The most dangerous places to dive

The 12 most dangerous places for diving enthusiasts

Diving activities are a safe hobby. Picturesque corals open up to the eyes of the tourist. Fish of different colors swim in the warm water. The beach of white flawless view opens to swimmers. Territorially it can be in tropical latitudes.

There are cases of dangerous situations that must be avoided. In caves, near submarine-type boats, at incredibly low depths, when jumping from the towers, divers discover uncharted worlds and get bursts of adrenaline.

There are twelve very dangerous places to dive

In Texas, Wimberley, there is Jacob’s Well, which is a dangerous place. The location is southwest of the urban expanse of Austin. At first glance, the water-filled space appears to be a pond. In fact, the water fill is a deep well. This place is a special case. Four caves connected together create dangerous conditions for swimming and diving to depth. The first and second caves are of normal size, it is comfortable to swim here, but in the third cave a narrow passage is found. The caves have gravel, which is not easy to pass. If you raise the sand deposits, the water will become hard to see, it will be uncomfortable to swim. Eight people have died in this place.

There is Cocos Island in Costa Rica . Its remote location from the mainland is intimidating when diving. There is a park of national importance on the island. Thirty-five hours of travel will take the tourist to get to the right point. There are sharks in the water, among which are found large species. Dolphins and sea turtles are swimming. Divers from all over the world come to swim in this area.

Blue hole of large size, on the territory of Lighthouse Reef. The water is cleanest, underwater life is abundant. Dives are made deep. The underwater depth is 120 meters. The diver sees things he has not seen before. Stalactites on the walls of the limestone crater can be a dangerous phenomenon underwater. One of the most beautiful places on the entire planet.

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“Temple of the End of the World” in other words called the Eskeleto cenote. The area is a limestone cave flooded by water. The ruins of Tulum in Mexico are a cave. The narrow passages prevent normal swimming. Experienced divers risk their health. It is very dangerous to jump from the steep edge. There are no ladders, no safety measures are in place. The sense of direction is lost as you go down, and it’s easy to get lost at depth. A father and son swimming here died.

Divers visit Devil’s Place in Ginny Springs, Florida. This place is a cave. The transparency of the water has a comfortable temperature. A tight suit is not necessary. Devil’s Caves is dangerous for divers. Underwater currents are strong and there are whirlpools.

A German submarine is in New Jersey. There is a structure off the coast and is reminiscent of military events. The discovery occurred in 1991. An American diver found the boat. The depth of the find is 73 meters. The divers who discovered the structure died. The icy water and strong currents are very bad for each other. Diving is dangerous and can be fatal.

There is a crater in Australia. It is located in Mount Gambier. There are lakes, caves, and limestone sinkholes. A small well contributes to the immersion of a dozen meters. Passages under the water make it possible to get close to the underwater lakes. Tragic accidents occur frequently.

In Florida, there is a sinkhole called “Eagle’s Nest”. Three hundred meters deep is the place. The most experienced divers are afraid to dive to this distance. Carbon dioxide is elevated. Disorientation makes it difficult to get to the top. Several people have died here.

There is a popular deep dive site on Samesan Island in Thailand. The dive to 85 meters. Only professionally trained people, are able to make the trips. Strong underwater currents scare people. There are bombs left over from the war. They can work.

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Failure near the island of Same-San, Thailand This is a popular place for those who dive to great depths . However, it is very dangerous. First, only professionals can dive to eighty-five meters. Secondly, there are strong undercurrents. Finally, the most dangerous thing here are the bombs left over from the war, which can detonate.

The Eagle’s Nest Fault, Florida Another dangerous place to dive is a three hundred meter deep hole. Even the most experienced divers find it difficult to dive here. Increased carbon dioxide levels in the blood causes disorientation and leads to many not being able to make it to the surface. In the Eagle’s Nest, several people have lost their lives.

In the Red Sea is the Blue Hole. The place is famous for diving. Very dangerous location, and entails the emergence of accidents. 130 meters deep create dangerous conditions. Through the arch you can swim into the sea. Located at a depth of 56 meters, the arch is very dangerous for any most trained diver.

You should try to avoid dangerous places to dive or be as prepared for the process. Take precautions and follow the advice of experienced divers.

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