The most budget resorts in the world

Top 10 cheapest resorts in the world

Millions of our compatriots are lucky to live in an era when neither the “iron curtain” nor the inaccessibility of transport links can become an obstacle to international tourism. Despite the active promotion of recreation within our immense homeland, millions of Russians for a variety of reasons prefer to spend their vacations abroad.

Fortunately, nowadays, in order to visit any country rich in many attractions, beautiful nature and exotic curiosities, the average citizen of Russia is not necessary to take a loan or save up money for a trip of several years. Many travel agencies offer their customers quite budget tours, which are now in great demand.

We present the top 10 cheapest resorts in the world for a budget holiday.

10. Italy

Italy has never had a shortage of tourists. This truly delightful country with a stunning climate, incredibly delicious food, friendly and cheerful people has always been a lure for vacationers from all over the world.

Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany – the mere mention of these places of paradise draws in the imagination of the most inveterate tourists magnificent pictures of Mediterranean nature, rich in everything on earth.

At any time of the year, millions of tourists greedily storm the famous “boot”, guided by quite good motives: in fact, good “excursions”, clean warm sea, equipped beaches, fantastic beauty of nature and, of course, the relatively low cost of all this splendor.

9. Portugal

Portugal is popular not only for fans of budget tourism. Exploring the cozy streets of its cities, you might think that you’ve found yourself somewhere in the historical corner of Spain or southern France. However, unlike these two equally beautiful European countries, in Portugal you will not see crowds of tourists trying to get into everything possible in the shortest possible time.

This place is suitable for true connoisseurs, one might even say, for aesthetes. In Portugal appreciate the tradition, here they cherish the rich historical heritage, know how to enjoy life and do not create a comfort for both the native population and tourists. By the way, here you can try the highest quality coffee in Europe, while the cheapest.

The Hague, Netherlands - the administrative center of the province of South Holland

8. Latvia

Latvia – it is a budget, but a very refined vacation on the coast of the cool Baltic.

Contrary to the perceptions of most Russian average citizens, established in the Soviet period, this country is interesting not only Raimonds Pauls, Laima Vajkule and sprats. First and foremost, Latvia is the heart of the Baltics: it concentrates all the best that this wonderful land has to offer.

7. Nepal

Mysterious and slightly magical Nepal is known as the center of spiritual and philosophical teachings of Asia, so those tourists who are looking for the path of spiritual enlightenment, go here to meditate and breathe the incredible atmosphere of the mysterious place as much as you want.

Those who are much less enthusiastic about the spiritual component of rest in Nepal go here to enjoy a small money to admire the beautiful mountain views, the delightful Buddhist temples and ancient pagodas.

Outdoor enthusiasts visit Nepal in search of subtle exotics, as well as for great trekking and rafting.

6. Hungary

Hungary is a concentration of everything European at its best. Its cities are not inferior to the pomp and grandeur of the famous architectural capitals of Europe, but they don’t throng with gawkers with cameras, and don’t scare away thrifty tourists with exorbitant prices in hotels, restaurants and stores.

Of course, there is a downside to a budget holiday in Hungary – the country has no access to the sea, but the consolation for tourists will be a large number of picturesque lakes and rivers. That just stands the majestic Danube with its incredibly fantastic views.

Here excursions to local attractions are combined with dashing celebrations to gypsy tunes, and rest in the SPA – with tastings of excellent Tokay wines.

Hungary is a homelike warm and hospitable country, which leaves a lot of marvelous impressions even for the most fastidious tourists.

Seville, Spain.

5. Croatia .

Those tourists from Russia who prefer to travel to countries with unique nature and anxious attitude of the local residents to its wealth, be sure to taste the budget holiday in Croatia . Here you can fully enjoy the stunning ecology of the country: the clear sea and well-kept beaches, where the towering picturesque pine trees.

It is also worth mentioning the really healing power of Croatian land and water: in this European country there are 20 mineral springs and one field of therapeutic oil.

Therefore, tourists who want to escape at least for a while oppressive burden of civilization, while not parting with the usual comfort, can just in Croatia completely merge with nature.

4. Czech Republic

There is no off-season in this wonderful Eastern European country. Here is equally pleasant at any time of year to stroll through almost fabulous alleys of medieval cities, enjoy the taste of fresh Czech beer and eat with appetite masterpieces of local culinary art.

In addition, the Czech Republic is famous for its healing spas, which are so popular among tourists from the CIS countries.

In addition to the fact that recreation in this country is much cheaper than in many other European countries, the Czech Republic is good geographical proximity to Russia: only 2.5 hours by plane and all the local beauty is at your disposal.

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its unique nature, rich in relict forests, silver waterfalls, picturesque lakes that rest at the bottom of sleeping craters.

This small country is one of the most popular budget tourist destinations in Central America, especially fans for ecotourism and adventure tours.

Our compatriots who are tired of the noise of megacities will be very useful to gain vital energy from the pristine nature of Costa Rica at a reasonable price.

Winnufossen Falls Norway

2. Tunisia

This amazing country has features of the Mediterranean, Europe, the East and, of course, Africa. Every year, this country is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world.

Rather comfortable climate of Tunisia and a real kaleidoscope of landscapes was first discovered by explorers from France for the rest of the world. After the French the charm of visiting Tunisia was tasted by the inhabitants of Germany and Italy, and from the mid-1990s – by the inhabitants of Russia and neighboring countries.

The ability to provide tourists with almost the same range of services as in Europe, but at a more democratic cost has been adding to the Tunisian budget for years: a huge number of fans of a variety of wraps and other popular spa treatments confirms this.

Sri Lanka

Going to Sri Lanka, away from the noise of civilization and exhausting hustle and bustle, you can for a little money to merge with the stunning seascape and fabulous exoticism.

It’s hard to find a more measured way of life than in Sri Lanka where no one rushes anywhere, all the locals and tourists just enjoy life.

The main part of attractions in Sri Lanka is the gifts of Mother Nature. Noisy discos and parties are not in demand, but picnics in nature, fishing, diving – that’s what is popular with tourists of all stripes.

Despite the fact that holidays in Sri Lanka are considered budget, the flight from Russia here can not be cheap.

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