The most remote hotels in the world

10 the most remote hotels in the world: you may need a private plane

Some hotels are very difficult and very expensive to get to

For most Russians a vacation abroad – it means buying a tour from an operator, packing suitcases, boarding a plane bound for the warm sea, and a placid enchilada on the beach, accompanied by gourmet delights and libations in the company of their merry fellow countrymen.

Others, relying on their own strength, find a destination, book a flight and accommodation on their own, hoping in this way to save a little money, and get rid of the crowds during the vacations.

But there is a very special format of vacation. It is for those who most value solitude, peace and pristine nature. It is preferred by true connoisseurs of travel: they have already seen a lot in their travel life and crave unique experiences. Tourist industry is focused on them, offering hotel comfort on the most remote routes. We will tell you about 10 of these little-known, almost secret locations. These are the most secluded and remote hotels on Earth, they are scattered practically on all continents – from Scotland to Antarctica.

Their remoteness and poor accessibility is not only due to geography: a number of locations can only be reached by air, by private plane or by private plane. Although some of them are located far beyond the city limits and are a few hours away. The economic component plays an important role in the elite: a night begins at $300 (18,500 rubles) and reaches $8,500 (522,000 rubles). Finally, as already mentioned, such a holiday in the wilderness, away from civilization is clearly “not for everyone.

Here is our “top ten” most remote hotels in the world.

Avasi Patagonia, Chile

The hotel is a complex of luxury villas in the Torres del Paine National Park. Unpretentious-looking wooden villas inside are full of modern coziness and equipped with everything needed to make guests feel like royalty. The 80m² apartments are made of local wood and decorated in the style of a traditional Patagonian house. The house has Wi-Fi , a wood-burning stove, and a hot tub. The restaurant serves local and world cuisine.

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Each villa has a spectacular all-around view of Torres del Paine, considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each lodge is assigned a guide and off-road vehicle, which guests can drive to explore the literally vast expanse of the national park.

Rooms start at $896 (55,000 rubles) per person for one night.

2. Fogo Island Inn, Canada

The hotel calls itself “an island on an island in one of the four corners of the earth. Indeed, from afar Fogo Island looks like an ocean liner, an island of comfort in the middle of the deserted grandeur of Canadian Newfoundland. Floor-to-ceiling windows in all 29 rooms offer ocean views. The view is especially chic from the restaurant – it comes right up to the shore and is perched on a hill: you can watch the whales play from here.

This is one of the very few places on Earth where you can not only see icebergs, but also get close to them by motorboat. In addition to admiring the northern landscapes with reindeer and incredible starry skies, as well as tasting cloudberry, guests enjoy riding snowmobiles and taking nature hikes.

Rooms cost from $1,500 (92,000 rubles) per night.

3. Ultima Tooele Lodge, Alaska

The Arctic adventure continues!

To get here, you need a plane. First to Anchorage, then by charter to McCarthy. Ultima Thule Lodge is located deep in the Alaskan Bush. There are no roads or settlements around here for more than 500 miles. Everything is brought in from out there, from the “civilized” world.

The hotel consists of several log cabins for one family or group. There is also a utility block and a small airfield. The small monoplane is literally in demand: only from the height of the bird’s flight one can capture all the harsh beauty of the Arctic nature.

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The hotel season is short: May to September.

Prices start from $8,500 (521,500 rubles) per night.

4. Qasr Al Sarab, United Arab Emirates

From the northern latitudes into the melting heat of the African desert. Qasr Al Sarab resort complex is located in the Liwa Desert, an hour and a half drive from Abu Dhabi. This palace-oasis in the sands with 140 rooms, though located in a secluded place, you can be sure, do not let their guests bored! In addition to traditional sunbathing by several pools, restaurants, bars and spa complex, you can ride a bike or camels.

Prices start at $300 (18,500 rubles) per night.

5. Torridon, Scotland.

Next is Europe, more precisely Scotland. The Hotel Torridon is located on the highlands of Scotland on the area of 58 acres near the lake Loch Torridon. The hotel staff jokingly says that this place is ideal for stargazers. And they are right: the purest mountain air, the cleanest ecology, peace and privacy are guaranteed for those who choose to spend their vacation here.

Rooms and suites are decorated in retro and classic style with uncompromising quality of luxury. For those who are looking for complete privacy, there are private cottages by the lake. Everything is provided here for autonomous living with maximum comfort, including your own kitchen with all the utensils. Restaurant with a century and a half of history, pub, bar – fans of aged Scotch whiskey will not be disappointed.

For lovers of healthy lifestyles there is a boat station for water rides, including kayaking. The vast expanses of the reserve can be explored at will: on mountain bikes or during an eco-tour on foot.

As for accommodation costs, a “week of happiness” in February for two will cost $6,500 (398,000 rubles) .

6. Three Camels Lodge, Mongolia

From Europe to Asia. We are in Mongolia. In the middle of the Gobi Desert is Three Camel Lodge. Nomads, there is no other name for those who got into such wilderness, traditionally live in yurts. It is unusual, authentic, and picturesque. The yurts are riveted to one another, and each stands on a small raised stone foundation. Inside, the furnishings combine European traditions and Eastern motifs from the Middle Ages.

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The location is very secluded – suffice it to say that the nearest city-airport Dalanzagada more than 100 kilometers on unpaved road.

The remoteness from civilization more than pays off with a good restaurant and a rich excursion program offered by the hotel, including a search for dragons and eagles in the heart of the Gobi Desert.

Prices start from $560 (34,000 rubles) per guest per night.

7. Vichaway, Antarctica

Undoubtedly, the tour to the South Pole is the pinnacle of tourism, its extreme point in every sense. It is truly expensive and truly cool. And if you make up your mind, the only place you can find shelter is the Whichaway Campground, Antarctica’s only luxury hotel.

Tourists arrive from South Africa’s Cape Town by luxury private jet – after a five-hour flight.

The campsite consists of outbuildings including a reception, lounge and dining area. Guests stay in 6 half-bedroom cabins designed for two people. They are relatively small (only 6 meters in diameter), but very cozy. The interior is done in the Victorian spirit, there is a large double bed, a desk, as well as a bathroom and toilet.

Depending on their preferences, guests can relax, taking sunbaths from the non-setting sun, indulge in gastronomic delights during lavish picnics, or choose adrenaline-fueled adventures. So, you can see the unreal beauty of ice grottoes and tunnels, under the guidance of an experienced instructor to try their hand at rock climbing or snowkiting.

Prices start from $38,594 (2,367,000 rubles) for a four-day tour.

8. Hotel Eolo, Argentina

This luxury hotel is located in the middle of magnificent wilderness. From here, the Perito Moreno Glacier is just an hour away. The location is best seen in perspective: a small island of luxury in the middle of unspoiled nature.

The architecture of the main building is in the style of Alpine chalets, and the rooms are exquisitely furnished. Guests particularly like the unforgettable views from the large panoramic windows and the comfortable armchairs for quiet reflection.

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The restaurant operates on a full-board basis and the menu features local cuisine. Other activities include an indoor pool and spa.

But the main thing, of course, is the excursion programs: mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding. In terms of accessibility, the hotel is not too remote, unlike the others we are talking about here: only a half-hour drive from the town of El Calafate.

Staying costs from $1,000 (61,000 rubles) .

9. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

If you are not afraid of heights and want to take unique pictures of mountain scenery, Skylodge is the place for you. The views from the rooms are breathtaking and dizzying – literally -.

There is no other hotel like it on the planet: guests live – let’s be clear! – not in traditional rooms, but in transparent capsules attached to steel cables. They are made of very strong aerospace aluminum and are very spacious: you can move freely and stand upright in them. They are also functional, with a shower and a special toilet curtained with a zippered tarpaulin. Each capsule can accommodate 4 people and they rest here. There is also a common capsule-dining room, where chefs prepare food from what the guide-instructors bring with them.

A special requirement for guests is excellent physical fitness: without strength and dexterity, you can’t survive here – almost literally.

The main purpose of the visit is the sacred Urubamba Valley, the center of the Inca Empire. Rooms are booked at least six months before the high season begins: May-September.

Prices start at $600 (37,000 rubles) .

10. Deplar Farm, Iceland

What holiday without the northern lights and hot thermal springs under the arctic starry sky! You can experience it only here, in Iceland.

Deplar Farm is not only a luxury hotel, able to satisfy the most demanding guests, but also an excellent health center: gymnastics, yoga, spa complex.

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Lovers of outdoor activities will also find a lot of opportunities here: bicycles, snowmobiles, hiking tours. The Trödlaskagi Peninsula, that is, the troll peninsula, has a lot to see: picturesque mountains, narrow glacier plains with geysers, dormant volcanoes, including the extinct volcano Curling.

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