The first trip with a baby

The first trip with a baby: useful tips for parents

Hello friends, as paradoxical as it sounds, but your journey with a young child (under one year) can be pleasant and moderately carefree.

Why? The answer is simple: babies of this age tolerate easy flights or travel quite well. As a rule, children sleep most of the time. In addition, small children do not suffer from motion sickness in transport.

Important: try to arrange a comfortable place for the child to sleep and, if possible, keep to the usual routine.

Travelling with a Toddler

If the baby still has enough mother’s milk – that’s another plus in favor of traveling. A breastfed baby will always be nourished and calm. The only condition is that the troublesome packing and all sorts of excitement did not lead to a decrease in milk from mom.

With a baby on artificial nutrition – a little harder. It is necessary to bring a thermos of boiling water and powdered formula.

Do not forget: ready milk formula can be stored for no more than 1 hour.

It is better to prepare in advance several bottles with dry formula in an amount sufficient for one feeding. If necessary the formula can be diluted with warm water, and you are ready for your baby’s lunch (dinner or breakfast).

If your toddler is already receiving complementary foods, you can use baby food in jars, juices or instant porridge. The main thing is that this food is familiar to the child and he likes it. New food takes some getting used to. And on the way the child’s appetite may also be ruined.

Pay attention:

  • If you fly by plane, jars of baby food can explode because of the difference in pressure at altitude. Because of low pressure can bloat jars of cottage cheese and yogurt, while the quality of the product is not affected.
  • If you do not have a bag – the refrigerator, do not take perishable foods that can cause poisoning in a small child.
  • Choosing jars and boxes of baby food, check at what temperature they can be stored (in your case – it’s from 0 to 25 degrees).

Travelling with a baby under 1 year

And some more tips for parents

  • If you plan to walk a lot on vacation, buy special devices for carrying children. It can be a comfortable backpack (preferably it will be a model with a visor and raincoat), or sling (incidentally, sling can be sewn and their own hands).
  • On the road you may need baby bottles, sippy cup, disposable bibs, diapers, wet antibacterial wipes, travel first aid kit with medications recommended by your baby doctor, and other useful things for traveling with a small child.
  • Carefully consider the closet of your baby. Clothing should be for all occasions, as the weather can change drastically.
  • Do not forget to put a few of your baby’s favorite toys in the bag, which will soothe and occupy your baby.
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So be brave! Go on your first trip with your little one. With good preparation the vacation will be unforgettable and bright.

And in order not to forget anything and check whether you did before the trip, use the memo “The first trip with kids: documentation, acclimatization, insurance, rules on vacation.


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When the babies were very young, I thought that travel (especially long-distance travel) was something out of the realm of fiction. Your post practically convinced me otherwise. After all, the most important thing for the little ones is to have mom and dad around. My husband and I are going to catch up and travel with our little ones now. Especially since they’re all grown up now.

Yes, Anastasia, I also think you should travel with your kids when they are still interested in doing it with their parents. Time flies by quickly, and children grow up unnoticed by us. So we should try to do everything in time.

And it seems to me that it is easier to travel with an infant. No baby running anywhere and the food is always with you .

We started traveling with our babies when they were very young (under a year old). And while these long trips were driven more by necessity than a desire to just travel, it was easier to do it with little kids.

I totally agree, when we went on vacation with my baby for the first time, he was 6 months old. we thought he was a natural traveler, everything went easily and smoothly. He slept a lot, ate well and smiled at strangers. But when we went on the road at the age of 11 months, it turned out to be much harder!

That’s right, we are mostly afraid to travel with an infant. In fact, it turns out to be the opposite. The older the children, the more trouble and problems with them on the road.

It’s a shame that many people don’t want to understand this. And they prefer to stay at home, at most – at the cottage. I hope that thanks to people like you, Tatiana, there will be more brave moms!

Times are changing. And today’s young people are not so afraid. Therefore, the number of travelers with babies is increasing all the time.

Very good article and all the details! Even more liked the illustrations) I myself used to be in the category of moms who were afraid to go out with a baby, and sat there waiting for their age. Now our family already has experience traveling independently. We lived in different countries for 4 months, and very well … In fact, it’s not as scary as many people think. We were bombarded with questions from friends – what about food, insurance, flights and many other questions asked )))

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I wish everyone determination and travel!

Thank you so much, Bajigma, for sharing your opinion on traveling with kids. It’s especially valuable to hear such information from someone who has a lot of practical experience under her belt. For those who are still scared and hesitant, this might be a good boost to finally go on your first trip.

Here’s a helpful video blog. Two episodes already. All about how to travel with a baby as an example

Thanks for the article! We went on our first trip while still with an infant in our arms. And I want to say that the ergo backpack we bought before that trip was the purchase of the year! We then used it on more than one trip))

Our first trip was at the age of 2 years, as usual I packed a bunch of toys. But it was good that I was advised to buy a new multicubic. You know, after buying it all the trips began to go great, my daughter enjoys watching cartoons on the back of the seat, and we calmly go on our trip.

Thanks for the article! I too started traveling early with my first child (since 1.5 years old) and even earlier with my second – since 6 months. The hardest thing for me was always the flight and the first days in a new place, while you eliminate all the household troubles. For the plane I found my own better hack – suitcase Bedbox, which I use not as a suitcase for a baby – not much fits in it, rather as a wheelbarrow in the airport and lay down for sleep in the plane. Until now, some are still surprised by such a handy device in Russia! And in Europe it has long been known Bedbox. The price is certainly not low, but for me it paid off – because it is high quality, and just when it was no longer needed, I sold it as used.

How to travel by car with an infant

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Riding in the car with an infant can be quite stressful, especially if the ride must be long. Careful planning will help avoid common mistakes and allow the trip to go as smoothly as possible. To arrange the best possible trip for yourself and your baby, proceed to reading the first step.

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Image entitled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 1

  • If possible, try to buy a seat before your baby is even born. You will need to pick up your baby in the car from the maternity hospital. The sooner you become familiar with the chair and carefully read the instructions that come with it, the easier it will be for you when it’s time to use it.
  • If you have two cars, consider buying two seats (one for each car). The extra cost is worth it: it will save you future time and avoid the mistakes of rushing to install the seat on the other car.

Image entitled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 2

  • Once again, make sure you’ve done everything right.

Image entitled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 3

Know the rules. You must use the proper safety equipment for your children; failure to do so carries a hefty fine.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 4 image

  • Do not neglect the temperature conditioning. You need to keep the car at a comfortable temperature for your child.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 5 image

Buy removable sun screens. You don’t want to let your child look directly into the sun, so buy removable shading screens for the windows. When driving, make sure your child’s eyes stay in the shade.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 6 image

Remove dangerous objects. Make sure there are no sharp objects in the vicinity of the child’s seat, whether or not your child can reach them. If you suddenly brake or have an accident, these objects can be dangerous. Cover metal parts within reach of a child, as they can get hot from the sun and burn them.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 7 image

Consider purchasing a mirror. It will be handy to buy a portable mirror and mount it so that you can see your child well into it. It will be easier for you to check on your child, and he will also be able to see you.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 8 image

Decorate the windows. A few brightly colored removable pictures on the windows can keep your child occupied for the duration of the trip. Just don’t take anything so big that it will prevent you from seeing the situation on the road. Safety is most important.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 9 image

Make sure you have a light source in the car. If you have to drive at night, consider getting a backlight with a soft light so your child won’t be frightened. The light should not be bright so it doesn’t interfere with your driving.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 10 image

Gas up your car. Starting your trip with a full tank of fuel will save you time from making extra stops for gas. You’ll also be less likely to have to make your baby sniff for gas when you fill up the car.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 11 image

  • Wet wipes aren’t just good for changing diapers: you can use them to wipe your hands and also to freshen up your baby’s face.
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Travel by Car with an Infant Step 12 image

Pack your groceries. If your baby is artificially-fed, take more bottles. Your trip may take longer than planned, and you may not be able to wash bottles. Make sure to bring enough formula if you are feeding your baby with it. If the baby is already eating complementary foods, don’t forget them.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 13 image

Take plenty of water and food for yourself. If you are breastfeeding, you need to eat and drink plenty of water regularly to keep your water balance and have enough milk. Even if you are not breastfeeding, you need to eat and drink to drive safely and be in good spirits.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 14 image

  • Don’t leave a blanket on your baby’s seat if you can’t see your baby all the time. It is very important that the blanket does not cover your face.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 15 image

Take spare clothes for yourself and the baby. The baby may spill food, regurgitate, or make a mess, so it’s best to have a supply of clothes for both of you.

Travel by Car with an Infant Step 16 image

Take trash bags. Have some trash bags with you to put used diapers, trash, and leftovers in. You need something to store this in until you get a chance to throw the trash away.

Image with title Travel by Car with an Infant Step 17

  • Don’t give your child hard toys, they can be dangerous while driving.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 18

You should have important phone numbers on hand. Your phone or address book should have pediatrician and emergency phone numbers. You probably won’t need them, but it’s a good idea to have them with you in case your child gets sick or there is an emergency.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 19

Don’t forget the first aid kit, as well as any additional medications you may need. Don’t forget to take a thermometer, antipyretics, allergy creams, and other medications your child may need.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 20

Visit the pediatrician. You are going on a long trip, so have your baby seen by a pediatrician. He will check his health status and can give you advice for the road.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 21

Get your baby used to a car seat. If you don’t drive often, you may need to get your child used to being in a car seat first. Put your child in the seat a few at a time and leave them in it to play or sleep before you go on your trip. This will make it less likely that your child will protest about being in the seat while you’re driving.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 22

Only go on the road if you feel well. Your child’s health is important, but so is your health. Before you leave, make sure you are healthy and well if you are the only one driving.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 23

  • If travel delays can be significant, that you can plan to stop overnight at a roadside hotel. This will give you a chance to rest and recover before continuing the rest of the road.
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Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 24

If possible, take someone else with you. Try to bring another adult with you if possible. Having someone to keep you company, entertain your child, or take over from you at the wheel will make the trip more enjoyable and less tiring.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 25

  • All children are different, so you will have to think about what works best for your child. If you think it’s best to go when your child is awake and happy, then do as you think.

Put several layers of clothing on your child. Depending on the weather conditions, you need to dress your child in at least a few layers of clothing to keep him from overheating and freezing. The first layer of clothing may be a bodysuit and socks, additional layers of clothing can be added as needed.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 27

Feed your baby and change his diaper before the trip. Meet your baby’s basic needs before you drive. If your baby is warm, dry, and full, he’s more likely to be comfortable on the trip. What’s more, you’ll have a chance at a good start to the road without having to make endless stops.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 28

  • When making a short stop to feed your baby, you should allow time for the baby to regurgitate. This way he will not develop an upset stomach from being on the road.
  • Even if your baby seems to be tolerating the road well, it is better to stop and get out of the car periodically. Fresh air and a change of activity is good for you and your child. In addition, it is bad for a child to be in a car seat for a long time (especially a newborn). Consider making an unscheduled stop if you see a park or other place you feel comfortable walking.

Image with title Travel by Car with an Infant Step 29

Try singing. If your baby gets cranky, try singing. You do not need to be able to sing well, it does not matter to the child. Your voice will soothe him, showing that you are there for him.

Never feed your baby while you are driving. Do not give your baby a bottle or other food when the car is moving, he may choke, gulp too much air, or regurgitate. If your baby is hungry, stop the car.

Image titled Travel by Car with an Infant Step 31

Do not take your baby out of the car seat in a moving car. If you must remove your baby, stop the car first. It is not safe to remove your baby from the car seat when the car is moving.

Park carefully. Park with enough space left to open the trunk, and try to park with the baby in the car on the side of the sidewalk (away from the road and moving cars).

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