The climate and nature of Cyprus. What makes tourists return here again and again?

What is the country of Cyprus?

Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, is a beautiful sunny island of the Mediterranean, buried in a riot of greenery and colors!

This is the place where one wants to return again and again for a mass of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

This small piece of land in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea is called by the most different epithets: island of wine, island of love, olive island, island of paradise!

Kyrenia ancient city

Before we plunge into the atmosphere of bliss and pleasure, let’s find out first which country is Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus

So, the Republic of Cyprus is an independent island state located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

It should be noted that it gained its independence back in 1960. Previously, this state was a British colony.

According to official sources, the territory of the Republic includes 98% of the island of Cyprus and seven nearby islands.

The ancient city of Kourion on Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is an attractive destination for travelers

Cyprus is the third largest peninsula in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Its total area is 9,251 km. Geographically it belongs to Asia.

If you look at the world map, three countries are famous neighbors: Egypt, Turkey and Syria. Cyprus can therefore be considered the link between these three continents.


This place attracts tourists because the island has a rich and eventful historical past. A trip to Cyprus can often be compared to a mini round the world trip.

Having visited the island you can find at the same time Gothic cathedrals, Byzantine monasteries, Venetian fortresses, Roman theaters and Greek temples. The whole air of the island is saturated with mysteries and riddles of different ages!


Cyprus – a beach holiday at sea

Every one of us has heard about beach vacations in Cyprus! To visit the island of love – the dream of every tourist.

The Magic Island of Bali, Indonesia

Tours in Cyprus have always been popular due to the mild climate, unique nature, pristine beaches.

Church of Panagia

The variety of beaches here is so great that almost any tourist can find a suitable option.

The ferry “Zenobia”.

The sea in Cyprus gives a lot of opportunities to spend a great time on vacation: to admire the sea scenery on board the yacht, to bask in the warm sunlight on the white sand, to bathe in crystal-clear water, to fish or hunt, to dive on the seabed, to surf and much more.

Cyprus, Protaras, Fig Tree Bay beach

Which beaches in Cyprus

Fig Tree Beach. The beach is considered the best in the resort of Protaras. It got its name because of its location: the beach is located near a vast fig tree grove.

There are also good conditions for children’s recreation.


Kourion beach. This beach is very popular with locals and visitors. Its main attraction is the lush greenery, warm sand and gentle gentle sea.

It is located 20 kilometers from Limassol.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach. The beach is located in the Turkish part of the island. It is a perfect place for family holidays with children.

Everyone can find entertainment to his liking: diving, surfing, spas, yachting.

Lara Bay Beach

Lara. This beach is preferred by lovers of peace, solitude and silence. Р

he beach is located a few kilometers from Paphos.

To summarize, what country is Cyprus? This is a unique and wonderful country with a rich history, found its reflection in the cultural and architectural monuments.

Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the most beautiful beach holidays and at the same time to visit the historical sites: ancient amphitheaters, Gothic temples, unusual medieval fortresses, the most beautiful Muslim mosques, ancient monasteries and cathedrals.

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