The top 9 tourist attractions in Venezuela

The 20 Best Sights of Venezuela

Venezuela is a state on the northern coast of the South American continent, nature has endowed this country with incredible beauty. There are islands and islets scattered in the Caribbean Sea that washes its shores, including the world-famous resort of Margarita. The northwestern part of Venezuela is bordered by the Cordillera (Andes) mountain system. A huge basin of the Orinoco River and the largest lake on the mainland – all this is Venezuela.

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. The state language is Spanish. The national currency is bolivar. Religion – a rather mixed picture, but mostly Catholics. The number of inhabitants – up to 30 million.

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The climate and terrain in Venezuela are so different in elevation, temperature and amount of rainfall that it’s hard to describe in a nutshell. On average, there are no abrupt temperature variations during the year, but most settlements are located at altitudes of 500-1900 meters, because the lower and closer to the coast, the more exhausting the heat in combination with high humidity is inherent in this area. The terrain is mountainous with inclusions of large plains.

Angel Falls

The waterfall is located in the Canaima National Park (Guiana Plateau). Angel is the highest waterfall in the world, here the water falls from 807 meters, hits a “shelf” and cascades down another 172 meters.

More often than not, the top of the rock from which the waterfall falls is hidden by fog. The presence of moisture in the air and the coolness of the water can be felt at a considerable distance from the waterfall itself.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The waterfall is at its fullest during the rainy season (May-November) during this period, about 300m3 of water falls down every second – just a huge amount! During the dry season, the waterfall does not look as impressive, it splits into several smaller streams and below, you can even swim in a small lake.

Angel Falls is in a very inaccessible area. There are no roads, hotels and hotels, so there are no crowds of tourists. You can only get here by canoe, helicopter or light-engine plane.

Kanaima National Park

Located in the south-east of the country. Included in the list of UNESCO. To get to the park is better by light aircraft or river transport (the most beautiful way, but not fast). To accommodate tourists in the park provided hotels, often a small, separate houses, perfectly blended with the surrounding area. The hotels have all the necessary entertainment (cafes, restaurants and bars).

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

In addition to the rich flora and fauna in the park should be seen the legendary Angel Waterfall and tepuis – mountains, with a flat top, sandstone, formed millions of years ago.

Morokoi National Park

Located on the coast, in the southwestern part of Venezuela. The area of the park is 30 hectares. The park is very beautiful, consisting of cayos, small islands of coral origin, which are scattered in great numbers along the coast between picturesque lagoons and capes. On a tour you can see closer the native inhabitants of the reserve – turtles, reptiles, flamingos and pelicans.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The park is an ideal place for diving, the sea is almost never stormy. The continental part of the park is hilly and covered with dense vegetation. Tourist infrastructure on the territory is very developed. From the capital to the park is an excellent highway.

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Mount Roraima

Location: Canaima National Park, Roraima State.

Roraima, is what is known as a tepui – a table mountain. The highest point on the plateau is 2,723 meters and the total area is about 35 km².

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The mountain can be recognized by the cloud constantly overhanging it, it is the so-called lenticular cloud.

It is on Roraima that the source of the rivers of the Amazon and Orinoco basins is located. This area is rich in plants and animals endemic to the world, which exist only in this area.

Aerial tramway in Merida

Location: the city of Mérida, west of the country.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The full name is “Telferico de Mérida”. The second longest (13 km) and the highest aerial tramway in the world. The booths of this road will take you from the lower station to the top of Espejo (Espejo, 4765 m) in 30 minutes and costs $25. The maximum number of passengers in the cabin is not more than 45.

Parallel to the cable car in the air, there is also a trail on the ground, where you can see whole caravans with mules, but today more often in off-road vehicles.

It is better to get to the lower station by cab, car or bus.

El Guacharo Park.

Location: the southern parts of the Sierra Cumana.

This park can safely be called – the national pride of the country. The mountains at El Guacharo create an uninterrupted series of delightful landscapes that include gorges, caves, cliffs, and jungles. The park is a place of scientific research and a center of tourism.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

As a result of the effects of water and wind, over millions of years, the rock formations have taken the most unusual shapes.

On the territory of the reserve developed many hiking trails, the full acquaintance with which will require at least 10-12 days.

The most favorable period to visit is December-April.

Orinoco River and Delta

Location: the eastern part of the country, the state of the Amacura Delta, an area of about 44,646km².

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The delta consists of 36 major and many smaller channels and arms, spread over three states. The Orinoco Delta is home to the Warrau people, who build their dwellings on stilts. The largest arms are the Rio Grande and the Macareo, which is the only one suitable for navigation. The coast is covered with dense mangroves, many areas with submerged forest.

In the center of the delta is the protected Marius National Park.

The most convenient mode of transport is seaplane and boat.

Margarita Island.

Paradise corner of Venezuela, 40 kilometers from the continent. Many countries in the past have wanted to possess this piece. The island conventionally consists of two peninsulas connected by a sandbar with mangroves. The eastern peninsula is the most habitable and is home to the towns of Pampatar and Porlamar.

The climate of the island is subtropical, dry, with temperatures ranging from +24 … +37 º C.

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The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

Margarita is the most popular resort of the country. Rich citizens of Venezuela have their own houses here, excellent tourist infrastructure, however, in recent years, an influx of tourists has decreased sharply.

On the territory of the island there are nature reserves and reservations for birds.

Caribbean Andes.

Part of the large mountain system of the Andes, are so called because of their location – along the Caribbean Sea over 800 km. The climate in this area is most favorable for living, so there is a high concentration of settlements. In the lowlands of the mountains are several national parks.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The maximum height of the ridge is 2756 m.

A zone of high seismic activity.

The slopes are covered with mixed deciduous and coniferous forests.

The beach of Puerto de la Cruz

The best beach of Margarita Island. It is located in a beautiful bay, which protects it from the winds, but nevertheless, there are often strong waves. The coast and seabed are sandy, the entrance to the sea is gentle, suitable for both adults and children. Near the beach there are many hotels for all tastes. The best way to get here is to take a ferry from the mainland.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The largest amount of precipitation in July and August, but the number of sunny days is not significantly affected. The water temperature never drops below +25 ºС and the air temperature never drops below +30 ºС.

El Guacharo Cave

Location: The national park of the same name.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

This is the real treasure of the entire park. The cave was formed 100 million years ago when the giant sea that was here began to dry up. The total length of the labyrinth of branches and passages of the cave is more than 10 kilometers, although only a small part (the main hall of Guacharo) is open to the public – 700 meters, with its famous stalactite – 200 meters high!

Next door to the cave is the Humboldt Museum – here on a tour you can learn about the past and future of the reserve.

Temple of the Vinger de Coromoto in Guanara

Location: Guanara, 84 km from Caracas.

An active Catholic temple erected in honor of the Virgin Mary, the patroness of Venezuela.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

The exterior of the temple does not leave anyone indifferent, it has nothing in common with a Catholic temple as we know it today. It also reflects futurism and, in some places, perhaps abstraction. The entire structure is lined with white stone slabs.

Lake Maracaibo

The largest lake of the continent – more than 13,000 km²! The lake seems to be hidden in a giant cleft between two ridges bounding it on three sides except for the north, because in fact Maracaibo is a lagoon lake. In the north, it is connected by a channel to the Gulf of Venezuela and has access to the Caribbean Sea.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

25% of the country’s population lives on the shores of this giant (210x120km).

These places are very rich in oil, which is why there is such a developed transport infrastructure, growing cities. The bottom of the lake has been artificially deepened, so that ocean-going ships could enter it.

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Bolivar Peak

No mountain in Venezuela is higher than Bolivar Peak, so it’s no wonder it’s given that name. 4,978 meters. The eastern Cordilleras. The border with Colombia.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

You can get here by cable car, discussed above. The views from the cabin are fantastic!

The cable car takes you to Espejo Peak (4,765 m) where there are several viewing platforms, and then you should take (of course) warm clothes and go on foot.

Simón Bolívar House Museum

Caracas, little street San Jacinto, an unremarkable, one-story red-brick house, but – every Venezuelan knows that it’s not just a house – it’s the home of Simon Bolivar the Liberator! The home of the country’s national hero.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

Inside, the house has preserved authentic 18th century furnishings, objects, belongings, furniture, everything that was here during the life of the national hero.

In the cozy courtyard there is even a baptismal font, the place where Bolivar was baptized.

Lightning Catatumbo

Lake Maracaibo again. The place where the Catatumbo River flows into the lake is where one has the greatest chance of being struck by lightning on earth! And no wonder!

250 lightning bolts per square mile per year!

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

This area has the highest number of lightning days in the entire planet, up to 200 a year.

Why does this happen? The reason is the unique location of the lake between the mountain ranges, the winds from the Andes pick up the methane-rich air and lift it into the clouds, thereby feeding the thunderstorm front.

Choroni village.

A fishing village on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, hidden from the continent by a mountain range and the Henri Piete National Park. It is the best place to explore the life and livelihood of Venezuelan fishermen, a place to be alone, away from the bustling cities.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

Choroni hosts music festivals – merengue – an unusual, mixed style of music from Africa and South America.

Pristine nature, the clearest sea, forests and mountains – all this is Choroni.

Santa Ana de Coro

In the northwest of Venezuela is a city that, even before Caracas, was the starting point for the development of these lands, by Europeans. Today it is the capital of the state of Falcon. There are several universities, trade and industry are developed here.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela The 20 Best Sights in VenezuelaThe 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

Koro (in short) is one of the twenty most populous cities in Venezuela, but moreover, it has unique examples of medieval architecture, which is why the central area of the city was included in the list of UNESCO.

Medanos National Park

On closer inspection, Venezuela never ceases to amaze. This country has everything: mountain ranges, jungle, sea, and even – the desert. It is located in the state of Falcon. Today the Medanos National Park is created to preserve this unique corner of nature.

The 20 Best Sights in Venezuela

Medanos is the name of the sand dunes, which sometimes reach just a huge size – 150 km², with unstable shape, height and area, depending on the direction and strength of the winds blowing in the area.

Flora and fauna is quite scarce, but – there are camels! They were brought here in the last century for breeding. The animals have survived and today, guests of the park have the opportunity to take camel rides on the sand dunes.

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Venezuela has everything “the most in the world…” judge for yourself – the highest waterfall, the longest and highest-mountain cable car, the highest number of lightning per 1 kilometer – everything is the most here. The country with not the most developed tourism infrastructure, but with great potential in this matter. It has all the prerequisites for this – an eventful Middle Ages, beautiful and unique nature, mostly preserved in pristine condition.

Top 10 Tourist Sites in Venezuela

Top 10 tourist attractions in Venezuela

What are the must-see places in Venezuela? This article has all the things you can’t miss: paradise beaches, Caribbean islands, charming cities and protected areas. Explore and make an itinerary for your best tour to Venezuela.

1. Margarita Island

Travel to Venezuela, Margarita Island

Margarita Island is one of Venezuela’s most famous tourist destinations. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, this island of eternal summer is known for its coastline, where paradisiacal beaches, luxury hotel complexes and picturesque fishing villages coexist.

Margarita Island, in addition to the attractiveness of its beaches, is famous for its shopping tourism offerings.

2. Los Roques Archipelago

Tours of the Caribbean islands in Venezuela

Another of Venezuela’s stunningly beautiful places in the Caribbean Sea. The Los Roques Archipelago is a coral atoll formed by fifty islands and hundreds of shallow shoals, which probably hide some of the country’s most paradisiacal beaches, the main characteristics being the white sands and warm crystal-clear waters.

Tours to Venezuela, Archipelago Los Roques

This entire area is part of the Los Roques Archipelago National Park. This high status ensures the protection of this idyllic corner of nature. The entire tourist infrastructure is concentrated in small hotels located on the island of El Gran Roque, the only inhabited island.

3. Canaima National Park

Tours to Venezuela, Kanaima National Park

Kanaima National Park, Venezuela’s main natural gem, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the border with Brazil and Guyana. Canaima is one of the largest National Parks in the world.

Tours to Venezuela, Kanaima National Park

Among the impressive scenery of Canaima Park are the imposing rock formations with steep vertical walls and completely flat peaks, known as “tepuis”, from which huge waterfalls fall. The most famous are Cucenan and Salto Ángel, which is the highest waterfall in the world.

4. Morrocoi National Park

Tours in Venezuela

Another National Park in Venezuela that appears in all the rankings of the best places in the country and is a must visit during your trip to South America. It covers a huge area both on the mainland and in the waters of the Caribbean Sea around Golfo Triste, a bay located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea.

The terrestrial part of Morrocoi National Park encompasses areas of lush mangroves and beautiful bays, along which white sand beaches stretch. The marine area of the park attracts with its privileged underwater scenery, where you can snorkel among the extraordinary biodiversity.

5. Mochima National Park

Tours in Venezuela, guide in Venezuela

Mochima Park is famous for its beautiful scenery of coral reefs and mangroves in the coastal zone, as well as millennia-old rain and mist forests in the foothills of the Eastern Cordillera.

Tours in Venezuela, guide in Venezuela

But the most popular and famous are the beaches of the Caribbean Sea and those that extend into the continental zone and are found on the park’s many islands. Among them, Playa Colorada, a beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters, golden sands, surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves, is worth mentioning.

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6. Puerto La Cruz.

Tours in Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz

A port city on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, known for its well-developed tourist infrastructure and a variety of entertainment offerings. Its Paseo Colón, with its numerous restaurants and nightclubs, stands out in particular.

Although there are no spectacular beaches in the city itself, boats depart regularly from the city pier to take you to the paradisiacal beaches in the islands of Mochima National Park, among which the nearby islands of Isla de Plata, Las Chimanas, Cachicamo and Borracha stand out.

7. Merida

Tours to Venezuela, Merida

This university city is another one of the attractive places to visit in Venezuela, enjoying both its beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and its valuable historical heritage in the form of numerous colonial-style buildings.

Among the most famous tourist sites around the city is the Sierra Nevada National Park, a nature reserve with snow-capped mountains, lagoons and misty jungles.

Tours to Venezuela, Merida

The longest cable car in the world, 12.5 km long, is another attraction. The cable car connects Mérida to Espejo Peak which, with its altitude of 4,765 meters above sea level, is second only to Bolivar Peak.

8. Coro

Tours in Venezuela, Sights in Venezuela

The historic center of Coro and its port have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many historic monuments and colonial-style houses that reflect an interesting combination of Dutch and Spanish influences.

In addition to its colonial charm, Coro attracts tourists with its natural landscapes around the city.

Tours in Venezuela, Sights in Venezuela

And most notably, Los Medanos de Coro National Park, with its sand dunes that are in constant motion, as well as the magnificent sandy beaches of the Paraguana Peninsula on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

9. Orinoco Delta National Park

Tours in Venezuela, Orinoco River Delta

The Orinoco Delta National Park is one of the best tourist destinations in Venezuela for ecotourism enthusiasts. It is a vast area covered in rainforests surrounding the Orinoco River Delta, a place where the river splits into hundreds of channels and arms also known as “caños”.

The main activities for tourists in the Orinoco Delta involve navigating rivers and canals, jungle tours, and visits to Indian villages of the Waraos tribes.

Tours in Venezuela, Orinoco River Delta

For recreation in this region, you can stay both in base camps among the pristine nature and in hotels in Tucupita, the state capital.

10. Tovar Colony

Tours in Venezuela, Colonia Tovar

Colonia Tovar is a small town full of charm, located just 42 km from Caracas in the mountains at 1,700 meters above sea level. It was founded in the nineteenth century by emigrants from the then independent Baden (now Germany) and Holland, who have been able to preserve their traditions, holidays, way of life and charming wooden buildings to this day.

Tours in Venezuela, Colonia Tovar

Here you can dine in German restaurants, where all dishes are made from products grown in their own gardens, visit craft shops, taste traditional sweets and canned goods, or take part in a tasting of the beer typical of the region.

Do you want to visit all these places with a professional guide? Book your tour to Venezuela now!

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