The magical island of Sri Lanka.

The magical island of Sri Lanka.

We’ve been to Sri Lanka more than once and have checked out every corner of the island.

Unfortunately it is not possible to see everything in 12 days, so our author’s itinerary has been compiled so that in these days you have time to see the most beautiful places on the island and enjoy the Indian Ocean, beach and surfing. And we’ll also be sure to give advice on what national food to try to get a taste of this magical country.

What cities we will visit with you:

Nuwara Eliya and Ramboda Falls

Nuwara Eliya is the highest town in Sri Lanka and is located at an altitude of 1868 meters above sea level. Locals call it “Little England” because it is known for its coolest climate, and also because virtually all of it was designed and built by the British. Many tourists come here to see the endless tea plantations and factories and the picturesque waterfalls.

Ramboda . This amazing waterfall located in Nuwara Eliya is one of the most visited in Sri Lanka. Its height is 109 meters This natural attraction is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. It is surrounded by picturesque tea plantations and tropical vegetation, which creates a special peaceful atmosphere here. A visit to Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka is necessary in order to: -appreciate its scale and beauty from the observation deck; -climb to the very top, which requires time allowance and good non-slip shoes; -bath in the natural pool formed by the arms of two rivers; -walk in the surrounding area and enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

Ella, Nine Arch Bridge and Little Adam’s Peak

The 9 Arch Bridge was built during British colonial rule. The enormous bridge is more than 30 m high and stands 945 m above sea level, which is why its second name is “Bridge to the Sky. The uniqueness of this massive bridge is that it was built entirely of solid rock, brick and cement, without the use of steel.

There is a popular story about its construction: when work had just begun, World War I broke out. A shipment of steel intended for construction was selected and used by the military for their own projects. When work stopped, the locals in Sri Lanka were determined to build the bridge with the available materials – stones, bricks and cement – without using steel.

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Little Adam’s Peak Little Adam’s Peak is within walking distance of Ella, about 20-30 minutes walk and is a natural natural vantage point that offers amazing panoramic views of the surrounding area. This attraction is accessible to people of all fitness levels and children. Small Adam’s Peak is used by hikers as an alternative to Big Adam’s Peak.

Zipline is an improved version of bungee jumping. The design is a descent by steel wire rope using the forces of gravity c using special bindings.

Now in Sri Lanka, next to the small Adam’s Peak, there is this activity. You will enjoy stunning views and get a lot of adrenaline!

The Diyaluma Falls, the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, has a height of 220 meters. It is also the 361st highest waterfall in the world.

The Diyaluma Falls is 694 meters above sea level, and it has a great observation deck at the top, which offers stunning views. At the foot of the waterfall you can swim in natural pools, with crystal clear cool water.

The Diyaluma Falls are considered one of the most beautiful in Sri Lanka and as usual, there is a sad story behind it: a Sinhalese king fell in love with a girl of low birth, but his subjects found out about it, which caused their anger. The news of this caused the lovers to flee. The king climbed to the top of the mountain first, his beloved followed him, but she stumbled and flew down, crashing. According to legend, the Diyaluma Falls are the bitter tears shed by a Sinhalese king who was grieving for his beloved.

Hikkaduwa is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Restless waters of the Indian Ocean are favorable for recreation, and the many wild beaches of this resort – a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle, and be alone with nature. Hikkaduwa’s beaches are astonishingly large, with miles of unbroken stretch of sand that is hard to see the beginning and end of. The resort is noted for its unspoiled jungle scenery in the interior and the charm of the old fishing village.

One of the main attractions of this resort area is. turtles. A few kilometers from Hikkaduwa towards Galle, right on the beach there is an interesting turtle breeding station.

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Also Hikkaduwa beach is one of the most popular surfing spots in Sri Lanka. Here you can enjoy surfing in full

Mirissa and Veligama

Mirissa is a small resort town located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, 160 km from Colombo International Airport. As a southern tourist resort, the town has been gaining popularity in the last 3-4 years due to its beautiful beach, surfing and trips to the open ocean to watch whales and dolphins. Mirissa is known for its beautiful sandy beach framed by palm trees.

Veligama. Here you can watch the Traditional Lankan pole fishing, which is done with bamboo rods from the poles in the coastal area. Traditional fishing is nowadays more of a tourist pastime, the fishermen wait for tourists under the shade of a tree rather than pole fishing, a method of catching fish that is no longer used.

Sri Lankan national food

Sri Lanka is a paradise for lovers of fish and seafood. Most of the delicacies are found in the coastal regions. The main product – tuna, sold quite inexpensive. You can try different types of shrimp, lobsters, crabs. The main dish of Sri Lanka is rice. There are more than 15 varieties grown in the country and prepared in a variety of ways. The most popular treat is rice with curry.

The locals love pastries, bread is very tasty, you should definitely try the tortillas paratha – they are served separately and with different fillings.

If you like fruit, the cuisine of Sri Lanka will please you with a huge variety of dishes of bananas, mangoes, durian, avocado, pomelo, wood apple, tamarind, passion fruit, carambola.

Rice and Curry Rice and curry is a composite dish consisting of a base of boiled white rice with accompaniments served either in separate bowls or on a single plate. The supplements commonly used are: Maldivian fish, dal, beets, vegetables, chicken, fish, seafood in curry sauce, crispy papadam bread, and sambol. Rice with curry is found everywhere and is the most popular local dish.

Kottu Kottu is a very popular dish in Sri Lanka, consisting of chopped coconut roti, mixed with roasted vegetables (peppers, leeks, carrots), and various additives (eggs, cheese, meat). It can also be called kottu roti. “Cottu” in Sinhalese means “chopped,” “roti” is the name of the tortilla.

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Hoppers Thin tough bowl-shaped pancakes with raised edges, consisting of fermented dough made from rice flour and coconut milk, most often fried, but also found steamed. They are served with eggs, vegetables, a snack called Pol Sambol (a spicy coconut chili salad snack), or with sweet toppings. Hoppers can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Parata Roti Parata roti is a flatbread made from wheat flour, most often may contain additions of chicken, fish, spices, grated coconut, onions, and green chilies. Usually roti serves as a complement to main dishes, as an appetizer in the form of additions to various sauces. You can also use the roti sometimes as a base for a sweet filling, palm honey or condensed milk.

Papadam Papadam is a very thin, dry and crispy pastry consisting of rice flour, sometimes with the addition of spices and salt. It is usually served as an ingredient in curried rice, but can also be used as a side dish to meat and vegetable dishes or as a snack in its own right, in addition to various sauces.

Pani Pol Pani Pol means “coconut pancake” in Sinhalese. The pancakes for this sweet are made from wheat flour, eggs and milk with the addition of turmeric in the batter (for a delicious yellow color). The pancakes are formed into rolls with a filling consisting of a mixture of coconut shavings with vanilla and cinnamon, liberally drizzled with palm honey. Pani pol is served both in restaurants and in street food establishments.

The magical island of Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka: the magic island. Part one.

This material was too voluminous to fit into one article. Therefore I broke it into parts. Continuation of the article: Sri Lanka: the magic island. Part Two.

The trip to Sri Lanka was my first trip to the tropics. And it was also the turning point, after which I stopped growing indoor plants, at least those which are native to the tropics. They are living creatures, why torture them?

My first impression was the hot, humid air, which knocked me off my feet after the dry, stuffy airplane. And the second, and most powerful impression that remains in my memory to this day, was the lush tropical vegetation. Palm trees everywhere. Green, fat leaves poking their way in everywhere they could and everywhere they couldn’t. Coconut. Papaya. Ginger. Bromeliads. Jatropha. Huge pachypodiums reaching for the sun. After all this abundance, will I ever believe that the puny little plants on our windowsills are the royally abundant bushes that grow on every corner here?

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The next stunning impression was the New Year and Christmas paraphernalia everywhere. It was a total breakthrough! Tropical climate, heat, greenery, flowers, and merry Dedik-Frosty (well, Santa Claus, not important) everywhere in their red coats trimmed with white. And a decorated Christmas tree next to the tropical vegetation is quite surreal. Especially at first.

But the sacred cows were not impressed. Skinny, small animals. They’re just walking all over the place. No, not impressed.

Cows grazing on the lawn

But the ocean impressed. The water was gray from stirred up sand. And the waves, such that just knock you off your feet. And if you stand in those waves, and you have a swimsuit full of sand. yeahaaa, that’s the power!

We had a photo shoot in the waves. Just be sure to protect your camera from the ubiquitous splashing. It’s not good for your camera. It was a joy! Then no other photo shoot in the waves was not such a pleasure.

There is a lot to see in Sri Lanka. One of the amazing places to visit is Sigiriya. It’s an almost rectangular shaped rock that towers among the jungle; on top of it was once the royal palace. There is a lot of wildlife down there; lots of totally brash monkeys. They are said to be quite biting. But we were lucky we didn’t get molested.


View of Sigiriya

There is a long, long staircase up the cliff. It’s stone at first, but becomes metallic as you get closer to the top. The last meters up to the plateau are just iron rungs, more like a “fire” ladder than anything else. And below – hundreds of meters of steep walls! What a scare, especially for those who are afraid of heights! By the way, there is a small plateau under this section of the stairs, and there was a Buddhist monk there. Perhaps he was there to guide those going up, but people just took pictures with him. It’s not forbidden to take pictures, just not allowed to publish them. So I don’t.

"Oh, my dear Augustine", or the lively Vienna, Austria

Stairs to Sigiriya. First like this...

...and then like this!

And the palace no longer exists, it all fell apart a long time ago. But there is one stone, standing on which, you can make a wish. I made a wish. It came true.

Sigiriya. The ruins of the palace.


Another attraction in Sri Lanka is the city of Kandy, or rather, not the city itself, but the Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth. Whether this tooth is there, or not, is unknown. But the energy in the temple is extraordinary. People meditate there, and I meditated with them. There is an aggregor, as it is popular to say nowadays.

People in line in front of the Temple of the Buddha's Tooth.

There is also the Golden Temple or Golden Buddha Temple. It’s interesting because there are statues of monks in orange robes around it. It looks very naturalistic.

Without monkeys, as always, could not do without!

In addition to Buddhist temples, there are also Hindu temples. Very picturesque!

Fragment of the decor of a Hindu temple.

Peradeniya: botanical garden

Sri Lanka has a Royal Botanical Garden. The place is called Peradeniya. Everyone who loves plants should definitely visit it! There you can see a giant banyan tree, as well as an entire avenue of royal palms, not to mention orchids of all colors and varieties.

The royal palm, or roystonea, is interesting not only for its tall stature, but also for its surprisingly shaped fruit. The male flower of the roystoneia resembles in shape. ahem. resembles. And the giant fruit of this palm tree is very similar to a woman’s butt, and similar in both shape and size. There are also all sorts of bizarre intermediate forms, all in all – a kunstkamera!

The flower and fruit of the royal palm tree.

People come to Peradeniya to take walks, come as a family and take walks. And when they get tired, they settle down on the grass, get supplies and eat.

People resting in Peradeniya.

And now I will put a photo, from which it will become clear why I no longer grow houseplants, and to those that I do have, treat accordingly. In the above photo is a cicaceus, a tree fern. Very demanding of sun and humidity. I had it dead; in Italy they grow such, but they are dwarfed in size (cicaceus grows very slowly, and even slower in not too favorable conditions). And there you have it: a cicada in its natural habitat! This is how it should be. And if he is not, it means that he is very bad. What am I, an animal keeper or something?

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