The Canary Islands: a paradise for lovers of active recreation

Active rest in Tenerife

Casa Caballo with beautiful horses near El Medano

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Kitesurfing and windsurfing in Tenerife El Medano

The island of Tenerife is a good place for year-round kitesurfing and windsurfing. Thanks to the wind from Africa you can surf here 300 days a year. Conditions are perfect all year round for windsurfers and for kite surfers.

Diving on Tenerife

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Snorkeling in Tenerife

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Surfing in Taganan

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The Roque del Conde Mountains above Adeje

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Open air overnights

Tenerife has so many beautiful and majestic places that you want to enjoy them alone. Staying overnight in a tent outdoors is a great experience. With tents in Tenerife and.

Active recreation is available in Tenerife!

In Tenerife there is a huge range of outdoor activities! See for yourself:

In the pages of our website you will find columns about the most popular outdoor activities in Tenerife!


The Canary Islands are characterized by a unique tourist potential, which is inextricably linked to their geographical location. One of the main attractions are the black sand beaches, but the tourist opportunities are not limited to the latter. On Tenerife, whose climate is almost always favorable to holidaymakers, you can spend a great weekend or vacation. The average annual temperature of 22 degrees plus on Tenerife almost completely blurs the line between winter and summer. The magnificent nature of the island is striking in its beauty and variety. There are unique relict laurel forests (preserved since the Tertiary period and more than 20 million years old), volcanic “black” beaches, natural rock pools and, of course, the world-famous national nature parks (such as Teide Park).

Endless opportunities for sports

A healthy way of life, which is gaining popularity around the world, caught in its net and the island of Tenerife, which has become an open area for various kinds of sports and recreation. The island is a huge outdoor gym, open 365 days a year. Its climate, landscapes and nature will be a real paradise for both professional athletes and amateurs. During the holidays in Tenerife, athletes have the unique opportunity to train at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

3 Hiking, trekking and hiking

Tenerife boasts more than 1500 kilometers of hiking trails, both formal and informal. They cross the 43 protected areas of Tenerife, which in turn account for almost half (48%) of the surface of the island. Each hiking route is unique, but the most famous is the Gran Recorrido 131. This route, 83 kilometers long, starts from the European continent and crosses the island from north to south, passing through every type of island landscape (including Mount Teide).

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5 Speleotourism

Hidden in the bowels of the island is a network of underground caves with a total length of 17 km and a formation age of 27 thousand years. The Cueva del Viento caves tour lasts about two hours and immerses the visitor into the extremely beautiful and mysterious underworld of Tenerife.

4 Mountaineering

Tenerife is a good place for rock climbers. There are a large number of mountains, rock formations and extinct volcanoes. For climbers, all levels of difficulty can be reached during a vacation in Tenerife.

6 Mountain biking

Fans of this sport can enjoy 200 kilometers of biking trails. Most of the cycling routes run across the main heights of the island and most pass through the Corona Forestal Natural Park. The mountain bike trail network has equipped parking lots, infrastructure, and clearly defined start and finish points.

Cycling Road Cycling.

The island is covered by an extensive road network, which is in excellent condition. Most of the traffic arteries of Tenerife have little car traffic and are therefore excellent for cycling. The two-wheeled friend can be ridden at altitudes of up to 2,000 meters, at the foot of the mountains or on the coast. Hundreds of world-class cyclists come to the island every year to train for international competitions, such as the Tour de France, world championships, and even the Olympics.


The island offers tennis players more than 11 sports complexes, which are equipped with tennis courts with different types of surface: hard, grass, dirt and synthetic. Also on the island you can train in such games as: squash and pelota.


Eight first-class golf courses that have been designed for professional players of the caliber of Severiano Ballesteros and Dave Thomas.

Sports for people with disabilities

Tenerife has a training center for Paralympic participants as well as specialized sports schools for people with disabilities.

Tenerife is amazingly beautiful and an ideal place to create videos. Among the attractions of the Canary Islands, Tenerife stands out for its abundance of unique flora and fauna: nature lovers will appreciate the wild beaches of this island. It’s wet and green in the north, and sunny and dry in the south. Not for nothing Tenerife is called the unpredictable island “with two faces”, which is so loved by European lovers of outdoor activities.

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Those who want to fulfill his long-held dream and go hiking, are invited to climb the volcano Teide, which is considered the highest point not only in the Canary archipelago, but also in Spain. Where else but here will be the most effective production of video advertising for outdoor activities – so mesmerizing the sight of the operator opens up to view! The magnificent panoramic view from the top of the volcano confirms the opinion of Tenerife as an island paradise. The objects to admire can be filmed from different angles – a quality video creation can be achieved in this way.

Going on a hike in Tenerife, the active tourist should know that the tents here are allowed to put only in designated areas, so the route must be calculated in advance. In addition, local authorities should be aware of the trekking to the summit of the volcano Teide 2 weeks before the campaign: the application form is accepted no later than that date.

Also of interest to travelers is the Auditorio de Tenerife concert hall, a grandiose futuristic structure that impresses not only with its original architecture, but also with its acoustics. Located in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is a symbol of the city and a beautiful art object of the whole Spain. It is here where the annual surf festival and screening of extreme films takes place.

This is what a vacation in Tenerife and the Canary Islands is like!

Choice of resorts Tenerife

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Tenerife sights

Tenerife map

Restaurants and cafes in Tenerife

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Tenerife markets

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Tenerife and company: everything you wanted to know about the Canary Islands

Usually, talking about the Canaries, we mean Tenerife and Fuerteventura. But after all the archipelago consists of 7 volcanic islands, and each one is interesting in its own way! We decided to help you choose the best option.

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There’s no arguing that the Canary Islands are Paradise on Earth. The title is justified: there is a comfortable climate (average temperature is +23°C in summer, +19°C in winter), equipped sandy beaches stretch for many kilometers along the ocean, some of them are awarded “Blue Flags”, and the surroundings are so picturesque that it is hard to stop taking pictures of everything around. We’re sure that after reading our article, you won’t stop until you’ve visited all 7 islands!


The largest and most popular among tourists island of the archipelago, where one of the two capitals of the autonomy, the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is located. Most resorts are concentrated on the south and west coast, the best of which are considered Costa Adeje and Las Americas.

Tenerife landscapes

Top 3 beaches in Tenerife:

  1. La Arena in Puerto Santiago, which is popular with families with children and divers.
  2. Las Vistas in the municipality of Arona, which attracts water sports enthusiasts.
  3. San Telmo in Puerto de la Cruz, where at high tide you can swim in one of the natural pools between the rocks.

They have all been awarded the “Blue Flag” for cleanliness, many receiving this award year after year.

What to do in Tenerife:

  • Climb volcano Teide, Spain’s highest peak and the third largest volcano in the world (3,718 meters). It is located in the national park of the same name, the most visited nature reserve in Europe. A cable car will take you to the top, a round trip ticket costs €30.

Volcano Teide

  • See whales. Excursion ships depart from the ports of Los Cristianos, Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes.
  • Visit the Rural de Anaga Biosphere Reserve, located a short drive from the capital. You can admire the mountain scenery, swim in one of the secluded coves, stroll in the shade of laurel trees, watch birds up close, ride or cycle, go scuba diving, learn to sail…

9 great things to see and do on Tenerife

  • Visit San Cristóbal de la Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the first unfortified town in Tenerife to be designed using maps of the starry sky and sea routes.
  • See one of the symbols of the Canary Islands, the dragon tree. The oldest specimen (according to various estimates it is from 800 to 1000 years old) grows in Icod de los Vinos.
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This island has more than 150 kilometers of beaches! It seems that the perfect place for those who dream of an even tan and water fun has been found. And Fuerteventura is also considered a Mecca for surfers, thanks to the wind, which hardly ever ceases. So, if you are interested in active holidays in the Canary Islands, then we advise you to pay attention to the resorts of Fuerteventura.


The most popular beach resorts are Costa Calma, Morro del Jable, Playa Matorral, Caleta del Fuste and Playa de Corralejo.

The top 3 beaches of Fuerteventura:

  1. Sotavento. Every year in July and August an international windsurfing championship is held here.
  2. Gran Tarajale, where the locals love to relax. It has been awarded the Blue Flag Award for cleanliness.
  3. La Concha – 200 meters of white sand, turquoise water and (a pleasant bonus!) Few people.

Spain's 10 best resorts: from Costa Brava to Costa del Sol

What to do on the island of Fuerteventura:

  • Taste the original Mahorero goat cheese, which only 16 cheese factories and 49 farms in the world can officially produce.
  • Walk through the village of Betancuria, built in the crater of an extinct volcano. Until 1834 it was the capital of Fuerteventura.
  • Enjoy the desert scenery in the Corralejo Natural Park. In its territory there are dunes (the largest in the Canary Islands) and the volcano Montana Roja.


  • Take a picture of one of the traditional mills “molinos”, symbols of the island. They have a gender: the “women” have a cylindrical base, the “men” have a square base. Many of them have survived in the outskirts of the city of Antigua.
  • Visit the picturesque village of La Oliva. Be sure to check out the church of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria and the governor’s mansion.


A favorite place for rowdy parties, sexual minorities and nudists. Here is the second capital of the autonomy – the city of Las Palmas. The most popular resort area is Maspalomas, uniting 6 resorts located on the coastline of 17 kilometers. Its heart is considered a party paradise Playa del Inglés. Puerto Rico is popular with tourists with children, water sports amateurs and avid fishermen come here too.

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