The islands of Lipari – a haven of happiness in Italy

Everything about the Liparian Islands: attractions, history.

The Liparian or Aeolian Islands are unique in their beauty volcanic gems, lost to the north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This archipelago annually attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world with its unique nature. So every year they gain more and more popularity as the best islands in Italy for holidays. Here you can see the flows of solidified lava and incredibly beautiful scenery and even a real volcanic eruption.

Lipari islands of Italy for recreation – history and legends.

According to legend this is where lived the Greek god of wind – Aeolus. And if you remember the great poem “The Odyssey” by Homer, this is where the main character comes to him. But if you move away from the myths to history, the first people, according to archaeological data, settled here in the Neanderthal era. During the excavations, the scientists found a settlement more than five hundred thousand years old! And it is likely that this is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe. In the 6th century BC the Greeks came to these places, so the island got the Greek name. After the Greeks, the Romans, the Carthaginians and even the Ottomans lived there.

Since the Ottoman conquest, the islands of Lipari have been in decline. This lasted until the 19th century, when the development of the sea transport brought them back to the center of important trade routes. This event breathed new life into these places.

vulkan stromboli

Volcanoes in the liparian islands

The Leap Islands are a volcanic arc that lies at the junction of the tectonic plates: the African and Eurasian plates. Through cracks in the Eurasian plate, magma comes to the surface and thus gives birth to volcanoes. Volcanic activity in this region has been active for more than 260 000 years. Although the arc of volcanoes in the Leiparian Islands is 140 000 km long, the plate collision zone itself is much larger. It includes Calabria, Greece and Campania with its famous Vesuvius, as well as Santorini.

The volcano on the island of Stromboli is still active. It has been erupting every 20 to 40 minutes for 20,000 years. During this time, thanks to them, the island and the volcano itself acquired a black color, which looks quite incredible against the turquoise water. In addition, due to the same active volcanic activity, Stromboli is a lighthouse for local sailors. On the islands of Vulcano and Lipari there are fumaroles (cracks at the foot of the volcano, through which hot gas comes to the surface).

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Today these islands of Italy are part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO, because there are surprisingly preserved nature and ancient history.

The archipelago includes the islands: Stromboli, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Filicudi, Alicudi, Basiluzzo, Strombolcino.


The Aeolian Islands how to get there ?

Getting to the Aeolian (Lipari) Islands is possible only by sea, as there are no airports, but in the summer, even sea options are few.

  • From Naples 3 times a week to Sicily there is a ferry that stops at Lipari.
  • From the small Sicilian town of Milazzo, hydrofoil boats often go to the Lipari Islands. Less frequent than from Milazzo, but still relatively regular from Palermo and Messina.

What to see?


At a distance of 44 km from Sicily is the busiest, if I may say so, island of the archipelago – Lipari. This island literally breathes history, it is here that the remains of an ancient settlement over 500,000 years old were found. And in general, there are a lot of monuments, which certainly attract tourists.

Lipari is located at the crossroads of the sea routes and on both sides of the port there are two bays, Korta and Lunga. These two coves are the names given to the area of Lipari town.

Marina Courta is a favorite place for all kinds of entertainment. Here, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and clubs, while Lunga, on the other hand, is more of a business district of the island.

The beach in Canetto area is also popular with tourists. There is a wide beach strip entirely of black volcanic sand and it is always crowded, from sunbeds to bars and taverns. By the way, Lipari is very popular with divers.

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Lipari Island sights

Church of Our Lady

A small church, which, quite popular among tourists. And no wonder, because located quite high up, it is a stunning observation deck, which offers fantastic views of the neighboring islands.

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St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

The largest cathedral on the island. It was built in the 16th century also on a hill. Attracts visitors first of all amazing interior decoration. The cathedral is decorated with ancient frescoes with floral motifs by Renaissance masters.

Churches of St. Giuseppe and St. Joseph

Two more churches that were built on the island. The Church of St. Joseph was built in the 17th century at the place where St. Bartolomeo (the patron saint of the island) is said to have been executed.

Panarea Island

This island is the smallest in the entire archipelago, but its beauty rivals that of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. There are many secluded and incredibly beautiful coves hidden from sight, which gives Panarea a special charm. Scientists believe that this island is actually part of the crater of an extinct volcano, as well as the islets – satellites surrounding it.

By the way, one of these satellites-Lisa Bianca island has long been fond of romance lovers. So incredible is the beauty of the local beaches!

panarea island

Vulcano Island

For a very long time this island remained uninhabited, because of the volcano, which constantly erupted. The ancient Greeks even considered Vulcano the home of the God Hephaestus, who was considered the patron god of smiths. According to legend, it was he who forged the golden throne for Zeus.

However, the last eruption occurred in 1888, after which the only reminders of volcanic activity are the fumaroles that occur on the island.

The shores of Vulcano are some of the most picturesque places in the Lipari Islands. It is also home to rare species of birds and plants.


When the ancient Greeks saw this island, they named it Didyma, meaning twin. It got this name because of the two identical rocks seen by ancient sailors approaching the island. However, Salina got its present name because of a small salt lake located near the Cape Punta Lingua. The lake is not deep at all, but the neighboring marshes are a favorite habitat for rare bird species.

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The island will surely appeal to lovers of gastronomic pleasures, because it is where the grapes from which the world-famous wine Malvasia is made are grown. It is a sweet wine (DOC), produced without added sugar. With a delicate, not sugary taste, it is sure to please all foodies.

All about Liparea Islands: sights, history.

The Islands of Filikudi and Alikudi

Filicudi is considered the oldest island of the archipelago. Scientists have established the age of the lava that once erupted from the highest point of the island – Mount Dzukko Grande and it was more than one million years old. Once upon a time, Aristotle himself wrote about Philicudi, who claimed that the origin of the name of the island came from the Greek word “Phoenikides” i.e. “several palm trees”.

There is indeed a lot of vegetation on the island, especially the fern, which is literally everywhere. There are even two very rare varieties of orchids growing on Philicudi – a local variety of yellow orchid and the rather rare l/ orhis Mario L.

The island was once the habitat of the white-bellied Mediterranean seal, but unfortunately, this species has not survived at the moment.

Alicudi, on the contrary, is the youngest island of all. Scientists believe that it is no more than 90,000 years old. Farming was once very developed here. This is evidenced by the numerous ruined structures scattered over the territory of Filikudi and Alikudi. Nowadays it is in decline and the island of Alicudi is half uninhabited.

Stromboli Island

Probably the most famous island of the entire archipelago. It is to admire the eruption of the volcano with the same name, many tourists come here at sunset.

Tourism, in fact, is the main source of income of local residents. No wonder: it is not every day in our lives we see such a spectacle!

Definitely, the islands of Lipari are the quintessence of unspoiled and pristine nature and developed infrastructure, so we can say with certainty that they are exactly the most amazing islands in Italy to relax and just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world!

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Which Hotel should I stay at in Lipari?

Hotel Tritone Lipari

Best Hotel in Lipari

The ideal location for a holiday. Wellness spa with swimming pool and hot tub filled with water from a nearby volcano. 500 m to the beach.

hotel lipari islands

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The islands of Lipari – a haven of happiness in Italy

You can find the real treasure only in Italy. And it is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea among the seven pearl islands. And every traveler is waiting for a fun adventure.

For those who like a quiet holiday in complete solitude, suit the small islands called Filicudi and Alicudi. But on the pearl Lipari life is constantly pulsating. During the day, all the holidaymakers concentrate in the harbors, and in the evening move to cozy restaurants or on the Corso.

For “historical gourmets” it is advised to go to the Aeolian Archaeological Castle and Museum, just can’t be found. It was erected around the 16th century on the ruins of the most ancient acropolis. And at the end of the tour visit, unusual entertainment awaits everyone. In the ancient open-air theater after sunset there are real evenings of music and dancing.

Where you can swim to your heart’s content?

The Liparian Islands - the harbor of happiness in Italy

Where can I go swimming?

If you go to the south of Lipari, you can go straight to the island of Vulcano. Approaching the island, you can hear the characteristic smell of sulfur. But the strange aroma pales in comparison to the phenomenon of what beauty opens up before the contemplative people. And never get bored of admiring the recognized miracle spectacle in the form of a smoking volcano.

Nor should one be surprised to find people abundantly smeared with mud near Porto de Levante. In a small town called Langetto di Fangi, visitors from all over the world take mud baths. It is said that the warm hydrogen sulfide water works wonders on the human body.

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The Liparian Islands - the harbor of happiness in Italy

Where can you have a good swim?

And for seasoned tourists who prefer to swim in crystal clear water, it is best to visit the beach of Porto di Panente. In a sunny and relaxing place, lovers gather to get their portion of relaxation. But after all the relaxing treatments, it is worth climbing the volcano. Important warning: it is recommended to wear protective headgear, wear comfortable moccasins on your feet and be sure to stock up on drinking water. The ascent will be interesting but difficult!

The Liparian Islands - the harbor of happiness in Italy

Where can you have a good swim?

Where to go for a thrill?

The Liparian Islands - the harbor of happiness in Italy

Where to go for a thrill?

Selina Island, the second largest island, gathers those inquisitive travelers who are not indifferent to the luxurious beauty of nature. In romantic coves you can not only bask in the golden sand but also dive in the warm water. The coves should be looked for near the town of Malfa. And the wonderful area is also rich in grapes, which grow for the production of delicious dessert wine. Try Mawzalija and you will realize that it is the most exquisite thing you’ve ever tasted in your life. The local celebrities know the truth about wine because they like this grape like the island of Panarea. It may only be compared with the southern Italian St. Tropez. And then, such a comparison is only on the price category. For connoisseurs of diving, there is no better place than Panarea. All the best divers come here.

The Liparian Islands - the harbor of happiness in Italy

Where to go for a thrill?

For a thrill, go to Stromboli Island . Such a feeling can not be experienced anywhere else from the spectacle, because it is there hot lava even flowing directly into the sea, and the sky is all the colors of the rain rainbow over the festive fireworks . And all this spectacular spectacle is best viewed from a cozy restaurant or pizzeria. So do not deny yourself the pleasure and go to this haven of happiness! And this step is your dream trip!

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