The most exotic countries for vacations

Exotic Places to Travel

If you have already visited almost all European countries, and in Egyptian and Turkish resorts oriented as in your home town, it is time to completely change travel destinations for vacation and choose exotic travel destinations. Travelling through thought-out routes of exotic countries will please almost everyone, the mass of unusual and striking vegetation and unusual beaches, amazing taste and sometimes even quite unlike the fruits.

Exotic vacation allows tourists to retreat to a small island, lost in the ocean abyss, enjoying the sea and the silence, admiring the magnificent flora and rare fauna. Regardless of which state you choose for an exotic trip, its life and features, traditions and culture will forever remain in the memory of travelers.

Seychelles and Maldives – a place of paradise

Truly paradisiacal islands of archipelagos Seychelles and Maldives generates boundless interest among tourists, because the rest on the rising from the oceanic abyss of land will enjoy a warm welcome, a charming atmosphere, the cleanest air.

Staying on the beautiful islands in a tropical climate zone, you can dive into the ocean depths, admiring the beauty of the sea, scurrying packs of small bright fish. And cope with the high speed of the current during the dive to help swimming skills, which can always be obtained at diving lessons at local schools.







Indonesia – diving in the exotic

In Indonesia, you can spend time very unusual, making an unforgettable hike on an elephant through the impenetrable jungle, walk along the rivers and memorable jeep rides. For as much enjoyment as possible, tourists can charter a beautiful yacht and take a romantic ocean voyage. The highlight of the trip will be a trip to a deserted island, where travelers can feel like a real Robinson Crusoe, with whose history many tourists associate a vacation in the island nation.

The world of Indonesian flora and rare fauna will not leave any traveler indifferent, and diversify the experience of rest can excursions to crocodile or elephant farms. Viewing snakes and eels, meeting with giant sea turtles, swimming between tropical fish and swimming with dolphins give tourists a lot of unforgettable emotions. Indonesia is also interesting to fans of extreme sports, which are happy to make the unpredictable adventurous rafting.

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Indonesia gives and relaxing holiday, offering foreign guests mud baths and massage rooms, full medical care. The itinerary of a trip to the islands can be carefully thought out in advance, developing the most appropriate programme of rest to get a charge of health and undying vigour for several years.

Malaysia is a unique state

Malaysia can be called an exotic country, which combines the richest cultural heritage of past centuries and trends of the future, mild climate and unique recreational atmosphere. Diverse and diverse Asian state with its exoticism, like a magnet, attracts thousands of travelers. It is home to many ethnic groups, including the Chinese and Malays, Arabs and Indians, and among the local population are represented even a small tribe of Sabah and Sarawak.

Everyone who comes to Malaysia to rest or work will feel most comfortable regardless of their race, appearance or eye-expectancy.

The Caribbean – the entertainment playground of the world

A trip to the Caribbean islands is like a trip to paradise and there is always something to see and do in the middle of the sea. The Caribbean attracts tourists with its cultural roots and rich history, and literally everywhere the influence of Denmark and Great Britain, France and the USA, Spain and the Netherlands is felt, and even without a touch of Africa in this unique place.

The uniqueness of the Caribbean islands lies in the maximum number of sunny days and whiteness of the sandy beaches, friendly atmosphere, green valleys planted with banana groves and sugar cane, majestic mountains covered with coconut palms. The people are as varied as the islands’ fascinating nature, with many languages and dialects, and people of all skin tones.

Africa – unforgettable adventurous expeditions

Africa attracts true travelers who want to enjoy nature that still manages to preserve its pristine beauty. And exotic vacation in Africa is not necessarily risky, because tourists can choose the expensive resort and stay in a safe luxury hotel. Modern safari and its charms – the main uniqueness of rest, so different from the traditional bloody hunting. And it resembles a kind of adventure expedition, during which travelers can be in the natural habitat of local fauna and observe the behavior of African animals.

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Each adventure itinerary is designed according to a certain idea, around which an exclusive excursion program is built. Vacationers can see rare animals and preserved pristine vegetation, admire the world of birds and animals, the inhabitants of virgin forests and endless African savannahs.

Feeling themselves a part of a unique world, travelers will experience and all opportunities for recreational activities, including car tours and unforgettable hikes, sightseeing tours and short bike rides. Everyone who is thirsty for adventure, eager to learn new things, get the most vivid impressions will be able to fully appreciate the exotic tours to the lost corners of the planet.

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