The best spas and spas in Italy

The best spa hotels in Italy with thermal springs

Italy, of course, is one of the countries with the largest number of spas, which are most appreciated in the world for the effectiveness of the procedures and quality of services provided. Their popularity is ensured primarily by the maximum use of phenomena of secondary volcanism – emissions from the Earth’s depths of water, vapors and mud, enriched with mineral substances and possessing therapeutic properties. Today hotels in Italy with thermal springs attract tourists from all over the world, offering services designed both for therapeutic purposes, and for cosmetic procedures, ensuring good physical shape, restoring spiritual balance and peace of mind.

It is known that the healing properties of water from the Earth’s interior were discovered by the ancient Greeks, but only the Romans were able to make full use of thermal springs, making them an aspect of their social life for many hundreds of years. An example of this are the numerous “thermae” built throughout the empire – public or private buildings built near such natural springs and intended for taking water procedures. Today they have a modern name – spa complexes.

The origin of the term is attributed to the Belgian town of Spa, famed for its mineral waters since the 16th century. Became a common term in Western Europe for various balneological procedures, in Italy, however, the term began to be used only at the beginning of the 21st century and is interpreted as an abbreviation of the Latin expression Salus Per Aquam (SPA), that is, “water treatment”. Over the past few decades taking hydrotherapeutic procedures has become particularly popular, which led to the creation of a new trend in the tourism industry – the so-called spa tourism. In our small review we present the best in our opinion spas in Italy with thermal springs, located in different parts of this beautiful country.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

Bagni Di Pisa

San Giuliano Terme, 6 kilometers from Pisa, this 5 star hotel is part of the Leading Hotels of the World. It was once the summer residence of Archduke Francesco Stefano di Lorena of Tuscany, built in 1743 next to a thermal spring. The hotel in the former villa is today the largest health center, offering its guests more than sixty different types of rooms and twenty apartments, whose walls are painted with original frescoes of the XVIII century.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

The thermal springs of the Hotel San Giuliano Terme are rich in calcium and magnesium sulfate and are indicated for the treatment of

  • cardiovascular system: through balneotherapy and hydromassage to improve blood microcirculation, as well as for cellulite.
  • Osteochondrosis: for the relief of inflammatory symptoms in degenerative and traumatic diseases of the bone skeleton through balneotherapy, mud and whirlpool massage;
  • Respiratory system: for sinusitis, bronchial asthma and in general for the upper and lower respiratory tract through the use of aerosols and inhalations.

This hotel with thermal pools, is considered the best in Italy: it offers a wide “Bioaquam” – pool with Jacuzzi, “Thalaquam” – thermal pool with water temperature of 37 degrees, where you can swim in a relaxing 18% saline solution or “Minerva” – with a powerful wave.

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Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort

Located in Saturnia, the most popular among tourists thermal hotel Golf & Spa in Italy, perhaps does not need a special introduction. The resort town is located five kilometers from the most famous sulfurous hot springs Terme di Saturnia in Manciano of Grossetto province. The quality of services offered by this luxurious resort complex is second to none not only in Italy, but also in the world. It offers 128 comfortable and de luxe rooms, a unique park with four thermal open-air pools and whirlpools, an outstanding golf course, which is a style feature of the SPA-resort, two restaurants, one of which is awarded a Michelin star, a fitness center, equipped with modern sports equipment, a lounge bar, spa boutiques, etc.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

The Spa & Golf Resort hotel with thermal springs focuses on holistic medical and aesthetic treatments, as well as spa massages, offering:

  • spa programs, with a focus on anti-aging, detoxification and elimination of cellulite;
  • medical programs including physical therapy with mineral mud and inhalations, specialized consultations.

The known therapeutic properties of Saturnia thermal waters, with their vasodilator effect, reduce blood pressure and are recommended for cardiovascular and dermatological diseases. Inhalation reduces the tension of the respiratory system, which improves ventilation of the lungs.

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Etruria Resort & Natural Spa

In the heart of Tuscany, in the ancient village of Montepulciano in Italy, the Etruria Hotel & Spa offers an unforgettable vacation in a historic villa, built in 1800. On the territory of the villa, among the ancient trees of the park, you will find a spa center La Perla with swimming pools, whirlpools, sauna and fitness room, as well as an excellent restaurant La Corte di Bacco with traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

Two wine bars in the spa resort offer a wide range of world famous Tuscan wines made from local grapes grown in the vicinity of Montepulciano.

The affordability of this hotel with thermal springs in Italy attracts hundreds of tourists year-round, not only from all over the country, but also from many European countries, allowing you to fully enjoy the enchanting Tuscan countryside, enjoy a spa experience and re-energize yourself for the future.

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Hotel Terme Mioni Pezzato & Spa

In the heart of one of the oldest Italian spa towns, Abano Terme, in the province of Padua, lies the exquisite thermal spa hotel Mioni Pezzato, synonymous with prestige spa care. The thermal park of 16,000 square meters has 6 large outdoor pools, 15 baths with thermal water of different temperatures and over 100 hydromassage stations for individual treatments.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

For more than a century, since 1905, the Mioni family, a fourth-generation owner of the hotel, has been using the therapeutic properties of thermal waters and mud. The spa treatments are based on traditional balneo-mud therapies with an efficacy recognized by the National Health Service. An undoubted pride of the owners is the recently opened specialized spa “Tea Rose” with a wide range of cosmetological procedures, based on the use of the most ancient methods of massage with biotermic clay and natural cosmetic products of the highest quality.

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Adler Spa Resort Thermae

Adler Thermae is a 5-star thermal hotel located in the small village of Bagno Vgnoni, in the hilly heart of Tuscany Val d’Orcia. This region with its unique landscape, magnificent castles and monasteries has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Double rooms in the Comfort or Family Suites are available for your stay, with panoramic windows offering beautiful views of the enchanting Tuscan countryside.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

In addition to several thermal pools with thermal water at 36 degrees, the hotel also has a freshwater pool with a running canal called the “Wild River”, a steam bath “Grotta del filosofo” in a travertine cave, the Finnish sauna “Oliva”, the underground salt bath “Grotta salina”, a large fitness area “AdlerFit” with many exercise machines and other services.

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Grotta Giusti

A beautifully restored 19th century villa of Italian poet Giuseppe Giusti in the green hills of Pistoia province in Tuscany is now a 5 star hotel with a 750 square meter thermal pool and a beautiful waterfall. A special feature of the resort is the largest thermal cave in Europe with 100% humidity, described by poet as the eighth wonder of the world. The Giusti Grotto is famous for its incredible natural architecture – its vaults are decorated with stalactite and stalagmite formations, and several underground labyrinths allow to plunge into the unique environment with natural steam temperature up to 34 degrees, which has a therapeutic effect.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

The hotel offers 1-2-person comfortable rooms at various prices, and the Grotta Giusti wellness center offers a wide range of spa treatments to restore the body’s physical and emotional balance.

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Calidario Terme Etrusche

Set in the soft green hills of Italy, the thermal springs hotel in the small town of Venturina, province of Livorno is next to a lake, which is fed by the hot healing springs that spurt from its bottom.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

A landmark of the hotel is the Termarium wellness center, opened in 2000, whose wellness services are reminiscent of the ancient Etruscan tradition of successive water procedures, including :

  • Calidarium, with a hot sauna and Turkish bath to cleanse the body;
  • Natatio, for an ablution of the body in a thermal bath with Jacuzzi;
  • Frigidarium, with a contrast shower;
  • Laconicum – relaxation area, where you can take relaxing beauty treatments.

It should be noted, however, that the spa center is not included in the price of the hotel accommodation – the services are paid separately, but the guests have a rather impressive discount.

Spacious rooms, accommodating 1-2 people, are located in an ancient building of ancient construction. The Aqvalina bar-restaurant is located in the resort, with an excellent cuisine, offering a menu of local products and a wide range of natural wines.

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Abano Grand Hotel

The Abano Grand Hotel is perhaps the most prestigious of Abano Terme and has 5 star luxury thermal springs. The building, which houses the apartments, is set in a huge park of 20,000 square meters, decorated with palm trees and many kinds of tropical trees. In this green oasis, there are three pools with bromine-iodine thermal water, which temperature varies from 30 ° to 36 °, depending on the season. The in-house wellness thermal spa offers comprehensive anti-aging wellness packages – draining massages, detoxifying mud and thermal baths.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

The Grand Hotel offers two types of rooms and four types of apartments, guaranteeing each visitor the desired level of comfort. The suites have particularly luxurious interiors: Louis XV style furniture and large bathrooms in green and pink marble. Each room has a balcony with a panoramic view over Abano or the beautiful park.

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Grand Hotel Terme di Riolo

A 4 star hotel in a historic building from 1870, in the ancient park of Riolo Terme, in the province of Ravenna. Since the Renaissance Riolo has been famous for its springs and has hosted many celebrities including such famous names as Lord Byron, Pellegrino Artusi and Carducci. Today its popularity is ensured by three thermal springs of different types of sulphurous water for the treatment of the digestive and urogenital system.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

The rooms of Grand Hotel Terme di Riolo, located in two buildings, are either decorated in classical art nouveau style of the late nineteenth century or have a modern interior and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. There is also the AquaVitae restaurant, which offers a variety of menus from local cuisine. To ensure a complete rest, the hotel has a partnership agreement with the Terme di Riolo wellness spa, which gives its guests a discount when they visit.

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Thermae of Bormio

In the northernmost tip of Lombardy, on the border with Switzerland, is the most popular health resort in Europe, the Terme di Bormio. The thermal waters of Bormio, known for their unique properties since the Middle Ages, are classified as high-temperature sulphate-alkaline and slightly radioactive due to the presence of a small amount of radon. Here in the Alta Valtellina valley at the foot of the Belgian Alps are the Italian hotels with world-class thermal springs – Bagni Vechi and Bagni Nuovi.

Best SPA hotels in Italy with thermal springs

QC Terme Hotel Bagni Vecchi

The historic Bagni Vecchi Hotel will especially appeal to anyone seeking solitude with nature. All rooms offer a breathtaking view on the snow-capped mountains. The maximum level of comfort is provided by the six thermal areas, the visits to which are free for the hotel’s residents. They include:

  • Traditional Roman baths, known since the first century AD;
  • The Baths of the Archdukes, named after the Austrian Archdukes who were here;
  • Grotta di San Martino, Turkish baths in a natural rock cave;
  • Medieval baths used as saunas;
  • Imperial baths, with cool mineral water;
  • outdoor panoramic swimming pool with breathtaking views of the valley.
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As this hotel with thermal springs is close to the ski slopes, free shuttle service to the elevators is available on request.

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QC Terme Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi

The 5-star Bagni Nuovi Grand Hotel, in the Stelvio National Park, is probably the most luxurious of the many mountain resorts of Northern Lombardy. Compared to the Bagni Vecchi, it is relatively new – the nineteenth-century building was completely renovated in 2003. The difference between them lies in the different complete spa packages: in Bagni Nuovi there are four thermal areas and more than 30 free wellness services.

Five types of rooms are available for accommodation: from standard to royal suites, providing each guest with a certain degree of comfort. In all classes, however, there are three indispensable elements which are essential to the Hotel Bagni Nuovi: a bathroom with hydromassage station and solarium, an antique furnished interior and a breathtaking panoramic view over the park and the mountains.

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10 luxury spa hotels

10 Luxury Hotels & Spas

When the ski season is almost over and the beach season has not yet begun, you can think about beauty and wellness.

Spa resorts are open year-round.

There is no “dead” season at spa resorts.

Spas will rejuvenate and beautify any client regardless of age, from 18 to 98.

Here are some wonderful spa hotels in Italy.

Fonteverde *****.

In Tuscany, in the center of the Val d’Orcia, whose landscapes are ideal for artists and souvenir postcards, in the village of San Casciano dei Bagni, is the Hotel Fonteverde Terme & Spa.

The hotel has 5 stars and an average rating of 8.9 “Terrific” on

The hotel’s spa has 5,000 square feet for your health and beauty.

Natural hot springs, thermal mud, beauty and massage parlors over 20 types of whirlpool baths and showers are complemented by stunning views of the Tuscan hills and luxurious accommodations.

The hotel will love your children and your four-legged friends, for whom water treatments are also available.

Verdura Resort *****

Located on the southern coast of Sicily in the town of Ribera, Verdura Resort earned an average rating of 9.2 out of 10 on

Hotel guests modestly refer to the hotel as a paradise.

The hotel is nestled among 230 hectares of olive groves, orange trees and lemons, has its own two-kilometer long beach, six tennis courts and three golf courses.

The Verdura Resort Hotel Spa, with an area of more than four thousand square meters, is one of the best luxury thermal centers in Europe, with four thalassotherapy pools, a swimming pool 60 meters long, not to mention the saunas and the Turkish baths.

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Verdura Resort

Boscolo Milano *****

You don’t have to go to the mountains or the sea to enjoy the spa resort.

There is a luxurious spa hotel in the center of Milan.

The 600 square meters spa in the heart of the world fashion capital with a view of the Milan Duomo will not leave you indifferent.

For your convenience, the hotel has a Russian-speaking staff.

Boscolo Milano

Parco dei Principi Spa *****

Even in the eternal city you can stay in a hotel with a luxury spa.

The Hotel Principe Spa in Rome is the best proof of that.

Situated near Villa Borghese, Hotel Parco dei Principi has one, but very big disadvantage: it is so popular that you probably have to wait in line among those of you who love Rome and your health.

Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa *****

In Venice, on the Giudecca overlooking St. Mark’s Square in a former 18th-century monastery, is the Bauer Palladio Hotel.

The hotel not only has a spa, but also a wonderful private garden, which is a great rarity in Venice.

The comparatively small area of the spa (about 450 meters) is made up for by the numerous treatments and the stunning views of the city.

Bauer Bauer Palladio

Vair Spa *****

Back to the south, not far from Salento.

Five stars again and a champion in reviews among the spa hotels reviewed. Borgo Egnazia with 4 swimming pools at Vair Spa, over 1,800 square meters of total spa area.

Everything you need to revitalize and rejuvenate.

Quality is 5 stars with an average user rating of 9.4 out of 10 possible.

VAIR Borgo Egnazia

Hotel Cristallo Spa & Golf *****

Cortina d’Ampezzo is not only about skiing.

It’s also one of Italy’s best spas at Hotel Cristallo, with panoramic views of the Dolomite Alps and its own golf center.

It is not just five stars, but five stars of true luxury.

The Spa Tiberio is over 1,600 square meters on two floors and has a full range of treatments, from saunas and whirlpools to personal spa treatments.

Spa Tiberio *****

The island of Capri invites you to visit Capri Tiberio Palace with its luxurious rooms and wonderful sea views. 600 square meters of spa treatments will complete your vacation in this luxurious hotel.

Capri Tiberio

Forte Village Resort – Bouganville ****

The Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita, Sardinia is a winner of many World Travel Awards and apart from its luxury, offers the best Thalassotherapy center in Europe.

Massage and mud treatment courses are complemented by local cuisine and recreational activities from weight loss to detoxification.

Mezzatorre Resort & Spa *****

And finally, Ischia.

Mezzatorre Resort & Spa with its own beach in its own bay.

Spa treatments with water from natural thermal springs.

Therapeutic and anti-stress massage.

And just a delightful view of Naples from the terrace restaurant Mezzatorre hotel.

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