The resort of Ayia Napa and the bay of Petra tou Romiou – beautiful places of Cyprus

Petra Tu Romiu Stone – according to the legend, this is where Aphrodite emerged from the foam

Petra Tu Romiu (or stone) on the Cypriot coast has nothing to do with granite or sandstone. This is the name of the most beautiful sea bay in which, according to legend, the divine Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea. She has long been the patron saint of fertility, spring flowering, love, life itself. The goddess also protected marriages and procreation. It is no coincidence that the place of her appearance in the human world is considered to be Cyprus.

Petra tou Romiou Cove

The name of Petra tou Romiou is linked in a single geographical area on the territory of Greek Cyprus. The island is full of mystery and mystery, where the past is closely intertwined with the present, the real with the mystical.

At first tourists are confused, not understanding how the stone of Aphrodite differs from the baths. They are 2 different points in space: the bay, Aphrodite’s beach is located on the coast, near Paphos, and the bathing place is in the national park of Cyprus “Akamas Peninsula”.


The name itself carries the root “afro,” which in Greek means foam, convinces of the goddess’ maritime origins. Bays and coves in Cyprus amaze with the whiteness of fine, as if sifted, sand and an unreal shade of sea water.

This applies in full measure to the bay of Petra Tu Romiu, marked in all guidebooks and maps. Tourists are attracted by the promontory near the stone of Aphrodite in Cyprus, as well as many myths about her birth. It is also believed, for some reason, that bathing in the waters of the bay gives health and youthfulness.

Places associated with the goddess Aphrodite

The abundance of information about an object is not equal to the ability to unmistakably distinguish all the nuances in the names. Sometimes places, “very similar” by the coincidence of words, are from each other in different points of geography. In this case, the mishap occurred with the rocky cliff (a stone protruding from the bay) and the grotto, where there is a bathing house with the healing properties of water.

Both places are associated with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. In the first (the bay) she was born, in the second – she met Adonis, who became her lover. Cypriots skillfully use the “confusion”: they take groups of travelers to both places, vying with one another to tell about the miraculous properties of the water in the bay and bathing, which provides a steady inflow of tourists.

Cyprus is rightly called the home island of Aphrodite. Here, every stone, every blade of grass remembers the presence of the great goddess of love. And skeptics will appreciate the scenery, the subtle beauty of the forest reservoir … and try to check the truthfulness of the legends about the bay on their own example.


Where Aphrodite emerged from the foam

The stone of Aphrodite is shrouded in ancient myths, a romantic veil of mystery of the birth of the immortal goddess. The ancients could not figure out all the details, so at the same time there are several versions about the place and circumstances of the birth of Aphrodite in Cyprus.

According to one of them, after Kronos had overthrown Uranus the wind blew up a foam of Uranus’ blood and semen. In the Aegean Sea from Kiphera (Kitira) the flakes were carried far to the east until they reached a big rock near the shores of Cyprus where Aphrodite came out of it.

The place where you get out of the foam

According to another version, the goddess emerged from the open sea, in a bay, then made her way to land on a shell. Every myth mentions water and rocks, a very romantic combination. And if you look for a long time at the sea beating measuredly against the shore, it is easy to imagine how the body of the immortal, eternally young Aphrodite was reborn from the salty spray, wind and foam.

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Aphrodite’s Bath in Cyprus

The stone bath of natural origin is located high in the mountains, about 75 kilometers up from the bay of the same name. The water is beautifully shaded by almond and olive trees, greenery and shrubs. The bathing area is fully in keeping with the legend of its origin as the meeting place of Aphrodite and Adonis, where they met for the first time and continued to meet later.

Entrance to the area is free. The spring is under the protection of the state, as evidenced by a sign with inscriptions in Greek and English. It is important to remember that you can not get here and the bay at once. You will have to choose one or the other.


The long journey to the grotto is valuable because the ascent along the trail opens up exceptionally fascinating, touching the soul with its beauty.

The legend about the origin of the name Petra Tu Romiu

The literal name means “Rock of Romeus”, i.e. Romans, and has nothing to do with Aphrodite. But it refers to another legend that emerged later.

The famous Digenis (the two-born), descended from the daughter of a Roman strategist and a Syrian ruler who accepted the faith of Christ, became a hero of Middle Greek epic. The emperor entrusted him with guarding the borders of the Byzantine state and made him his governor in this region. When Cyprus was invaded by the Saracens from the sea, the mighty Diogenes threw a huge stone fragment into the bay in the direction of the invaders’ ships, causing them to flee in terror.

Another massif protruding from the water not far from Petra Tu Romiu is called Saracen’s Rock, fully confirming the “truthfulness” of the myth.

Saracen Rock

Aphrodite’s Cove in Cyprus

Whether due to the legendary halo, or because of its natural merits, but the beach of Aphrodite attracts tourists like a powerful magnet of iron filings. Meanwhile, the sea itself in the bay is considered unsafe, it is forbidden to climb the rock at all. The stretch of coast, unlike other places of rest on the island, is almost “wild”. There are no deck chairs, sun umbrellas and service.

But these measures do not stop vacationers. For their solace there is a restaurant and a small hotel “Hills of Aphrodite”, a parking lot with a shop of antiquities. Visually the bay is easy to find on the southeastern coast of Cyprus by the landmark – the rocks protruding into the sea.


How to get to the birthplace of Aphrodite

To get to the sought-after point called Aphrodite’s Bay you can get there in several independent ways: from the sea, by boat, by ship or “from the inside”, by car, by bus, moving from Paphos along the municipal highway. But to get close to the rocky ridge of Petra tou Romiou in Cyprus, you will definitely need the sea route.

By Car

Romantics, art lovers and vacationers are eager to see the rock of Aphrodite for themselves, to take some memorable sketches, landscape photos or selfies. The beach itself is located 15 kilometers east of Paphos, between Limassol and Limassol (highway B6). There are periodically guided tours, for those who have limited money or do not want to spend money on renting a car.


With a guided tour

A good budget option. It’s better than wandering around, hardly imagining the purpose of the trip, and in the end be disappointed by what you see – uncultivated beach and a pile of stones in the sea.

Recommended to pay attention to private travel companies, of which there are many in Cyprus, and order a tour for a group of 5-10 people. Russian-speaking guide (and it is possible) will tell all the local legends and myths (for those who are in Cyprus for the first time, it does not hurt), will help choose souvenirs and take you to a small but cozy cafe.

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Lunch under the open sky, with juicy tropical fruits and extremely tasty local wine is a clear final chord in a trip to the beach of Aphrodite.

By Boat

A boat trip across Cyprus to Aphrodite Beach is every bit as good as a “dry” one. This voyage option reveals stunning scenery, views of the island, and the clear, unreal shade of water conceals treasures of pirates, bottom dwellers and the mystery of the birth of the goddess in the depths.

If you do not suffer from seasickness and like to walk on a yacht – this is your option. If you do not want to disembark in this place, you can walk further along the coast, to the village of Latchi, and there get off the ground.

Boat trip

Near the rock of Aphrodite

The local authorities do not recommend getting close to the rocks, especially not to climb them. If you want to get to the beach of Aphrodite, you are welcome. But just be careful not to look for thrills (and unsafe).

It is better to sit on the warm and soft sand, visit a local shop with souvenirs, have a bite in a cafe or tavern to leave the most favorable impression of the trip. And then want to come again, recommending a visit to Cyprus, memorable places associated with the name of the sea goddess to your friends and acquaintances.

Top 15: What to see in and around Ayia Napa

Protaras marina

We will talk about what you can see in Ayia Napa and near Ayia Napa, the most beautiful surroundings of Ayia Napa and the top places of the best resort in Cyprus.

Ayia Napa is the best place in Cyprus for beach and club holidays, anyone will tell you that. We dealt with the beaches in the article Best Beaches of Ayia Napa. It’s time to list the main attractions of the best beach resort in Cyprus.

Ayia Napa itself – a fairly large village consisting mainly of hotels, apartments, cafes and bars, as well as clubs. Club life in Ayia Napa is mainly in the center, and the interesting places are scattered on different sides of the city center.

Kavo Greco, Protaras, Ayia Napa

Kavo Greco, Protaras, Ayia Napa

To see the best of Ayia Napa and the surrounding area we have three options for travel:

  • Take a cab, the distances are short and you won’t spend much, especially if you’re traveling with a group.
  • Hire a buggy or quad bike, the most popular transportation in Ayia Napa and Paphos. How much it costs and how to do it I wrote in the article How to rent an ATV in Cyprus.
  • In my opinion, the best way is to rent a car. Prices are affordable, traffic in Cyprus is quiet, drivers are polite, the roads are excellent. In addition, you can travel by car to Northern Cyprus. It is from Ayia Napa the closest to the attractions of the Northern part of Cyprus.

Some places can be reached by city bus 101/102, which goes from/to Ayia Napa to Protaras.

1| Cape Greco National Park

Cape Greco is the first place to go if you vacation in Cyprus. Natural trails, botanical splendor and many picturesque cliffs. Even in high season, you can find secluded places to swim, and hikers and bikers can wander/ride alone with nature.

The most famous is the Aphrodite Trail, which stretches for two kilometers along the northeastern coast of Cape Greco.

Kavo Greco, Protaras, Ayia Napa

Kavo Greco, Protaras, Ayia Napa

2| Nissi Beach

The best beach of Cyprus with fine white sand and a small picturesque island near the shore, which is connected to the beach by a sand spit.

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Located about 3 km away from the center of Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach is around half an hour away on foot, by public transport or by rented car.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

In any case Nissi Beach is a tourist must visit and is one of the top attractions of Cyprus.

3| Fig Tree Bay in Protaras

The cove is located in the neighboring village of Protaras near Ayia Napa, right next to the long city beach of Sunrise Beach. It is named after the lonely fig tree, which used to stand on the edge of the beach and has a spectacular view over the bay.

At Fig Tree Bay is the beach of the same name with fine golden sand. The beach is very popular and crowded in high season. It is considered one of the best beaches in Europe and was awarded the Blue Flag for the purity of the sea and infrastructure.

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras, Famagusta

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras, Famagusta

Along Fig Tree Bay and the entire coastline of Protaras there is a walking trail, a promenade for strolls along the sea.

4| Church of Elias the Prophet in Protaras (Profitis Elias Chapel)

The Byzantine Church of Elias the Prophet was built in 1984 around an ancient chapel. The church is built on a high hill near the center of Protaras and thus is visible from everywhere, being a kind of landmark. There are 156 steps leading up to the church, and the panoramic views of Protaras and its surroundings are a great reward for your efforts. On a clear day you can see the land of the occupied part of Northern Cyprus.

Saint Elias Church, Protaras

Church of St. Elias, Protaras

5| Ayia Thekla Beach and the Chapel of the same name

A small beach a few kilometers from the center of Ayia Napa, Ayia Thekla Beach is named after the old chapel of the same name that has been standing there for centuries. Near Ayia Thekla there are many beautiful little coves that are worth exploring. There are plenty of villas and apartments for rent around this area. The area is not cheap but worth visiting no matter where you are staying in Ayia Napa.

Saint Thekla Church, Ayia Napa

Church of St. Thecla, Ayia Napa

6| The Monastery of Ayia Napa

Located in the center of Ayia Napa and easily accessible for all vacationers. In my opinion, the monastery is overly restored, a little bit losing its charm, although very beautiful. Historically the monastery dates back to the Byzantine period (11th century) but today’s building is 15th century, a time when Cyprus was under the Venetian rule.

The main harbor of Ayia Napa is located 2 kilometers from the monastery.

Sea Caves (Cape Greco).

Along the coastline of Ayia Napa there are many sea caves. Many people rightly consider them the best of Cape Greco. You can see them by going for a swim in the sky-blue water or by snorkeling among the rocks. At low tide, many of the caves can be accessed from the land. Some can only be accessed from the sea through deep passages to the rocks. In the past, this was actively used by smugglers.

The caves can be accessed independently on a quad bike (buggy) or rented car, go in the direction of Cape Greco, sign Sea Caves. You can set the point in the navigation application Maps Me.

Kavo Greco sea caves, Protaras, Ayia Napa

Sea Caves Kavo Greco, Protaras, Ayia Napa

8| Ayios Nikolaos Chapel

The picturesque bay of St. Nicholas and the chapel of the same name are located in Protaras near Pernera Beach. They complement each other perfectly – the bay and the white and blue chapel. Nearby is a small marina. A place for inspiration, perfect for a leisurely cup of coffee with a view of the sea. And take your time. If you have time, stay until sunset, in the light of the setting sun, the view becomes even more breathtaking.

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The chapel itself is typical of Greece and Cyprus, white with a dome painted blue – there are many of these scattered around the Aegean islands.

Saint Nikolas Chapel, Protaras

St. Nicholas Chapel, Protaras

9| Konnos Bay and Beach

Konnos Bay, located between Protaras and Ayia Napa, is an incredibly beautiful beach east of Ayia Napa, with white sand and crystal clear water. It is surrounded by a grove of pine trees and picturesque cliffs. It can be accessed on foot from Cape Greco by following the footpath along the sea. The trail starts from the Picnic site, where you can park your car. It takes about 30 minutes to walk – on the way you can make one hundred and fifty very cool photos, the time will not be wasted, I guarantee.

You can also get to Konnos Beach if you are vacationing at Grecian Park Hotel, which is just above.

In the summertime yachts stop here to swim and relax in the turquoise water surrounded by rocks.

Konnos Beach, Protaras - Ayia Napa

Konnos Beach, Protaras – Ayia Napa

10| Ayia Napa Bay – Limanaki

Ayia Napa Bay is a modern harbor and marina for boats and yachts, cruisers, and sailing boats. There are also two lighthouses in the area, which you can walk to on foot. Ayia Napa harbor is considered the city’s main attraction because it is beautiful. The beginnings of the harbor began in the 70’s with the building of the first breakwater and it has undergone changes and improvements until recently. The area around the harbor has an outdoor theater, fountains, Cypriot-style cafes, fish taverns and restaurants. One of the most beautiful marinas in Cyprus, anyone who loves the nautical theme – I recommend it.

Just after Limanaki Marina begins Limanaki aka Pantachou Beach, which becomes a small beach Glyki Nero Beach.

Limanaki Beach, Ayia Napa

Limanaki beach, Ayia Napa

11| Love Bridge

The main Instagram attraction of Cyprus and Ayia Napa is the Love Bridge . A beautiful natural formation that everyone loves without exception. Love Bridge is located just behind the beaches of Pantachou Beach and Glyki Nero , from Ayia Napa Limanaki Bay can be reached on foot in half an hour.

The Bridge of Love, Ayia Napa

Love Bridge, Ayia Napa

12| Makronisos Beach

A beautiful beach in 5 km. from the center of Ayia Napa. It has golden sand, medium waves and shallow entrance with gradual depth.

East of Makronisos Beach (in the direction of Greco) is Vathia Yonia beach and west of Makronisos Beach (in the direction of Larnaca) lies the famous beach of Agia Thekla.

Makronisos Beach, Ayia Napa

Makronissos Beach, Ayia Napa

Near the beach you can stay in several hotels and in walking distance of the beach there are several beautiful natural coves on both sides of the beach.

13| Famagusta Windmills Valley

Not far from Ayia Napa near Paralimni there is a popular Famagusta Windmills (Famagusta Windmills Valley). They date from the beginning of the 20th century and were used to pump water and irrigate the fields, which were used for farming. There were many mills and now the place is called the land of windmills.

It is worth to go if you have time and want something unusual, it is very close to Ayia Napa and belongs to Protaras (Paralimni). The coolest photos are at sunset, this is the best time to plan your visit.

Windmills, Protaras, Cyprus

Windmills, Protaras, Cyprus

14| Red Soil Villages

Kokkinohoria or “red soil” is the name of the inland area near the resorts of Protaras and Ayia Napa. There are several villages, and people grow the famous red Cypriot potatoes. Of interest are the houses and watching these people live and work. This is a very different Cyprus, non-tourist and non-resort.

15| Sculpture Park in Ayia Napa.

A 20,000 square meter park located at the intersection of Cavo Greco Avenue and Kryou Nerou Street in Ayia Napa. There are sculptures created by famous artists, besides the place itself is very beautiful with the panorama of the sea and surroundings. Every year a symposium of sculptures is organized by the Municipality of Ayia Napa.

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The place is quite nice and nice to spend an hour and a half if you live in Ayia Napa.

Sculpture Park, Ayia Napa

Sculpture park, Ayia Napa

Hotel and apartment recommendations in Ayia Napa

Cleopatra Hotel Annex – Budget hotel from 30 euros for double room, walking distance to Vathia Gonia, Pernera Beach and Nissi Beach (a bit further).

Myriama Apartments – great apartment in the center of Ayia Napa, you have to drive or cab to Nissi Beach and Makronissos Beach, but the apartments are great. Apartments from 20 euros per day, kitchen, balcony and view on flowering gardens in winter and spring.

Myriama Apartments in Ayia Napa

Myriama Apartments in Ayia Napa

Apartment Ground Floor – located not far from the center of Ayia Napa and the local monastery. Several beaches are within walking distance, Nissi Beach can be reached within 30 minutes walk, but if you have a car it is ideal.

Paradi Nissi Golden Sands Apartment – near the beach, sea view, cool comfortable rooms, the drawback is that it is often busy and must be booked in advance.

How to book a cheap hotel in Cyprus

During low season in winter and early spring, you can book a hotel even two days in advance. It is better to do it through Why? If you want to look for a hotel on arrival, the owner may not be there or the apartment will be closed, the prices from Booking do not differ from the prices at the hotel, you know it.

How to rent a car in Cyprus

I always rent a car in Cyprus and I recommend everyone who wants to see more. Public transport here is underdeveloped, there are no railroads in Cyprus, that is why there is no alternative to rent a car.

Traffic in Cyprus is left-handed – thanks to the British, whose colony was the island, but it’s not a big problem. You get used to driving on the right in about 5-15 minutes. Rental cars have red license plates – by these local drivers identify tourists and understandingly treat, giving way. Traffic on the island is correct, the roads are excellent and largely separate, that is, to leave on the “oncoming” chance is almost none.

Car Rental in Cyprus

Rent a car in Cyprus – our Mazda 2

We rent a car on the site Myrentacar, which unites most local renters. Good prices, round-the-clock Russian-speaking support, I’ve already used them 6 times in three years. I have no complaints, the conditions are transparent, so I can always find an acceptable option.

Individual and group transfers to Ayia Napa

Cyprus is a top summer destination and often cab drivers at the airport charge high prices for their services. In addition, most of them do not have child car seats. It is not put because it takes the place of an adult passenger. Because of this, tourists with children have to run around the airport in search of a free car with a child safety seat.

Both problems are solved very simply. Transfer, both individual and group can be ordered online. There you can also choose an option with a child seat. You do not have to overpay the cab driver, and there are no problems with the safety of children.

Everything happens very simply. After ordering, you will be met by a driver with a sign with your name on it. Immediately after leaving the arrival hall you get into the car and drive to your hotel.

How to buy a cheap ticket to Cyprus

We use the service and always buy cheap airline tickets, the main thing is to do it at least a couple of months before traveling. Use the calendar of low prices – very handy.

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