The Magic Island of Bali, Indonesia

The Magic Island of Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island in Indonesia where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet and it is one of the most magical places on the planet: endless rice plantations, dormant volcanoes and many religious sites, it is rightfully considered an island of temples.

The size of the island is about 5.6 square kilometers and is home to four million people, in general, Bali is quite crowded . Favorite tourist resorts are Kuta, Legian, and Uluwatu. At each of them you can have a good time during the day and night, including riding on the big waves. The beaches of Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa – suitable for lovers of leisure and swimming in calm water, as well as families with small children. The resorts here are quieter, but also the prices are quite high.

The flight to Bali from the capital of Russia takes from 12 hours to one day, by direct route or with connections. The tourism industry on the island is well developed. Despite this does not look like something artificially created for visitors. The locals were able to maintain the natural harmony of the island, where hotels and houses are like temples, the smell of incense is in the air, and people are smiling and friendly.

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The magical island of Bali, Indonesia

The best season to travel to the island is summer. The hot sun and warm water are great for lounging on the beach and riding the waves. Winter is the tropical rainy season on Bali, although it doesn’t stop those who want to celebrate the New Year on the island and winter tours are also very popular.

1. The variety of beaches on the island

Bali has a huge number of beaches. There are popular, there are little known to visitors to the island. There are almost no deserted beaches.

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Popular and bustling resort of Bali Kuta – a true paradise for surfers. Huge waves, clean bottom and infrastructure have made the beach the most numerous on the island. Nearby resorts Seminyak and Legian. They are similar to Kuta, but better landscaped, the waves are less high, it is possible to rent a deck chair, an umbrella and a place to sit in the seaside eateries. Indifferent to surfing and who come to the island to relax, should rest at resorts in Jimbaran and Sanur. The sea here is much quieter and the beaches are incredibly white sandy.

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1. The variety of beaches on the island

Nusa-Dua – the most popular resort among affluent tourists. It is famous for presentable hotels and local restaurants with exquisite cuisine. But the beaches here want to expect the best: the ocean is almost always muddy, floating algae, and allowed to enter the water only at high tide. By the way, the hotels provide all guests with a schedule of tides.

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1. The variety of beaches on the island

Padang Padang beach has long been little known among tourists. But thanks to the popularity of the movie “Eat. Pray. Love”, filming took place on this beach, travelers came to love this area of the island. However, it is not particularly equipped for tourist recreation.

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1. The variety of beaches on the island

Bali has a lot to offer, such as the beach at Lovina. It is covered with dark sand of volcanic origin, and dolphins often come to its shore.

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1. The variety of beaches on the island

2. Choice of accommodation in Bali

Bali has a variety of hotels . There are famous hotel chains and budget guest houses. Many people come to Bali for a long time and for these tourists on the island there are a large number of villas and cottages that can be rented. After living for a month or two on the island in a colorful house, you will certainly get the spirit of Bali and get acquainted with the life of local people. The price for renting a home is low, it is very advantageous to settle a large group.

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Most of the hotels on the island are 4 and 5 star. In Bali, buildings taller than palm trees are not allowed. Therefore hotels are low buildings with a pool and private garden. Service here is at a high level, the staff is attentive and helpful.

3. Attractions on the island

Tanah Lot Temple is most often depicted on souvenirs and booklets from Bali. It is located on a steep cliff. According to legend, it was built by a priest who lived here in the XV century in seclusion and felt the sanctity of the place and gave the order to build a temple. The place is really very unusual and mysterious.

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3. Attractions on the island

The temple of Pura Besakih is also a popular place for tourists to visit. For the locals, this temple is the main shrine, the mother of temples. It is located on the southern slope of the sacred mountain Agung, which is considered the abode of the gods. Besakih is the largest temple in Bali. Sacred ceremonies and rituals with offerings to the deities are often held here. In the temple you realize what a strong meaning of faith for Balinese people.

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3. Attractions on the island

Near the northern Bedugul is the national botanical garden of Bali . It fascinates with its incredible beauty. Mists often fall on it, and the garden is surrounded by endless fields of strawberries. The botanical garden has over two thousand different plants: many trees, cacti, bamboo, roses, and orchids.

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3. Attractions on the island

Taman Ujung and Tirtha Ganga Palaces are the next amazing buildings on the island. Their construction was done by the Raja of Bali Karangasema, and the architects from Holland participated in the design. When you visit this place, you will see stunning complexes of labyrinths, various fountains and structures of incredible beauty architecture.

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3. Attractions on the island

If you want to see the world famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces, then you have to visit the Ubud area. The rice ripens quickly, that is why the view of the terraces often changes. Initially, the undulating plantations are filled with water, later sprouts germinate, which make the fields green. After a while, the terraces acquire an emerald color, and by harvest time, it is as if everything is covered in gold.

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3. Attractions on the island

4. National Balinese cuisine

Bali has an unusual local cuisine but is to the taste of almost all travelers. The dishes are not as spicy as, for example, in Thailand. The Balinese use a lot of spices and spices, and rice is the basis for almost every dish.

For a taste of the national cuisine, we recommend tasting the popular dish Babi guling . The ogo is prepared from a young piglet, which is marinated in herbs for a long time and then roasted on a spit. To taste Babi guling you have to go to the cafe in the morning because the piglets are cooked in the morning and when they are finished – the establishment closes its doors.

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4. National Balinese cuisine

Another famous local dish on the island is betuta . It is cooked for about a day. The duck is marinated for several hours, then roasted and stewed with spices. This tender dish is served with rice and sauce of coconut, herbs, and chilies.

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For dessert, be sure to try the martabak, which is a flat cake filled with chocolate, bananas, and nuts.

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Bali is deservedly considered the most famous and most colorful resort of Indonesia. It offers wild exotic nature, clean sandy beaches, bright sun and azure ocean, amazing excursions, delicious food and a lot of pleasant experiences.

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