The most famous ice cave. Eisrisenvelt is a popular attraction in Austria

Ice cave Eisriesenwelt (Eisriesenwelt)

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

Adults – 33 euros, children 15-18 years old – 23 euros, children 5-14 years old – 18 euros. If you buy tickets online there is a discount.

Eisriesenwelt is a system of ice caves, located in the land of Salzburg in western Austria. Ice cave Eisriesenwelt became world famous because of its size – it is the largest in the world. This natural landmark has long been unexplored, which is why its extent was unknown until the end of the XIX century. After numerous studies the cave Eisrizenvelt became a popular tourist spot. It is known that every year it is visited by more than two thousand travelers – they get to it by cable car.

Tour Prices of Icrisenvelt Cave in 2022

The tourist center adjacent to the cave Iceisenvelt and its ticket office is open from 8:30 to 15:00 in May, June, September and October, and until 16:30 in July and August.

  • The funicular is the first ascent at 8:45, for climbers at 8:15 and until 3:20 p.m. in May-June and September-October, and until 3:50 p.m. in July-August. Last descent until 5:00 p.m. and until 5:30 p.m., depending on the time of year.
  • Tours are until 3:45 p.m. and 4:45 p.m.

The cost of excursions to the ice complex Iceisenvelt also varies depending on the season. In 2022 the prices for visiting the cave and the cable car are as follows:

  • regular ticket – 33 euros, if purchased online – 30 euros;
  • teenage – 23 euros, online – 21 euros;
  • Child – 18 euro, online – 14 euro.

You can read more about the price of the services of the Visitor Center of the Aisrizenvelt Cave on the official website.

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

History of the cave

For a long time the ice cave complex Eisriesenwelt was known to many hunters, but explorers avoided it. In 1879, Anton von Posselt-Kzorich, a Salzburg naturalist, made an expedition into the cave and was able to explore about 200 meters of various passages inside. More than 30 years later the exploration of the Eissrizenwelt cave continued – starting in 1912 it was frequently visited by speleologist Alexander von Mörk.

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By the mid-twentieth century, the cave has been almost completely explored. Several more tunnels were discovered, and soon the Eissrizenvelt cave became a true treasure of the Tennengebirge commune. Every year a huge number of tourists come here – the Eissrizenvelt cave offers numerous excursions.

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

Natural value

The ice cave complex Iceisenvelt is the largest in the world – its total length is more than 40 kilometers, and a depth of 407 meters. Layers of ice are preserved here throughout the year.

Ice lensenvelt complex is a giant labyrinth, created by nature itself over many millions of years. It was formed thanks to numerous tectonic shifts and water erosion. It is known that the ice layers in the cave Eissrizenvelt are dynamic. Their movement allows air to penetrate inside the ice complex. Also thanks to this process in the winter, the water in the cave freezes, forming magnificent patterns.

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

Excursions to the Eisrizenvelt Cave in Austria

Since the ice complex Iceisenvelt has become popular among tourists, sightseeing activities here are developed to a rather high level. The first cableway to the ice cave was built about 60 years ago. In 2015, it was renewed. The road meets all safety requirements and transports about 2,500 tourists a year to the Aisrizenvelt Cave.

The tourist season at Eisrizenvelt Cave depends on weather conditions, but it usually begins in early May. The “peak” season is considered the period from July to August – at this time in the ticket office is almost impossible to buy a ticket, because demand is very high.

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

Getting to the mountain by any convenient means, tourists go on a tour. According to tourists, for the convenience of the tour guests are divided into language groups, but there are no Russian-speaking excursions to the cave Eisrizenvelt. Also, many tourists are advised to dress warmer – even in the summer in the cave is kept at a temperature no higher than 0 ° C. During the tour of the ice complex Eisriesenwelt each visitor receives a lamp to light the way – the organizers of the tours do not add lighting to the cave to preserve its pristine appearance.

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Many of the halls of the Eisriesenwelt cave are known to have names, for example, one of them is named after its discoverer, Alexander von Mörk. During the tour, guests are guided through all the open and safe halls of the cave, labyrinths and passages. Tourists are allowed to spend in the cave Eissrizenvelt about an hour – after that the guide leads guests out.

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

Why visit

Aisrizenvelt Cave is exactly the place that is worth a visit, traveling in Austria. According to tourists, the guests of the tour are waiting for the extraordinary beauty and unforgettable sensations. Being in the ice labyrinths of the cave Iceisenvelt, you can feel the power of nature and really imbued with it. Guests of the tour also learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of its formation and discovery, so this leisure can be called educational. The cave Eisriesenwelt in Austria is the largest in the world, so it is not worth avoiding such a sight.

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt

How to get there

From Salzburg to the village of Werfen, near where the cave is located, there is a daily train trip. From Werfen to the tourist center you can take a bus – it also leaves daily, at 08:18, 10:18, 12:18 and 14:18. Then you will need to climb the cable car and walk about another one and a half kilometers.

By car from Verfen can be reached in literally 20 minutes, as the distance is no more than 5 kilometers. However, for drivers with high anxiety this way is not recommended – you will need to drive on the mountain road. Coordinates for the navigator: 47.502982, 13.190231.

Icrisenvelt – a giant ice world

Ice Cave Eissrizenvelt is the largest ice cave in the world. To get into it, you must first climb the cable car, and then walk to the entrance. Do not forget a warm jacket and shoes! The scale and size of the cave is impressive! And the view from the mountain is mesmerizing.

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Ice Cave Irisenvelt

Ice Cave Icrisenvelt, photo by Juliette_G

The Eisriesenwelt is the largest system of ice caves on the planet. “A giant icy world” is how its name is translated from German. The caves are located in the Austrian Alps, forty kilometers from Salzburg.

This natural tunnel was formed by the waters of the Salzach River, eroding the rocks for thousands of years. The river bed is now much lower than the entrance to the cave. Currently only 42 kilometers of the system have been explored. The grandiose natural structure is situated at an altitude of 1641 m.

Discovery of the cave

Road to the cave

The road to the cave, photo by Emanuele Debenedetti

The ice wonder of nature for a long time was known only to local hunters. They learned about the entrance to the caves back in 1849, but only 1879 is considered the date of the official opening. It was then that Anton von Posselt-Kzorich, a naturalist from Salzburg, penetrated two hundred meters into the depth of the tunnel. The research was continued by Alexander von Mörk, a speleologist who died in the war in 1914. He is buried in one of the niches of the cave.


Beginning in 1920, tourists streamed into Eisrisenvelt. The 90-minute climb was quite difficult. For the convenience of visitors in 1995 built a cable car, which reduced the ascent time to 3 minutes. Now every year from May to October 200,000 tourists come here. In winter, visit Aisrisenvelt can not, because of the danger of avalanches.

Climbing to the cave

You can climb from the ticket office to the entrance to the cave in 2 ways:

  • by cable car, and then walk to the entrance for 15-20 minutes;
  • By foot (free of charge) along the scenic road, the ascent takes 1.5 hours.

Journey through the cave

The first kilometer of the cave is covered by ice. This is an extremely beautiful sight, and it is in this part of the tunnel that tourists are allowed. You have to go by wooden stairs, the internal height difference is about 1 kilometer. Inside it is very cold, even in summer the temperature does not rise above 0 °, so visitors need gloves, warm clothing and comfortable non-slip shoes.

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View from the cave

Ice excrescences

In the cave

Cash desks

The first grandiose natural structure on the route is Posselt Hall. In the middle of it stands a huge stalagmite – the Tower of Posselt. Other halls in the cave are named after Scandinavian mythology: Friggy’s Fata, Odin’s Hall, and Humir’s Hall. In the Hall of Humir is the “Ice Organ”, a giant stalactite formation. Due to the free circulation of air through several entrances to the caves, the appearance of the ice structures is constantly changing. The culmination of the trip is the grandiose Ice Palace, located 400 m underground.

Opening Hours

The cave is open daily from April 28 to October 28.

The ticket office is open: in May, June, September, October 8:00-15:00; July-August 8:00-16:00.


Cave tour + cable car: adults €24; children (ages 5-14) €14; youths (ages 15-18) €18; students and pensioners €22.

How to get there

You can get to the Eissrizenvelt by renting a car from Salzburg to Werfen and then along the mountain road to the parking lot.

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