The mysterious forest of Romania

The anomalous forest of Hoya-Bachu in Romania scares tourists and locals

The mysterious forest Hoya-Bachu, which is located in Romania, has gained popularity as the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”. Many people are afraid of this place, it is considered incredibly mystical, it is shrouded in mystery and even a BBC film was made about its phenomenon. It is interesting that the forest was interested in Nicholas Cage.

This amazing forest is located near the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, it has repeatedly been the leader in the top of the most frightening places on Earth. Hoya Bachu is also called the “Bermuda Triangle”, the fact is that the trees of the forest have taken a strange shape, in this forest constantly occur various unexplained phenomena. Local residents try not to go far into the woods, they are convinced that the devil himself lives between the trees.

It is said that a person who has entered this forest, literally restrained by a sense of anxiety, he may have attacks of nausea and headaches, in addition, can go as far as rashes on the skin. This area has long been famous for its strangeness. On the Internet you can find materials stating that UFOs are flying in this forest, and the strange sounds from the forest have long been something common in these places. There are also various frightening videos on the Internet, which are even scary to include.

The forest Hoya-Bachu near Cluj, what is special about it?

Romania itself is a country that has been famous for mysterious and terrible legends since ancient times. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Romania is the story of Count Dracula, the vampire who lives forever. Apart from Dracula, Romania has other frightening sights, such as Bran Castle. Recently, tourists are attracted not by the castle and vampires, but by the forest, which is located nearby. This forest is called Hoya Bachu, in which inexplicable and incomprehensible events constantly occur.

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A hundred years ago, this forest was very beautiful and, in a sense, “cozy”. Locals used to come to this forest to relax, it was seen as a park where they could spend a weekend. Berries and mushrooms were gathered here, and there was a busy road in the forest, through which dozens of people passed every day. Today, that road is almost impossible to see because of the thickets that have completely covered the trail. The locals are so afraid of this forest that if this forest were the shortest road to this house, they would rather take the farthest road, just to avoid going into it. In a matter of days, this forest went from being an ordinary park to a center of paranormal phenomena.

In the 1960s, the Romanian biologist Alexander Sift began to take an interest in the phenomenon of this forest. It was Alexander who was the first scientist who really wanted to study the paranormal rather than seeing it as fun. For many years, Sift crossed the forest along and across, he had to sleep near the trees, and he held photo shoots there. Alexander noted that in the back of the forest there is a strange circular clearing with no vegetation at all. It really evokes horror, because this glade looks like a scene from a horror movie.

What secrets the abnormal Romanian forest holds

The history of the Hoya Bachu forest begins with the fact that a century ago this forest began to change its appearance for no reason. Straight trees began to bend in different directions, now arranged at unusual angles, while animals and birds began to disappear.

This forest began to live up to its paranormal reputation after World War I ended. According to legends, a shepherd lived in a local village. One hot July day, the shepherd decided to drive his herd of two hundred cattle to the fair in Cluj. The shepherd had to go through the woods. He entered the woods in the early morning and disappeared. Experts could find no trace of him or his sheep. Since then, the forest has been considered a predator, who once tasted human blood and decided not to stop there.

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It is said that one day a young teacher decided to go mushrooming in the forest. She refused to believe the frightening tales and legends about that forest. The teacher was missing for a very long time, as a result, people got worried and decided to go for a walk in order to find the girl. People found the girl alone, she was sitting right in the thick of the forest. The girl could not remember who she was and how she ended up in that place.

Another legend says that a little girl ran into the woods playing with a butterfly and then disappeared. The parents of the girl decided to organize a large-scale search involving many people, but the little girl was never found. Five years later, the girl emerged from the forest on her own, the same age and appearance as five years before. The girl said that she went into the forest for five minutes and came out very quickly, she did not understand what happened.

There have been numerous sightings of various incidents in these woods that are in one way or another related to UFOs. People have seen mysterious shimmering orbs, various silhouettes and strange creatures in this place. The world ufologists say that this forest is one of the most interesting and mysterious places in the world. Experts believe that the forest can be a temporary portal, where the heroes of all urban legends go. Maybe there is a parallel universe in this forest.

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