The best ski resorts in Spain

10 best ski resorts in Spain

Do you think that Spain has only the sea and the sun? Here are a few places where you can go snowboarding and skiing in winter. Plus it’s much cheaper than in France, Austria or Switzerland. Check out my selection of winter resorts.

Spain is ready to please fans of winter activities

Spain is ready to please fans of winter entertainment (photo: Fernando Bilbao)

The climate in Spain is warm, but it has created quite successful and visited ski resorts. The country actively develops winter recreation industry, on the slopes of Spanish mountains are equipped with a variety of routes for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Map of Spanish ski resorts

1. Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada ski resort

Sierra Nevada ski resort (photo: Canon)

Sierra Nevada is the most popular resort in Spain, the highest in terms of geography. It is located in the southwest, near Granada. It attracts the elite of society: actors, celebrities, politicians. Here are equipped with 87 kilometers of slopes of different levels, there are cross-country flat slopes. Over 400 cannons provide perfect coverage of the slopes. For guests are open luxurious hotels, ski schools, all kinds of establishments “après-ski”.

Skiing season is from December to March.

2. Baqueira Beret.

Baqueira Beret - a ski resort in Catalonia

Baqueira Beret – a ski resort in Catalonia (Photo: SebastienToulouse)

Baqueira Beret is the largest resort of the Pyrenees on the eastern side of the Aran Valley (Catalonia). Here, among the magnificent landscapes, very reminiscent of alpine landscapes, the snow remains long – until March. There are 110 km of various slopes, 500 snow guns provide a stable snow cover. The resort is regarded as universal, “democratic”: skiers of all levels and ages come here.

Skiing season is from December to April.

3. Port del Comte

Port del Comte has entertainment for the little ones

Port del Comte has fun for the little ones (Photo: Juan Pablo Valenzuela)

Port del Comte is a relatively new resort, existing since the 1970s. It is located in the eastern Pyrenees. Its length of trails is about 40 km, installed ten elevators. Local slopes have a low easy terrain, the local ski school involved dozens of instructors.

Skiing season is from late November to late March.

4. Panticosa – Los Lagos

Panticosa Resort - Los Lagos

Panticosa – Los Lagos resort (photo: manct)

Panticosa – Los Lagos is located in the west of the Pyrenees, in Huesca, in the Tena Valley. It offers tourists 34 km of slopes. Experts find Panticosa the best resort in the region; there are slopes of all levels. Working children’s and adults’ ski schools, comfortable hotels, restaurants and other entertainment venues are waiting for guests after skiing.

Costa Blanca - the best places of the Spanish coast

Skiing season lasts from late November to early April.

5. Valdelinares

Valdelinares Ski Resort

Valdelinares ski resort (photo: Aramon Comunicacion)

Valdelinares in the Aramon region is a cozy corner in the Sierra de Gudar (Iberian Mountains). The resort is small, but equipped, “homey”, with excellent accommodation and service. The length of trails – 10 km.

Skiing season from early December to early April.

6. Espot Eskey

Breathtaking views of Espot Esqui

Breathtaking views of Espot Eski (photo: ecestaticos)

Espot Esqui is a Catalan ski center near Lake San Mauricio. There are about 32 km of arranged tracks, built a lot of comfortable hostels and hotels, sports and entertainment facilities. Espot-Eski is most often visited by families.

Skiing season is from mid-December to early April.

7. La Molina

La Molina

La Molina (photo: daniel.jansson)

La Molina is the oldest Spanish ski resort (it exists from the beginning of XX century). It is located in the Sierra de Cadi (Catalan Pyrenees). Now there are about 10 km of diverse slopes, at night the ski trailers are working. Visitors to La Molina are offered all kinds of entertainment all year round.

Skiing season is from late November to late March.

8. Kerler

Ski Resort Aramon - Curler

Aramon Resort elevator – Cerler (photo: Corman)

The Cerler resort in the Aramon ski area is the highest on the Pyrenees. There are 72 km of slopes, 19 elevators, no less than two hundred guns. Most of the slopes belong to the professional level. Aramon-Kerler resort is expensive, elite, it is valued for the increased comfort of living. Sports and social events are often held here.

Skiing season lasts from late November to early April.

9. Masella

Masella ski resort

Masella ski resort (photo: Marta P)

Masella is a ski station in the Catalan Pyrenees. The total length of its slopes is 27 km. Among the slopes of Masella there are professional and simple, amateur slopes. There are beautiful sections in the woods, with access to the glades. There are a lot of playgrounds and sports facilities.

Underground River Puerto Princesa

Skiing season is from late November to late March.

10. Mansaneda

Manzaneda is a favorite destination for Spaniards and Portuguese alike

Manzaneda is a favorite vacation spot for Spaniards and Portuguese alike (photo: Marcos Dopico)

Manzaneda is a resort in the province of Orense, in Galicia, in the middle of the Sierra Queixa mountain range. There are 16 km of pistes, and for beginners there is a professional ski school. The conditions of this resort are characterized by a variety of apres ski offers: swimming pools, karting and tennis are built. It is Manzaneda that is preferred by the locals.

Ski resorts in Spain

Ski resorts in Spain

Skiing in Spain is the main winter entertainment not only for Spaniards, but also for many tourists. Ski resorts in Spain can be found in the Central and Iberian mountain systems, in the Aragonese and Catalan Pyrenees, as well as in the Cantabrian Cordilleras. The skiing season in Spain lasts on average from late November to late March. Ski resorts offer a wide range of trails for skiers of varying skill levels, and well-developed infrastructure of winter resorts in Spain provides exciting leisure activities before and after skiing.

Ski resorts in Spain on a mapSkiing in Spain

Sierra Nevada is the most popular ski resort in Spain

The most popular ski resort in Spain of the Central Mountain System is Sierra Nevada, located in Andalusia, 32 km from Granada. This is the highest mountain range of continental Spain and the southernmost ski resort in Europe (20 km from the snowy peaks start palm trees and the sea). On its territory there are 6 areas for skiing and the international biosphere reserve Sierra Nevada National Park. On weekends a lot of Spaniards come here, so the elevators can be a long line. Because of the high altitude (about 2100 m) ski season in the Sierra Nevada lasts longer than in other resorts, until the end of May. The total length of the slopes in the ski resort of Spain Sierra Nevada exceeds 110 km, of which 18 green, 40 blue, 51 red and 8 black slopes. Aguila slope length of about 6 km is considered the best for skiing in Spain. There are lighted slopes for night skiing. All slopes in this Spanish ski resort are located above the upper line of the forest spread, which makes the downhill relatively safe, but there is no avalanche prevention.

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Spain’s Sierra Nevada ski resort offers freestyle, mogul, snowboard, halfpipe, parallel slalom, telemark and flat skiing. The resort has a ski nursery and kindergarten. The nearby village of Pradogliano has dozens of stores, cafes and discos. In 1996 Sierra Nevada hosted the Alpine World Championship, the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup was held several times, and in 2015 it hosted the Winter Universiade.

The best place to stay is in the heart of the resort, the Melia Sierra Nevada 4* hotel, which has a great restaurant, bar and other entertainment. Spa lovers should definitely book a room at the Sol y Nieve 4*, whose Yhi Spa is considered the best in Sierra Nevada. Large companies should enjoy the GHM Monachil apartments, which can accommodate up to 8 people. Fans of rural romance will appreciate the coziness of El Rio Manor, located on the slopes of the National Park, a 5-minute drive from

Bakeret – Spain’s biggest ski resort

The largest ski resort in Spain in the Pyrenees is called Bakeret. It is located 300 km from

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Astún – the most modern ski resort in Spain

Astún, located in the Astún valley 180 km from the Rio Grande do Sul, is recognized as the most modern ski resort in Spain.

Candanchu – the most extreme ski resort in Spain

Ski experts looking for a truly challenging slopes during their winter vacation should head to the Candanchu ski resort in Spain. This resort is located in the Astún Valley. Its 10 green, 12 blue, 17 red and 5 black slopes stretch for a total of 59 km. The plains ski area is combined with the ski area of the French resort of Sompor into a single skiing area. There are 24 ski elevators, the oldest ski school in Spain, a kindergarten and a children’s snow park in the ski resort of Candanchu. In order for guests to fully appreciate all the charms of skiing in Spain, the resort has many stores, discos, bars and cafes, as well as several restaurants. In Candanchu itself there are many tourist houses and campgrounds, such as Albergue Aysa, Albergue El Aguila or Albergue Valle del Aragon. In the valley nearby you can find nice estates (Barosse Turismo Rural) and thermal hotels (Barcelo Jaca Golf & Spa 4*).

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Skiing in Spain: CandaceSkiing in Spain in winter: Candace

Boi Taul – the highest ski resort in Spain

The highest ski resort in Spain is Boi Taul, with the highest skiing point at 2,750 m. Its 46 trails (9 green, 5 blue, 25 red and 7 black) stretch for 42 km. In Boi-Taul you can ski flat and sled, ski jump, play golf and tennis. There are 2 ski schools, kindergarten, snow park, equestrian center and extreme park. You can admire the beauty of nature in the nearby natural park of Aygues Tortes y Lago San Mauricio.

Boi Taul, Candanchú and Astún are part of the Aragonese Pyrenees system. In these steep mountains, rugged with narrow valleys and overgrown with forests, the sun almost always shines. All three of Spain’s ski resorts have been renovated and modernized in the process of nominating Jaca as the Olympic Winter Games capital in 2010. In Jaca is one of the most colorful hotels in the region, Charle 2 *. He occupies a building from the 18th century, but it is equipped with all modern conveniences, including high-speed Internet.

Boi Taul Ski Resort in SpainBoi Taul Ski Resort in Spain

Ski resorts in the Pyrenees in Spain

Pyrenees ski resorts

La Molina is the oldest ski resort in Spain

Macella – the most wooded ski resort in Spain

Macella is located 16 km from La Molina and, as already mentioned, forms with it a single ski area Alps-2500. Within this ski resort of the Pyrenees is the longest ski run of the eastern area of the Pyrenees, the 7 km Dues Estacions mas La Plana. The total length of the slopes in Masselier is 72 km. There are 9 green, 23 blue, 22 red and 8 black trails among the 62 trails, most of which pass through the scenic forest. Elevations range from 1,600 to 2,535 meters. Skiers of all skill levels can hone their skills at La Pleta ski park.

Port del Comte is the youngest ski resort in Spain

La Molina Alp 4*, a stylish hotel located right next to the slopes and boasting an amazing spa, is in high demand among guests of Alpe 2500. A half-hour drive away is the Torre del Remei 5*, the most aristocratic castle hotel in the Spanish Pyrenees skiing region. HG La Molina 4* at the foot of the ski station will be a good choice for tourists looking for a good hotel without any frills. At some distance from the slopes you can find romantic chalets, ideal for families and companies, such as Niu dels Falcons.

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Spanish La Molina Ski ResortSpanish La Molina Ski ResortSki resorts in the Pyrenees: Port del Comte

As mentioned, skiing in Spain is not the only winter activity. The ski resorts in Spain have many other activities: the Sierra Nevada has an ice rink, mountain biking and toboggan runs, Bakeret has a paragliding school, La Molina offers tobogganing and in Alpe you can fly in a balloon, paraglider or a sports plane. Skiing in Spain’s Sierra Nevada is easy to combine with vacationing at the sea: the beaches of the entire Costa del Sol are a half-hour drive away. Bakeret attracts not only sportsmen but also gourmets: in the Aran valley there are several dozen excellent restaurants with national and European cuisine, such as Casa Irene.

But even outside the ski resorts in Spain the winter holidays are quite captivating. Thousands of tourists come here for the New Year and summer holidays at the sea are contraindicated because of the heat: in winter on the southern coast the air temperature almost never drops below 20º and water – below 17º, which creates quite acceptable conditions for walking, sunbathing and even swimming in the sea.

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