The romance of ballooning: TOP-7 places for an unforgettable hot air balloon flight

Flying Clubs: Where to Fly a Balloon in the Moscow Region

An unforgettable journey on a bright balloon is a dream for children and adults. A leisurely flight over the forests, fields and cities gives unbelievable emotions and a feeling of freedom. Moscow region balloon clubs offer you to experience the romance of ballooning, read about them in our article.

A hot air balloon is still considered one of the safest ways to travel above the ground. However, there are a number of rules that must be followed. In the winter months the flights may take place during daylight hours. But with the onset of spring and until late fall, you can fly only during strictly designated times – 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset, you can not fly during the day. Flights are not conducted in the presence of precipitation, and wind speed should not exceed 5 meters per second. The pilot always makes the final decision about the flight. If the flight didn’t take place on the scheduled day due to objective reasons, it will be rescheduled for another date by agreement with the guests.

Aerocquest” aeronautics club

Aerocquest Club offers hot air balloons for family, group, romantic flight or relaxation with friends. After the flight all participants are waiting for the rite of dedication to the Order of Balloonists and presentation of certificates.

Address : Serpukhov city district, airfield Drakino

Contacts: +7 925 112 60 00

Prices: The flight in a group – 7000 rubles per person, the flight “Solo” (only your company and a pilot) – 18000 rubles for two people, the flight “Romance” – from 21000 rubles for two people

Site :

Aeronaut” aeronautics club

Aeronaut Club invites everyone to a romantic journey in a hot air balloon at any time of year. The adventure will not only be exciting but also absolutely safe: all balloons have to pass annual technical commission, and pilots’ professionalism is confirmed by sports achievements and awards.

Holidays abroad without a passport: Belarus

Address : Dmitrovsky urban district, v. Varvarino

Contacts: +7 903 108 40 35

Prices: The flight in a group – 6000 rubles per person, the flight “Solo” – from 19000 rubles for two people, the flight “Romance” – from 20000 rubles for two people

Site :

Wind of Freedom” aeronautics club

Make a trip in a hot air balloon, experience unforgettable emotions, feel the romance of flying offers aeronautics club “Wind of Freedom. The flights can be performed in different districts of Moscow region: Ruza, Mozhaisk, Istra, Volokolamsk, Dmitrov, Zhukovsky, Bronnitsy. In addition to standard programs, this club offers a program “Vysota” – an excursion in a balloon with a rise to a height of 1500 meters for those who love the sky and clouds.

Address: Ruzsky urban district, Ruza town, Microdistrict, 10

Contacts: +7 905 796 06 55

Prices : from 17000 for two persons

Web-site :

Aerovals” aeronautical club

The hospitable base of the Aerovals club is located in Dmitrov. There you can get acquainted with the pilot, leave your car in the parking lot, have a coffee before an early flight, buy aeronautical souvenirs. The club appreciates its clients and is always ready to fulfill any of their ideas: to make a marriage proposal, celebrate an anniversary, launch balloons, organize a romantic pre-flight breakfast in the fresh air and much more.

Address : town Dmitrov, 1B Pravonaberezhnaya St.

Contacts: +7 495 505 12 61

Prices: The flight in a group – 5,490 rubles per person, the flight “solo” – 1,990 rubles for two people, a flight in a balloon in the form of a heart – 20,990 rubles for two people

Site :

Aeronautic Club “Magic Flight

The club has existed since 2001. Friendly and professional team of the club is always ready to meet you halfway in the organization of the balloon flight, based on the wishes and preferences of the client. All balloons are technically inspected and licensed pilots have long flying hours.

Antoni Gaudi's heritage in Barcelona: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batlló

Address : Dmitrovsky urban district, Yakhroma, Generala Kuznetsova square, 1.

Contacts: +7 910 409 99 59

Prices : Flight in a group – 6000 rubles per person, the flight “Walk in the Clouds” – 18000 rubles for two people, the flight “Romance in the Sky” – 19000 rubles for two people

Site :

Aeronautics club Touch the sky

The club conducts ballooning in Dmitrovsky urban district. Visitors to the club will enjoy the unique scenery of the Moscow region from a bird’s eye view from the basket of a hot air balloon. All pilots of the aeronautical club undergo annual scheduled recertification and medical examination, which is confirmed by valid flying licenses.

Address : Dmitrovsky urban district

Contacts: +7 495 21 001 21

Prices: The flight in a group – 4990 rubles per person, the flight in a balloon in the shape of a heart – 19000 rubles for two people

Web-site :

Flying Club “Air Wanderer

A hot air balloon flight can be a great gift for a loved one, because such emotions are priceless! The flight will take place at different altitudes – under the clouds and above the treetops. The club offers several types of flights – both for one daredevil and for a large company.

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