The fascination of mountains in Poland

Polish Mountains and Spas: an overview

Many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in the mountains. After all, it is there you can see the stunning landscapes and scenery, skiing or snowboarding, as well as enjoy the clean mountain air. Very popular with tourists enjoy the mountain systems of Europe, in particular, the mountains in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Let us tell you more about the mountains in Poland.

General Information

Mountains in Poland are located in the southern part of the country and have a total length of over 1300 km. The main mountain systems are the Carpathian Mountains, which run along the border with Poland and Slovakia, and the Sudetes, which separate the country from the Czech Republic.

More info! The Carpathians and the Sudetes are separated by the Moravian Gate Pass, through which in the ancient times lay the trade route from Northern Europe to Southern Europe.

Another famous mountain range of the country is Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Each of these mountain systems has its own characteristics and beautiful places, which are worth mentioning in detail.

Carpathian Mountains .

These mountains are divided into Western, Eastern and Southern. Western Carpathians pass mainly through the Polish Republic and only a small part of Eastern Carpathians occupies the territory of the country and separates it from Ukraine.

In the Carpathian Mountains there are a great many stone mounds, herbs, flowers (edelweiss) and conifers, hollows, caves, lakes and waterfalls. The present nature of these mountains was formed by the actions of the glacier over the years.

The Western Carpathians are conventionally divided into the Beskids and the Tatras. The latter are considered to be the highest part of the mountain system, and are quite different from the rest. The Tatras are the rocky mountains with the snow cover, and on some of the tops it snows all year round. In the Tatras there are many peaks with elevations from 1700 to 2300 meters above sea level. Here is also the highest peak in Poland – Rysy, whose height is 2499 meters.

The Beskids are characterized by overgrown forests, rounded mountain peaks and beautiful meadows. They are divided into:

  • The High Beskid (with Babia Góra peak at 1725 m);
  • The Beskid Żywiecki (with Mt Pilsko at 1557 m);
  • The Silesian Beskid (with Mt Skrzyczne at 1257 m);
  • The Beskid Wyspowy;
  • The Beskid Makowski;
  • The Small Beskid;
  • The Gorce Massif (with the highest peak Turbacz of 1311 m);
  • The Low Beskid (with the top of Lyacki at 997 m);
  • The Beskid Sądecki (with Mt Radziejowa of 1,262 m).
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Each of these parts in its own unique and attractive to tourists. There are built many different camps, so you can spend a memorable weekend or vacation.

Sudetes .

These mountains are also divided into Central, Western and Eastern. In general, they are quite ancient, their formation began in the Paleozoic era. Currently, the oldest part is located in the Lower Silesia (a historical region of the Polish state).

Interesting! The mountains are full of minerals such as zinc, gold, silver, iron ore, etc. There are also many gems and minerals.

The highest point of the Sudetes is Mount Sněžka, which is 1,603 meters high. It is part of the Sudeten range – the Giant Mountains, which divides Poland and the Czech Republic. There are a large number of waterfalls, including the highest in the country – Lomnica. In addition, tourists can visit the beautiful national park.

Also worth mentioning are the Table Mountains in Poland, located in the Central part of the Sudetes. They are notable for the fact that it was opened the world’s first resort area for climbers.

Tourists are attracted by the mountain system and a huge number of springs of mineral water. One of them is located on the northern slopes of the Sudetes, near Wroclaw.

Świętokrzyskie Mountains

This is the oldest and lowest mountain range, located in south-eastern Poland. It is about 80 km long, and the highest point of the range is Mount Łysica, which is 612 m high. On it a long time ago various pagan ceremonies were held. Today it is a part of the Świętokrzyskie National Park.

Overall this ridge is notable for its flora. There is a variety of vegetation: fir, maple, ash, fern, sundew, orchid, beech, etc.

Tourists can visit the ruins of Chęciny Castle, built in the thirteenth century, which was the residence of kings in those days. Another historical place is the palace of the Osselians. Moreover, on the territory there are a lot of caves, among which the cave “Paradise” deserves special attention.

Tip: To learn more about the history of these mountains and not to miss the most beautiful places, it is best to sign up for excursions, which are organized here all the time.

Popular ski resorts in Poland

If there are mountains in Poland, then, of course, there is a huge number of ski centers and recreation centers. There are about a hundred and fifty of them in the country. Consider the most popular of them.

Germany: Medieval Wismar.

Zakopane .

This is the most famous resort, located on the slopes of Tatra Mountains. There are 10 different slopes for skiing and snowboarding. The longest one is 9 kilometers. There are 21 elevators to get up to the peaks.

Besides skiing you can also go swimming in one of the pools that is filled with water from mountain springs. Also for active tourists are offered cross-country skiing, horseback riding, ice skating, and more. The resort offers recreation for all categories of tourists.

Karpacz .

Another famous resort called Karpacz is located near Sniezka mountain. People from all over the world come here for skiing and sledging. There are 17 slopes of varying difficulty level. Season starts in November and ends in April, but there are slopes that work all year round. Fans of snowboarding can use a special track. As for the elevators, there are only 7, but they easily take tourists to the beginning of the descent. The main advantage is the low cost of recreation.


This town, which is located near the Czech Republic and Slovakia, attracts tourists with its many kilometers of trails. Moreover, there are great routes for cross-country skiers.

Also in Vistula is the world-famous hotel Golembiewska on Baranja Mountain, which has its own water park and nightclub.

The main advantage of this resort is the absence of strong winds. There are eight tracks, but among them is the most difficult in the country. In addition, the longest track for beginners is located here. There are 36 elevators that allow you to go from one peak to another without going back to the city.

Szczyrk also has health resorts, because there are a lot of mineral springs here. In this exact health resort you can not only have a good time, but also improve your health.


This resort offers slopes of varying lengths and levels of training. World hockey championships are held here. In addition to skiing you can go rafting on the mountain river, etc.

Whatever Polish mountains you choose, there is something for everyone.

Mountain systems of Poland

There are a lot of mountain ranges in the southern part of Poland. This is what attracts skiers and snowboarders as well as hikers. Tourists who choose to go on a mountain holiday in Poland are guaranteed a good time, resting body and soul, regardless of the time of year.

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Polish Mountains

General information about the mountain systems of Poland

Mountain systems of the total length of 1300 km with different heights and geological structures form the whole massif of Polish mountains, at the foot of which travelers can always spend a vacation.

The main mountain systems, which pass through Poland, are the Carpathians and the Sudetes. Also the territory of Poland is decorated with a low, in comparison with the Carpathians and Sudetes, Świętokrzyskie mountain system.

The mountains occupy the south of the country: the Sudetes are in the south-west and the Carpathians – in the south-east of Poland.

In between these systems is the mountain pass Moravian Gate, which used to be the trade route from north to south Europe.

The Carpathians extend along the Polish and Slovak borders, while the Sudetes stretch along the Polish and Czech borders. The highest point in the Polish Carpathians is Mount Rysy, 2,499 meters, which is the peak in the High Tatras. The highest point in the Sudetes is Sniezka, with a height of 1603 meters.

The Carpathians are divided into regions: the Western, Eastern and Southern. The Carpathians in Poland are part of the Western Carpathians, and only one part on the border with Ukraine belongs to the Eastern Carpathians. The Western Carpathians in Poland are divided into the Tatras and the Beskids.

Tatra Mountains in Poland

The Tatras differ significantly from the rest of the mountainous terrain because of the alpine form of relief and altitude. The main ridge of the Tatras coincides with the state border line of Poland and Slovakia. The maximum altitude reaches 2300 meters. It is at the foot of the Tatras is a famous resort of Zakopane.

The Beskydy Range is part of the Western Carpathian Mountains. They extend from the Tatras to the west, north and east. The highest point is Baba Góra mountain, 1725 meters high.

In the southwestern part of Poland on the border with the Czech Republic are the Sudetes. Like the Carpathians, the Sudetes are also divided into Western and Eastern. In addition, they also have the Central part.

In the Western Sudetes, except for the range of Krkonose Mountains, there are also the Izera and Kachava Mountains. In the Eastern Sudetes Opava and Golden Mountains are situated. The main feature of the ancient Sudetes is smooth slopes and the presence of deep intermountain basins.

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Polish Carpathians

The Polish Carpathians are much like the Carpathians in Ukraine. Although the cliffs themselves are different, there are the same slopes, rock mounds, grass and flowers – mainly edelweiss. The Polish Carpathians also have many depressions, caves, highland lakes and waterfalls. All this was formed due to the activities of the glacier.

A mysterious place – the Sudetes

The legendary Sudetes is a beautiful mountain system, more than 4.5 billion years old and located on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic.

Not far from the town of Mysliborza there is a rock formation called Small Organ. It is the only remnant of a basalt mine. People were able to open the middle part of the mouth of the long extinguished volcano Ratai. From the frozen lava and came out a unique structure that looks like an organ.

One of the most mystical places is Basaltova Gora. In pagan times there was a sacred grove here. When Christianity was adopted in Poland, the pagans were fiercely opposed to the event. Once a bishop gave an order to destroy the grove along with the Magi and since then the area has had an unusual energy, attracting neo-pagans.

There is also a Lookout Tower in the mountains, built in 1906. Its height is 10 meters, but in summer it is difficult to see the scenery from there because of the large amount of greenery, but in early spring or late fall, the panoramas are as clear as a globe.

Sights of Świętokrzyskie Mountains

This mountain system is the oldest and, at the same time, the lowest in Poland. One of the most recognizable peaks is Łysa Góra, a center of pagan worship, rituals and mysticism. Here ordinary inhabitants were sacrificed to three deities – Svist, Posvist and Weather. The weather conditions at the peak are always bad – cold, foggy and rainy.

Another notable place is Chęciny Castle, an ancient residence of the kings, built in the 13th century during the reign of Vladislav Loketka. Only ruins of the castle remain, but it is worth a visit. The cost of a visit is up to 2 euros.

Jaskinia Rai – a cave with amazing sinter formations, which is worth visiting for the delightful stalactites and stalagmites.

Sightseeing tours run from January to November, the day off is Monday. The cost of admission – up to 3 euros.

Krzyztopur – the noble palace of the Osselian family. Their estate has always been decorated with a cross and an axe – symbols of strong faith. From the palace remained only the walls, but the historical monument has already started to reconstruct.

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The best resorts in the mountains of Poland

Tourism in Poland is flourishing. Kosygin and Honneker rested in the Polish resorts, and divers once managed to collect 1200 kg of coins at the bottom of the mountain lake. The table shows the best spa places in the Republic of Poland.

Resort Features
Arlamów Located in the Beskydy, a fashionable resort with swimming pools, saunas, golf courses, stables.
Zakopane . A popular resort at the foot of the Tatras for fans of winter sports, mountain climbing. It is not hard to get there if you happen to be near Poznan.
Vistula A mountain resort with affordable prices stands on Poland’s longest river, the Vistula. It has 74% of green spaces.
Bukowina Tatrzańska. The resort is territorially part of the Tatra district. There is Siklawa – the highest waterfall in Poland with a fascinating waterfall of 70 meters.
Szklarska Poreba The town is situated in the Kamienna river valley among Jizera and Giant Mountains where snow lies 110 days a year.
Kazimierz Dolny The village is associated with the legend of the wise bird – the rooster. In the pastry shops of the spa you can buy as a souvenir a rooster made of dough.

When the skiing season opens in Poland

Poland is a great alternative to Western resorts for skiing and snowboarding. The country is in the top ten with the best ski infrastructure in Europe.

Ski season starts in early December, sometimes in the 20s of November. It depends on the weather, although nowadays modern equipment can provide skiing in any conditions.

Prices at Polish winter resorts are much lower than in Italy, Austria and Finland. In the high season and the Christmas holidays apartments cost from 30 euros, and hostels offer overnight accommodations for 6 euros.

Skiing on the slopes of the local mountains is preferred by tourists from all over Europe and travelers from the CIS. The most expensive resort is Zakopane, but more affordable places for recreation are not inferior to it.


Holidays in the Polish mountains will suit everyone. Developed transport infrastructure and low cost compared to other European resorts attract a lot of tourists. And the natives of the CIS will additionally appreciate the absence of language barrier, similar climate, delicious cuisine, hospitable people and amazing nature of the Carpathians.

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