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Today Sunderland is undergoing an economic reorganization, moving away from its traditional economic activities. It remains a center for shipbuilding and coal mining, but the city also has sewing, paper, and radio industries.

The Sunderlands are one of the houses of the Vale of Arryn, rulers of the Three Sisters Archipelago. Their castle is located in the town of Sisterton. The Sunderlands have vassal lords, each ruling a different island – the Borrells, the Longthorpes, and the Torrents. It is a rather poor house – Lord Triston Sunderland was worried about the high cost of war horses and decent chainmail and armor, as he has seven sons and all must become knights [1] .



For thousands of years the inhabitants of the Three Sisters have boasted of their own cruel kings – pirates and brigands. Their rooks plied the Jaws, the Narrow Sea, and even the Cold Sea, plundering and pillaging with impunity whatever they could reach, then returning home with cargoes of gold and slaves. Eventually, these raids prompted the kings of Winter to send their own fleet to subdue the Sisters – for to whom the Three Sisters are subject, the Jaws are subject [2].

This invasion, which occurred around 1700 CE, is remembered in history as the desecration of the Three Sisters. The surviving lords of the Three Sisters traveled to Eagle’s Nest to plead with the King of the Mountains and Valley, Matthos II Arren, for help. The King agreed to join the war with the North on the condition that the Sisters would swear an oath to him and his descendants until the end of time and recognize the power of the Eagle’s Nest over themselves. Thus began the “Overseas War,” later dubbed the “Pointless War. The Sunderlands became vassals of the Starks and the Arrhenes as a result of centuries of wars over islands, which changed hands many times, and in the end the islands remained with the Arrhenes. However, the Sunderlands have always been loyal only to themselves. They were thought to serve the Arryns of the Vale, but the Eagle’s Nest’s authority over the islands was tenuous at best [1] .

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With the beginning of the Conquest of Westeros, the Sisters, who had never been loyal vassals to the Arrhenes, took advantage of the chaos to renounce their allegiance to the Eagle’s Nest and proclaimed Lady Marla Sunderland their queen [3] .

The freewill on the archipelago ended with the coronation of Aegon Targaryen at Staromest. Since much of the Arrynian fleet had perished during the Conquest, the king ordered the Keeper of the North Torrhen Stark of Winterfell to end the rebellion of the Sisters, and an army of Northerners under Ser Warrick Manderly sailed from White Harbor in hired Braavosian galleys. The sight of their sails, combined with the unexpected appearance of Queen Visenya on Vhagar in the skies above Sisterton, robbed the Sisters of their courage: they hastily forced Queen Marla to abdicate in favor of her younger brother. Steffon Sunderland again swore allegiance to the Eagle’s Nest, bowed his knee to Queen Visenya, and gave his sons as hostages to guarantee his good behavior: one to Manderly, one to Arren [4].

At the time of the Dance of Dragons, Prince Jacquerys Velarion enlisted the support of the Borrells and Sunderlands for the Blacks during his visit to Sisterton [5] .

When war over her inheritance broke out in the Vale after Lady Jane Arryn’s death, the Sunderlands and their vassals supported Ser Arnold’s claim

and Arryn, the Mad Heir, over Ser Joffrey Arryn, the heir chosen by Lady Jane, but a more distant relative. However, when the time came to choose by lot the new regents in 136, Lords Alyn Velarion and Benjicot Blackwood finally forced Isembard and Arnold’s supporters to recognize Joffrey as their suzerain [6] .

The Sunderlands dragged the Three Sisters into two Blackfire rebellions, the First and Second [7] , for which the islanders paid bitterly [1] .


The Winds of Winter.

El Valle de Anton, Panama: A town at the foot of a volcano

The three Sunderlands, apparently sons of Lord Triston, arrive at the Moon Gate to take part in Lord Robert Arryn’s tournament for a place in the Fellowship of the Winged Knights [8] .

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