The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

The Island of Bali – the Pearl of Indonesia, Bali vacation, Bali attractions


Bali is an island stretching 150 km from west to east, and 80 km from north to south, with an area of 5.6 thousand square kilometers.

The Indonesians themselves call the island of Bali the island of the gods. Bali’s natural beauty according to the ancient legends won the hearts of the supreme gods who chose it as the place of their permanent residence and ruled and rested the gods from the labors of the righteous just on this island.

Even those who are not familiar with this legend when you first arrive on the island of Bali takes your breath away from the extraordinary beauty of the views before your eyes. There is the lush green of the tropical vegetation, and the dazzling whiteness of the mountain peaks. And the unusually clear blue waters of the ocean in perfect harmony with the golden sandy beaches.

Of course, the beauty of the island of Bali is not limited only to the natural beauty, it is very harmoniously complemented by ancient temples of extraordinary architecture, local residents in traditional costumes of all the colors of the rainbow, and a variety of cuisine, able to satisfy the most discriminating gourmets.


A variety of health-improving procedures is needless to say. Balinese therapeutic massages and thalassotherapy procedures (exposure to algae) are world famous.

And this is not the whole list of benefits that allow the island of Bali to remain in the top ten most popular resorts in the world.

The island of Bali is a true paradise for lovers of exotic tourism. Although the traditions of the tourism industry here is taken into account in full. You can entertain yourself, for example, elephant safari, diving – scuba diving, rafting – rafting on a special inflatable boat. Or maybe you prefer a calmer pastime, like golf, horseback riding, or fishing. Of course you will be offered a variety of excursions. Or maybe you like an extreme vacation and want to dine on the volcano Kintamani.

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The pearls of the island itself are not only a first-class resorts, tropical jungle and blue lagoons, but also modern cultural centers and villages of artisans and craftsmen Bata Bulan.


And if you’re an incurable romantic, an evening cruise along the island’s harbor is the way to go. Here you can not only enjoy the view of the huge tropical sun disappearing into the ocean, but also have a delicious dinner, watch a performance of cabaret dancers and relax in the disco.

Plan to celebrate New Year in Bali, and you will visit a magical world of exotic and very ancient rituals and fairy tale rituals, which are performed daily in numerous temples throughout the island.

The geographical location of the island of Bali

Bali is an island in Indonesia, part of the Lesser Sunda Islands of the Malay Archipelago. Bali is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south, separated from the island of Java by the Bali Strait to the west and the Lombok Strait to the east.

The administrative center of the island of Bali

This is the city of Denpasar, which has 270 thousand inhabitants and is located in the south of the island itself. The environmental situation in this big city leaves a lot to be desired, so if your vacation is not associated with the endless city noise and inhaling dust, then a visit to this place will not be interesting for you.

Attractions of the island of Bali


In the first place is Barat – Bali National Park. Next is Mount Agung, on which there are about twenty temples. Besakin Temple, which is the largest shrine of the island, makes a truly lasting impression. Gunung Kawi Temple, Pura Panataran Sasi, which in the X-XI centuries served as a tomb for the kings. Interesting cave Goa, Geh Pulu, where directly in the rock is carved a gallery of bas-reliefs.

Uncommon places to travel

Among the most striking natural attractions of Bali can safely include the most interesting volcanic lake Batur.

Balinese Religion

The Balinese religion is Agama Hindu, the name of a form of Hinduism that came to the island in the IX century and merged with the traditional Balinese Buddhism and animism.

Bali Climate

The climatic map of the island indicates a maritime equatorial climate. There are two distinct seasons: the rainy season (November to April) and the dry season (May to October).

Information for those going on vacation to Bali

The time difference with Moscow is in summer plus 3-4 hours, and in winter plus 4-5 hours. The time on the island is 5 hours ahead of Moscow time. This means that when it is midnight in Moscow, on the island it is 5 am.


The official language of the islanders is Indonesian. It is formed on the basis of the Malay language. Although in the resorts, as well as in business circles, English is widely spoken.

The island’s currency is the Indonesian rupiah and banknotes of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 rupiah are in circulation. When converted, the U.S. dollar is roughly equal to 7,800 rupiahs. If you own major credit cards, you can safely pay with them in stores, hotels, and major banks.

Import to the island and export of foreign currency is not limited, while national currency can be taken out no more than 50 thousand rupees, to declare the national currency is mandatory.

Interestingly, the prices on the island, as well as people’s incomes are quite low.

In Bali it is customary to tip 5-10% of the cost of the service.

Documents required for visa application:

  • Passport of a citizen of Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia;
  • original passport; it is important that (at the time of entry into the country) not less than 6 months remain till the expiration date of your passport;
  • The questionnaire, properly completed and personally signed by you;
  • Original ticket and a copy of it;
  • 2 photos (for visa).
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The same documents are needed for children who have their own passports. If a child under the age of 9 years, and is inscribed in the passport of a parent, the visa opens free of charge.

Shopping in Bali

Good quality leather, textiles, and jewelry can be a nice and inexpensive purchase, which is better to buy in the malls. If you decide to take souvenirs from Bali, you can choose between products made of silver, wood, stone, or items of homespun textiles or wicker handicrafts.

Holidays in Bali can be enjoyed throughout the calendar year, thanks to the mild climate of the island.

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The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation and the world’s largest archipelago . Nature has divided this country into 13,677 islands in the Pacific Ocean . This area of the southern hemisphere is rich in volcanoes, and Indonesia is no exception. There are more than 300 volcanoes on the territory of this country, two hundred of which are active. If you take into account the fact that half of the country is covered by tropical rainforest, it becomes clear that the main life of the country is concentrated around large cities and the coastline.

The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta . It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, located on the island of Java, the largest island in Indonesia. But the most attractive and most developed island of the archipelago is another island – Bali. This island is flooded with bright sunlight, for which it has received the unofficial name, visited there by tourists – “Glittering jewel of Indonesia” .

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The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

The length of the island is only 100 kilometers and provides an opportunity for tourists who have rented a car, to make a very interesting and relaxing journey around the island. Winding coastline has given the island many blue lagoons and bays, which are located on the beautiful hotels and resorts, but also a surprisingly mild climate.

The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

Tropical climate with steady temperatures of +30-32 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year provide a constant flow of tourists, and ensure a comfortable stay.

Locals lovingly call their island “the island of a thousand temples”. And they are absolutely right. Tourists will deliver a great pleasure tour with a visit to the temples of Bali and if you are lucky – the temple holidays. These festivals are held with great frequency and are always open to tourists. It must be noted that the locals are surprisingly kind and benevolent. Never leaving anyone indifferent to the smiles and polite bows of the Thais.

The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

The island is unofficially divided by interest. Nusa-Dua – the southern part of the island, densely populated with hotels along the coast with white sand and crystal clear water. It is preferred by people who are used to taking everything from life or those who have decided to make a vacation unforgettable for a lifetime.

The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

The eastern coast of the island is called Sanur and is a favorite vacation spot for couples with children. Clean fine sand and quiet lagoons – what could be better for a relaxing vacation!

The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – the island of Bali

The west coast of the island is called Kuta. It is loved by windsurfers and drivers. And also – Kuta is the center of nightlife in Bali. And understandably so. So many young, healthy and creative young people meet in one place.

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The Pearl of Indonesia - Bali Island

The Pearl of Indonesia – Bali

Come to Bali and see it all for yourself! Comfort and hospitality are guaranteed.

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