The Julian Alps are mountains named after Julius Caesar

Julian Alps

Julian Alps (Slovenia)

The Julian Alps (Julian Alps) (Slovenian: Julijske Alpe , Italian: Alpi Giulie ) is a mountain range, a spur of the Alps, located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy and in the Slovenian region of Krajna.

The name of the mountains comes from Gaius Julius Caesar, who founded in the region of Friuli and western Craine a Roman province with the capital of Cividale. In ancient times, the concept of the Julian Alps also encompassed mountains further south. These included the Ternovsky Forest in modern Slovenia, as well as the Grusica Plateau.


Nature of the Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are a very steep and inaccessible range with peaks reaching 2,750 m. The highest mountain of the Julian Alps is Mount Triglav with a height of 2864 m, which is simultaneously the highest point of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. There are some glaciers scattered throughout the Julian Alps. The Rabelj Gorge divides the Julian Alps into eastern and western parts.

The Julian Alps contain one of the deepest caves in the world, Ceki-2 (-1502 m), and the Vrtoglavica Cave, which has the deepest continuous well in the world. Its depth is 603 meters [2][3] .

The main peaks of the Julian Alps are

    2864 м
  • Montage 2754 m
  • Skrlatica 2740 m
  • Mangart 2677 m 2645 m
  • Razor 2602 m 2585 m
  • Kaniavets 2568 m
  • Prisoinik 2547 m
  • Malaya Moistrovka 2332 m
  • Strug 2265 m

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Julian Alps – (Juliske Aipe, Alpi Giulie) mountains in Yugoslavia and Italy, the southern branch of the Eastern Alps. They are about 100 km long, with a height of up to 2863 m (the highest in Yugoslavia is Triglav). They are built mainly of limestone, with developed karst. Up to 1800 1800 1800 m high… … Big Soviet Encyclopedia

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Julian Alps (Julian Alps)Julian Alps, mountains, mountain range in N. W. Italy and W. Slovenia, the highest peak, Mount Triglav (2864 m) … Countries of the World. Dictionary

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The Alps, the most extensive mountain system in Europe, is the core of this part of the world, with the area of approximately 300 thousand sq. km (200 thousand sq. km. without the foothills), is located in the middle between the equator and the North Pole, between 43° N and 48° E. …

The Alps, the most extensive mountain system of Europe, which forms the core of this part of the world, occupies an area of about 300 tons square kilometers (200 tons without the foothills), lying in the middle between the equator and the north pole, between 43° and 48° N. and 37° E., and ….

Alpes, ( αι Άλπεις, τα Άλπεια oρη, perhaps, from the Celtic word “alb”, high), the highest mountain range in Europe, extending in a great arc around upper Italy from Sinus Ligusticus to the north and joining with its eastern spurs … The Real Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

Alps – (from the Celtic. alp high mountain; German. Alpen; French. Alpes; Italian. Alpi) the highest mountain system in Europe, located in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia, and Lichtenstein. It stretches convexly to the N. W…. … Great Soviet Encyclopedia

The Alps are a mountain system in Western Europe; France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Slovenia. According to a widely accepted hypothesis, the name is formed from the Celtic, alp high mountain . There is also a suggestion of its pre-Indo-European ……… Toponymic Dictionary

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Alps (Alps)Alps, one of the major mountain systems of Europe. Numerous ranges, extending over 800 km, form a broad arc extending from the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France through northeastern Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, southern Germany, Austria … countries of the world. Dictionary

Delirious Hare *

* I am the Delirious Hare! In winter and summer my pelt will be nothing but red.

Monday, June 25, 2018.

May 2018. Julian Alps, rifugio Luigi Zacchi

Finally in my narrative I got to the Julian Alps. In my eyes of all the Alps I have seen Julian are the most beautiful, because I love all sorts of brutal, so that the rocks protruded high, so that the snow, so that no trees to you, so that Uh!)

The Julian Alps are located on the spur to the east, part of the spur is in Italy, and part in Slovenia. The pleasure of hiking there and there is tremendous.

Julian Alps are named after Caesar, who founded the Roman province in these parts. And they are a complex mountain system with heights, albeit low – less than three kilometers, but not easy. Personally, I could not get through many places there. But others, armed with special equipment and helmets, perfectly climb the steep cliffs, sending in Instagram amazing pics.

The most important in these parts Triglav, but about it separately, but in those places, where we went on a track one morning in May, the main thing was the peak Mangart – severe and alluring.

Quite simple and fast familiarization track can be passed in a couple or three hours. It’s called the track to Zacky hut , and if you don’t get lazy and walk up a little more, you can reach a panoramic point with a view of the upper Fusine Lake.

The road to Zacky’s hut goes through the woods past a small waterfall, the path itself is quite pleasant, but the steps on the trails always bugged me. From the forest we went straight to the hut itself and the foot of a treeless ridge – in my eyes, it’s an indescribable beauty. From the hut there is a gorgeous view of the summit, which is called Vevnitsa. Zakki in early May is still closed, but in summer the hut welcomes guests and you can spend the night there.

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Seeing on the map some panoramic point about a kilometer away from Zakki, I suggested we run to it and check for really good panoramas. Anatolich agreed and we drove up past the still thawing snowfields, barely appearing spring flowers and cold delicious streams. And there turned out to be a point from which we could see upper Fusine Lake and many small green peaks.

This confirmed my opinion about the Julian Alps, that everywhere you go there will be something interesting. The Dolomites are good too, but for some reason I feel more familiar with the Julian Alps))

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