The most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, Italy

The best beaches in Sardinia – in search of a paradise

The purest turquoise water, pouring over snow-white sand, steep cliffs guarding pink coves, frolicking seagulls and a pleasant sea breeze … So in a few words you can describe the beaches of Sardinia – one of the largest islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Amazing beauty of local seascapes, along with crystal clear water and a favorable climate, distinguish the resorts of Sardinia from many others. The bright and lush colors of this island paradise can take your breath away, and reality seems unreal.

La Pelosa

One of the best beaches in Sardinia is considered La Pelosa with soft white sand and crystal clear water of turquoise hues. The beach is located at the foot of Capo Falcona, near the town of Stintino (Sassari province). From the shore you have a stunning view of the island of Piana. North of the beach is the ancient Pelosa Tower, which is a beautiful addition to the magnificent seascapes. This place really deserves the title of “Paradise,” but it is worth bearing in mind that many are eager to enjoy its stunning beauty. We do not recommend this place for holidays in July and August, as the beach during this period is too crowded.

Pink Beach Sardinia – Spiaggia Rosa

The Rosa Beach is located on the island of Budelli, part of the archipelago of La Maddalena, and is considered a true masterpiece created by nature itself! The beach takes its name from the unusual color of the sand that covers the coast. Rosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and today it is protected. Since 1998, in order to preserve the phenomenal sand, as well as to avoid illegal removal of sand on the beach pink Sardinia prohibits landing, bathing and anchoring of boats.

vacation in Sardinia, pink beach

Spiaggia del Principe – Sardinia’s best beach for relaxation

Spiaggia del Principe, known to locals as Portu Li Coggi, is a perfect beach paradise! Located in the northern part of the famous resort of Sardinia “Costa Smeralda” in the province of Sassari, it is considered one of the best beaches in Sardinia for holidays. The thin coastline with white fine sand and the sea, shimmering in all shades of turquoise, is surrounded by lush wild vegetation. The small beach is bounded on both sides by rocks.


Berchida is a beautiful, wide beach (one of the best), which stretches for a few kilometers along the east coast of Sardinia near the village Siniscola (Nuoro province). The coastline with fine and soft sand, flooded by crystal clear and transparent sea and fenced on the side of the island with juniper groves. To the south of the beach is the Oasis of Bidderosa, an area of more than one thousand hectares, with meadows and ponds inhabited by pink flamingos, herons and wild cows.

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Sardinia beaches with white sand

Beaches of Oliastra

If you suddenly feel like going to paradise, this is the place to go! The beauty of the local beaches is incomparable! The northern part of the coastline of the province of Ogliastra, in eastern Sardinia, is a rocky cliff. Along it there are beautiful grottoes and bays with small and comfortable beaches, most of which are practically deserted. Difficult access to these places allowed to maintain their amazing pristine beauty. Almost all the beaches – pebble, but the pebbles themselves are small. The sea has an amazing color! The beaches of North Olhastra:

  • Cala Esuili
  • Spiaggia di Cala Sisine
  • Cala Birìala
  • Piscine di Venere
  • Cala Mariolu
  • Cala dei Gabbiani
  • Cala Goloritzè

All the above beaches can be reached by ferry from Gala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese.

Ogliastra beaches in Sardinia

Cala Luna

One of the best beaches in Sardinia, Cala Luna is located in the Gulf of Orosea, on the border of the provinces of Oliastra and Nuoro. The coastline is covered with coarse sand with an admixture of small pebbles. The beach has a crescent shape and is therefore given this unusual name. In the northern part of the beach there are a number of grottoes, which are a real refuge in a particularly hot period. The clear sea is an intense blue shimmering in all kinds of shades.

The Gulf of Cala Luna in Sardinia

Porto Giunco

The dazzling beauty of the snow-white beach, the crystal clear sea of pale blue, along with the smell of eucalyptus, makes this place look like an island paradise. Porto Junco is not only an ideal place for relaxation, but also for surfers and diving enthusiasts. The beach is wide and spacious enough that even in high season every vacationer can get real pleasure from the rest. This is why we boldly add it to our list of the best beaches in Sardinia.

The beach of Porto Giunco is found in the South of the island, near Villasimius and it is considered one of the best beaches in Sardinia.

Beach vacations in Sardinia

Su Giudeu

Another great place for an ideal holiday in Sardinia is the beach Su Giudeu, located in the province of Cagliari (Domus de Maria). The coastal area is covered with fine golden sand and the sea shimmers in shades of emerald.

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Holiday on the beach in Sardinia


One of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Sardinia, Tuerredda is between the capes of Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartavento, on the southern coast of the island. The rich emerald color of the sea, the lush vegetation enclosing a thin golden strip of soft sand, will make you fall in love with this wonderful place at first sight! The main decoration of the seascape is the small island, located a few hundred meters from the shore.

Tuerredda one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia

Porto Pino

The beach of Porto Pino, belonging to the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi, located in the southeastern part of Sardinia, is famous for its whitest sand and emerald water. The beach is divided in two parts by an artificial cliff and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes with dunes and pine forests. Porto Pino is great for relaxing on the beach, but also for sea fishing, diving and sailing.

Porto Pino Sardinia vacation white sand beach

Cala Domestica

Cala Domestica is a beautiful bay with a wide beach covered with white, amber and golden sand, fine and crumbly. The rich color of the sea and the clearest water – what more do you need for a great vacation! The beach is surrounded by tall cliffs, which creates a feeling of privacy, comfort and predisposes to quality recreation. This place is perfect for a holiday with children or for those who love scuba diving.

The Gulf of Cala Domestica Sardinia

Is Arutas

Of Arutas is another unique place for a good holiday in Sardinia that we want to tell you about. The clearest turquoise sea washes the coastal strip, studded with white grains of quartz, similar to large rice. A popular place among snorkelers and surfers. Near Arutas there is another beautiful beach, worth seeing – Mari Ermi, with fine pebbles of white and pink. Opposite the beach, in the sea distance, you can see the outlines of the island of Mal di Ventre, where sea turtles nest.

Of Arutas Sardinia beach with fine pebbles

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10 Best Beaches in Sardinia: white sands and turquoise waters

Even living in a country full of great beaches, Italians find that those in Sardinia are truly magnificent. This island regularly makes lists of the best beaches in the world. You’ll find rocky, rugged coves in its eastern part, and real sand dunes in the west.

Sardinia’s snow-white beaches and bright blue water are often compared to the Caribbean, but to be honest, there’s no reason to want to be anywhere else.

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Best option for escapists: Is Aruttas

The beaches of the Sinis Peninsula extend like a spear into Oristano Bay. Although they are considered the most beautiful on the island, you will need a car to get here. The most picturesque beach is the beach of Is Aroutsas, which is an arc of white sand and fine pebbles, which gives to the water an inexpressible shade of aquamarine. For years, the sand from here was taken out to the aquamarines and beaches of the Costa Smeralda, but they don’t do that anymore. Tired of just lying on the beach? The nearby Putzu Idu Resort attracts surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers. You can also take a boat tour to the rocky island of di Maldi Venter (“the island of belly pain”). It got its name because of the powerful attacks of seasickness, which struck even seasoned sailors sailing in local waters.

The best option for families: Kia

Kia resorts may seem to lack charm, but the enticing surroundings make up for it. To understand what we’re talking about, you’ll have to climb the Spanish Watchtower, which overlooks two local beaches: – Sa Colonia to the west; – Su Porto to the east (it looks like a horseshoe from above, by the way). Both are characterized by the presence of excellent sand and shallow depths. And the lagoons behind the beaches like to be visited by flamingos. Want an unusual trip? Freeway SP71 stretches along the coast for 25 km, offering a panoramic view of one of the most beautiful coastlines of southern Sardinia.

The best option for privacy: Spiaggia di Piscinas (Beach – Pool)

Do you want to see the Sardinian coast in its natural state? Believe me, it’s worth driving a few extra kilometers to the so-called “Green Coast” or Costa Verde. Going down, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches, the Spiaggia di Piscinas. It is a ribbon of golden sand between the windswept sea and the desert dunes with occasional green flecks. Local dunes, by the way, can rise up to 60 meters. You can find the beach by driving 9km down the dirt road from the SS126 (turn off at the Ingurtsou exit). Want more? Nearby is the beach of Di Skivou. It’s a very secluded place with three kilometers of excellent sand.

The best option for swimming: Rena Bianca

This is the main beach of the town of Santa Teresa Gallura, characterized by soft sand and shallow depth. The latter makes this beach a great choice for beginner swimmers and even for families with small children. From the beach you can admire the views of the Strait of Bonifacio between Sardinia and Corsica, as well as the Tower of Longonsardo. At the eastern end of the beach there is a path that runs along the coast, past granite boulders and rocks. The scenery that opens up will astound your imagination. An even more spectacular view is provided by Capo Testa, 4 kilometers from Santa Teresa: giant, wind-blasted granite boulders form a rocky cove with picturesque caves.

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Best sand: La Pelosa

The delightful beach of La Pelosa is located 2.5 km north of Stintino. When you come here for the first time, you can hardly contain a cry of excitement: the fine white sand meets the water with a striking emerald hue. The Catalan guard tower, perched on a rocky islet, is clearly visible from the beach. From July to August, the beach is packed with holidaymakers, so it is advisable to avoid trips during these months. If you do, take a boat tour to Azinara National Park, named after the Albino donkey that lives there. You can explore the park on foot or by bicycle. Among other things, you can join windsurfers trying to tame the local breeze.

Best bet for a tired celebrity: the Spiaggia del Principe

“Where to hide from the paparazzi cameras on the Sardinian coast?” – is the million-dollar question for any celebrity who arrives here on their yachts. Fortunately, the coast is dotted with many beautiful coves that resemble Scandinavian fjords in their appearance. Spiaggia del Principe is one of the best beaches, a stunning crescent of white sand surrounded by low cliffs. The beach is named after Prince Karim Aga Khan with his consent. Keep in mind that the Costa Smeralda in July and August is packed with Italian vacationers, so if you’re counting on moderate hotel rates and free beaches, it’s best to choose other months to go.

Best option for hikers: Cala Holoritze

Cala Goloritze is one of the most beautiful bays you will ever see. It is located in the southern part of the Bay of Orosea. We could of course describe the blue waters and the bizarre limestone cliffs in a long and picturesque way, but it’s a “better to see it once” landscape. Near the beach there is a rock Aguilla, which rises above the sea at 148 meters, and like a magnet attracts climbers. The beach itself can be reached after an hour’s walk along the old mule trail from the plateau of Altopiano del Golgotha. The plateau has a strange, otherworldly landscape. Goats, pigs and donkeys are herded here, by the way. You can climb the plateau by car serpentine from Bauney.

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The best option for lovers of boat tours: Orosea Bay

Orosea Bay is formed by the Gennarjentu mountain range going out to sea. When it comes to beaches, this bay is one of the best places in Sardinia. You can stay, for example, in Cala Gonon, where hikes along the coast or boat tours are available. At the very least, you should take the Blue Crescent cruise, which takes you through a bay littered with secluded coves and grottos. The limestone cliffs towering over the blue water provide a stunningly scenic setting. If you’re into rock climbing, you can climb Kala Luna Cliff, which offers a magnificent view of the sea. The caves along the bay are just as interesting. What is remarkable – each next one is even more beautiful than the previous one.

The best option for lovers of exoticism: Cala Brandinka

Without a doubt, this beach is the best near San Teodoro. Often, it is called “little Tahiti” and it really deserves that nickname. The bay by the beach is a thin arc of soft sand, which is washed by crystal clear turquoise water. On the other side of the bay is a pine forest. And on the side of the sea, the hump of Tavolara Island can be seen on the horizon. Traveling along the coast, you will see other beautiful beaches, such as La Chinta. Kite surfers and those who like bird watching like to go to these places, as flamingos, herons and kingfishers are present nearby.

Best option for island lovers: La Maddalena

La Maddalena Archipelago National Park includes several islands and islets. They stretch from the northeastern tip of Sardinia, through the Strait of Bonifacio, to the shores of Corsica. It is a great place to organize boat trips to small coves or along quaint natural sculptures of granite. A good operator for boat tours is Elena Tour. If you miss the peace and serenity of nature, head to Caprera Island, where slender pines grow right on the granite cliffs and there are some tempting coves. Giuseppe Garibaldi, revolutionary and national hero of Italy, loved this island so much that he built his home here.

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