There are benches everywhere for those who are tired. In general, I highly recommend Aurach Wildlife Park, especially children will love it.

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Zell am See ( Zell am See ).

Zell am See is a famous Austrian ski resort in the land of Salzburg. It is located on the shore of Lake Zeller See at an altitude of 726 m above sea level. The distance to Innsbruck is 142 km, to Salzburg 86 km, to Munich 167 km. The city grew out of a monastic monastery founded in 740, hence its name: die Zelle in German means “monk’s cell”.

As it turns out, the ski resort of Zell am See is good not only in winter. Lake Zeller See provides a lot of activities: swimming, walks on a catamaran, boat, fishing. We, however, none of the possibilities for recreation on the water, limited to a walk through the narrow medieval streets, looking at the old lamps, old frescoes on the walls of buildings, sculptures, and, of course, fabulous Austrian houses, balconies which are decorated with flowers.

The main local attraction is the Cathedral of St. Hippolyta, whose history dates back to the XI century. The ancient church is easily recognized by its 36-meter, five-story tower with stepped gables, decorated with Gothic friezes.

But the charm of this Austrian municipality is no match for the stunning beauty of the view from Schmittenhöhe mountain, framed by the mountains. The Schmittenhöhebahn Zell am See took us there. It is well-equipped: glass cabins for four passengers are new and clean, and the view from them opens mind-boggling. Round trip ticket costs 31 euros. It gives the right of passage and other cable cars (open and closed), located on the mountain.

The Höhenpromenade begins at the cable car’s terminus (1,120 m high), a (easy) mountain path with observation points, telescopes, play areas for children and several restaurants serving national Austrian cuisine. The length of the promenade is 2.5 km, but we walked this short distance in three hours, no less. Because every five hundred meters we stopped to sit on the bench and enjoy the dizzying views of the sharp peaks of the Alps and the lake Zeller See.

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