The most romantic places in Florence, Italy

09 Dec 2014 Romantic Trip to Florence Romantic Trip to Florence

Florence is located in the heart of Tuscany and is rightfully the birthplace of the Renaissance. This ancient city is filled with beautiful works of art, magnificent architecture and many places that can create a romantic mood .

The weather in Florence is warm and sunny in the summer and mild temperate in the winter. Slightly sprinkled with snow, the top of the Duomo, the famous dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, is a breathtaking sight.

In order to fully experience all that this city has to offer, we suggest getting acquainted with the most significant sights of Florence.

The hills on the south bank of the River Arno offer a fascinating view of the old city. The quarter of Oltrarno is a beautifully preserved part of the ancient city with many craft shops and small stores. Its quiet, tranquil atmosphere is perfect for an early morning stroll.

Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens are particularly lovely before noon, when there are still no large crowds of tourists. The grandiose Medici palace, which inspired some of France’s most famous royal residences, now houses a magnificent art gallery, costume museum, and porcelain museum.

When visiting the famous Medici Gardens, you have plenty of opportunities to avoid meeting other tourists, whether near the grottoes in the northern part of the park or on the shady path that runs parallel to the cypress alley of Viottolone (a great place for kissing!).

Then visit San Miniato al Monte, a basilica with a marble façade on top of one of the city’s highest hills. This church was the site of royal weddings and the filming of many movies, and its steps offer a beautiful view of Florence.

At sunset, walk from the basilica in the direction of Piazza Michelangelo (in spring, the iris garden is particularly beautiful). Then, turn toward the Bardini Garden, where you can admire a 17th-century villa and Renaissance gardens.

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On the north bank of the river, you’ll find many of Florence’s iconic buildings and museums. Instead of crowding around the Duomo, head to another church, Santa Maria Novella, which has its own unique charm.

In this church, Dominican monks began the tradition of making perfumes centuries ago and one of the world’s most renowned pharmacies, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, continues the tradition.

Finding the fragrance of love, walk through the narrow streets of the city and visit the unique stores and stalls for which Florence is so famous.

Toward evening, the number of visitors decreases in the Uffizi Gallery, where in addition to Botticelli’s masterpieces (“Springtime”, “Birth of Venus”) there is another “masterpiece” – a unique view of the city at sunset, which opens from the terrace of the museum on the third floor. The bar, located here, is the ideal place to have a glass of Tuscan wine and enjoy the sights and sounds of Florence.

After experiencing art, lovers are sure to be hungry and are unlikely to be disappointed by Florence’s restaurants. The city, where you can find both tourist sandwich shops, family-run trattorias and modern restaurants of the highest class, is a gourmet paradise.

Autumn in Northern Italy is the season of olive oil and porcini mushrooms, so Florentine chefs present these gifts of the forest ingredients in a variety of delightful ways.

Finally, a romantic journey to the cradle of the Renaissance would not be complete without experiencing the living arts. At the Teatro della Pergola you will experience the history of the place and the modern classics.

The Teatro della Pergola is one of the first theaters with separate boxes and has witnessed numerous performances of works by Vivaldi, Mozart and Verdi. For over 350 years, this theater, located in the center of the city, has enchanted and delighted art lovers not only with what took place on stage, but also with the beauty of its decorations.

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Florence is not only a great place to get around on foot and by car, but also by bicycle, for which Ville in Italia can be a great help. You’ll feel like a star of an Italian film from the 1950s while biking along the Arno promenade and the hills of Tuscany.

The best part is that it’s all close to some of Ville in Italia’s luxury villas and apartments, which will be the perfect place to stay during your romantic trip.


If you draw an analogy between this trip of mine and lunch, Venice is the real, airy dessert, and Tuscany and Rome are the main course. But it just so happened that this time the “dessert” was “eaten” very first, before the juicy steak and carbonara. At first it was very unaccustomed, somehow even uncomfortable. But then it turned out to be very true overall.


I arrived in Florence closer to evening by train with a bottle of red Sicilian in my backpack. It was a couple of hours in a comfortable carriage at the window, with glimpses of stunning scenery with bright red patches of poppy fields in bloom. The only thing that caused some discomfort was the fact that next to me sat a very intelligent-looking aunt, and opposite me – the same grandfather, and I was beckoning from the backpack unfinished vino! But I was too shy to dare.)

The first hour in a noisy Florence, with traffic, buses, honking cars, cyclists, etc., after the quiet and pathos Venice was a little uncomfortable. It turns out that it’s easy to get used to all this in just a couple of days. At first I was puzzled at my surroundings and could not understand how – this is the city that everyone so admires and falls in love with it? Hmmm.

But I adapted quite quickly. I threw things in the hotel, changed my clothes – and forward – to breathe the air of the capital of Tuscany, wander the streets where once walked the Medici, admire the city that gave the world the greatest artists, sculptors and architects…

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On the way from the hotel towards the main sights I meet Giovanni dalle Bande unreal by Baccio Bandinelli with the traditional dove on his head.



In an hour I already had a contented smile and a wonderful mood) Walking through the narrow streets, I thought that here – yes, indeed, romance is more than enough, here you want to fall in love, kiss, talk about everything in the world, hold hands. I wish I hadn’t thought of that! Three minutes later, hooked some Italian, who for all his politeness did not want to go anywhere, offered a lot of great options for the evening, kissing hands and singing songs)) I’m always happy to get acquainted when I travel, especially when you come across really interesting people, but I had only two days for this city, so I carefully escaped on occasion. After all, socializing is one thing, but experiencing the city, experiencing its atmosphere is quite another. This time I wanted to do everything myself.

One of the main squares is Republic Square. It’s always noisy and crowded with cafes, musicians and stores. It’s also a crossroads of shopping streets, where shoppers are happy to disappear.


By the way, he played and sang very, very well!



Very just in time I went to the Arno river on one of the bridges, where I had a wonderful sunset view of the famous Ponte Vecchio.


And then I went into a cozy courtyard, where I met these inhabitants.



The atmosphere was appropriate.

It was darkening, the sweet smell of blooming lime trees around, and the acquaintance with the city, I went to a cozy restaurant with delicious local “dumplings” and wine (though I did not expect anything else from Tuscany).

The next morning I walk through the narrow streets in the direction of the Duomo.


On the way I go to a cafe, have breakfast, look at the boy working there, I think I should come here for lunch and dinner, and maybe stay overnight)))) Just kidding)

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The romance in the air is unreal, it’s like being transported back a few centuries.


San Lorenzo Basilica, 11th century I think. An old sacristy by Brunelleschi.



We approach the Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It’s really unrealistically huge! It was designed so that it could accommodate the entire population of Florence. I did not glue the panorama, but there was not enough width to fit it all))



Faced with green and pink marble, the Cathedral not only looks very imposing, but also very beautiful.



There are, of course, a lot of people in Cathedral Square. Some seek to get inside the Duomo, some climb the bell tower, some just stroll around. It’s probably the busiest place in Florence.


For some, but for me it’s the horses.


Naturally, the Cathedral is worth seeing not only from the outside.

The clock, created in the fifteenth century and is still running. And in reverse.


Brunelleschi’s dome from inside.


Giotto’s Campanile, the bell tower.



After I had looked at everything from inside, and walked around enough, I went further. I did not climb the tower, I did not want to waste time in queues. And the observation deck would be ahead of me.

At the square of modern Raphael.


Just walking or going to a destination, of course, do not miss and small churches – it is still incredibly beautiful and comfortable, even in the smallest of them you can find world famous masterpieces, and besides this is a great way to take a break from the heat).

Florence as it is.





Sometimes there are “living statues”. If you meet them unexpectedly – you can be frightened.


The next landmark is the Piazza della Signoria. The center of Florence, the main square. Here is the Palazzo Vecchio, the Palazzo della Signoria, which used to be the seat of the Council of the Republic and now houses the city council.


In front of the palace there are a huge number of sculptures by Donatello, Bandinelli, Gianbologna, Cellini, and even Michelangelo’s “David” (though almost all are copies).

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In the center of the square is a fountain with a sculpture of Neptune ruling the horses.


Nearby is the Uffizi Gallery – the most famous and popular gallery in Italy, and maybe even in Europe. The huge collection includes masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Botticelli, Giotto, Uccello and many others.


In all the guidebooks and reviews write that in the tourist season to get there is very difficult, that is, you have to stand in some long unimaginable queues. I, on the recommendation of a local, bought a ticket at the ticket office next to a church (sorry, can’t remember now where it is located) with a queue of zero people, and then I got into the museum at about the same time. Hi everyone, don’t believe anyone – it will be awesome for you too if you want it.

But as long as I have time before I go enjoy the beautiful and eternal – walk on.

Somewhere crowded, and somewhere worth turning around and not a single person.



Lovers of shopping, by the way, there is also a place to turn around. This is Italy itself, though not Milan.



Future Uffizi exhibits?)


For a change – I’m in the asterisks.)


Going back to the river. View of Ponte Vecchio from the other side.


Heroic people. While we are walking, looking around and drinking wine – they are paddling!)


Heroic people again)


Ponte Vecchio up close.


This ancient bridge was built in the fourteenth century and still retains its original appearance. Except that it used to be a butcher’s shop, and now it’s dotted with jewelry and souvenir stores.


It’s probably my favorite alley in Florence. Here I wanted to just sit down and stay forever.



Here, before visiting the Gallery, I went to a little cafe, where I was not only given a cup of coffee, but also was fed with some cosmically delicious cake.

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