The island of Menorca is the little sister of the famous island of Mallorca.

The island of Menorca is the little sister of the famous island of Mallorca.

  • Ciutadella
  • Monte Toro
  • Mahon
  • Binibeca Vel.

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Discover the island of Menorca. Elegant and tranquil “little sister” of Majorca, surrounded by turquoise bays, famous for its Neolithic archaeological sites, protected Biosphere, a former British colony. A small island in the Mediterranean Sea, without a doubt worthy of being discovered by visitors to Majorca.

We leave for Menorca by ferry, which will take us to the port of Ciutadella. From here our tour begins. Our first stop will be the highest point of the island, Mount Monte Toro, where from a height of 358 .

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Discover the island of Menorca. Elegant and tranquil “little sister” of Majorca, surrounded by turquoise bays, famous for its Neolithic archaeological sites, protected Biosphere, a former British colony. A small island in the Mediterranean Sea, without a doubt worthy of being discovered by visitors to Majorca.

We depart for Menorca by ferry, which will take us to the port of Ciutadella. From here our tour begins. Our first stop will be the highest point of the island, Mount Monte Toro, where from a height of 358 meters you will see the whole island. There is also a small church and a monastery.

The central road to Menorca leads to the easternmost town not only of the Balearic Islands, but also of Spain, Mahón. This town became the capital of Menorca in the 18th century, when the island belonged to Britain. There are many buildings in the British style and the famous Xoriguer gin is produced here. The port town has an unusual coastline and a beautiful skyline.

Next we head to one of the most famous spots of Minorca, the tiny white-washed and incredibly photogenic village on the beach of Binibeca Vel. It was built in 1968 with the same plan as a typical Menorca fishing village. It is without doubt the most photographed corner of the island with its narrow crooked streets, bizarrely shaped houses and boiling white churches against the blue sea.

You wouldn’t know Minorca without visiting Ciutadella, the island’s ancient capital. This elegant, aristocratic town is captivating at first sight. Piazza Borne with the town hall and palaces of the aristocracy, the Cathedral, the pedestrian shady streets with beautiful stores and cafes and of course, the unusually shaped port. Here you can buy the traditional Menorca shoes and cheeses for which the island is famous. A walk in the town of Ciutadella concludes our day on the island of Menorca. We board the ferry and return to Mallorca.

After making your reservation, please send the names and passport numbers of all passengers to We will need the information to book the ferry tickets.

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Please bring your passport! Without passport we will not let you on the ferry!

The excursion can be conducted in several languages, and the presence of a Russian guide is obligatory.

Ferry to Menorca and back, sightseeing bus and guide in Menorca.

Transfer to the port of Alcudia, where the ferry to Menorca leaves (20 euros round trip, payable locally), lunch

Menorca travel guide


Menorca is part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands belong to Spain, and Spain has long been one of the favorite vacation destinations of Russians. Menorca is a small island, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a nature reserve, thanks to which the construction of tall buildings is prohibited on the island and the nature has remained almost unspoiled.

First I would like to talk about the pros of vacationing in Menorca, which certainly are. Here are some of the highlights of a Menorca holiday: the beautiful, almost unspoilt landscape, the unspoilt nature and the tranquility of the surrounding countryside:

  • Beautiful and almost untouched nature.

Menorca has its own special climate, which has its own flora and fauna, and the island itself (as mentioned above) is protected by UNESCO, which helps to preserve nature and minimize pollution.

  • A huge number of beaches

Most of the island’s beaches are sandy beaches, of which Menorca has more than fifty. They are ideal for a quiet holiday, with beaches that are comfortable for absolutely everyone, including children and the elderly. There are also rocky and pebbly beaches. In general, the beaches are quite long, so that they most often have room for all comers. Some of them can only be reached by off-road vehicle (which, incidentally, can be rented). On these beaches is guaranteed to be very few people, and maybe you even find yourself there as the only guests.

Gathering on holiday with children


Is it worth going to Menorca with children? This question is often asked by parents who not only want to relax at the resort, but also to take a child there. However, many parents are worried about issues related specifically to children’s rest – where can you feed the child, is it convenient for him to go into the sea, are there stores nearby with children’s products, what can entertain children?

Menorca is considered one of the best destinations in Spain for a family vacation – there is literally everything that mothers with children may need. However, let’s start in order:

Beaches and climate

Most of Menorca’s beaches are sandy, which will certainly appeal to children and their parents alike. The descent to the water is very gentle and the depths tend to increase gradually so that children can swim close to the shore. The sandy beaches are of fine yellow sand, and there is usually no stone to hurt yourself on. If you come with a child, be sure to find out which beach is near your hotel – there are not many pebble and rocky beaches on the island, but it’s better to find out the question in advance. The beaches are municipal, but clean – they are cleaned. Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid, but no one prevents you to buy your beach accessories and rest on them. The sea is clean and quite warm, so that both adults and children can spend quite a long time in the water.

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The climate of the island also disposes to rest with children – the beach season on Menorca.

How to get there?


Menorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, which also includes Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Despite the fact that the popularity of the Balearic archipelago among tourists from Russia is steadily growing, now Menorca is not one of the popular resorts among Russians, so there is no direct flight to Menorca. If we are talking about the Balearic Islands, most Russians prefer to vacation on Mallorca, because it is larger in size and offers a much wider range of different attractions. Menorca, on the other hand, is a small island designed primarily for a quiet, relaxing vacation.

However, there are several ways to reach Menorca – by plane from Russia, as well as by plane or ferry from mainland Spain.

Getting to the island from Russia is primarily by plane with a connection.

Moscow – Menorca

From Moscow to the island you can fly with one change – in Madrid or Barcelona. The Spanish airline Iberia offers a variant with a connection in Madrid. This flight option is quite convenient – the transfer time is offered a minimum of about an hour and a half, so the total travel time is about eight hours – about five hours to Madrid and about an hour and a half to Menorca. Ticket prices start at $15,000 for a round-trip flight. Of course, the earlier you buy the tickets, the cheaper they will be. Iberia is a quite well-known European airline, and the reviews about it are mostly… read in full.

What to see on Menorca?


Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which belongs to Spain and is a part of Balearic Islands archipelago. The island is quite small, so lovers of many historical excursions, a lot of luxurious palaces Menorca will not seem very promising, but there is something to see. Minorca is a great place to explore on your own.

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The first thing you can do on your own is visit the capital, which is also the largest city on the island-it’s called Mahón. A large number of historical and architectural monuments are concentrated there. In particular, there is the largest church on the island – the Church of St. Mary. The city is small, its population is only about thirty thousand people, and the historical center is not very large.

There are also several squares in the city, each of which is a complete architectural ensemble, consisting of sculptures and palaces. The largest plazas of the city are called Columbus Square, San Frances, Miranda and the Conquesta.

The capital is home to the Minorca Museum, an important historical monument. It is housed in an old monastery that was built at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. In the twentieth century this museum was created to introduce visitors to the history of Menorca, including household items, artefacts from excavations, paintings and much more.

The museum is located on Avenida Dr Guardia, watch the hours of the… read more

Menorca weather by month:

The Island of Menorca: Little Brother of Mallorca

Menorca is the little brother of Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands. The Spanish translation of the island’s name translates to “the smaller of the two”. Menorca is considered the fashionable resort of Europe, and unlike Mallorca, there are virtually no high-rise buildings. Due to the fact that last century, UNESCO experts declared Minorca a biosphere reserve, the construction of high-rise buildings is prohibited here.

There are never many tourists on Menorca. Holidays on Menorca are unhurried and hectic. The local atmosphere is definitely not the same as Mallorca or Ibiza. You can get to Minorca by plane or by ferry. Travel between Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca is by boat and a ticket costs around 20 Euros.

The goal of Minorca is to see a different landscape than the rest of the Balearic Islands, with distinctive beaches and the clearest sea. By the way, Menorca has more beaches than Mallorca or Ibiza – about 120. But most of them are hidden from the eyes of tourists. The closed beaches are accessible either from the sea or by descending, almost steep cliffs.

The capital of Minorca, Mahon, has been such only in the XVIII century, before that period the capital was the city Ciudadela. These two cities are the main tourist centers on the island.

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Minorca is a great place to explore on your own. The Mediterranean atmosphere is literally in every building and alleyway. Menorca is an ideal holiday destination for the traveler.

Menorca: hidden secrets of a secluded holiday

It just so happens that the final part of my vacation with my husband through the islands of the Balearic archipelago. Most travelers prefer the islands of the Spanish space – Mallorca and bustling Ibiza, but here Menorca for some reason bypassed, and perhaps do not realize that Menorca hides so many hidden and alluring trails. I can say with confidence that for me it is the most exquisite island, which reeks of warmth and tranquility.

During our entire stay on the island, about 7 days, the weather was benevolent and peaceful: gentle calm waves of the Mediterranean, nice silvery sand underfoot, gentle sun … Beautiful sunsets and cool evenings, which are filled with romantic atmosphere and fresh salty breeze.

The northern beaches are quite different from those of southern Menorca: the sand on the beach is coarse-grained with a coppery-red cast, and there are many times fewer green plants and trees. Of the northern beaches, we were struck by Fornells Bay. Here you can find many lovers of sailing or enjoy underwater diving. Nearby there are secluded and cozy restaurants with delicious local cuisine.

But to the south I was shocked only by two bays – Mitzhana and Mitzhaneta. Mitzhana is located in the south of the island. As a supporter of beach holidays, I was struck by the untouched beauty of nature. The beach with milky colored sand is surrounded by rocks and tall pines, which give the air a pine scent. Here. read completely

This time is the best for recreation, as it is not hot. The temperature maximum is about +25, sometimes there is a wind, so there is always strength for hiking on the island. If you plan not to lie on the beach all the time, and walk a lot, looking for grottos, wild beaches, which can only be accessed from the sea, May is the ideal time. The resort season is considered open as early as April, but prices haven’t jumped yet.

It’s a very peaceful place. Given the lively temperament of the Spaniards, it is difficult to find a quiet place in their country, and Menorca is one of them. Affects the status of a biosphere reserve, which prohibits certain activities, up to the construction of high houses, so there are villas, private houses, and the whole vacation – enjoying nature, wild beaches, turquoise sea. It is not a problem to find a place by the sea, where you all day will not meet a single person, so if you want a break from the people – this island suits all parameters. If bored with life, you can always go to nearby Mallorca, or better yet, Ibiza, which is the opposite of quiet Menorca.

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Bring medical supplies, including bandages, absorbent cotton, plaster, iodine, as will walk a lot, hence the blisters and cuts. If you plan to rent a car, take your driver’s license. The main thing that you will need here is a lot of money, because only natural attractions are free, everything else costs money, and not small. For example, to rent a boat for 5 hours, we were charged 25 euros! In this case, renting a simple car a day can cost 30.

Menorca specifically can not go anywhere, because just looking at the surrounding nature and white houses – it’s already pushing to grab a camera and snap every beach and every palm tree. If you’ve been to the Italian island of Santorini, you can tell that these two totally different islands are still similar in their authenticity, white-walled houses and delightful nature.

We mostly enjoyed the scenery, though if you’re interested in history, there’s plenty to see here too: stone hedges, stone towers, and the Santa Agueda Castle, which you can reach on foot.

If you want to ride a yacht along the coast, you have to pay 65 – 85 euros, take a ferry to Ibiza – 70 euros, go scuba diving – 120 euros. It’s all very expensive, and if the ferry and yacht can be abandoned, then the diving can not, as the island has a stunning beauty lagoons with underwater thickets of algae and caves.

If you do not live in the cities, the cars can be found only on major holidays, and ride them mostly tourists. The main means of transportation here is a bicycle, the rent of which costs almost as much as a used car, about 20 – 25 euros. On the one hand it is a healthy way of life, on the other hand – a bike takes too much energy, in addition, in some bays you can not get on it, you have to drag yourself.

The best thing is Menorca’s covered coves with turquoise water. If you’ve seen the brochures of Spanish resorts, the “hanging” boats in the air on a turquoise background is a Menorca reality. This unique water, which is almost not visible, creates the amazing illusion that it does not exist at all. It feels like you are in a fairy tale! Add to this the cleanest beaches and air, clear water, lack of any fuss, and you realize that this is what a real vacation looks like!

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