The most beautiful bridge in the world: extreme tour

The most beautiful bridge in the world: extreme tour

Extreme – it is not only diving, skydiving, surfing and other sports in the same spirit. It’s also high cliffs, crocodile farms, elephant fights and more. So, it will be no less adrenaline-filled journey to the most dangerous bridges in the world! Not only you will tickle the nerves, but also see the beautiful, breathtaking scenery.

The Royal Gorge Bridge

Colorado has an amazing bridge that is called the Royal Gorge Bridge for its grandeur. Its height is extraordinary – 291 meters, which is equal to the height of about 90 floors! It’s the most dangerous bridge over the Arkansas River.

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The Royal Gorge Bridge

This bridge is very old. The place where the bridge is located now was first discovered four centuries ago by Native American tribes. They loved its beauty and stayed to live there. Soon another thing was added to all the advantages of this picturesque place – the discovery of silver! That was the reason why many railroad companies began to build a road here. And the right to do so was fiercely fought for! But the Royal Gorge Bridge itself wasn’t built until 1929.

Today it attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy the unusual wildlife of this place and to see the most dangerous bridge in the world! Driving on it is not allowed, only hiking. In addition to the bridge there are other attractions such as a zoo, cable car, and more.

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The Royal Gorge Bridge

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

This bridge is located in Northern Ireland. It is a rope suspension bridge that connects the mainland to an island called Carrick. To get here you have to walk only 20 meters. The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is 30 metres high. The literal translation of the name of the bridge means “stone on the road”.

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Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

The story of the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is steeped in mystery, and legends abound. One of the most popular: when, nearly four centuries ago, there lived on the island of fisherman. He, by the way, and built the bridge. Since then, no one has ever touched it, until 2008, when the first reconstruction took place. It’s thanks to it that we know the Carrick-a-RedeRopeBridge as it is today.

By the way, in the entire history of the bridge, no one has ever fallen off it! Although in high winds, the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge swings from side to side with considerable amplitude.

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Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

The Immortal Bridge

The most beautiful bridge in the world is located in China, in a province called Shandon in Manut Tai. These are the mountains called the Yellow Mountains. They are considered important because this place, according to legends, is a sacred beginning – here is the birth and rebirth of all things. Well, on top of these mountains is the Immortal Bridge.

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The Immortal Bridge

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It is unique in that it was created by nature itself. No one can say exactly when it happened. It consists of three large stones, and several dozen smaller ones. The view from the Immortal Bridge is simply mind-boggling; there is even a cliff on one side.

The Old Bridge of Konitsa

There is a very beautiful bridge in Greece, The Old Bridge of Konitsa. It is situated over the river Aoos. The Old Bridge of Konitsa is the entrance to the city of the same name.

The history of the bridge is about two centuries old. Originally it was a wooden bridge, but now it is stone. It was built by Kostas-Frontsos and had 50 helpers! In 1913 the Turks tried to destroy it. They almost succeeded, but the 40-meter arch of the Old Bridge survived.

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The Old Bridge of Konitsa

The interesting thing is that this particular bridge is the highest and widest arched bridge in Greece. Also, for many years The Old Bridge of Konitsa was the only way for residents to get into the city.

It is not without its legends and tales. There is a small bell on the bridge. Locals say that when it rings, it is very dangerous. But it makes no sense, because the bridge is strong and stable.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

In Pakistan there is a beautiful bridge called Hussaini Hanging Bridge. Despite its height, peasants can easily cross it to get to Rawalpindi. By the way, they did the same a hundred years ago…

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Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Hussaini is the bridge across which it is impossible not to feel a huge range of emotions. The fact is that it is full of old and broken boards. Sometimes the wind blows hard and the bridge sways from side to side…

The most dangerous and scary bridges in the world

The most dangerous and scariest bridges in the world

Incredible Facts

If you are afraid of heights, you should definitely not step on these bridges. Even images of these bridges will make you dizzy.

Among the tallest and scariest bridges you will find the Viaduct of Millau in France, which is the tallest bridge on the planet and the tall Hussaini Suspension Bridge in Pakistan with large gaps between the thin wooden planks.

You will also hardly forget the emotions you had when you visited the rope bridges of the Incas and the glass bridge in China, through which you can see a kilometer chasm under your feet.

1. Bridges on Ai-Petri Mountain, Crimea

If you dream to experience unbelievable feelings you should take a look at Ai-Petri Mountain that is located in Crimean mountains. It is a part of the Ai-Petri Yaila massif. You must also have incredible courage to walk on wooden suspended bridges, which are set at a height of 230 meters.


It is worth noting that to walk on such a bridge is quite safe, as it installed continuous lines of insurance. This place also offers rope jumping – you jump from a height of 1,230 meters, with a rope tied to your feet, flying 110 meters in 4 seconds.

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2. the dangerous bridge over Huashan, China

You have to have nerves of iron to risk trekking over the Huashan, one of the 5 holy mountains of Taoism in China.


The mountain has become famous throughout the tourist world not only for its incredibly beautiful rocks, but also for its very difficult and dangerous ascent to the top.

The narrow mountain path with a low railing is a bridge between several peaks. It will lead you up and down with big differences in elevation. On this bridge you can reach a height of 2,130 meters. If you dare to walk on this bridge, you can see many Taoist monasteries, pagodas, temples, and a bridge on the way.

3. the Hussaini Bridge – the most dangerous bridge in the world

Fans of extreme entertainment can’t miss the Hussaini Bridge in Pakistan. This active bridge allows you to cross the Huntsi River. If you want to cross this bridge, be prepared to be rocked by strong winds and the huge gaps between the planks will not allow you to move quickly.


Throughout the history of the bridge, many locals have died trying to cross it. It is worth noting that this is the second bridge, and the first was destroyed because it was built a long time ago, and over the years, strong winds have severely damaged the thin ropes and planks.

A few elements of the old bridge do remain, and can be seen next to the newer bridge. Although the second bridge was built later, it is hard to call it reliable because it was also made of ropes and planks.

The bridge is so old that even the locals do not know when it was built. Time and weather have not spared it either – a lot of the boards have already fallen through, which has significantly increased the gaps between the boards.

4. The Trift Bridge – the longest suspension bridge in the Alps

This bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Alps. It is located about 100 meters above the Trift Lake in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. The bridge was originally built to carry out electrical and hydraulic work near the Trift glacier.


To make the bridge safer, in 2009 it was modernized – several parts, in particular the steel wire rope system, were improved. Since June 12, 2009 the bridge is open to all comers.

5. Titlis Cliff Walk – the highest suspension bridge in the world, Swiss Alps

This suspension bridge is the highest of its kind in Europe. Its construction was completed in December 2012. The bridge is about 3,000 meters high, about 100 meters long and less than a meter wide at 91.4 cm.


The bridge was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the cable car Ice Flyer Chairlift, which is located next to it, and which was opened in 1913.

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Almost all of the construction materials were delivered by cable car, and the larger parts were delivered by helicopter. One side of the bridge leads to the cable car station, and the other to the 140-meter passage located on the south side of the Titlis, which was cut right into the glacier.

It is worth noting that the bridge is so strong that it can withstand the weight of over 500 tons and wind gusts of over 190 km / h . This makes the bridge very safe, but still not everyone dares to walk on it.

The bridge is open around the clock all year round, and you can visit it completely free of charge.

6. The longest glass bridge in the world over the Chinese valley Pinyan

This glass bridge connects two peaks and spans over the Pinyang Valley of China at a height of about 180 meters. The floor is transparent because it is made of glass, which can withstand heavy loads.


The bridge itself is strong enough to withstand large fluctuations in temperature (up to 60 C) as well as strong winds (up to 220 km/h). In order not to have to constantly wipe the bridge after tourists, it was decided to offer shoe covers, which are allowed to walk on the bridge.


It is worth noting that despite its reliability, not everyone dares to walk on the bridge.

Once tourists were really scared after one of them dropped a metal mug on the glass, and it slightly cracked underfoot. After that, the bridge was closed for repairs.


7. Langkawi Sky Bridge – the most beautiful bridge in the world

Off the northwest coast of Malaysia you can find the island of Langkawi. It is a very beautiful place where you can enjoy the rainforest, sandy beaches and clear waters of the Andaman Sea.


So that all visitors to the island can see its beauty from a bird’s eye view, it was decided to build a bridge over the gorge. The bridge is 125 meters long and is located at an altitude of 700 meters, allowing tourists to see the entire island as if in the palm of their hand. Its width is 1.8 meters.

When building the bridge safety was paramount – double steel railings, wire mesh, as well as wooden planking below the parapet. It even includes escape routes. With this bridge, hikers can walk from one peak of the Ganung Mountains to the other, stopping at triangular observation decks.

To climb this bridge, you will need a cable car, which consists of 2 sections, and has a length of 2,200 meters.

8. Suspension bridge over the river Iya.

This bridge is one of three unique suspension bridges in Shikoku made of wooden planks with 20-30cm spacing, held together by two solid pieces of vine.


This bridge is 45 meters long and 2 meters wide. The bridge hangs over the river at a height of 14 meters.

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Moving further down the river Iya, you can see a double bridge, called Oku Iya, consisting of a man’s bridge and a woman’s bridge.

9. Geumgang Suspension Bridge over the abyss in Daedunsan National Nature Park

Daedunsan Park is located in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.


To get to the main attraction, the high rocky peaks, you will need to walk across a narrow bridge, which not only can wobble a lot, but also includes a vertical ladder.

Once you reach the top, you can enjoy an amazing view of the beautiful forests, green in the summer and crimson in the fall months.

10. Viaduc de Millau, the highest transport bridge in the world

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This viaduct passes through the valley of the River Tarn, near the town of Millau in southern France. Millau is the terminus of the A75, which was built to provide high-speed traffic from the capital to the city of Beziers.

The bridge is so big that at times clouds float under it and at its highest point the height of the bridge exceeds the height of the Eiffel Tower .

11. Suspension bridges in Cingy de Bemaraha National Park


Tsingy de Bemaraha Park, is located in the western part of Madagascar. The park is actually a large limestone plateau covered with sharp spires.

Over the sharp geological formations hang suspended wooden bridges, which outwardly are not very safe.

12. the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest bridge in the United States

The bridge stands over the Arkansas River, Colorado, at 291 meters. It was built in 1929 and until 2003 it was considered the highest bridge in the world. At the moment it is the highest bridge in the United States.


The goal was to create a commercial attraction, and it worked – the bridge is the most popular attraction in the state.

It is worth noting that the Roya Bridge is surrounded by the park of the same name. Here you can stroll through a small zoo, take a ride on a small suspended streetcar that allows you to see the entire canyon, and go down to the Arkansas River.

13. Ubayne, Amarapur, Myanmar – the oldest teak bridge in the world

This wooden bridge is the longest and oldest teak bridge in the world. It connects the city of Amarapura with a small suburban village and also crosses Lake Tauntome.


Ubayne Bridge is made of two parts and its total length is about 1.2 km. The sections are arranged so that an angle of 150 degrees is formed between them.

Originally the bridge stood on the same logs. Now there are 1,086 of them, but some have been replaced by concrete posts, as wood rots and needs to be replaced. Over time, all of the logs will be replaced with sturdier poles.


Covered porches with benches can be found on the bridge, and in some places there are special aisles for boats.

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According to some reports, the bridge was built in the mid-19th century, and the main material for its construction at that time was teak wood.

In 2013, it was decided to install guards on the bridge, as some local residents commit unlawful acts against tourists.

14. Unusual monkey bridges in Vietnam

These bridges can be found in the southern part of Vietnam near the Mekong River Delta. Some people think that these bridges were built for monkeys, but in fact they are very helpful for the locals.


To build such a bridge, the villagers used thick bamboo stems. Because these stems are quite slippery, it becomes difficult to move across the bridge. The railing is more for decoration, as it does not help much to those who choose to cross the bridge.

Tourists have to hump when crossing the bridge, and from afar they look a bit like monkeys. There are short monkey bridges, there are long, there are high and low, but all have the same shape.

It is also worth adding that these bridges are quite fragile, and can break at any time, so it is twice as dangerous to walk on them.

15. Beautiful Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

The photo shows the bridge in 1888 and 2015. This suspension rope bridge can be found in Northern Ireland.



Over the past couple of centuries, the bridge has been reinforced and remodeled several times. Carrick-Red acquired its present form in 2008.


When it was first built, it only had a handrail on one side, but after it was reinforced, they made handrails on both sides for safety. Not everyone can walk on it, as there are huge boulders underneath and it is at a considerable height.

16. Old Bridge Qeswachaka, Peru

The bridge spans a length of 36.6 meters over the Apurimac River in the Peruvian province of Canas. The bridge also hangs over canyons and gorges, so the view is very beautiful. However, not everyone can enjoy these views, as it is dangerous to walk on the bridge.


The Keswachaka rope bridge is woven by hand by local Indians. About every two years (sometimes more often) the locals come to the bridge building festival and start weaving the bridge anew.

The weaving technique is passed down from generation to generation. It is believed that the very first example of Keswachaka was created by the Incas.

17. Bridge over the precipice at the top of the Aiguille du Midi, France.


Although this bridge is very high – 3,842 meters above sea level – it is quite short. In addition, it has a wonderful view of the Alps.

To get to the Eygouille du Midi you have to take a cable car up about 3 kilometers.

On the bridge itself there is a platform where you can stop and enjoy the views.

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