The most popular attractions in the Maldives

The 10 most fascinating places in the Maldives, a must-see

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

The Maldives consist of 26 atolls located in the Indian Ocean. Here you will find deep azure waters, white sandy beaches and a wide variety of vegetation. It’s the perfect place to spend your days leisurely, relax and unwind. Divers, snorkelers, and underwater animal explorers will also appreciate this paradise. We’ve ranked the most striking sights and places in the Maldives that you simply must see with your own eyes.

Uteemu Ganduwaru.

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

Let’s start with a historical landmark – the residence of Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu, located on an inhabited island in the north of the Maldives. Due to his heroic deeds and defense of his own people from the Potrugal conquerors, Sultan Mohammed is considered a true idol in the Maldives.

Biyadu Resort

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

This quiet resort is considered one of the best reef spots in the Maldives. Here you can enjoy a variety of water sports and choose any of the 35 stunning dive sites.

Old Friday Mosque

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

The interior of the mosque is magnificent. Especially impressive are the coral stone walls with Arabic-style patterns. There are also tombs of sultans and nobles. A great place to explore the Islamic culture of the Maldives.

National Museum

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

This building, located in the city of Male, contains many different artifacts that reflect the history and culture of the country. The museum was built by the Chinese government. It was officially declared a National Museum on July 26, 2010.

Х. P. Reef.

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

This is one of the best places for diving, where you can explore the stunning coral reefs and the fascinating world of fish. The protected marine area is located north of Male.

Banana Reef

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

Banana Reef is considered the most popular diving spot in the Maldives. It gets its name from its banana-like shape. The main feature of the reef is its inhabitants – Napoleon fish, moray eel, and the rare pennant butterfly fish.

Manta Point

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

Manta Point is also a very famous area for diving, where you can enjoy the process of feeding huge stingrays and watching gooban fish.

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Alimata Island

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

The island is located in Vaavu Atoll, in the east of the Maldives. A place of unforgettable diving and snorkeling. There is also a stunning central beach. The island boasts rich vegetation and many scenic spots. This place is perfect for fans of the 5-star atmosphere.

Sun Island Resort and Spa

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

One of the best resorts in the Maldives is located in South Ari Atoll. Its incredible exotic flowers, lots of greenery and stunning lagoons will win your heart. Local bungalows offer all the comforts, incredible comfort and luxury you need.

Bluetribe Moofushi Dive Center

The 10 most fascinating places to see in the Maldives

This center offers you an incredible experience in a variety of water sports – windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, catamaraning, and more. Bluetribe Moofushi is famous for its excursions, during which you can meet whale sharks, stingrays and many other unusual inhabitants of the water world.

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Maldives attractions – the most exotic places

The Maldives has long been synonymous with chic and serene vacations. However, sun, palm trees, white sand and azure waves are not the only virtues of this paradise.

To start with the fact that white sand and coconut trees can be found in every other resort in Asia or America. But so much coral, colorful fish and ideal for kiteboarding wind is nowhere else in the world. Plus the Maldives is located far from the trade routes, so the water here is very clean indeed.

If you’re worried that a relaxing vacation isn’t for you, and the Maldives is actually boring, then catch this pick! We’ve put together the most exotic places in the Maldives that are really beautiful, interesting and fun.

Corallarium in the Maldives – the first underwater museum in the Indian Ocean

Corallarium is located in the center of the largest coral lagoon near the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi resort. The museum is a large gallery with through-patterned walls and sculptures – they are designed for the underwater creatures and corals that build in the crevices of the dwellings.

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To tour the museum, you’ll need to sign up for a tour: it’s led by marine biologists several times a day. You’ll need a snorkeling mask, flippers, and scuba gear to just walk around the coralarium.

Or plant your own coral and contribute to a reef regeneration program.

Waadu Beaches on Raa Atoll and the Glow-in-the-Dark Sand

Vaadu Island is part of the Raa Atoll. Any hotel knows about it and you can book an excursion there right at the reception desk. At dusk, the sand of Vaadu begins to glow and shimmer like a starry sky. This unusual natural phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton that lives in the local waters.

Together with the waves, plankton is carried on the beach, and then the sand begins to shine. But it is the waves themselves that glow more intensely – as if you were sailing on a northern aurora!

Hanifaru Bay – UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The reserve is located on the territory of Baa Atoll. The bay resembles a deep oblong bowl with a lot of plankton and colorful reef fish in the shallows. This attracts huge manta rays, also called sea devils.

According to researchers, this is the largest manta ray dining spot in the world! From August to November they gather in large flocks and rush to the bay to dine.

In addition, there are various sharks, and the fall blooming corals – a spectacular sight.

Ithaa – the world’s first underwater restaurant

Stingrays aren’t the only ones who love deep sea food. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is located 5 meters below sea level next to the coral reef and island which belongs to Conradd Maldives Rangali Island Resort. Through its panoramic windows you admire not the island scenery, but the underwater beauty. Reefs, exotic clams and flocks of tropical fish – these are the views. And the windows here are not only transparent walls, but also a transparent domed ceiling.

The restaurant can be visited only in compliance with the smart-casual dress-code: not business yet, but not a beach casual one either. And there is a deep-water cellar!

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Ithaa’s wine list is one of the richest and most diverse in the Maldives.

Club-restaurant Subsix: champagne in the company of butterfly fish and turtles

It can rightfully be considered one of the most atmospheric bars in the world! Club Subsix belongs to Niyama Private Islands Resort (Daalu Atoll). Imagine sampling exotic food at a depth of 6 meters while parrot fish and yellow Moorish idols peer curiously through the huge windows.

Occasionally you might see majestic sea turtles, silent morays and striped abudefduffs.

And the bar itself fits perfectly with the underwater world theme. Thousands of seashells hang from the ceiling, the lighting fixtures look like starfish, and the designer chairs resemble sea urchins. Every Wednesday and Saturday, there’s a light show that makes the ocean floor look even more beautiful. Lunch with a glass of wine will cost Subsix approximately $165.

Real Submarine Excursion in the Maldives

Diving to a depth of 45 meters in the Whale Submarine is a traditional attraction in the Maldives. Moreover, the Whale Submarine is considered the only passenger submarine in Southeast Asia.

During the trip you will see more than 100 species of fish, rare sea turtles, underwater caves and grottos, coral reefs. The tour starts from Male, and you can sign up for it in most resort hotels.

Diving is available on all days except Monday and Friday.

Soneva Fushi Observatory on Baa Atoll

Located within the Soneva Fushi Resort, Baa Atoll, is the Soneva Fushi Observatory. It is the only observatory in the world that is so close to the resort complex.

The observatory has a powerful telescope, which will show you detailed images of the mountains and craters on the moon, the satellites of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and Cassini Slit, distant galaxies and many stars.

The telescope itself sits at a height of 12 meters under a fully automated dome

Given that the sky in the Maldives is clear and transparent, no light or man-made pollution, the visibility should be amazing.

Of course, Soneva Fushi is not only an observatory, but also a luxury holiday resort.

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Gili Lankanfushi underground wine cellar at North Male Atoll

An underground curiosity in the middle of the ocean is located at the Gili Lankanfushi resort in North Male Atoll. The atmospheric cellar, due to its unusual location, maintains an optimal temperature for the wines.

The trip here is a bit of an adventure. It all starts with a glass staircase that leads to the cellar. A huge trunk of a tree serves as a tasting table, which was once thrown on the shore and came in handy.

An experienced sommelier accompanies guests and is ready to help them choose from 500 varieties of wine from around the world.

Plus, the resort also has a chocolate cave with handmade goodies.

Spas in the Maldives: underwater and in the trees

Vacations in the Maldives have long been synonymous with rest and relaxation. Spa complexes on the islands are proof of this. But here they have decided to go even further and have thrown spas either into the trees or deep under the water. Intrigued?

Lime Spa on the island resort Huvafen Fushi

The underwater theme in general is about to become the trademark of the Maldives. The Lime Spa on the resort island Huvafen Fushi is the first in the world to be located 8 meters beneath the surface of the ocean.

The panoramic view of the fishes and reefs can be considered part of the relaxation therapy. Lie on the massage while a shoal of barracudas slowly swims by, taking your worries and concerns away with them.

Deverana Spa at Dusit Thani Resort

The Dusit Thani resort has also taken a creative approach to the location of the spa. Its name, Deverana, translates to “garden in the sky”.

The salon is really located at the level of palm tops and the views from here are simply unreal. And the salon receives guests of all ages: there are separate programs for children, anti-age therapy, procedures for men and the whole family.

If you dreamed of a family “reset”, then you are sure to come to Deverana.

Voava, an island that you can rent.

An offer for the very rich introverts! Voava Island is indeed available for rent in its entirety. Two spacious villas and a beachfront residence are available. In addition, the island is part of the famous hotel chain Four Seasons, which in itself is a guarantee of comfort.

Escape to the Welsh Islands

True, the only way to get here is by seaplane, but if you can afford to rent an island, such a transfer will also not be a problem.

Guests of Voâva also have exclusive access to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which is home to dozens of species of exotic fish – snorkeling promises to be exciting!

The island comes complete with a chic 19-metre yacht, spa complex, billiard room, gym, several open-air swimming pools and a team of chefs ready to cater to the gastronomic whims of guests around the clock.

Transparent sphere and villa underwater in the Maldives

Beach Bubble Dome Lodge

At Finolhu Resort, you can stay in the unusual Beach Bubble dome hut with transparent walls and roof. Wake up to gentle rays at dawn and fall asleep counting the stars – it’s like a fairy tale. Towering sphere on the beach: you’ll watch the waves without getting out of bed. No resort facilities nearby, so you do not have to worry about privacy.

Underwater Villa Muraca

Villa Muraca has already become famous as the world’s first underwater residence. It is located in the resort Conradd Maldives at a depth of about 5 meters.

A transparent domed ceiling and walls through which you can watch underwater life – it’s like an oceanarium, only with two bedrooms, a landscape pool and a personal butler.

Eco-roller at Jumeirah Vittaveli

The Maldives does have an eco-roller. It is located in the resort Jumeirah Vittaveli, and it is the only rink in this region. The unusual attraction for the tropics opened in the summer of 2018, and Olympic figure skating medalist Evgeny Plushenko was present at its opening.

Here you can not only figure eight on skates, but also play hockey.

The rink is fully synthetic: it works without water and consumes zero energy.

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