The best sights in Hiroshima, Japan.


Itsukushima, or Miyajima Island, is one of the main landmarks of Hiroshima and is located in the northwestern part of Hiroshima Bay. Miyajima is famous for the large number of temples and shrines on the island, as well as its main attraction, namely the giant Torii Gate, which floods at high tide and appears to float on the water. In addition to the Torii Gate, Izukushima Castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and according to records, it was founded by Empress Suiko in the 15th century. Furthermore, the island of Itsukushima and the waters surrounding it are part of Seto Naikai National Park.

2. Shukkeien Garden

Historic Japanese garden in the city of Hiroshima. The Shukkeien Garden was created in 1620 by Ueda Soko, a famous master of the tea ceremony, as a kind of garden for Asano Nagaktra, the lord of Hiroshima. The name of the garden literally means contact with beauty, which. It is considered one of the best Japanese-style gardens.

3. Hiroshima Castle

The history of the old Hiroshima Castle goes back to 1591, but it was completely destroyed by atomic bombing on August 22, 1945. In 1958 the castle was partially reconstructed from the old plans. The castle is also called Carp Castle, because a large number of carp swim in the surrounding bodies of water. The castle is next to the Shukkeiin Garden and one of Hiroshima’s main attractions, Peace Park.

4. Hiroshima Museum of Art

The Hiroshima Museum of Art is just one of a number of world-class art galleries in Hiroshima that are worth visiting. Highlights include a collection of paintings by European masters such as Monet, Renoir, Degas, Maillot and Picasso, representing major movements such as Romanticism and Impressionism, along with leading Japanese artists.

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5. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is located on the site where the American atomic bomb exploded in 1945 in the destroyed Nakajima District. The main attractions of the park are the Peace Memorial Museum, the ritual bell of Ikenotaph and many other monuments, the most famous one being the monument to Sadako Sasaki, a little Japanese girl whose home was only 1500 meters from the epicenter of the explosion.

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6. Memorial Cathedral for World Peace

One of the largest Catholic churches in Asia, the huge gray Memorial Cathedral for World Peace was built in 1954 by a Jesuit priest named Hugo Lassalle, a survivor of the atomic bombing. Designed by the leading Japanese architect Murano Tongo, the building was built largely with contributions made by many countries and people from around the world. The main attractions of the Cathedral are the four bells in the 46-meter tower, the organ from Cologne, the bronze doors from Dusseldorf and the altar from Belgium.

7. Hondori

Hondori is the main shopping street in Hiroshima. The pedestrian street stretches for almost a kilometer. Hondori, literally means main street. It has been the main shopping street of the city since the early 1900s, especially after electric lights were installed.

8. Shukkei-en Garden

This is a quiet garden surrounded by greenery and located in the center of Hiroshima City. It was originally built in 1620 as part of the Asano daimyo’s residence.

Plum trees and later cherry trees bloom in early spring, water lilies in summer, and all four seasons this garden welcomes visitors with flowers. Formal tea ceremonies are often held on weekends, including outdoor parties (for a fee). On the left side of the gate is Sensui Tei, where you can pick up a martia tea set (sweets for 500 yen).

If you find yourself at Hiroshima Station, be sure to visit this garden, it’s not a long walk away.

Shukkei-en Garden

9. Japan Self-Defense Forces Museum (JMSDF Kure Museum)

The Japan Self-Defense Forces Museum, also known as the Iron Whale Museum, is home to the original submarine Akishio. It is 76.2 meters long, almost as long as a passenger plane. Tourists can look inside the submarine, go up to the captain’s bridge and see the cabins. Many combine a visit here with the nearby Yamato Museum.

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Museum of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces tours of Hiroshima

10. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum collects and displays personal belongings from the victims and survivors, photographs, and other materials that convey the horror of the event complete with exhibits that describe Hiroshima before and after the bombing.

Hiroshima Attractions

Itsukushima Temple on Miyajima Island Hiroshima Airport Atomic Blast Dome Peace Memorial Park Peace Memorial Museum

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Itsukushima Temple on Miyajima Island

Itsukushima Temple on Miyajima Island (photo)

Miyajima is a paradise place in the Japanese Inland Sea. There are mountains overgrown with rattlesnake forests, monkeys loitering freely on the island, sunshine, and total positivity. As for negativity, you won’t find a fraction of that emotion here. According to Shinto beliefs, nothing impure was supposed to happen on the island, which included childbirth and funerals. To this day there is no cemetery here, and the dead are carried off the island.

On the island is erected Itsukushima, one of the oldest Shinto temples. The bright red gate of the temple, the torii, is placed far out to sea in front of the entrance to the shrine. There is a belief that a person who manages to pass under this gate will find happiness and prosperity. As a matter of fact, all his wishes will come true. By the way, to pass under the gate, you can only at low tide. Seize the moment and prepare the wishes.

Coordinates: 45.43622500,12.33859100

Atomic Bomb Museum

The house on which the bomb fell during World War II. There is a museum next to the house, with exhibits and information stands on military subjects.

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Hiroshima Airport

Hiroshima Airport (photo)

This is the largest airport in Hiroshima Prefecture.

It has been in operation since 1993, when a new airport building was put into operation to replace the tiny air terminal in the Nishi district. Since 1994, the airport has been called Hiroshima Airport.

Despite the fact that there is only one terminal, the airport serves domestic and international flights. The airport has a strictly defined schedule of departures and arrivals. Otherwise, it has all the infrastructure necessary for passengers: transport, currency exchange, luggage storage, waiting room, catering facilities, etc.

Coordinates : 34.43997300,132.91953600

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Atomic Explosion Dome

Atomic explosion dome (photo)

The Gembaku Dome (&#21407 &#29190 &#12489 &#12540 &#12512 Gembaku do:mu?, “Atomic Explosion Dome”, “Atomic Dome”) was before World War II the Exhibition Center of the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Hiroshima Prefecture Industrial Promotion Hall). As a result of the atomic bombing in 1945, was severely damaged, but survived, despite the fact that the horizontal position was only 160 meters from the epicenter. The building partially collapsed from the shock wave and burned out from the fire all the people who were in the building at the time of the explosion were killed. After the war, the Dome was reinforced to prevent further destruction and became the most famous exhibit related to the atomic explosion. In 1996, despite the objections of the Chinese and American authorities, the Gembaku Dome was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Peace Memorial Park

Peace Memorial Park (photo)

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is located in the former Nakajima District, which was completely destroyed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Its grounds include the Peace Memorial Museum, various monuments, a ritual bell, and a memorial plaque.

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There is a monument in the park called the Peace Flame, on which the eternal flame has been burning since August 1, 1964. And it will burn “until all of Earth’s atomic weapons are gone forever.” Japan’s school program includes a visit to the memorial.

Opposite the park is the famous Genbaku Dome. It is one of the few buildings in the center of Hiroshima that survived the explosion.

Coordinates : 34.39281600,132.45262500

Peace Memorial Museum

Peace Memorial Museum (photo)

The Peace Memorial Museum is located in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. The architect of the building was the famous master Kenzo Tange.

The museum consists of the Main Building and the Eastern Building. The Main Building has an exhibition devoted to the atomic bombing of Japan. It also demonstrates audio and video materials witnessing the terrible disaster. The Eastern Building has an exhibit showing Japan before the atomic bombing, its participation in World War II, and information about the nuclear age.

A visit to this museum is part of the school curriculum for Japanese schoolchildren. It is also listed as a cultural property of Japan.

Coordinates : 34.39568500,132.45386900

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