The perfect trip in Estonia

The perfect trip in Estonia

Estonia can be considered one of the best countries where you can go on a road trip. The itinerary of your trip will be filled with lots of exciting activities. As a result, you will also have the opportunity to leave with lots of memories.

But before you embark on a trip to Estonia, it is worthwhile to plan your trip well. Then you will be given the opportunity to get the most out of your travel itinerary. It will not be easy for you to use public transport when you travel in Estonia. Consequently, you should contact a reputable car rental company and prepare your car . This is the best affordable way to avoid disappointment while traveling.

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The perfect trip in Estonia

Here are some useful tips that you can keep in mind when planning your Estonian travel itinerary. These tips can definitely help you make your trip unforgettable.

You can start your journey by visiting the barren and low European plain. This can give you a spectacular driving experience. As you travel, you can visit a modernist masterpiece and the Castle. The scenery is sure to impress you too.

Tallinn Horizon.

When traveling in Estonia, you can’t ignore the Tallinn skyline. The medieval towers will create a fascinating atmosphere in which you can have a pleasant time. It will be a rewarding experience for you as well, and you will absolutely love every second you spend. In the past, Tallinn was occupied by Germans, Russians, Swedes and Danes . As a result, you will be able to experience a mixed culture during your stay.

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Tallinn’s skyline.

You’ll have a spectacular experience when you pass through the gates of Tallinn’s main square. Because the gate is considered a combination of Soviet-era relics and new construction. You will be able to spot a mesmerizing backdrop for photography by the waterfront. It will be a unique experience that you will be able to experience.

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Moscow Olympics relics can also be experienced while spending time in Estonia. This can be seen as a great excursion to experience while you spend time in the country. After taking the aforementioned route, you might consider taking a look at another dimension of Estonia. Here you can take a trip that goes from Tallinn to Navara . To take part in this journey, you need to get a reliable car from a car rental company. This is because you will have to go on a muddy trip, and it will not be the most comfortable experience for a smaller and unreliable car.

Jagala Falls

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Jagala Falls

Jagala Falls is one of the most famous sights you will encounter while spending time on this trip itinerary. It is located in close proximity to the city of Stalin. This city used to be used as a nuclear weapons production facility. However, nothing like it can be found in the modern world. Therefore, as you stroll through the streets of Estonia, you will certainly be able to admire the Jagala Waterfall.

Navara River Boundary

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Navara River Boundary

As you continue your journey, you can spend one night in Navara. The border of the Navara River is impressive. However, in order to get to the border, you must make sure that you have a Russian visa. If you do not have one, you are encouraged to apply for one. The difficulty you go through to apply for a Russian visa completely pays off compared to the experience you will have.

Puchtitsa Nunnery.

All visitors to Estonia will have to consider adding the Puhtitsa Convent to their wish list. In fact, a trip to Estonia is never complete without a visit to the Puhtitsa Monastery. The charming orthodox architecture found at Puhtitsa Monastery is sure to impress you. You will also be able to experience a lot of excitement while spending time at the Puchtitsa Women’s Monastery.

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Puchtitsa Women’s Monastery

The Puhtitsa Convent is considered a mysterious land to be found in Estonia. It can also bring you a unique experience. The traditions held by the people who lived in the Puhtitsa Convent at one time can still be seen today. For this reason, you will have the opportunity to engage in these traditions while you spend your time. In addition, you will be able to walk through the villages and get to know the life of the people closer. These villages are not very developed and people live a simple life. They also depend on the simple things in life. Thus, you will also get the opportunity to taste freshly cooked fish during your stay. There are huts around the streets of Puhtitsa Monastery where you can buy this fish and other necessary food.

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