The cheapest countries for holidays

Super – ten cheapest countries for a holiday at sea

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

Many people dream of vacationing on the sea, but not everyone has enough money for it. In this case, tourists often give preference to travel to the sea within the Russian Federation, but some still dream to go on a long journey and not to spend all their savings.

There are many countries that are willing to give you an unforgettable vacation. At the same time, you can relax not only in body but also in soul, to see interesting places and experience the diversity of this world.

Even last year, some cheap vacation destinations were closed to Russian tourists, but now the situation in the countries have normalized, and they are ready to receive guests. Turkey and Egypt have almost regained their former popularity, and open during their absence, the directions are also constantly evolving to give their guests more joy and comfort.

There are many places where you can spend a budget vacation, while getting a lot of positive emotions and new experiences. In 2020, you can go to many resorts, both abroad and in our country. To have an unforgettable vacation at affordable prices, you can and should first take a good look at the options listed below, as well as carefully plan your trip.


Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

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Holidays on the Mediterranean or the Black Sea in Turkey become much cheaper due to the “all inclusive” system and a huge number of free beach areas. Buying sightseeing and entertainment tours in travel agencies in the streets, you can also save a lot of money. Cheap and exotic fruits and souvenirs. And if you buy a tour not in the high season you can save up to 40% of the budget on accommodation.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

During the high season is usually the most expensive, the price starts from 40 thousand rubles (for two people, with a flight from Moscow). However you can also buy “last minute” tours which are half the price of the original package!

For independent travelers is best to choose the time of low season, usually closer to the fall tickets to Antalya are much cheaper, and you can stay in a cheap hostel or a regular hotel.

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Most of all in Turkey attracts a lot of entertainment for quite reasonable money, you can go here with children on vacation, because the local beaches are suitable for this as well as possible.

2. Egypt .

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

Popular place for Russian tourists is Egypt. The constant influx of tourists allows local resorts to maintain democratic prices, various promotions and give bonuses for early booking. Also here in most hotels is widespread system “all inclusive”, which allows you to save on food in restaurants and cafes. Many hotels offer not only three meals a day without restrictions, but also bar services. To visit the famous Egyptian pyramids, jeep safaris and many national parks in Egypt can be relatively inexpensive.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

In Egypt there is practically no division into high and low season, tourists come here practically in all seasons, because summer is never ending. However, there are times when ticket prices are reduced significantly, the period from 1 to 25 December, is considered ideal for a budget holiday. Another great time to travel to Egypt is the period from July to September. In especially hot months, there are also not many tourists, and ticket prices are slightly reduced.

Unfortunately, it is not clear when they will reopen the beach destinations of Egypt, but promises that it will happen in the near future, and prices for packages will increase slightly.

Nevertheless, Egypt pleases tourists with a variety of options for leisure, which can be much more interesting than the beach vacation.

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3. Tunisia

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

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Until recently, no one had heard anything about a country like Tunisia. But in recent years, the popularity of resorts in Tunisia is growing more and more. And all this because this country is not so far from Moscow, and does not require a visa. For many people, especially those vacationing with children, these points are fundamental in making a decision.

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They say that the best time to visit – from September to November. This time when the high season has already gone down, the prices for packages have dropped, and the water temperature is also slightly lower, but is at an acceptable level for the rest.

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Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

A trip to Tunisia during the high season costs from 40 thousand rubles (for two people) for tourists from Moscow. Airfare prices start from 15 thousand rubles (round trip), so in some cases it is more advantageous to buy a package tour. The country has several resort areas, each of which is good. Of course, this also affects the cost of the tour. The most inexpensive are considered Monastir, Sousse and Hammamet, while, for example, prices on the popular island of Djerba a little higher than on the mainland.

4. Bulgaria

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

This country has always been popular with Europeans as an inexpensive resort and a good place for a family vacation. Wide sandy beaches, beautiful bays, an abundance of attractions attracts many tourists to Bulgaria every year. The high season lasts from about May to October, during which time the beaches are always crowded and prices go up. There are several areas in Bulgaria for surfers or windsurfers, and the waves here are good for beginners and amateurs.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

Prices for tours are quite low even during the high season and start from 40 thousand rubles (for two people, departing from Moscow). The cost depends on the area and the quality of the hotel. The most inexpensive places are Tsarevo, Kranevo and Sozopil. These places are not only the cheapest for life and recreation, but also very quiet.

5. Montenegro

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

One of the few countries in Europe where you can relax not only culturally and comfortably, but also without breaking the budget. Beautiful coasts, varied landscape, ancient architecture and many different quality beaches make Montenegro very interesting for everyone. Here you almost do not have to speak English or lack of native cuisine – in this, our countries are almost no different. Visa-free entry and no fees on arrival also reduce the economic burden of planning a trip.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

The best time is September. Prices for tours can drop to 15 thousand rubles per person, and the airfare will cost about 7-8 thousand rubles round trip. Prices for accommodations vary slightly depending on the region, but in general they remain low, and there are always a lot of options. During the summer months ticket prices can go up to 20 thousand rubles, in which case it will be cheaper to buy a package tour, but it must be done in advance. Montenegro is a popular resort, and during the season there is a large influx of tourists.

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During the low season here can also have a good rest. Unusual hiking, rock climbing, cultural recreation and visits to monasteries will make a vacation memorable.

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6. Georgia

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

Georgia is known as a beautiful country of mountains, vineyards and delicious khachapuri. In recent years, the country has become increasingly popular, because it is hard to find a more diverse and colorful vacation anywhere else. It is a mecca for lovers of mountain hiking and rock climbing, every year during the summer season groups of tourists come here to climb Kazbek, Shkhara and other peaks.

However, Georgia offers a good vacation on the Black Sea coast, because the coastline reaches almost 100 km. Most beaches are pebbly, but there are also sandy. From the beaches, as a rule, there are great views of the mountains, which can not fail to please the eye.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

The largest and most popular beach is in Batumi, but there are also a few more remote and remote beaches to get to which you have to walk. Very popular here is diving, there are several bays, which teach from scratch. Generally, tours in Georgia combine vacation at sea and excursions to the mountains and sights. Prices start from 50 thousand rubles (for two people, departing from Moscow).

You can go to Georgia on your own or go hiking with a group of like-minded people. Sightseeing tours by non-trivial routes are gaining popularity, which allow people to get to know the country and its people as they are.

7. Thailand

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

For a winter vacation Thailand is one of the most suitable areas where vacation at the sea is possible during the whole year.

The cheapest accommodation will be in bungalows on individual islands, the most popular of which are Phuket (Koh Phuket), Koh Samui (Koh Samui), Chang (Koh Chang). For independent travelers is better to choose small remote islands where prices are even lower. These islands include Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and many others.

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Tourists often choose Thailand not only for the quality service and a wide range of entertainment, but also for exotic, and most importantly, cheap food. For a small amount of money you can eat at well-known chain cafes, buy culinary delights in the market and even spend pleasant evenings in restaurants.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

The prices of trips directly depend on the season, which usually falls on the vacation season in Russia. This is the time of the New Year, as well as the summer months. At this time you can buy a tour at a price of 80 thousand rubles (for two people, departing from Moscow), whereas in the fall or spring you can find tours from 60 thousand rubles. Also it depends on the city of departure – from Novosibirsk, Vladivostok or Khabarovsk tours can be much cheaper, even in high season.

In Thailand there are all conditions for independent travelers – it is easy to rent vehicles, like a bike or SUV, to settle in a huge villa with a view of the sea or move from place to place almost every day. In any case, the holiday in Thailand will cost much cheaper than, for example, in Europe.

8. Vietnam .

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

The gaining popularity of the country has long been included in the top of the popular cheapest tourist destinations for recreation at the seaside. Here you can not only stay economically, but also eat, visit the beaches and excursions. As accommodation, you can choose from bungalows, cheap hostels or rooms in boarding houses. Quality and service is provided at the highest level, despite the relatively low cost.

The most famous resorts in the country are Halong Bay, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and many others. When planning a trip to Vietnam you must take into account the seasonality, because in winter in some areas may be cool, or the rainy season, when it is almost impossible to enjoy a beach holiday.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

The prices for tours to Vietnam are not always cheap, still a lot depends on the season and the availability of necessary flights. On average, tours start from 80 thousand rubles (Mui Ne, Phantyt, the price for two, flying from Moscow), also from different regions of Russia may be different prices. Often you can get from Siberia or the Far East cheaper than from the western part of the country.

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For independent travelers, Vietnam is almost as ideal as Thailand – cheap food, simple bungalows and hostels, rental bikes and scooters – there is everything for lovers of freedom.

9. India, Goa

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

The Indian resort of Goa can be considered not only an economical but also a very exotic place. You can vacation in this area at any time of the year, but the most expensive stays come in the winter period. In areas where tourists congregate, everything is much more expensive than in areas for locals. Therefore, it is better to choose cafes, hostels and places for entertainment in these areas.

However, with an ever-increasing flow of tourists from Russia, many beaches of Goa have become “Russian villages. In which you can constantly hear the Russian language. These include the beach of Arambol (Arambol) and the adjacent Mandrem (Mandrem). The other beaches are also popular among foreigners, but do not forget that Goa is known as an excellent resort in India, so there are many Hindus.

The positive side of the great popularity of the region is that there is almost no sense that you are in India. But nevertheless, before you come here, it is worth checking out some tips for those going to India for the first time.

Super-ten cheapest countries for a rest by the sea

Winter is the high season in Goa, and prices for tours can start from 55 thousand rubles (for two people, flight from Moscow). It is worth noting that the prices of food and entertainment are also very low, for example, a day tour of the island can cost from $ 45 per person. From Goa you can go to other parts of the country, the bus or train fare is very low, but do not forget that India is a densely populated country, so you can forget about the comfort.

It is also worth noting the cost of obtaining a tourist visa, for 2020, the visa fee is 100 USD.

When planning a trip here, you need to consider the seasonality, as India is a very diverse country. Learn more: climate and seasons in India: when it is better to go on vacation.

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